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  1. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    The Phantom that Jadlam has for sale on Ebay is a FG1 not an FGR1 and it is a pre order which will be avalable in the new year if you scroll down to bottom of the ad. When I last looked there had been 10+ sold!
  2. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Does anyone know who is importing them to the UK and when they will be available here?
  3. New airfix 1/48 Mustang,

    The above are in the current kit and so are 2 different wheel types diamond and smooth.
  4. The Hasegawa 1/48 P-51 was issued as a fillet less variant as was the 1/32 Dragon complete with Hurry Home Honey decals but I suppose that is unbuildable? I see no reason in the world why aifix would want to rip off some other manufactures kit.
  5. Paignton model shop robbed

    It probably would have been clearer, but you seem to have got the idea OK! I just hope they catch the cheeky toe rag quickly.
  6. Airfix price increase

    Instead of increasing prices which they did not so long ago, they need to get products to the market place in a timely manner so that it is delivered on the prescribed date, not keeping the consumer waiting months and loosing customers due to loss of interest. Other companies like Hasegawa can do it so I see little reason why Airfix can't, it all gives one the feeling of disorganisation. I am waiting with cash in hand for the 1/48 P-51 but I have no doubt the price will now rise and it makes me wonder about waiting a bit longer for the Eduard one inistead.
  7. Spot of the Day Part 2

    Yesterday 1967/68 VW variant estate that was lowered and painted in a horrible mushy pea green colour but it was immaculate
  8. Spot of the day!

    MK III Capri in bronze metallic with go faster stripes in good condition on the B 1040
  9. Spot of the day!

    Just seen a BSA 500cc sloper single from around 1930,s complete with hand gear change on the B1040. Not sure if was a twin or single exhaust port one
  10. Heller 1/24 Ferguson TE20 / FF30

    Hi Zack, It is a nice kit to build but as you have found out the front axle beam does not fit as the instructions. I made mine fit by removing material from the engine end of the outer beam by tapering it and then fits further in a per the instructions. The snag then is the trailing arm back to the main housing fouls the clutch housing. The solution that I have seen other people use is to move the outer beam out one or two holes out on the central beam, cut the locators and bolt heads off and reposition then to positions that look as per the real tractor.
  11. Spot of the day!

    A light blue late 1950's MG A 1600 in Tesco's car park yesterday parked on corner where everone turns, ideal place to bend it.
  12. Top of forum page background

    I have a complaint to make regarding the selection of background pictures at the top of front screen. As a car and bike modeller as well as other types models I am disappointed that there are no vehicles of any type available to select from. I am sure that fellow vehicle modellers feel neglected by this omission but otherwise I and I would think most are pleased with the updating of the forum. Thanks!
  13. Spot of the day!

    A Turd Brown B.L. Allegro on the B 1040 this afternoon, thought they were all in the scrap heap in the sky. Horrible colour.
  14. Oldest kit in the stash?

    Revell USS Missouri. It was first made in 1953/54 but I had it given me in 1957/58 and it is still only part built! and Revell are still issuing it! 1/535 I think
  15. What is in a name?

    Below Thrapston it is the Nene as in bean but local tradition has it above Thrapston as the Nene as in hen. If you look up Wikipedia it states there how it is pronounced and the history of the name. I lived in Oundle years ago and the locals there used to say how the name was pronounced above and below Thrapston