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  1. I did not know the Harriers were in the Falklands in 1942!
  2. A Tamiya 1/6 Honda Africa Twin and a 1/12 Brach 125 Morbidelli twin. Now I am broke for the rest of the year!!
  3. 1/48 Yak Firebar, there is a seller from China with this for sale at £14.88 shipping free, the same price as the tank earlier in this thread. The seller is iousuhu(186) 99.1% as you can see has got reasonable feeback until it's looked at closely and it is very bland with it all private and one or two people having been repeated a number of times. I tried to buy it and Paypal did not decline it but I chickened out in the end. It would be a bargain if true.
  4. A "C" reg immaculate green Morris 1000 saloon on the B1040 in Huntingdonshire
  5. Bought the old Heller/Union kit of the Porsche 917 memorial collection,probably a better body shape than the Fujimi kit.
  6. It will be good news if it is a reissue of the Hasegawa tooling, (never mind the divots) or, on the other hand it could be not so good news if it is a rehash of the old ESCI tooling. Above does not indicate it is any new tool.
  7. I can't see a UK price yet. Any ideas?
  8. Monogram, excellent kit for the time and still not bad now if you can look past the raised panel lines.
  9. "gravity is temporarily suspended" How on earth do you suspend gravity and yet the rest of the world can't with out doing loops in an airplane or other things. It Was just snowing really hard when I was up the top of the page just now.
  10. The snow stops just suspended in mid air when you search for something, and the when the mouse is moved from side to side the snow blows sideways.lol/ The snow needs to be cleaned off the roundel otherwise you will be in trouble. Nice and festive though.
  11. Opened the front door today and a K reg 71 green Triumph Stag was passing, looked in good condition but it was not the green shade I thought they were. I have not seen one for years and had thought they had all gone to the rust heap in the sky!.
  12. Drakens all gone now!!!
  13. As the title says but it must have been bought, price you paid and the retail price at the time. I will start it off with a Airfix 1/24 JU 87 for £2 from Taylor and McKenneas in the early 1980's @ approx £12 retail
  14. MFH have actually named it now on thier site.