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  1. That is one unarmed, record setting, two seater, long distance monoplane that I would like to make a model of, in 1/72, please! I like AZ's strangeness and charm, personally.
  2. Aesthetics don't come into it then.......I'm learning a lot from this build, thank you.
  3. Testing, testing one, two, one , two-two-one. First picture was straight to text from Onedrive, second was from Insert Imagefrom URL from Hobby Photo Host (who are very obliging.)

  4. Let's try again.........ah a Fokker DVII



    1. Charlie Keyes

      Charlie Keyes

      Best advice out there, thank you 'Don't bother with the Insert image from URL'  thing , just Copy and Paste straight into the text. Simplissimo.


  5. I have been enjoying the extraordinary work of Andrew S, who has built a beautiful Puss Moth in Bata colours from a 1/72 Avi kit. I too am a Puss Moth fan, but am slowly building a Diorama featuring a bricked up Nissen Hut. Another Puss Moth is on order. I hope to improve on my last one which was bodged, to say the least!
  6. I have indeed joined a hosting site, Hobby Photo Host, and it works fine provided you click on 'Direct.' Then copy and paste OR Insert image from URL. Not being a smart phone user but a camera man, I have found that setting it's 'quality' to 'S' (for small) helps things along as nobody on these sites wants pixel heavy pictures!
  7. Thank Thank you so much for all this, I am going to try and copy some of your outstanding workmanship, so inspiring! The picture is of my first faltering steps, the registration on the fuselage came off on my fingertips and was missing in action so I have pretended that the Australian machine survived the bombing and was 'reborn' and commandeered by a maverick branch of the RAF for some nefarious purpose unknown. Thank you again
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