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  1. Thanks again,the client is delighted with the model,and has plans for me to build another bike in the future.
  2. Thank you for the kind words,but the last 3 pics ARE the real car. I put them in as some of my reference shots,sorry but i ain't "THAT" good !!LOL.
  3. Very true ! German built vehicles always were expensive,i once owned an NSU 250 Supermax,1965 vintage,that was a very interesting bike,one i should have kept really.
  4. Thanks,Heller bike kits are a challenge to build,but look great when finished.
  5. Hi all, here we go again with another Heller bike build, this was a commission build, to replicate the owners full size bike. He requested the seat to be painted in a dark blue colour, not found any reference pictures to confirm it was a factory option, but I mixed up a colour to blend with the pin striping on the bike. I have a few minor details to finish off but I am calling the build complete for the purpose of the pictures. I will have to see if the client wants the bike mounted on a base, it would finish off the model nicely I think. Hope you all like this 70's German classic. (Update) Client requested a base to display the bike, so here are the final pictures. Base was built from scrap materials and the badge was a spare the client had that should fit on the rear seat cowl. Front wheel was secured with some fibre optic strand epoxied into the base and the bikes centre stand is also glued to the base.
  6. Very nice indeed,i have one of these in my stash,just need the time to get it built,adding wire into the Tamiya tubing really helps getting the look right.
  7. Hi guys, well they say the "early bird catches the worm" and I have had some early starts this last few days and made good progress on this kit. The paintwork is all finished, lots of masking and free hand cutting with a no-11 scalpel blades to get all of the pin striping airbrushed on, thank goodness for my magnifying head ware! Hopefully I can get the bike detailed and all together over the next few weeks, bye for now.
  8. A mistake on my part, is it possible an admin can move my post to Aircraft? Thank you.
  9. My work in progress is on page 17,titled 1/8 Nagano Kawasaki H2,i think it's a Heller reboxing,and my 1/6 Tamiya r90s is on page 18. Hope that helps. Edit: Links of both builds below.
  10. Your gonna hate me,but i bought one from a guy in Japan a few years back,superb kit,i built it and it's on the forum.
  11. I built the 90s about 2yrs back,sprayed it in Daytona orange and silver,it's on the forum somewhere.
  12. This is a commission build for a customer who has the full size bike that I have been doing some restoration work on. He bought this kit from another BMW owner, it’s a very nice looking kit, but no pinstripe decals are provided, so I will have to paint them on. Overall this is the same model kit as my previous build of the RT model, the only real difference is the more sporty nosecone fairing and sports seat, however the client has a standard passenger seat that is also in the kit, so it will not be as the box art. Shame really, as I like the look of the sport seat unit. I will show more build photos soon guys.
  13. Hi guys, Fairey's oddball Rotodyne is all finished. I tried to build the type of model that possibly would have been seen at Fairey's trade shows. Adding the electric motors really presented no problems and gives a bit of realism to the model when it's powered up. I hope you all like this aeronautical trip down memory lane.
  14. Sorry,but as you say they do have some historical fashion merit,and i will be making use of them in the future,they would have been wasted in this build unless the fuselage was left opened up. I have to agree about the hair spray,combined with the smokers of that era it's a wonder the whole machine did'nt go up in flames !
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