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  1. Thanks for the interest,that sounds very impressive to tune a Vesp/Lambretta to go that well.
  2. Lol,my GS 750 back in the day used to read "9" when it got wet !
  3. Hi all, just a quick update on the Suzuki, the engine has been painted with Mr Models black primer and then sprayed silver aluminium. The outer engine cases were painted with a Molotow chrome 2mm pen. I painted the tank and side panels in Ford Caymen blue as a basecoat followed by a few coats of Tamiya clear blue, then I 2k clear coated them. Once dry, I added the tank stripes and gave the tank a final 2k clear coat, I only use the hardener to thin the clear as I find adding any thinner can cause alligator skin reactions with 2k products. I decided not to use the decals to cover the tank and side cover badges and just hand painted over the chrome, this gave a more authentic look, as the original tank badges had a clear dark red lacquer applied to the Suzuki inner letters. More updates soon.
  4. Had a very nice GT750J in the early nineties in candy jackel blue,loved that machine,sold it when i bought a NSU 250 Supermax,that was a classy machine. Just done a ground up restoration on a candy gipsie red 1977 GS750 i might post a pic of it with the finale of this build stay tuned !!
  5. Now that brings back a specific memory of riding my purple FS1E and having a gold R100RS pull up along side me with a middle aged bloke nodding hello to me as he grandly cruised by.
  6. Yes i know what you mean,that was a hot little stroker in it's day.
  7. Thanks Chris,a KH 400 is also available from Haseagwa in this scale,so another one for Telford !
  8. This is my first bike build of 2019. I normally have finished at least one bike build at this point in the year, but I haven't had much free time to build a kit until now. Hasagawa got the model designation wrong, this bike is a K model not a B, Suzuki had a weird habit of launching models with the letter J and ending not with A but with B, confused? Example, GT750J 1st year of production 1971, followed by GT750K in the 2nd year of production, updates included a move to a single disc front brake, dropping the front drum brake from the 1st model. Anyway, this should be a fun build, looks a great kit with not too many parts. Wish me luck!
  9. Hi all, I picked this figure up at the Telford IPMS show two years ago, it was pre painted and a simple push fit together kit. I wanted to see if I could add some lighting and bring it to life, not an easy project as the body was not completely hollow but made up of complex moulded chambers, however with a bit of perseverance I got there in the end. I powered the 5 LED’s with a pp3 9v battery under the base. Iron man's head looked too small for his body and the back of the helmet looked more like a skull in shape, so I mixed up six layers of quick setting clear epoxy and built up the back of the head and neck to bulk out the profile. With a bit of battle weathering and a flat coat I think it turned out well.
  10. Hi all, firstly apologies for not posting any updates so far this year, but as we all know life gets in the way from time to time. Anyway I rarely build more than one model at once and although a fairly straight forward project I knew that the Wonder Woman figure would be a challenge and so it proved to be, firstly the casting for Diana's hair although a good fit left a large amount of space around her face which did not look natural. I added some strips of flattened solder painted black and bent to follow the contours of the hair casting and glued it below the ears; this filled out the space and looked much better. Her face did not look too accurate, strangely looking better in primer than when skin tones were added and her eyeballs appeared to bulge out; I used Vallejor white top acrylics for the flesh tones. Lots of hand painting was done with many different layers of transparent tints applied over the body armour and boots. I also finally got round to finishing the Man of Steel figure, I had 3 super hero figures on the bench this time and with a hectic work schedule I had no mojo in me to get them all finished. So it's been a poor model building year so far. Overall I am pleased I took my time with this project, I am not a very regular figurine painter, but I am pretty happy with how they both finally turned out.
  11. Top draw work and true dedication,my eyes are honoured to view this astonishing creation,very well done sir!
  12. Cheers J P ,once my work commitments get less hectic i hope to return to building a few more classic 70's bike kits.
  13. Top work on this Eagle,and great photos.
  14. Many thanks Houston,really must find the time to get this finished,work pressures and life have not allowed me to spend any time modelling this past six months but i will get back to it soon.
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