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  1. Hi everyone, I have been wanting to build this diorama for some time now, having gathered up the entire photo etch and extra decals to go with these kits, although small in scale they do have great details. I plan to add some lighting to both ships and some battle damage to the Enterprise, I will be recreating the battle scenes from the movie, this will be keeping me busy until the end of the year no doubt.
  2. Hi guys, I have been working on the Mad Max 2 car this week which I have now completed. I decided I wanted to change the front end from the box art to look more like how the interceptor looked after Max shunted the car a few minutes into the movie. I think it looks far more aggressive; I had to scratch build some support struts that appeared once the front bodywork was wrecked and add some radiator details in front of the engine. Also built up the interior and added the kit supplied dog food, plus I made up some matting that the dog sat on in the back of the car and on the mini passenger seat.
  3. I bought a couple kits off Ebay about 7yrs back when i got back into the Hobby,paid around £60 for each kit if memory serves me well. They are stupid money now,but i doubt we will see any re issues in the future.
  4. Hi guys, just a quick update to show some pictures of the figures that I have painted up. I used some acrylics for a basecoat and oils with Flory sand wash to add some dust effects to Max's leathers. I made the leg brace from flattened out solder, I also used solder to make the red rag around the dogs neck and Max's arm. I still have a few final details to add to the Gyrocopter, but I can now begin to build the car kit, that should be fun weathering it up.
  5. Hi all, I intend to combine all of these kits to produce a diorama featuring some of the main characters and vehicles in Mad Max 2. I will be converting the Wallis Military Gyrocopter into the one seen in the movie, I will be swapping out the engine and using the one from the VW Beetle and I will have to scratch build the twin tail fin assembly. I was lucky to find the resin figures for sale on eBay, they were the last of a limited number produced, no idea by who, but they are nicely cast and look pretty accurate. To complement the figures I bought the kit with the dog, as I wanted to have Max
  6. Thanks again,the client is delighted with the model,and has plans for me to build another bike in the future.
  7. Thank you for the kind words,but the last 3 pics ARE the real car. I put them in as some of my reference shots,sorry but i ain't "THAT" good !!LOL.
  8. Very true ! German built vehicles always were expensive,i once owned an NSU 250 Supermax,1965 vintage,that was a very interesting bike,one i should have kept really.
  9. Thanks,Heller bike kits are a challenge to build,but look great when finished.
  10. Hi all, here we go again with another Heller bike build, this was a commission build, to replicate the owners full size bike. He requested the seat to be painted in a dark blue colour, not found any reference pictures to confirm it was a factory option, but I mixed up a colour to blend with the pin striping on the bike. I have a few minor details to finish off but I am calling the build complete for the purpose of the pictures. I will have to see if the client wants the bike mounted on a base, it would finish off the model nicely I think. Hope you all like this 70's German classic.
  11. Very nice indeed,i have one of these in my stash,just need the time to get it built,adding wire into the Tamiya tubing really helps getting the look right.
  12. Hi guys, well they say the "early bird catches the worm" and I have had some early starts this last few days and made good progress on this kit. The paintwork is all finished, lots of masking and free hand cutting with a no-11 scalpel blades to get all of the pin striping airbrushed on, thank goodness for my magnifying head ware! Hopefully I can get the bike detailed and all together over the next few weeks, bye for now.
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