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  1. Great story ! Thanks for sharing the memories.
  2. Hi all, well considering how basic this kit was when I first looked it over, I think it has turned out looking pretty spiffy. The kit really was going to have to be super detailed to make it look convincing; I used a basecoat colour that I had mixed for a motorcycle tank I was respraying for a client. It was Suzuki Maui blue; it seemed to match the full size car's colour perfectly. Not one of Hasegawa's finest, there was some nasty fit issues, around the front fender, the lower valance did not want to fit, as well as the rear wheel covers. I had to replace the front windscreen and quarter side windows with some clear acrylic sheet as the kit one was starting to split and was too poor quality to really use anyway. Overall I am pleased I took the decision to convert the car into a convertible and save the kit from returning to the stash and probably never being built.
  3. Hi everyone here are a few photos showing the mods that I have made to the interior as well as scratch building the rear boot which famously opens up to stow the soft roof. I have added a final photo of the painted seat and dash layout ready for installation into the soon to be painted body. Next update will be the final reveal.
  4. As luck would have it this months Classic bike guide magazine has a 7 page spread on my recently restored 1977 GS750B,if you fancy checking out my full time day work.
  5. Thanks Pete,good idea about the upgrade mods,but i think that's just taking the easy way out,my work day restoration projects always demands originality as much as possible and so it's kind of ingrained in me to strive for that,so expect the end result to look as close to the real car images as i can get.
  6. Sorry to say i was not really impressed,yes the body and chrome parts looked good,but the seats and dash were rubbish,and the fit of the wheel covers and lower valance under the front bumber was terrible,not what i was expecting,i was on the verge of binning the kit until i saw how cool the convertible looked.
  7. Hi guys, here is another car project and I really do have my work cut out with this one, it’s been in my stash for about 5 years, dug it out last week and took a peek at it, good points are that it has a very nice accurate looking body and all the fenders and details on the outside of the car look good, however inside was very poor, no engine bay, and worst of all very inaccurate seats and dash. Not surprising really as the 66 T-Bird had very elaborate seat and dash detailing, so what to do? Well, looking at YouTube videos I found that the convertible versions looked much better, so I decided to bite the bullet and cut the roof off! Now this committed me to scratch building and modifying the kit interior details, the main objective was to give a fairly good representation of a top down 66 T-Bird that was ready to cruise or had just been fully restored to show winning condition. Here are some photos of a restored 66 T-Bird that I am trying to copy in model form. I decided the body would be painted in blue metallic with white leather and blue interior, with lashings of chrome details. So I hope to update you with progress soon, now where’s that hacksaw?
  8. Hi all, here are the final pictures of the Mistress of the dark's cool ride. For such an old kit I was surprised how well it went together, once I had got the Leopard skin effect sorted out, I relaxed and really enjoyed getting this kit built. The purple flecks in the paintwork are not easy to photograph as it's very subtle, but really adds to the macabre theme I think. It's not a paint but a salt crystal sized powder that is added to the lacquer and sprayed over a black base, never seen the product for sale as I have to admit I have had the tub on my shelf for 30 years! As for the Leopard skin effect, well it was bought off eBay in small sheets; it’s decals for ladies finger nail art. I bought enough sheets to cut the shapes out and they bedded down nicely with some Tamiya X20A thinner, as they are a little thicker than normal decals, the random pattern helped conceal the joins, once all dry I gave the decals a flat coat of clear and a wash with some AK enamel engine grease to pick out some details in the seats. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.
  9. Cheers JCH,for such an old kit the quality and fit was very good,not much flash and the windscreen was very clear and scratch free,i have a Haseagwa 80's car kit that is not a good as the Revell kit,which surpised me,i will be straight into that kit once this project is complete. I have the Elvira car almost finished so a final reveal with the answer to the leopard skin effect coming very soon.
  10. Hi all, here is the first progress report on the 58 Ford Thunderbird driven by the 80's horror hostess with the mostest! I have got the engine and chassis built, and as you can see I came up with a better solution for the leopard skin upholstery. As a little teaser I will let you all try and guess how I achieved the effect, I will reveal that when the project is complete. Stay tuned.
  11. Cheers W-D,i too am OCD when it comes to how the cables should have some weight to them,i usually feed some wire into the hollow tubing to help get the bend right.
  12. The real Elvira is showing far more cleavage than the model figure does that's for sure,i hope to give her clothing an upgrade to complement her ride.
  13. Hi all, this is going to be my Halloween season build for this year, should be a lot of fun. I don't intend on using the leopard skin decals they are way too naff for my liking, and I won't be painting them on, not sure what I will come up with yet, but I have an idea! As for the paint job, well I intended on painting the car in a metal flake black, with purple flecks in the lacquer. This is a 60's kit (re boxed in the 80's) and it sure does show its age, makes you appreciate how good modern kits are, but I guess it's all modelling at the end of the day; this kit was bought out as a replica of the actual convertible that Elvira drove in the movie. Among the creepy extras the front grille has a ghoulish spider web. Stay tuned for the next update.
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