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  1. Hi all, well as you can see I have been busy building and lighting the interior walls and ceiling of the hanger bay. I used a couple of 1/350 scale TIE fighters that have been lighted up with a red light from a strand of fibre optic, which also acted as a support for the model. Sadly, the lighting in the hanger bay does make it hard to photograph them. I thought I would add them to give the impression that they had just finished escorting the Falcon into the Hanger. Thanks for your interest in this build and I hope you enjoy the photos of the build so far. Now I can get on and build the Falcon
  2. Hi all, I have finished the interior of the sub and its lighting. I decided to build a hatch using the rudder assembly so that it could be easily removed to reveal the rear laboratory. Also I have fitted the aftermarket window gaskets vinyl set. I hope you enjoy the pictures guys and thanks for the interest. I'll continue working on the build when time allows and update you all.
  3. Hi all, I have been making good progress on the hanger bay this week. I fitted 50 x 2mm white LED’s into the floor, built and lighted the 2nd elevator shaft level and added the lighting around the force field opening. Today I started on the side wall details and made up 2 lighted panels that I have loosely fitted in the bay for you to see how it's going to look. I need to build 6 panels per side so that will be the next work to be done. Bye for now and Happy Easter!
  4. Hi guys, here is an update on the build progress of the Proteus sub. I decided to light up the ring around the pilots bubble view window. I had some thin LED strip tape that was a perfect fit. Then I added a LED into the pilots dashboard monitor. For the pilot I used a resin figure from the 1/32 reboxed Mobius Flying sub kit. This figure needed some alterations to his arms and legs to fit the seat and controls, but I think it will look good when finished. I then started work on the chart cabinet, the movie shows the tray back lighted, so I set about getting this done and added a few mo
  5. Hi all, in 1966 this was the most expensive Sci-Fi film ever produced, costing 6 million dollars. The special effects cost 3 million dollars and were incredibly difficult to produce, but they looked amazing in the day when you consider they used no computer aided effects, it was all photo chemical film, every set had to be built and filmed through a camera. Today's CGI would give the director total control over the images, which makes it all the more remarkable how this film got made, a true 60's Sci-Fi classic. For this build I will be adding some lighting and all of the crew figures, which w
  6. Thanks,i have seen a few Mos Esley dioramas,Lego have a hanger 3-27 kit,but i haven't seen a Bandai kit in the hanger so here we go !
  7. Hi guys, this is going to be another Star Wars diorama. This time it will be a scene from the first movie A New Hope, which is when we get the first view of the Death Star. The Millennium Falcon got caught in a Tractor Beam and is pulled into hanger bay 3-27. My diorama will be based around this hanger bay. This kit of the Falcon is from the later movie and has the wrong antenna dish shape, so I have ordered the correct round dish from Shapeways. The first task was to build the hanger bay floor with the 8-sided elevator lift shaft; I bought some 2mm gloss black acrylic sheet in A3 size wh
  8. It's always a problem trying to photograph lighted models,cameras tend to over expose the lighting,in person it's much more subdued.
  9. Cheers Pete and everyone,it's nice to build something from our childhood from time to time.
  10. Hi folks, I am calling this TB-2 build done. However, it probably will finish up in the docking bay diorama when I get round to it. It was a fairly straight forward build, apart from the decals which were well past there sell-by date! I had to spray them with GX 100 clear to stop them from breaking up. They took about 30 minutes to start to come away from the backing paper and that was only because I teased them off with the help of a scalpel blade, sliding it under the decal a bit at a time. Then they left a huge amount of carrier film around them, they look worse in the photos than t
  11. I agree the big 1/144 kit looks good,i picked up a kit from a uk seller that had just had the fuselage halfs glued together,so it was a good buy at £125. I have seen your build,very nice indeed ! Thier Thunderbird Mole kit uses the same expanded polystrene in the main body parts. I think the TB-2 kit has a thicker shell of resin compared to the Mole i recently built. One day i will get round to building "The big un !"
  12. Thanks,yes i have to agree about scale,also the 1/350 Imex TB-2 looks to me like the nose is the wrong shape,it's too flat and long,photos make it look worse than it is in person.
  13. Thanks,It's supposed to be a new under construction Death Star,so i had to put a hold on the weathering details. Cheers Homer.
  14. Seen Phils build,i think it was a recast despite what he may think,it was very warped and needed lots of detailing added,as it was soft in places. But he made a nice job of it in the end. I recon i would use around 2500 fibre strands to get the lighting to look in scale,i bought it as a retirement present,but i may have to build it before the eyesight starts waning.
  15. Randy's is very nice indeed,but i will be content with the Anigrand one,it's not a recast and the details are very crisp and sharp,with no warpage to speak off. And at the cost of shipping these days i have stopped buying from abroad,my stash is more than large enough.
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