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  1. Thanks Pete,i will be weathering the Mole up for the final reveal.
  2. Hi all, well, there is not much to this kit that's for sure, not one scrap of styrene in it. The corkscrew nosecone and Mole tube body are made from expanded polystyrene covered in a thin grey resin primer. The seam on the screw was pretty awful but I tidied it up with some 5-minute epoxy and careful sanding. Hopefully the weathering will hide most of it. The cast white metal parts are quite crisp; the wheels are made from some hard nylon plastic. There are some inaccuracies in this kit, most notably the side rails where the yellow Mole body sits. The rail should be flat but has this rais
  3. Thanks.much appreciated,now let's see what this years modelling turn out.
  4. Hi all, here are my completed builds from 2020. There are a few models that I haven't posted on the forums, but I have included them in the Yearbook. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year. 1/18 Alpha Models Lamborghini Huracan Spyder 1/25 AMT '61 Chevrolet Impala SS 1/25 Trumpeter '64 Ford Falcon Sprint Hardtop 1/24 '58 Cadillac Eldorado Biassitz 1/25 Trumpeter 1960 Pontiac Bonneville 1/24 Revell Mercedes 300 SLR Mille Miglia Stirling Moss Tribute 1/
  5. Kit Manufacturer: Polar Lights Scale: 1/1000 Paints Used: Tamiya LP/Vallejo Paragraphix Photo Etch sets Polar Lights Aztec decals sheet for Reliant Hi guys, this is the final reveal of my Wrath of Khan diorama, I wanted to try and mimic the blue and pink colours that were present in the movie when the Enterprise entered the Mutara Nebula. I used some plastic right angle strip to create a frame and glued some 12v neon LED strip lights to the inside of the frames. The Enterprise and Reliant are powered by a pp3 9v battery under each base. I made up a Perspex shelf to hold the mo
  6. Hi all, just a quick update on the Wrath of Khan build, well I have just about completed the Reliant ship, I wanted to have the Phasor cannons firing, so I used some 2mm clear acrylic rod which I lightly sanded and sprayed orange pearl fading the colour towards the ends. In person they appear to project the light from the orange LED's down the acrylic rod to a point of light, unfortunately the camera does not show the effect so well, but in a dimly lit room it really does look great. So now I have to create the Mutara Nebula by adding some lighting and paint effects to the Galaxy print, then g
  7. Thanks! Best of luck finding one of these kits,they are getting rare and super expensive these days.
  8. Thanks for the thumbs up,i was very lucky getting all of the elements of the dio to come together,i already had the car,then i spotted a guy in the US selling the Gyro Captain figure on Ebay,he also had Max,so i bought both off him,they where the last of a limited run,no idea who made them. Once i had the Gyro Captain i started looking for a Gyrocopter,i ended up with the 007 Little Nellie kit,but my research found that the LN Gyro had a flat 4 two stroke engine,the Mad Max version had a VW Bettle engine,so i had to get a Tamiya kit of a 66 Beetle and rob the engine out of it,so that's ho
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