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  1. Great looking model of this iconic shaped vehicle, I still have the Marvel comics first edition.
  2. Thanks, it was good to get this old get built and out of my long term stash pile.
  3. Manufacturer: Academy. Aftermarket: Woodland Scenics foliage, wooden base from Hobbycraft and some lead wire for detailing. Paints: Tamiya, Mr Hobby, AK, Flory Models wash and pigments. Weathering: AK and Flory Models products. Link to build thread: Hi all, I am calling this Easter build done. I originally had no plans to build anything for Easter; however, on looking through my stash l thought I would give this 1995 Academy kit a go. It was very nicely detailed, the only grumbles were vague instruction diagrams and the front wind shield was a poor fit. But overall, it was a great build, maybe a bit too ambitious for a quick build, but I pushed on and got there in the end. I hope the photos do it justice, with all of the wire cutters and antenna all over the fuselage it was a bit of a porcupine to handle, that's why I decided a small base would be a safer way to display it. Thanks for looking in on this build and happy modelling.
  4. Hi all, I have masked up and painted the front upper and lower windows, and painted the fuselage. I also added the decals and gave them a matt clearcoat. The photos show the weapons loosely fitted along with the rotor head. Sadly, despite my best efforts the front windscreen is not a good fit, I have tacked the screen in place and use micro crystal-clear glue to fill in the gaps. Hopefully I will be able to tidy it up over the next few days. Then I can add the side doors and wire cutters etc, and start the weathering and final detailing to bring this build to a close.
  5. Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great Easter break, I have made good progress on this build so far. (It will slow now I have said that!). I decided to fit the pilot into the cockpit and paint everything black and olive drab, then I added the details to the pilot's camouflage uniform with some sponge. Lots of hand painting and dry brushing followed, the entire cockpit and instrumentation was hand detailed. It did take a few hours work, but I am pleased with the results. My goal for today was to get the fuselage together. I have a plan for the second pilot figure, he will be checking over the rotor head, so I made up some cushions from white tack and once painted I used some adhesive backed foil to make up some harnesses. Once the fuselage was together, I checked the fit of the clear parts. The lower nose window fits well enough, with a bit of sanding and test fitting. However the front windscreen is going to be a bit of a bugger to fit, it slides under the overhead engine bay nacelle, but is hitting the instrument shroud on both sides. I am shaving off bits of window frame and shroud, I hope I don't crack the clear part in the process. It fits well enough on the port side, but has a gap by the door frame on the starboard side. Tomorrow I will mask up the clear parts and paint the fuselage colour, and see if I can get them fitted. Let's hope it doesn't need a tarp over it!
  6. Hi guys, thought I'd build this old Academy kit that I have dragged from my stash earlier today. This should be a fun and quick project, wish me luck!
  7. Cheers Cliff, been in my stash for years, nice to get it built.
  8. Manufacturer: Monogram. Aftermarket: None used. Paints: Tamiya, Molotow Liquid Chrome, 2K clear, Mr Color Surfacer 1500 black. Weathering: Starship Filth Oils. Link to build thread: Hi all, the Chevy Z28 is all done, I did find this old kit a bit of a challenge to put together in a few places. The build instructions are more like a comic than anything with useful details. I mistakenly fitted the decals on the rear boot spoiler forward facing instead of rear facing; I used PVA glue to mount the spoiler and the front nose valance to avoid any weld action glue damaging the paintwork. I added some adhesive backed foil to trim up the door edges and bonnet, this was painted over with Molotow chrome paint. It was extra work I could have done without, but it did add a touch of bling to the paint scheme. Overall, for a kit of its age I am happy with how it turned out. Thank you looking in on this build everyone and happy modelling.
  9. Good to know it's not just me who builds the model in his head before starting the project.
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