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  1. 5 years time you'll have the whole of the B17 done I would put LOL, but not sure that would be correct LOL
  2. DH Sea Devon C Mk.20

    The cheat line came from a decal sheet with dark blue lines it was just a case of trimming it to the correct size, but again I cannot remember the name of the company who did it, as I have had the decal sheet for years
  3. DH Sea Devon C Mk.20

    Most of the decals were sourced from the spares, the crest on the tail was sourced from the internet and scaled down and printed off, ROYAL AIR FORCE were from a decal sheet of various sizes but I cannot remember the name of the manufacture
  4. DH Sea Devon C Mk.20

    Yes the RAF 207 sqn based at Northolt is my favourite as well
  5. Very nice, first aircraft my dad flew in when he was in the Air cadets as a young lad
  6. DH Sea Devon C Mk.20

    Nice build, great to see someone has built this kit, I have one in my stash, Amodel have a tendency for cabin windows not to fit properly, the model fits together rather well if you have a dry run first just to fettle a few bits here and there especially the wing onto the fuselage, and a the cockpit interior, the horizontal tail needs to be pinned as well as there are no locating plugs, I noticed a area at the bottom in the centre of the wing that needed filling but nothing major, the interior also lacks passenger seats
  7. I did not know that there are no Devastators left as museum pieces go, they were all destroyed or broken up at the end of WW2, there is one that crashed landed in the sea of California before the outbreak of the war I think, but the US Navy refuses to have it salvaged
  8. My favourite American heavy bomber
  9. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Excellent build, nothing wrong with the photos
  10. Just a bit smaller in length than the VC10
  11. I would love to see the aircraft preserved, it would be a fitting tribute to the men lost on the Lexington
  12. Cheers guys, it is a blast from the past I know, it would be nice to see a couple of Welsh model kits made up in the future when they come out
  13. I had previously posted this model several years ago, but as I was using Photobucket to upload my images, they were unable to be seen, so as there is a forthcoming Welshmodels 1/72 kit on its way I thought I would share some of the photos on here again
  14. Welsh Models 1/72 Vickers Vanguard?

    Not sure, I think issues may appear later on, as you can't properly bond resin to vac form, the only way of stopping movement over time is maybe screwing the wings onto the vac form body but you would have to do the two halves and then join the 2 bodies together, my experience with 1/72 Welsh models is that cracks appear when these to different mediums meet after time, I firmly believe that to get a strong join is to have vac form wings and vac form fuselage, the rest such as engines and smaller components are fine as resin casting This is one of the models I did yeas ago http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/MT72-05.html
  15. Welsh Models 1/72 Vickers Vanguard?

    Good news, those big oval windows might be a problem, unless you use decals