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  1. Very nice Marlin, I had to look twice at the second photo as I thought it was the real aircraft
  2. thats a good idea on the windows
  3. Very nice, probably not the most easiest kit to build
  4. Another great build Neil, love the weathering you have achieved on the Halifax, looks spot on and not overly done either
  5. Huge thumbs up for this build, it's always a pleasure to see something different
  6. I started this kit last year, I assembled the fuselage the way you are going to do it, it does take some doing plenty of sanding and milliput I also put some braces inside to strengthen the parts together, the only disappointment for me was the cockpit looks a bit tricky to fit so I might scratch build it, but was stopped me was one of the wings was a bit warped, so its been put back in its box waiting for another day
  7. Hi Don, yes the Viscount is on my list as is the Viking, but probably will have to wait
  8. Some of you asked to see both the Gene Hooker Vanguard and Airways VC10 side by side, the photos show the comparable size of the two aircraft which the Vanguard is not that much smaller than its neighbour
  9. Like every one else has said, this going to be good
  10. Great build probably the best 1/72 airliner on britmodeller
  11. Thanks John I had the Anigrand kit it's nice but sold it on, much prefer to work in vacforms as it is easier to work with and correct things
  12. Yeap, but would be very expensive using those decal rivets on such a large aircraft
  13. Looking fantastic what you have done Tom, its shame there is no easy way of replicating the pronounced rivets rather than using the rivet wheel
  14. Love the look of the BE-12, you have done a great job, if only I had the time to start mine