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  1. Hi Wal The only contact detail I have is this, but I believe that he might be retired and no longer produces these kits but worth asking anyway Kev
  2. Very nice, or should I say extremely nice, considering its a vac form as well, it's a huge kit as I have one up in the loft, although I would probably do mine in a British Eagle scheme Well done
  3. Great build
  4. Well I'd be blown, never knew that your talents reached as far as modelling ships Andy, very nicely done as well, I think ship modelling is, you either love it or loath it, I have only done one ship model and I take my hat of to many a ship builder especially all the added railings, all the fiddly stuff and not to mention rigging, and I thought rigging a bi-plane was bad enough, but an entire ship.
  5. Nice looking Britannia especially the 1/72 Airways vac form, I have one of these in the stash, quite a large model, one that I need to do
  6. Thanks guys, I'm not a ship modeller by any means, but as mentioned built this for my late father. Just to add my cousin who is interested in all things history told me that both ships have been stripped of precious metals such as their propellers etc, which I find is disgusting as it is supposed to be a war grave
  7. Another excellent builds from the Woody modelling bench
  8. My all time favourite sic-fi space ship, may be because I liked Space 1999 or because the spaceships looked real and something that would possibly be made for space travel
  9. Thats a good idea, saves all those hundreds of windows being cut out
  10. Very impressive stuff, are you going to have the windows cut out
  11. Yes glueing the 2 sections together is far better than how the instructions ask you to do it, with the wings I glued both centre sections and outer wings together which works ok as well, I also would not bother painting the inner engines blades as once every thing is glued on the engines you can't see these any way. Good heads up on the decals, although I have the Bagemot decals. Also not sure about rubber tyres, if anyone is old enough to remember what happens after a period of time with their Dinky toys, the rubber with age splits
  12. Started this model two weeks ago, slowly plodding on, it is a nice and very detailed kit, but as it is a short run, there are some issues with fit that I have found and some that are very good, one thing that I have noticed on a dry run is that the instrument panel is to high and needs cutting back otherwise it obstructs the clear cockpit, also the engines are a problem in getting them in the right position, there is also some plastic fettling required in places especially when fitting the wing to the fuselage, but I must admit the fit apart from those that I have mentioned is good especially the interior when closed up.
  13. Great job Tony, what I love a bout your models is that you hand paint them, and they always look so crisply done
  14. I used to see all these and more flying into Northolt, as my parents house was on the flight path, DH Devons were always my favourite with Gypsy Queen engines, also the Pembroke's were nice to see
  15. Very nice in deed, if I recollect there was one built at the Nationals in 2015, I think some modellers should bring their old models to shows, modellers like me would love to see all this type of stuff