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  1. When I got there this morning about 7.50am there was an argument going on between a modeller who had parked up and a family who had their young children, obviously going to the swimming pool, not sure what it was all about but some one needs to take a chill pill, especially as there was young children involved, the modeller was in such as rage about something, the husband was quite cool about things.
  2. This is coming on a treat since I last viewed it, it seems that the more photos you look at the more detail you want to add, things then become foggy as what needs adding and it becomes an obsession to add everything, makes my mind go a little potty
  3. Another quality build form the Woody camp
  4. Lovely build and nice eye catching colour scheme, do I see though the one modellers mistake of not adding enough weight to the front
  5. It might sound strange but I read some where that gloss black is a very good base coat for white
  6. Hi Wal The only contact detail I have is this, but I believe that he might be retired and no longer produces these kits but worth asking anyway Kev
  7. Very nice, or should I say extremely nice, considering its a vac form as well, it's a huge kit as I have one up in the loft, although I would probably do mine in a British Eagle scheme Well done
  8. Great build
  9. Well I'd be blown, never knew that your talents reached as far as modelling ships Andy, very nicely done as well, I think ship modelling is, you either love it or loath it, I have only done one ship model and I take my hat of to many a ship builder especially all the added railings, all the fiddly stuff and not to mention rigging, and I thought rigging a bi-plane was bad enough, but an entire ship.
  10. Nice looking Britannia especially the 1/72 Airways vac form, I have one of these in the stash, quite a large model, one that I need to do
  11. Thanks guys, I'm not a ship modeller by any means, but as mentioned built this for my late father. Just to add my cousin who is interested in all things history told me that both ships have been stripped of precious metals such as their propellers etc, which I find is disgusting as it is supposed to be a war grave
  12. Another excellent builds from the Woody modelling bench
  13. My all time favourite sic-fi space ship, may be because I liked Space 1999 or because the spaceships looked real and something that would possibly be made for space travel
  14. Thats a good idea, saves all those hundreds of windows being cut out