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  1. I have one as well, only paid £12 for mine, although I am down sizing my kits this one will be kept
  2. Reading between the lines where you say "In theory all I will have to do now is to make more of these stands for the other sections and just slide them into position behind each other leaving a gap so that you can see into the fuselage!...well that's the plan!" Does that mean you are going to build the tail section as well
  3. Thanks Lindan
  4. The competition was extremely tough in some classes, Hugh Beyts won the overall senior trophy for his scratch built WW1 bi-plane
  5. Good show, nice weather, although most of it was spent inside, the catering was a little bit pricey for a bacon roll £4, but may be I'm tight, overall though the event was very good, nice to see Andy, Tom and Rob, and Radleigh, at least this year we were not in the naughty hall, I think it's a shame it's not all in one hall. but as it is a popular show, there is not much Milton Keynes model club can do about it, but I did notice some empty tables
  6. Very nice, any more photos
  7. Flawless build, excellent in every way
  8. Thanks for the kind words, doing panel lines is not everyones idea of a relaxing hobby Cheers, glad you like it, yeap the Vanguard is surprisingly big aircraft for a turbo prop engine Cheers Martin would of loved to of seen these when they were flying Thanks Thanks Russ
  9. That is one seriously well made model, congratulations on what you have achieved
  10. A quick google search, there is one on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aeroclub-1-72-scale-Avro-Anson-C-19-/252852505667
  11. Our club received the best club stand, long time since that has ever happened
  12. When I got there this morning about 7.50am there was an argument going on between a modeller who had parked up and a family who had their young children, obviously going to the swimming pool, not sure what it was all about but some one needs to take a chill pill, especially as there was young children involved, the modeller was in such as rage about something, the husband was quite cool about things.
  13. This is coming on a treat since I last viewed it, it seems that the more photos you look at the more detail you want to add, things then become foggy as what needs adding and it becomes an obsession to add everything, makes my mind go a little potty