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  1. As far as I remember, being on the fleet at the time, all the BA 767s had RR engines. For a short while USAir operated a trio of 767-200s out of Gatwick on a strange lease deal in BA colours but using USAir pilots & crew.
  2. That looks superb, very evocative of era. It’s great to see airliners on here, I must try some myself!
  3. This is a bit sad, I have been SO looking forward to this model but I agree with the sentiment here. The way things are in the world at the moment, especially in my line of business (airline), I really can’t justify £50 plus for it, especially as their larger Lightning is available for £35 from Hannants.
  4. Apparently the Bell P-39 Airacobra was originally called the P-45. Just sayin’...
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