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  1. Mounted the top wing this evening! Leaving it to harden off ,then the fun begins with struts and rigging. Pictures to follow... Keith
  2. Let's just hope the reviews redeem it when it gets on the bench. Very much agreed that these images are damaging to sale prospects. Keith
  3. Thank you Dick, I keep trying! Keith
  4. Good question Dave. My observations over the years of fabric covered wings are that the undersides appear to have a shallower rib detail than above and with a smooth surface to work on re skinning is my preferred technique. Keith
  5. Here`s a little update on the Fairy. I have been distracted recently with moving my work bench etc! Ribbing has rather taken all the effort at the moment so construction has been slow. The ribs are thin strip plastic card above the wings and re skinned lower surfaces with embossed ribs. Awaiting its wings. I glued the lower wings on this evening so progressing forward. It might not be that technical for some but its good for me. Keith
  6. The way to go. Very encouraging to see some manufacturers taking a nibble at this kind of subject. Keith
  7. My dad was an aircraft finisher from 1946 to 1954 and kept a pilots log book. I have it now and of course am not at all envious when reading Meteor T7, Vampire TII and B26 Invader, Halifax etc... I feel I missed out. Keith
  8. I have a small stash of these that I am keen to build. However anyone that knows the kit will be aware of its failings in the nose and engine departments. Before I start pfaffing about rectifying each one as I go along, is there anyone out there in 3D land that might consider a replacement nose(from the front door forward and new engines with integral prop spinners? I am currently ploughing through Ben's lovely Fairy IIIF in 48th scale which is going well and will be back in the progress heading this week. Keith
  9. That looks really nice Paul. Did you get it out to rig the tail? Keith
  10. I just want to say, Fighting Falcon! What a mouthful,and yes I do remember that it was supposedly because Dassault claimed Falcon as copyright. This thread has no end by the way. Keith
  11. According to my new Aeroplane magazine this aircraft has recently delivered to Sweden by Clive Denney. Love models, I do like the Chipmunk from Airfix. Keith
  12. I suppose if your doing Spencer Flacks red Spit XIV then that's fine but an aircraft in spurious camouflage or so is what it is at that time. So the scheme is authentic . Now who of us has not considered a what if, or even completed one? They are what they are and if it is airworthy great, if static then I would hope for a bit more effort on authenticity. Keith
  13. I am very pleased with the 48th rendition and concur with the others, for such an important aircraft very difficult to find good references. I am definitely pleased to see the gun arrangement as that had eluded me. Keep up the good work iang. Keith
  14. Might I suggest building the Mirage as a Belgian. To me they always looked the smartest of camouflages with a lovely sheen with that distinctive wavy demarcation line to the underside. Looking forward to your projects, especially the Vatour. Keith
  15. I suspected as much as I don't remember seeing a Baxter aircraft for a long time. Keith
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