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  1. Finished quite quickly for me. This is the Airfix Mk I Spitfire fitted with the excellent 3D mod set with decals. No issues and a very pleasant build. Hope you like it. Keith
  2. Thanks for that. I wish I could discuss it further with him as it would have been some thirty years or so since I would have spoken with him about these things. He is not about unfortunately any more so these discussions are very useful . Keith
  3. Looking good. Although too late for you Ses , if you look on YouTube for Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight he has a very good look over his Boomerang restoration in Australia full of details. Keith
  4. My father told me many years ago that when these aircraft were at Manston he was involved with the design and application of the coloured lance down the side. He was an ex RAF finisher working as a civilian on the base at the top of my village. I was unaware that these decals were available as I have one in the stash just for this very scheme be it 512th 13th or 14th. Keith
  5. Looking forward to this as I remember it to be a nice kit years ago and a great starting point for a bit of embellishment. Looks odd in that single colour though. Keith
  6. Because it can be made into something quite acceptable despite its age. I could possibly be cheaper as well, unless of course Airfix have other ideas..... Zvezda will probably make a good job of it anyway. Keith
  7. I don't think there has ever been a more spectacular camouflage scheme or canvas on which to put it Lovely job , having brush painted the old Heller many years ago I can appreciate your efforts. The only downside is that the Swedes didn't continue the scheme on the Gripen . Keith
  8. Superior what if, not beyond plausible. Very well executed. Keith
  9. The video does show one of two aircraft taking off and the left aircraft pulling up and away to the left where it dropped to a nose down attitude with both crew ejecting clear. Quite how the Flightglobal publication determined it to be the middle of a display is questionable and annoying. RIP and condolences to those involved. Keith
  10. Apologies to Lewis. Please build that model and let us see the results. We are a diverse group of modellers and that should be enough to keep us all engaged. Keith
  11. Anybody built Goering's WW1 aircraft? Keith
  12. Had a trip to Canada and Alaska with Ian Allen. It was the the trip of a lifetime and I celebrated my fortieth birthday in Vancouver!. Graham Dinsdale was the tour guide and he did a magnificent job, access all areas pre 9/11. Keith
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