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  1. Smashing job as usual Adam and I look forward to your shiny camouflage version. I presume you have a pre order in at Airfix for a couple of Valiants . Keith
  2. Lovely job with a nice weathered finish. I remember the first Airfix A4 which was rather basic. Keith
  3. I wonder if Ray at 26decals had a nod on the Trident from Airfix given the new release of the lovely Channel airlines scheme. Keith
  4. Well we might be pleasantly surprised if Airfix engineered the kit for other variants such as the Mk ll and Vl as per Matchbox. Keith
  5. Classic Heller, classic results. Keith.
  6. Lovely job. If I may , I would like to congratulate you on resisting the urge to open the air brakes etc. My good friend was a Javelin fitter and almost has apaplexy when seeing Javelins with everything hanging out. Keith
  7. Thank you very much for sharing, great memories. I was on the mound when the 190 took off from the grass and he held that really low! Probably not legal now. Keith.
  8. What a great build and certainly not shake and bake project. I built this for my dad many years ago and I was really quite pleased with the result. Unfortunately it didn't fair too well over the years and when he passed it came back to me. Looking at it through older eyes with different standards I thought I might renovate it. I ended up breaking it for spares regretfully. From all this I can still recall the story of the golf clubs.... When stationed in Germany around 1950 the airfield CO had one of the station hacks prepared for a golfing trip and when he launched the clubs into the door th
  9. And don't you know, I have been looking at these pictures for years! I feel a little complacency coming on. Apologies if my observation made you gasp, the signs were right there. Keith
  10. Beautiful job , a masterpiece. I have one query though. Would the canopy at that time have been of the flat variant? Keith.
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