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  1. Another lovely build and subject that would not look out of place at Reno. Keith
  2. Very nice indeed,the cockpit reminds me of a Harrier. Keith
  3. I would like very much to see a Avro 504N . I think it fits the bill perfectly. Keith
  4. Very nice indeed. Is this the same aircraft that I believe was painted yellow in the 1960's ?
  5. Lovely build. No need to be concerned as to how that was going to turn out. Keith
  6. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic experience. Your wife did a great job and you can re visit the with some wonderful images. Having had the pleasure of MJ627 when I retired a scheme may be needed to follow your lead! Keith
  7. With just a little fettling with fin , I really enjoyed building this kit and if it was the Doolybird kit mine came with a K type prop. Aside from your troubles it came out very nicely. Keith
  8. I think I saw your next project Moa, a civilian Felixstowe! Keith
  9. Need to get some accelerator! Keith
  10. Very nice result. I found this kit one that I just couldn't stop building. It was such a pleasure to do some trouble free assembly, all I need to do now is assemble the major components and get on with it! Keith
  11. I do like a bit of rigging but recently all the super glues that I have used over the years have lost that instant stick thus making the job a chaw and not not a rewarding pleasure. Any recommendations? Keith.
  12. In Airfix's defence I think they have done the best for most modelers with the Hunter. The cost of a new wing etc would be as much as a new kit. Keith.
  13. Bjorn, a beautiful build, but . Whilst I appreciate the little things can be a bit of a niggle the thing that really stands out to me is that you have painted the rear edge of the canopy. This should be left clear Keith
  14. Glad you're having a good time and enjoying what we have to offer. Thank you for sharing. Keith.
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