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  1. Britman

    F-16XL Aerial Refueling

    My favourite F16 model, two seat arrow wing. Thank you for sharing Sven. Keith.
  2. Nice clean up of the old Revell Lanc. It came in a very dramatic box and was at the time as 'the' Lancaster kit to get. Keith
  3. Britman

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    My friend has been building his and it builds well and looks great. looking at the wings , I think I see how the F4/5 will be done as they have score lines top and bottom internally . So I suspect a new sprue containing new outer leading edges that will just plug in. Of course the after market boys may beat Airfix to it with some resin jobbies. Keith
  4. Britman

    Valom 1/72nd Handley Page Harrow II

    Very nice build indeed and I second the Virginia, Mk X of course. Keith
  5. The Matchbox vertical split worked well as I recall. It looks like there are quite a few happy modelers on here. Keith
  6. Britman

    1/72 - Avro York by MikroMir - 3D renders

    No pressure then , if you're reading this Ray! Keith
  7. Britman

    Canada and Alaska tour 2001

    Thanks for the stear Andy. I will lok into that. Keith
  8. Britman

    Airfix for 2019

    My thoughts for what they are worth. With the balancing act that is Hornby/Airfix, this is a very reasonable statement of intent for this year and most likely there will be something for everyone. But I would like to suggest that for instance the Hunter 4/5 (having just got a new F6!) is a logical way to go as that period in the aircrafts history was probably the most colourful . That said , multiple purchases should logically follow spurred on by the decal trade , Extradecal etc. Likewise the Prototype Concorde , remember all those airlines punting models in their colours such as Braniff, Pan Am ,Japan Airlines etc. Thanks to suppliers such 26 Decals and others multiple purchases may result yet again, that is money for Airfix's sustained future. Releasing old "classics" such as the Heron , Bulldog and Jetstream although not state of the art , they will sell and again generate after market products. We all at sometime buy something of a lesser quality because the subject is of interest to us and thus allow a little slack on the manufacturer and the opportunity to acquire these hard to come by subjects is a big plus for me. Thankfully we are all different and what one will embrace another will not, such is the hobby we enjoy. Whoever you are ,enjoy your modeling and keep your eye on the horizon. Oh, if you really want to build that Phatbucket Mk6 ,do what Jonners and many others do.....scratch it! Keith.
  9. Jon , I do not think you should be concerned about your next subject as these little beauties seem to be getting better with each build. What I find refreshing is the "model making" rather than kit assembly. Keith
  10. Britman

    Hercules help please

    That sounds like a set up to me. My first marshaling job was at Manston in the seventies with Merchantman (Vanguard) G-APES . Unbeknown to me , the pilot was an old hand at Manston. He knew where he was going and of course , how fast he wanted to get there. I was aware that my colleagues were highly amused, however I had the last laugh , I stopped the plane and we started again at my pace! Captain Alan Marsh was the pilot (Action Man) and Air Bridge Carriers the operator. Keith
  11. Its the end of the road and off to Los Angeles. A couple of Denver stowaways! The motley crew , all very nice people and a smashing time from start to finish. I hope this series of photographs has been both helpful and enjoyable Unfortunately I am going to cut drastically the number of pictures of my Flikr account due to the fact they want to charge me for the amount I have posted. As I wish to post some model images in the future I will be clearing some of the earlier photos. Keith
  12. Britman

    DH.50 info

    Dreadful isn't it? When one has an itch that needs to be scratched. Everyone enjoys the efforts of a good sleuth. Hopefully some progress in plastic will follow from one of us on here. Keith
  13. Welcome! And a very nice way to introduce yourself. I like to think of my own efforts as mid range in the skills set but sometimes wonder what I am doing compared to some of the masterpieces on here. However, I enjoy what I do and find inspiration on here to keep improving forward with my efforts and just try that little extra thing to improve here and there. I used to play squash and golf with my younger brother and the fact that he was better than me certainly improved my game , and I get a similar feel sometimes from modeling. Carry on and enjoy your modeling and we will enjoy your results with you. Keith
  14. Britman

    Not a Bentley- it's a Blenheim!

    It is probably the most famous electric car in aircraft preservation. What a marvel to have returned it to the skies. Keith
  15. Sinister, have you seen the photos that I posted in the aviation photography section? Canada and Alaska tour 2001 number two post I think. Keith