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  1. I fear I have been taken too literally here . Have you tried building some of the "available" kits or paying silly money for a Dash 8 - 400? I have an ATR from F-resin but I wanted to build straight from the box. Keith
  2. Dipping my toe back into the cauldron, my interest is purely in 1/144 th. Simply put for starters the scale lends itself more to airliners than any other scale . The widebodies are admittedly large models and have been well catered for generally. It is the feeder market that has suffered over the years e.g. Comet , Caravell , ATR's , DeHavilland, Shorts, etc. Tin hat in hand! Keith
  3. I built the Cloud as soon as it arrived. That right up my street and a reasonable price. I enjoyed the build and was very happy with the results. Keith
  4. In my humble opinion I would beg to differ with the Airfix point of view. There are so many gaps in the airliner market that need filling with a modern and reasonable priced product. I could throw many suggestions at this but I would say this to Airfix, with your new style of model design I think this could be a great opportunity. Keith
  5. Looks like it's going a thousand miles an hour on the stand! Keith
  6. Lovely kit straight out of the box. Looking with interest, might even shuffle my F6 up the pile. Keith
  7. The criticism could be much worse if we went the German route, new A350's ? Keith
  8. Always worth a look and must be in the top ten "how low can you go". I particularly enjoyed the camera man suggesting " he is probably doing a couple of flybys to get used to the approach" or words to that effect! Keith
  9. Very nice Dick, particularly like the low vis markings. Keith
  10. I am afraid that any maintenance issues revealed at what was probably a very good operation will confirm that the Lightning cannot be operated anywhere. Having said that, I don't know what the status is of the Stennis two seater in the USA. Keith.
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