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  1. Britman


    I must concentrate when posting, got lost a couple of times and I haven't worked out yet how to clear a double post. Off to trace my roots in Wales for a couple of weeks . Next will be a bit of fun with tanker 51!
  2. Britman


    Home of Conair. Oops A firm arrival. Do you a nice S2 sir? Only one owner. Hope you like something. Keith.
  3. Britman

    1/72 Airfix Shorts Tucano T.1 "twins"

    Very nice, could even move my kit to the front of the stash. Great simple idea Uncle with the lead. The Tucano always looks more "solid " than the PC9 / T6 Texan II.
  4. Britman

    Catch a Falling Star

    Possibly Revell (Germany ) if able, given that the Luftwaffe have ordered six.
  5. Britman

    Catch a Falling Star

    Very nice Sven,thank you. Yet another interesting Herc. When will the manufacturers give us a really decent kit in both 144th and 72nd that doesn't brake the bank?
  6. Another interesting batch Martin. I have not seen that Orion scheme before, not that I am an expert. It does seem to me that these "grey" aircraft can have an identity if given a little imagination. Thank you for sharing with us. Keith.
  7. Britman

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Nice catch Chris, is that Air Spray?
  8. Britman

    Westland Sioux AH.1

    Lovely job on a fiddly kit. Compromises on the framing yes, but still looks like a Soiux.
  9. Britman

    Revell/ ICM TU-144.

    Very nice Steve , but its no Concorde is it. Just goes to show how well designed Concorde was.
  10. Britman

    Airfix Anson 1/72 1970's boxing

    Nice model , and definitely one candidate for the future Airfix catalogue including a choice of windscreens.
  11. Britman

    Nanaimo airfield.

    I was exhausted after the Bird Dog!
  12. Britman

    Deuces - Four of a Kind

    Very interesting pictures Sven , some of those airframes look very tired indeed.
  13. What can one say , sad to see. Thank you for keeping us up to date.
  14. Britman

    Nanaimo airfield.

    Nice little stop off on the way back from Comox. This one of course turned up at Duxford not that long after this and is now famous. Nice Navion. Beautiful Bird Dog. Back at Vancouver and a float plane haven. Hope you like something. Keith.
  15. Britman

    Martin Mars

    Just glad to see more. No regrets about missing them on the water , but it does ad a little extra when taking photos of flying boats!