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  1. Excellent! Lovely job with nice photo`s to boot. Keith
  2. Britman

    Curtiss C-46

    Super link, thank you Mike. Keith
  3. Could the no fly argument apply to ARCO`s lovely Blenheim ? Maybe the last flying Meteor NF II being grounded for the occasional run down the runway on a fast taxi display is a good idea, but in our heart of hearts we would rather see it in the sky would we not? The argument of to fly or not to fly is as old as Shakespeare and hind sight a wonderful thing after the event ( Black 6 etc ) . Keith
  4. Britman

    Fairey gannet

    Have you checked the walk round section Chris? Keith
  5. Britman

    Dornier 335 question

    Dick, a classic case of free reign I think. look forward to seeing it at the club. Keith
  6. Looking again at these lovely photos it occurs to me that the bars on 6194`s national markings are oversized. Keith
  7. Rutan and his team are masters of composite stress and torsion loading I think. I think this would not have been possible with metal construction. Mind you, that fuselage looks pretty industrial under the wings. Keith
  8. Great work again Moa. Interesting how " modern" the cockpit glazing looked for the time. Keith
  9. Nice kit and a nice build. Keith
  10. Lovely models Alex and both in my stash awaiting their time! Keith
  11. Lovely pictures Keith, thank you. Picture five has a great sense of speed about it despite the altitude. Keith
  12. I "modified " an ex Lufthansa 707 wing with a tug and a set of steps many years ago at Manston ! It must be easier in plastic. Keith
  13. I have always thought of the FROG Wessex as a good honest kit. As mentioned earlier, it is a great starting point for upgrading to your own satisfaction, like many FROG kits. In many ways they can be like a very good quality short run kit. Keith
  14. That's got Moa written all over it! Keith
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