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  1. Somebody does or did a gold canopy tint, I had some but can't remember the manufacturer. It worked really well. Last time I used it, I sprayed a chrome RR radiator grill to make it look gold plated, it worked perfectly.
  2. I found in the past that quoting the order number for the faulty item gets a reply. Imagine how many email they must get asking for information about new or future releases etc.
  3. I wonder if they were re-boxings of the old Kader/Lincoln kits, they were roughly 1/144 but I'm not sure if they did a Vulcan.
  4. Leuchars was the navy phantoms home base in the latter years, that tank would have been borrowed. Their hanger was the one on the far left - nearest to the Q sheds. When I arrived there in 1980, it was still full of RN Phantom bits, including a crated flight simulator.
  5. If that is real, why is the pilot a different 'scale' to the nav! I think the nav could be real but the pilot has been photoshopped for greater effect. The positioning doesn't look right and that shadow across his face doesn't match the width of the frame.
  6. I'm sure the initial grey scheme on the first few airframes (GR.1B), was dark camouflage grey all over. 12 squadrons found it to be too visible against the sea so DSG was applied to the upper surface. The two tone grey scheme was then adapted by the rest of the fleet.
  7. I've seen a picture of 2 x SNEBS on one pyon and a CBLS on the other, plus the strike camera in the port forward recess and a balance in the other. Would SNEBs have ever been used in a close support roll for real? I can remember a Jag pilot saying that he could do more damage with a 3lb practice bomb!
  8. Ah yes, I should have considered the clearance issue on the board pylons. That explains the positioning of stores on that station.
  9. There's little visible difference between the US TER and the CBTE, it's just down to the stores adapter. A question for 'Plumbers' - Publicity photos show three SNEBS on the inner wing pylon mounted CBTE but most photos of the SNEB in use show only two, was this standard practice and was there any reason why sometimes they are fitted side by side or one below the other? - same for the other stores carried. Finally, could three BL755s be carried on either of the wing pylons?
  10. You are correct, fitting BL755s to a US TER requires the side mounted stores to be fitted at a different angle. Unfortunately, I don't know of any CBTEs available in 1/48 so its modified US TERs or nothing.
  11. Sooties! I'd forgotten that one
  12. Yes but didn't answer the original question (I think) - not sure if that's a particular trait for plumbers/armourers! Aren't plumbers engines? I would have thought armoures would deal with stores and the fitting of. That said, the RAF decided air radar techs should look after the recce cameras - despite there being a dedicated trade!
  13. In 1/48 scale, I doubt you would be able to tell the difference, just need to make sure there's the correct gap between the stores.
  14. I was aware that the RAF used a different carrier but I think its just the part that couples the store to the rack, the main bulk of the rack looks the same as the BRU-42. I'm fitting 3 BL755s to the rack so the parts in question will be hidden anyway
  15. Thanks, wasn't sure if the SUU pod had a dedicated pylon, plus, there's an extra centreline pylon in the Hasegawa/Revell kit.
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