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  1. Anyone know the crew names for this aircraft, in order - front left/right, rear left/right. Thanks
  2. I use the Ghost White toner on an HP colour printer. The results are very good to excellent depending on the size of the print. Opacity is as good as most aftermarket decals and I've printed pilot names down to less than 1mm
  3. Thanks, post edited! I've used the 72 xtradecals - I think the angle of the lightning bolt required altering. I was wondering if Hannants did a "History of 111 squadron" part 2 in the 48th range, part 1 is missing the Phantom - the 72 sheet has a 111 FGR.2 on it
  4. Does any exist for the above - (apart from the Hasegawa kit)? I've checked the current xtradecal grey offerings but the lightning bolt is different.
  5. Only the F95 camera and the IRLS were new versions for the Jag pod, the F126 and F135 were the same as used on other a/c, so although equipment in the pod was probably new on delivery, replacements could have been older serviceable items. In NI for instance, "second hand" cameras were fitted to the Beavers and Pumas. When spare run down, parts are salvaged from wherever possible, these where very expensive bits of kit, for example, the Agiflite hand held camera ( the white camera with the long lens) you would see Nimrod crew using to take pictures of Russian trawlers cost, I was told, about 30k
  6. When I did my trade course at Cosford in 1980, one of the hangers had a lot of EMI pods stored in it, all still with equipment and used for training. Most of the cameras may have been used for spares at a later date. When I was serving on II(AC) Jags the following year, one of the ex-41 phantom guys told me that before they switched to Jags, the RAF tried to sell the recce pods to either Israel or one of the other middle eastern Phantom users - can't remember which. They performed an energetic air display in front of the visiting dignitaries- with an empty pod, then when the Phantom landed, it taxied behind a hanger where another Phantom - with a fully kitted out pod was waiting. This aircraft was then presented to the potential customers for inspection. Not sure if this was true but a good story
  7. They do one for the FGR.2 in 1/48 and one for the FG.1 in 1/72. I did look at the J frets as a first port of call but there are differences.
  8. Help needed from brit Phantom experts. Did Eduard ever produce the above set and is it possible to use any of the other Phantom marks pre-painted etched cockpit sheets to closely resemble the FG.1 cockpits (111 grey/green camouflage era)? Thanks
  9. I think it depends on the temperature that the printer fuses the toners at, I suspect that the more expensive/recent the printer is, the more eco it will be. I have three laser printers, two bought new as end of line models for £50 each, the other was a low use secondhand one off ebay - again £50. All work with all the decal papers I have tried but stick with the manufacturers toner and don't be tempted to buy cheap toners. The printers I have are:- Dell 1250c LED printer, this produces good colours Konica Minolta Magicolour 1600W, produces the best blacks HP laserjet Pro 200, running Ghost white toner. Non of the above will replicate greys suitably or light/pale colours well.
  10. You could do what I did and buy a secondhand printer for £50 to go with the Ghost white toner. Look for the cheapest printer/toner combination, I think my HP setup cost me £275 in total
  11. Excellent! Thanks John, agreed, red and yellow
  12. Thanks, it's the red/yellow combination on the camo that has caused the dilemma.
  13. On the red/white scheme? Forgot to add that bit
  14. Anyone know if the fuselage and flying surfaces walk lines on the red/white scheme, were just red or red with yellow hatch?
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