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  1. Thanks, I've got those from an earlier build but I can print any markings as required. I wasn't sure if the timeline for that scheme and squadron fitted in with the possibility of carrying the Blue Danube. Edit: Just checked out the instructions on-line, Airfix show that aircraft to be in a gloss white finish, I'd prefer to do a satin white scheme.
  2. I want to build a Valiant in the early satin white finish, with the black and grey nose radar covers and preferably with either full pale or the intermediate pale markings. Would it be correct to display the model in this scheme with a Blue Danube? If so, any suggestions for a/c registrations and squadron markings would be helpful. Thanks
  3. I've just opened a couple of these, the fuselages are covered in sink marks, not an issue on the first release.
  4. Serviceability! Each 3/4 a/c squadron would constantly be trying to borrow airframes from other squadrons or declaring to be nonoperational. Added to that, from a cynical point of view, I suspect government would ask why so many airframes were required if squadrons could manage with 3/4 and cut the numbers.
  5. I would have thought that the new 3d printed decals technology would be perfect for producing rows of vortex generators and for ease of application.
  6. Only recently been updated, previously showing the B.2 'in a field' on finals - that some Internet news blogs claimed was China!
  7. Google maps has caught a B.2 that has slid off the runway with a collapsed main U/C, complete with emergency vehicles.
  8. RAF pilot/s flying Sea Harriers scored missile kills in the Falklands - surely that would count as the first RAF missile kill.
  9. Blacktjet


    My best (worsed) ebay experience was the sale of an Airfix Tristar a few years ago, title read "Missing parts and part assembled SEE PICTURES AND READ DESCRIPTION". The pictures showed a layout of the parts with rings around the assembled parts (doors fitted) and tings around where the missing parts would have been on the sprues, each ring numbered in the picture and then the corresponding numbers itemised and described in the description. Message from buyer - "You didn't say the kit was started and it has missing parts"!
  10. Never owned one but wasn't the old Frog kit a -420, like the Airfix kit? Revell did a -120
  11. Earlier this year, I had to buy Anycubic's Skin colour resin - it was the only colour in stock, I've never had a failed print with it, fine accurate prints, cleans easily and cures quickly.
  12. I was at II(AC) RIC 81 - 84 I recall seeing a tractor towing a trailer with ALQ.101 and Phimat (don't remember the year) but never saw them fitted on an aircraft so I guess they were new trial/test equipment. We attended TAM 84, I would have thought they would have been fitted for that exercise if in general use but I didn't see any jets with them. Found this from 1987 https://www.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframePhotoViewer.php?Serial=80849
  13. Just been confirmed that by someone who was toilet roll bombed by Buccaneers during a TACEVAL at Waddington. Maybe the plan was to do a toilet roll bombing tour with the black Buccaneer.
  14. My thoughts too but you'd be surprised at what things a disbanding squadron will get up to! Can't think of any other reason why they would have fitted 2 x CBLS to an aircraft that was painted in a scheme that was expected to last just a few days.
  15. Could the above dispense paint marker bombs? I've recently been sent two pictures of the Black 16 squadron Buccaneer, it was fitted out with 2 x CBLS.100 on the outer pylons, also painted black. I was on 2 squadron at the time and a friend on 16 told me that the intention was to beat up all the airfields with the a/c and I was wondering if there might have been the intention to paint bomb the runways.
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