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  1. I have though I doubt the wipers as moulded can be easily removed from the tooling.
  2. Not disappointed with the kit, just the moulded wipers. This sort of error really bugs me, 99% of photos of Vulcans will show the wipers parked upright, so why have the design team thought it would look better if the wipers are moulded - on the glazing - parked across the screens! If the model is built with the canopy as pictured, a third wiper will need to be added - parked accross the screen, and that will look odd. Disappointed because apart from this, the canopy looks accurate and detailed.
  3. But by then it would too late to correct obvious errors. Hopefully, those built up shots are of the early resin model and the lighting is picking up and exaggerating the panel lines on the sprue shots. As for the canopy, seeing that the test shots are in an evaluation stage, maybe it can be fixed, if not I guess I'll just have to sand off those wipers and fabricate THREE new ones.
  4. I went for the Photon S because of the improvements and the increased build height. I paid £245 including delivery, resin, spare FTPs and a pack of strainers so not a bad deal but I was expecting the Z axis to be more stable than the earlier model.
  5. I have to say that I'm starting to feel a little deflated, I was expecting a Victor standard kit but from those pre-production shots, it looks more in the same stable as the Shackleton with its deep panel lines. The canopy is a disappointment, I don't like the moulded wipers, I've never seen a Vulcan with the wipers parked across the screens and where is the wiper for the centre glazing? I scanned the sprues thinking that it might be a separate part so that the canopy could be used for earlier Vulcans but I can't find one. OK, it's a vast improvement on the old issue but after the Victor - in my view Airfix's best kit so far - I was expecting an equally stunning kit
  6. I've got the Photon S. I can recommend this printer for small parts, they print very close to injection mould parts. The only issue I've found is that the Z axis can sometimes be slightly out in places when using the full height to build, anything built up to 2-3 cms seems to be OK.
  7. Thanks Mike, I was considering changing the SSD next as this seems to be the one upgrade that will make a big improvement for not much money. The ram upgrade was mainly due to new software requirements. I changed both cards, at £28 per card, it's not worth the risk - you can't get a decent 1/48 kit for that. Thanks all for your input.
  8. Thanks, as it happens, both old and new cards are the same make and spec, just wasn't sure if chips 'burn out' over time. No great expense really at £28, just don't like buying stuff I didn't need!
  9. There's bound to be an IT person on here or a PC builder that can help. I'm not computer tech savvy, I've got a Sony Vaio laptop that I've had for 10 years, I decided that the RAM needed expanding from the 4GB it came with to the maximum 8GB. I searched various sellers for the best price, all stated my laptop had 2 x 2GB cards installed so I bought 2 x 4GB Kingston cards. When I went to change the cards, I found 1 x 4GB Kingston card installed - OK, should have checked beforehand! Question is, should I stick with the old card plus one of the new cards and get a refund for the surplus new card or would there be a noticable improvement in processing speed if I swap the old card for a new one? Thanks
  10. The white patches are a white background to all the warning and "NO STEP" stencils, they only appear on XW560. The white? arear applied to the rear of XW560 may have been for photographic reference, it was removed once the taller fin was added.
  11. Thanks everyone, I think I have enough now.
  12. Airfix's camouflage pattern is pure fiction I'm afraid - or maybe based on an early artist impression.
  13. I've now got a couple of b&w pics thanks to David above but colour pics are always handy, if you can lay your hands on them.
  14. Does anyone have pictures or a link to pictures of the top of either or both of these aircraft? Looking for camouflage pattern, roundels size/position etc. I think I've just about exhausted the net and my only Jag book must have gone on permanent loan to someone! Thanks
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