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  1. Ah, they scanned XM594 at Newark - now I see why they moulded the wipers across the screens and missed off the centre wiper - it's missing from the actual a/c! I did get a reply about this from Airfix - the comments had been passed to the design team.
  2. I use the Anycubic grey resin. My exposure times are high and I'm probably prematurely burning out my screen - I'm on my second since May, I work on the basis that a screen cost £35, calculate the cost of the failed resin (and screen life and general wear on the printer) and you are probably not far off the cost of your screen - if you are doing large prints. I've just made 2 x 1/100 scale Boeing 737s that would have cost me at least £50 each to buy, not as accurate and with less detail, and a 1/72 Atlas/Gemini rocket - god knows how much a kit of that would have cost
  3. Thanks, I've changed the FEP before but only used Anycubic brand. There's such a big difference in price, I was just wondering what the cheap brands quality was like.
  4. Just to jump in here with a suggestion ( there are far more knowledgeable people on here with technical advice). When I started printing with my Photon S, I was getting failed prints regularly. It now seems that I have found the sweet spot as I have zero failures. First of all, I stopped printing below 0.050, the difference is not that noticeable and the more layers you have, the more chances there will be for something to go wrong. Secondly, when ever possible, print directly on the build plate and just add supports where necessary. These are my settings:- Layer height 0.05 m
  5. Time to buy some new FEP, there's a huge difference in price between thus brand and Anycubic branded film. Has anyone tried the cheaper brands?
  6. BOZ 107 chaff dispenser. First used on Tornado, later on Canberra and Nimrod
  7. Thanks, I increased the bottom layer exposure time because my prints were sometimes sticking to the FEP rather than the plate. Didn't think about burning out my LCD, might explain why mine failed after four months!
  8. When printing parts directly on the printing bed, I'm getting a fine lip or flange at the base of the print. Is there anything I can adjust in the print setup to eliminate this?
  9. Several 41 sqn a/c had the German rescue markings, non of which were ex- RAFG examples, hence the query if these were temporary just for the squadron exchange in 76.
  10. Just decalling the above model using Xtradecal 48-201 ( sqn fighter bars far too large!). I found a picture of the actual aircraft, complete with owl zap, the aircraft has the additional German rescue stencils found on RAFG Phantoms. I don't want to use the owl zap, does anyone know if the extra stencils were applied just for the squadron exchange? Also, a link to a picture would be helpful of 414 with the large 'N' on the fin but no zap. Thanks
  11. When I was at Leuchars 80/81 (FG.1s), all but the QRA aircraft were parked with the wings folded. I would assume it's a ground handling safety directive.
  12. Was hoping someone might know a retailer that has X007-48 in stock, assuming Hannants didn't up scale their more recent 1/72 offering. I could probably make up the main markings but the stencils are Blake Mike specific - all red!
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