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  1. You get 9/10 for that. Only 9 cos you beat me to building this subject. Fishface
  2. Hello Gundylunch Can we come along please to your show, I am not working and would like to support your model show. Simon Fisher Abingdon IPMS
  3. Ah yes I remember going onboard her back then, I have still got the pamflet with all the tail numbers on, oh what memories. GREAT TIMES.
  4. I think you'll find that at least in RAF the SWO has no jurisdiction on the flight line, as seen in these pictures of Su-33's. He asks if he may come onto the flight line, I have been asked by a few over the years, if they may have look around I would normally ask an SAC to escort such an important person, so the he would not get into trouble being run over by an aircraft. By the way a CPO in the navy is approximately staff Sgt or WO 2 in The Army or a Chief Tech in RAF.
  5. OK that would be great, thanks.
  6. Looks very good Jonners, enjoy Spain. Awaiting the decals. Sammy
  7. Well done there looks very good indeed. I have a MkII 3/4 built, but oh boy what a difficult build. Top part of the wing 2-3mm wider in chord than the bottom part of the wing. Cockpit to wide to fit between undercarriage bay walls and there's more. Rear decking is not supplied for the version that I am modelling, but it is in the instructions. Again well done Manu
  8. Thank you for sharing your excellent selection of photographs. If only we could see such diversity of subjects these days. Instead we have very little to be cheerful about. Oh those halcyon days of old. We can only but dream off.
  9. I am sorry but I have never taken any pictures of the inside of the cockpit or cabin. Just go for a dark grey for the majourty of the cabin, although the fabric on the seats is a very dark/dull washed out blue. Inside of the cabin doors are black. 

  10. The internals for the Mk2 are the same as before with little change that modeller will notice. It is in the normal dark sea grey and black colours. Sorry never have taken many pictures of the inside. Sammy ex 33Sqn and 230Sqn for over twenty five years.
  11. Like it like it, well done chap.
  12. Never knew about that scheme, I like it and well done there.
  13. ICM

    Thanks for the review Mike and Marky Spark very helpful.
  14. I have Now 3/4 built there Tempest Mk2. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Yes there is a very detailed cockpit of which most cannot be seen. Main U/C bay walls are very much a guess as to where they should be positioned a little trial and error required here. Upper wing was wider in chord by approximately 2-3 mm therefore requiring trimming and producing a thick trailing edge to the wing. Instructions show that you have two options for the decking behind the cockpit seat oh no you are not supplied with the early version. It is just not in the Box or mentioned at all in the sprue layouts. Prop blades don't have a very positive fit to the spinner base. Next I tried to fit the fuselage to the wing assembly again however the bottom of the cockpit is to wide to fit between the wheel wells by about 2-3 mm, so it was time to chop off the bottom of the cockpit which I had spent a lot of time on. oh well you can not see that anyway. Looking at the model from the front shows that the centre of the wings have a aheaderal which should be completely flat across the centre part of the wing. This took some correcting with boiling water and singed fingers. Radiator housing are difficult to fit, poor alignment and took a couple of hours to achieve a reasonable fit. Engine nacelle fit to the rest of fuselage and leading part of the wing are a bit of a challenge. Good surface detail though. Up to Airfix standards no way. Yours a very frustrated and disappointed Simon, however I only paid £60 for the kit.