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  1. Iruma J.A.S.D.F. Airshow and rehersal

    Thank you for sharing your photographs with us. I know that I must add going to one of these shows in Japan to my lifetime bucket list. Simon
  2. Thank you for your reviews excellent kit it is very much appreciated by all. How long did you take to build this kit? Nice reproduction by the way. Simon
  3. Puma HC-1 1:32nd scale.

    Sorry HL-10, Angelo I should not have looked at this thread, your Model of XW223 is well know to belong to certain Flight within 33Sqn and has always been since about 1978 and fitted with different main undercarriage sponsons and some other small details. So she has never been on 230 Sqn. Trust me, I know, sorry. Further to this all of the qiuilting on the inside of the cabin is in a shitty grey colour, unless you are modelling from 70"s then it would be a dull dark blue colour. Cabin seat belts could be either red but now are blue. All fixed panels in cabin/cockpit are Matt Black.
  4. You can easily buy 25mil insulation board and cut down to size.would also be cheaper as well. Choice of manufacturer all about the same. Just compère prices first. 

    1. sinnerboy


      Hi mate, thanks for the reply

      ...so 25mm? would that be sufficient insulation? also would leave about 20 mil gap, would you have that on the inside or outside of the board?




    2. sammy da fish

      sammy da fish

      Biuld your shed as normal and buy the 25mm insulation sheets normally comes in 8 x4 then cut to fit in between the beams. Although not as good as 50 mm better than nothing. Further to this check that 38 mm is not availbile. And always ware eye protection when cutting with a saw i know.

  5. Abingdon IPMS Show

    Will pick up on the toilets when i get off my canal boat. Glad you enjoyed the show.
  6. 1/48 GWH Mig-29 9.12

    Stunning biuld there, captured the correct look of weathering, unlike some other modellers who don't look at the subject. Again very done.
  7. Abingdon IPMS Show

    I would love to come to the show however i am stuck on my narrow boat not far away but enough to stop me from coming to the show. Have a good show chaps.
  8. Neptune MR1

    Sorry but i think your more advanced than good old mike in that respect. You will have to give a lot of tuition to help Mike along.
  9. Abingdon IPMS Show

    Yes dooors will be open at Eight and the butty wagon will ready for 08:30, punters in at 10:00.
  10. IPMS Farnborough Modelfest 2017

    Thank you very much Farnborough, we enjoyed your show. Good weather as well. Abingdon IPMS
  11. I like this Spitfire very much indeed, weathering is also heavy, but more than likely real enough, I for one would not like to fly this aircraft. I wished I had This model in my collection.
  12. Fokker DR.I "Red Baron" 1/48, Eduard

    Like it A lot. Well done there.
  13. Norwegian Starfighter

    Very nice indeed take a big pat on the back for this superb model. Must add one of these to my wish list.
  14. 1/48 Bobcat Yak-28P Firebar

    Seeing this project will hopefully give me some much needed mojo. Well done there looking good already and keep going.
  15. Looking forward to this version and hope that it is easier to built than the original eduard one.