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  1. RAF100 special tails. Don't get excited. No, really.

    Nice thread there. Just one or two things to point out. As someone who has been responsible for getting a special scheme applied to a RAF aircraft recently I do have some insight. Each Aircraft are very valuable assets that need to earn its keep for the country. Each and every one of the special schemes require a Mod leftlet to be raised, this could take up to a month to complete and sign off. Yes painting has gone to station civilian contractors, most are ex RAF anyway. There time has to be accounted for as well. Finally moral in the Royal Air Force(not crabs, that’s like swearing) is at a quite low point, with personal only get the government 1% pay rise. After all who gives a dam about some extra markings on the side of the fuselage. You as a modeller may do, but there is not many a service man is that interested.
  2. 1/48 Kinetic Harrier T4

    Don’t forget the intake trucking is gloss white up to about 6’ of the lip of the intake?
  3. HMS Dreadnought 1907 - Trumpeter 1/350

    Really like your weathering you have captured that extremely well there.
  4. Tristar Panzer 1 Ausf A

    After the comment I would still be impressed with your model, well done there chap. Like it.
  5. F7F Tigercat Italeri 1:48

    Very nice rendition there, lovely model. I would very proud of completing to such a high standard. I must put one of these for my future builds.
  6. Seafire MK XVII

    Very nice sea fire there, lovely and well done.
  7. Thanks for the bad bits about the GWH Mig-29, Redcap. Mine is just about to go in to the spray shop, so i’ll Watch out for the decals.
  8. Airfix - 2018 Release schedule

    Thanks for spending the time doing the list. It’s great to see when everything is coming out. I wonder how it will pan out though?
  9. 1/32 RAF Puma

    Glad you have noted that XW223 was the large sponson aircraft, good spot.
  10. Su-27 Flanker - FINALLY DONE!

    You have captured the inservice state well with that constrained weathering. A very well done.
  11. Dunkirk movie

    What does What does NYE mean?
  12. Aircraft zapped.

    Oh this brings back memories indeed. I remember helping paint Fly 230 on the underside of a Puma in about 1979/80 on a 33Sqn cab that was in our hangar 230 Sqn overnight just before the families open day for that year. As it flew in a 33Sqn formation the next day it quite clearly displayed the zapping to all when banking around. Sadly Zapping has become a thing of the past mainly for two reasons, the system dislikes such things and the general change of attitude/lack of moral.
  13. Iruma J.A.S.D.F. Airshow and rehersal

    Thank you for sharing your photographs with us. I know that I must add going to one of these shows in Japan to my lifetime bucket list. Simon
  14. Thank you for your reviews excellent kit it is very much appreciated by all. How long did you take to build this kit? Nice reproduction by the way. Simon
  15. Puma HC-1 1:32nd scale.

    Sorry HL-10, Angelo I should not have looked at this thread, your Model of XW223 is well know to belong to certain Flight within 33Sqn and has always been since about 1978 and fitted with different main undercarriage sponsons and some other small details. So she has never been on 230 Sqn. Trust me, I know, sorry. Further to this all of the qiuilting on the inside of the cabin is in a shitty grey colour, unless you are modelling from 70"s then it would be a dull dark blue colour. Cabin seat belts could be either red but now are blue. All fixed panels in cabin/cockpit are Matt Black.