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  1. I tried to do as much as possible as in the photos. Of course, there will be more dirt on the diorama... Photos source Internet
  2. Thank you very much gents! This is first step for my JGSDF diorama. Tamiya figures is really fantastic.
  3. Tamiya plastics with little photoetched (TAMIYA & Passion Models)... Cheers!
  4. no commercial sales or advertising unless by prior arrangement
  5. Deleted - Link
  6. Yes, we have several MFs in service after 1992.
  7. Thank you very much gents! Model is very fine and friendly for assembling. This camo scheme is very unic and that a reason whay I go with that Story about "white719" with original photos here Cheers!
  8. Short story about "white719" (English text included) http://www.maketarplus.com/index.php/foto-photo/180-beli-719 MiG-21PFM, eduard, 1/72, ProfiPACK Cheers!
  9. Hi dov, it's great! I have plan with my D for Januar or February... I will follow your work on D! So, engine parts have a very fine details and I must play with colloring... For paint I used MMP primer (MMS-001 Black Primer) and metallics (MMM-001 Metalic Burnt Iron, MMM-002 Cold Rolled Steel i MMM-003 Aluminium) Cheers!
  10. Hi dov! Thank you very much for your comments, it's very useful! Yes, I see your F-4C build and I follow that, very nice work, indeed. After this S-iera I will start with ZM F-4D... we will be in touch.
  11. Thank you very much for comments gents! So, this is few steps in building... Cheers!
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