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  1. Oh gosh I can see more expenditure coming my way soon. And maybe two times that. I hope those U/Care bit more beefed up compared to the P-51H. sammy
  2. Very nice indeed would you not consider the extended wing tips to make a B-8.
  3. Hello I am sure the gun panel is completely removable ie it has Dzus fasteners all around the edge and therefore no hinges I don’t think? sammy
  4. I don’t give praise much, so this fits right in with my expectations of a superb build and this slots right in there, well done Drumbum.
  5. Well done Pete another excellent build. You pulled a below average kit right up to a superb rendition of the RB -45. sammy the Fish
  6. I would go for the sparmax a very reliable spray gun, I was given one when I purchased my replacement compressor did not what to use it at first, but when I started using it it never went wrong for 18 months of continues use. Never heard of this make until then, but has proved to be a very good product. sammy
  7. Very nice model. I am about 10% behind you in my build. Mine will be 64 from the kit decals. I like the weathering very convincing. sammy
  8. Thank you fellow service man, Sir Tom. Now your last post, may you rest in piece. ex C/T Sam Fisher
  9. Yes that’s looks the right colour, remember it was very Matt indeed and bugger to remove when we got back from Iraq. sammy
  10. Remember pilot & co sit on buff coloured fluffy cushions, seat backs are a grey/blue colour. sammy
  11. Thank you Homebee we will just await for the release then Again thank you. sammy
  12. Ok where did you get that information from Dreamwriter?
  13. OK it’s now mid to late January 2021 when is this kit going to be released? sammy
  14. Hi Ghostbase although the special hobby Tempest II looks very nice in the box don’t be deceived it’s a sod to get right, it caused problems at ever turn. sammy
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