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  1. Deleted - Read the pinned post.
  2. Stunning and very beautiful model. I admire your stamina at completing such a monster of a kit. Well done indeed. Now should I get rid of my kit or take the punishment of trying to emulate what you have achieved! sammy
  3. Wow I am impressed with that superb model.
  4. Abingdon model show will be on the 1st Oct 2022. This is on Saturday as normal for us. Doors open at 10:00 & shut at 16:00. £5 adult, £3 child. We have so far 13 traders and 19 Clubs attending, competition at £1 per entry. A good burger van will also be on site. So please come along to our friendly show all are welcome. The Abingdon lot.
  5. Keep going Mike you’re getting there. Looks good from the pictures. sammy
  6. Having only seen the original 3 days ago there is no restoration work carried out at all on her. Where as most of the other German subjects at the museum have or are mostly complete. No wonder they will get around to it at some point in the future. Still very interesting to see though. sammy
  7. Thanks for sharing your build of this new model. Looking very convincing so far Mike, hope you progress with it more soon. Will be watching this one. Sammy
  8. Your photos are much better than I could capture at the show. What a manic place Oshkosh is, highly recommend going there if you can. It was just bonkers. Sammy
  9. Thanks for showing your build. Looks very nice. I also have this model to make so will be watching this thread. sammy
  10. HS748 bristol freighter heron dove ambassador 1-11 dragon rapide trident islander trilander Andover Hastings Shackleton Puma Wessex chinook gazelle scout Beaver beagle c-130k c-130j galaxy brittannia herald 747 720 707 727 737 757 767 777 a300 I think french Air Force cougar Swiss allouette tristar antonov 124 canadair cl44 Dc8 dc3 dc10 nimrod chipmunk merlin ec135 police c-17 vc-10 belfast vangaurd hovercraft from Pompey Argosy whilwind tu-154 dash 7 dash 8 banderante convair440 c141 long one transal saab340 skyvan A319 A320 A340 i think that’s all, but not sure. sammy
  11. Thanks lasermonkey, yes I fully understand the reason they are going to be hard to find! sammy
  12. Good evening everybody Where can I purchase Akan paints here in the Uk? sammy
  13. Stunning build there, I would be very proud of this one. Sammy
  14. Well done you have captured an in service aircraft with superb level of paint distress. Sammy
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