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  1. I like it a lot, this is the scheme I wish to do my Tamiya spit in. Thanks for showing us your model. sammy
  2. Yes she very nice indeed. I like it a lot. You captured the look of such an iconic aircraft. Even the lack of much flattening of the tyres which at 380 PSI would not allow much deflection. Well done. Sammy
  3. Loadpole is mainly black in colour, emergency pull handle is black/ yellow strips. The hook mechanism( bottom part is metallic greeny /grey. The hook itself is metal colour. Loadpole bay a dirty light brown or chromate colour. sammy
  4. To all my fellow service men who sadly passed away that day. I salute you all and thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. sammy da fish
  5. Thanks for showing build of this late resting aircraft. I to have the anigrand kit to build in the future, so it will require a lot of work oh dear may be time to sell. sammy
  6. Just remember that the picture of trembelers or XW222 is taken as fitted out as a Mk2. There is no bubble window that was removed back in about 1990, when all of the RWR fit was put on and the back hatch had both the chaff and the IRJ fitted. I can remember the first time flying her back in.1979. Sammy the fish ex 33 & 230, 240OCU
  7. Must you have done a cracking job on her well done. sammy
  8. Very nice indeed I like the worn and in service look. Sammy
  9. I spent a great deal of my time in RAF reducing down or making sure said countersunk rivets were no more proud of the skin than say a thickness of a piece of paper. So should not be able to see many of the countersunk variety in 72scale. However there are many types of fastenings that you will see on the surface of an aircraft. Such as Dzus, mushroom, domed rivets and jobolts. Oh such fun we used to have. sammy
  10. Yes very nice indeed,wish I could pick one of these up. I bet the price would astronomical.
  11. Very nice start on this model into have one to build just thinking that to aid painting, leave the wings off until the fuselage is finished then add the wings. Good luck and I’ll be watching with great interest. keep safe Simon
  12. Thanks for showing this lovely and well executed model. Like the idea of the base. Sammy
  13. The armoured seats are handed and not the easiest to fit. Both seats with armour can only be used over land as they are fitted with dummy seat pans. There is only AP’s for role changes of P4 and there used to be a scheme for P2 when it was used in old times. I know I helped to write it back then. I don’t think it would be a good idea to show any pictures on here chaps.
  14. Evening, as some one who unfortunately did 22 years on the Puma starting back in 1978 before MPAI or pips intakes, I do know a little about her. P2 was a special fit with a large camera out of the side, this could be fitted in an afternoon, not used much after about 1990. P4 is another special fit which does include two extra crew, lots of heavy Equipment and takes about 4-6 hours to fit. A night sun can be fitted normally to stbd. Due to the nature of these fits, there should be no pictures I am sorry. Any other questions just please ask. Sammy
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