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  1. Another superb subject Dora, please keep these little exposed subjects coming forward. I look forward to just about every one that you pick. Thank you Simon
  2. Very nice there, this is definitely up to completion standards. I doubt how far the aircraft would get with reference to range maybe 100-200 miles, still looks superb though. I did not release that the wingtip ECM pods were of a different colour to the rest of the colour scheme. Well done again, I shall use your model as an inspiration to myself, although I doubt I’ll come close to your standards. Simon
  3. Thanks for that Geoff, will try and persuade our members to come along any chance of a couple of tables please. Simon
  4. Thanks to all that came to our show today. Numbers through the door were slightly up. The gym hall seem to tad more of a buzz than the main hall? Salisbury IPMS and two traders Affinity models, aviation and military book centre where were you, not even an email or txt to say sorry or an explanation poor form chaps. So rerun to next year 3rd Oct 2020 already looking forward to all the hard work from the Abingdon membership who work there socks off, well done.
  5. Surly Paul J the Airfix decals would be for a 1/72 aircraft where as Hasegawa’s Draken is 1/48? simon
  6. I went along to this show, very busy. Could not see any news kits announced, but was not looking to hard. Had a good look at the MPM B-52 a lot of detail in bomb bay, nose U/C and back end of cockpit. simon
  7. Oh yes forgot about that. A 144th P51d with blue nosed markings, nice. Hall was packed most the day.
  8. Picked up a nice spanking new Eduard P51-5 filletless version from a busy eday in Prague for £20( bunny fighter discount) and two overtrees P51 first releases £8 each? Would off had more if the suitcase was bigger? sammy Da fish
  9. sammy da fish

    Puma HC-3

    Cockpit doors, well there is only one door the pilots (starboard) this can be opened but is very difficult to get all three pins to engage on closing. So the door is only normally opened during some sort of servicing. The other door is just a jettisonable panel. Both of these are checked for there ability to be jettisonable at regular intervals. As for folding main rotor blades very difficult to have them fitting in a C-17 trust me I know. If we were in a hurry to fit the main blades it would take my team about 10-15 minutes. If and a big if I had all the manpower available, I could have the aircraft ready to fly within an hour. Yours ex 230 & 33 Sqn Engineer for 20 years and one of the few to have folded Puma blades not easy task.
  10. Have a look at maestro models site they do a sheet of yellow squares other colours available.
  11. I would come to the show for two days, better if you are an IPMS member it will get you in earlier and quicker on most occasions. Trains the closest or main train station for Telford is about a mile away from the exhibition centre. Yes you can come from Birmingham, but again unless your hotel is right next to the main railway station it's another walk for you. There are other more interesting places to stay over and more than likely cheaper as well. Shrewsbury is on the same train line not far from Telford and is quite an interesting place. Wolverhampton is another town that is on the same railway line but is not as typically English film set place as Shrewsbury, still very good though. Flying in to Birmingham International airport is good with decent railway connections to the centre of Birmingham and onwards to both Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton. Hope this helps and please just ask and I/we will help in any way. Simon
  12. Yes you have done the camo extremely well, very nice indeed. Simon
  13. Nice to see your model coming on. I have su35 in the prototype colours 90 % done, but have lost the mojo in finishing it. Again yours is coming on very well. Simon
  14. Hi Pete Built this some years ago now perhaps 25-30 something like that. I can remember it was quite a simple build, I could not find where the exhausts for the three engines went.. they are holes to the top or sides depending on the position of the engines. All are flush with the skin. I still have mine nicely packed away and display it at shows on the odd occasion. However I have a 1/48 resin one, half built and must get it finished. Good luck with the build. Simon
  15. Another very different subject. Looking very real indeed. Another pat on the back.
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