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  1. Good luck with the show Jeff and crew, hope everything goes well. Simon
  2. Morning Simon,


    Bit embarrasing, can I ask if you would kindly go back to 2 tables ?? - let me know if you are OK with this asap !





  3. Nice start to your build there. And interesting vaccform model with a bit of effort they go together well. I have a resin one of these that I must pass on as my interests have changed over the years. sammy
  4. Early F-15B’s had an early style wheel hubs that were black to start with, no gps mount on top fuselage, depending how early(before 1980ish) no slim lights and there may an external bracing strap to the airbrake. Further to that check which ejection seat was fitted. Not sure about different sized air brake though! sammy
  5. Nice build there, I am currently working on my 24th Hellcat and I cannot say that I have had to much problems with the fit with only the two fuselage main frames requiring reduction. Rest of fit has been fine for myself. Lovely skin tin canning and general plan lines. sammy
  6. Yep you have a very good build there, I would be very proud of this one. sammy
  7. More like mushroom head rivets which are a flatter version, still stick up but not as much as domed rivets. if I could see the skin where they are I could tell easily. sammy
  8. Just remember once you have tinted your canopy/ windscreen I don’t think a slight variation of grey will make that much difference. On the real thing it’s quite difficult to see in the cockpit! sammy
  9. This is just about the only one of the three from Amusing hobby I shall get some time.
  10. Please remember a lot of those rivets are in fact panel fastening type quick release screws. Secondly you are looking at an aircraft much closer than a model so if you step away to normal distance a lot of that nice detail would disappear.
  11. Oh yes yes another purchase required me thinks in about a years time. Sammy
  12. I have seen two Buccs at about 15’ going along a shallow almost flat valley before kicking some dust and turning right to disappearing around a hill. When I served at St Athan back in 80’s it was common to see a Bucc go between the local power station chimneys aberporth? it would have go through on its side though. Further to this I can now remember more, it seem to be great fun to fly a Phantom between the hangars on west camp at say 20’. Oh what fantastic times back then. And great to reminisce. sammy
  13. I doubt that the plates were added by then, but the fatigue may have been used up by then , which would require them in theory. I would at least trim down chamfer the edges to make them more acceptable. sammy
  14. Those plates gentlemen are strengthening patches to prolong the aircraft life to increase the fatigue life of airframes. The main reason that they do not look as proud on the surface is that there will be a fillet of sealant around all of the edges called PRC. These would of been fitted sometime into the aircrafts life on a minor/major servicing. Trust me I do know about such things. sammy
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