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  1. I’ve also started this kit, a couple of days ago. I have the new kits world instrument panel and seat belts, which were fitted last night. These decals are good but I am not sure about the background colour to the IP? However build so far is going well. I am just at the stage of joining the fuselage top/ bottom, which I won’t get to at least till next week due to an operation tomorrow first thing morning. One question two lengths of main u/c are supplied which Mark of Vampire had the longer version legs? Sammy
  2. Morning Martin I like your submarine, all the effort, looks very good indeed and nice to see something different. Not sure about your skirt though, we’ll see you later today or tomorrow morning. One bonus of the smaller nationals is that the competition area is all on the same level and your Martian craft will easily be able to Navigate to hall 2. that RAF bloke Simon
  3. I also have kit and be proud to get such a good finish as yourself well done. simon
  4. Thank you for showing us the sprues, yes it looks like another purchase soon. simon
  5. Long overdue model, I welcome it and will have purchase one or two. Now when’s is the 48th Gannet coming!
  6. Oh no more money that I’ll have spend. Already have an eye on the B-47!
  7. What do you use a power bank for in modelling? I am intrigued. Sammy
  8. Yep have agree with most that this looks very mean. Nice model. Sammy
  9. Good strat there, in the M kit you do get the choice of either fin or finless tail! Sammy
  10. My wish list would be for all 1/48. Brigand nightfighter meteor venom gannet two seater hunter firebrand.
  11. I really like your understanding of the weathering looks just right. Thanks for showing us all.
  12. Good morning All I have booked the date for next years show early 1st Oct 2022. Simon
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