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  1. Oh yes yes another purchase required me thinks in about a years time. Sammy
  2. I have seen two Buccs at about 15’ going along a shallow almost flat valley before kicking some dust and turning right to disappearing around a hill. When I served at St Athan back in 80’s it was common to see a Bucc go between the local power station chimneys aberporth? it would have go through on its side though. Further to this I can now remember more, it seem to be great fun to fly a Phantom between the hangars on west camp at say 20’. Oh what fantastic times back then. And great to reminisce. sammy
  3. I doubt that the plates were added by then, but the fatigue may have been used up by then , which would require them in theory. I would at least trim down chamfer the edges to make them more acceptable. sammy
  4. Those plates gentlemen are strengthening patches to prolong the aircraft life to increase the fatigue life of airframes. The main reason that they do not look as proud on the surface is that there will be a fillet of sealant around all of the edges called PRC. These would of been fitted sometime into the aircrafts life on a minor/major servicing. Trust me I do know about such things. sammy
  5. Well done, this will inspire myself to do my Wnw Gotha model now. Thank you. sammy
  6. Thanks for in detail build, that will be a great help as the normal GWH instructions are the kits Achilles heal with such a superb kit. sammy
  7. Thanks very much for showing us outstanding model. It does not matter about the time when it’s as good as this. sammy
  8. I am impressed with your model. Didn’t know there was that much to correct on the model. sammy
  9. Yep you beat me to the finish on this one looks great build there. sammy
  10. Yes indeed a big pat on the back for you in producing such an excellent model of a neglected subject. It has certainly made my Sunday morning. Thank you again for sharing it with us. sammy
  11. Yep he’s done a very good job there not to much over weathering, just right. simon
  12. Just seen this well done on the excellent build of such an iconic aircraft. Mine is about half finished must find more mojo. Excellent simon
  13. Yet another superb model Pete. Glad didn’t have something Kline that on 33. Again well done. sammy the Fish
  14. Hi Martin The further away from the balance point the better, so inside the nose cone of which I managed just 4g. I don’t think the U/C would stand much more weight. I would give 30g the maximum. Further to above comment from K5054NZ I think you can build a Mk 5/9 from this kit, although you might have to replace the seat with an ejection seat for when in later service. Don’t know what type of ejection seat though, but I am sure somebody on here will enlighten us all. Simon
  15. I am also in build with this model. Two things to note you going to find it difficulty in achieving the 17g nose weight. I have stuffed lead shot everywhere even beside the pilots seat. Secondly just like (Wez my esteemed ex colleague) scissor links are solid, and yes I have cleaned one, but then realised you can not see if the tork link is hollow or not because the U/C door/main wheel are in the way! Sammy
  16. I’ve also started this kit, a couple of days ago. I have the new kits world instrument panel and seat belts, which were fitted last night. These decals are good but I am not sure about the background colour to the IP? However build so far is going well. I am just at the stage of joining the fuselage top/ bottom, which I won’t get to at least till next week due to an operation tomorrow first thing morning. One question two lengths of main u/c are supplied which Mark of Vampire had the longer version legs? Sammy
  17. Morning Martin I like your submarine, all the effort, looks very good indeed and nice to see something different. Not sure about your skirt though, we’ll see you later today or tomorrow morning. One bonus of the smaller nationals is that the competition area is all on the same level and your Martian craft will easily be able to Navigate to hall 2. that RAF bloke Simon
  18. I also have kit and be proud to get such a good finish as yourself well done. simon
  19. Thank you for showing us the sprues, yes it looks like another purchase soon. simon
  20. Long overdue model, I welcome it and will have purchase one or two. Now when’s is the 48th Gannet coming!
  21. Oh no more money that I’ll have spend. Already have an eye on the B-47!
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