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  1. Got mine today from MBK/Germany. They are checking the clear parts and repack them in bubble wrap before they send the kits to customers. So everything is fine with my example. for MBK
  2. Hi, got a message today from HpH/Infinity with a list of the additional sets for the Vampire kits. F Mk. 3 Photoetched detail set FB Mk. 5 Photoetched detail set F Mk. 3 Wheel set FB Mk. 5 Wheel set F Mk. 3 Wing tips navigation lights Common Landing flaps Common Weapon set - bombs Common Weapon set - rockets Common Nose weight Vampire kits will be ready for sale in about 2 to 3 weeks Jiri also told me that they have some ambitious projects in development stage for the future and he will be happy to show it to me when I visit HpH in about 3 weeks. Cheers, Heinz
  3. Have also made my reservation. They say that estimated delivery will be November/December 2022. That means with a little bit of luck we will get it in late 2023. 2022 they will be busy with production and shipping of the second run Viggen and Learjet kits. For my first Viggen it took 16 month from payment to delivery. But I love the X-3 Stiletto since I was a young boy in the Seventies, so I will wait patiently.
  4. You have to see this more like plastic kits with resin conversions in one box. To make new injection molds for 50 to 100 kits would be economically nonsense.
  5. Jiri told me that, if the Vampire is a success for Infinity, he is thinking about some special, limited boxings with additional resin parts. For example the Swiss Mk.6 with "Pinocchio nose". Let´s see what happens.
  6. This kit should be shipped in May, but I haven´t seen any picture of kit parts so far, all we have are these 3D renders.
  7. In 1/16 there are U-Boot crew members available or vehicles, so it´s better for building a small diorama. The figure looks very promising.
  8. Hi, there is no fixed price yet, but Jiri told me it will be around €2.500,-. That´s a lot of money, but you will get a lot of kit. I´ve already seen the finished hull parts and some of the master parts for rescue boats and armament and it will come with a wooden deck, of course. I´m not that interested in ship models, but it´s the Viribus Unitis and it will be an extraordinary kit. And there was a little help from me to create it. You are living in Croatia where the harbour of Pula is and the k.u.k. cemetary, I think I will make a visit this summer. Best regards, Heinz
  9. Hello, I want this kit and I can afford it. There´s nothing to justify. There is a 1/48 Gigant out from MPM/HML, it´s made by HpH for MPM, but I think it´s hard to find nowadays. I had two of them, but they are sold now. Cheers, Heinz
  10. Sorry, but they will not go to Telford. That´s too much effort for a small company after Brexit.
  11. After years of waiting for this kit Jiri told me that the release will be autumn/winter 2022. The estimated retail price will be around €1.300,-
  12. Definitely no April 1st joke, I think the price will be in the C-47/DC-3 range.
  13. During my visit at HpH/Infinity Models factory we discussed some new plastic models. In the 1/32 Infinity range this will be A-20 Havoc, Savoia Marchetti SM.79, Dornier Do-17, Saab Draken and Saab Gripen. In 1/48 they will release a new B-26 Marauder.
  14. If you want to build an Austrian version with correct stencils you will find them on www.brent-air-decals.at. I asked Daniel to do these decals also in 1/32 a few weeks ago and they are already available beside a lot of other decals in all scales. Absolutely recommended.
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