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  1. DC-3 is released. http://shop.hphmodels.cz/en/model-kits-in-scale-132/214-dc-3-dakota.html
  2. Some more pics of the progress, cockpit and "Bordwartraum", which is in the wing.
  3. Infinity Models have started the work on their Beaufighter.
  4. Same here, gave up to upload pics after 7 minutes of waiting, tried another browser and had the same problems.
  5. Got a message from HpH/Infinity on Friday. Jiri is currently working on the Gigant and Beaufighter in 1/32, the Do-X in 1/48 and a 1/15 Stuka for a Japanese customer. No words about the Val. Helldiver "Atlantic version" is ready, also the DC-3.
  6. Shipping of orders with multiple kits delayed towards end of October.
  7. Got mine today, had a first look into the box, looks very nice. Thanks for the pics, Piotr!
  8. Just words from the "Old man´s blog" from March,5th. Z-M hasn´t done anything in 1/32 since the release of their Hs-129 two years ago. No new CADs, testshots or anything else. Hope I´m wrong with my thoughts about their future.
  9. Got a message today from Mirek: they are still waiting for the PE parts for the additional detail sets.
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