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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Same here, and also their 1/18 announcements.
  2. Jetmads has started to ship the 2nd batch of orders, slowly I start to love these guys. International shipping is nearly impossible now, the Austrian Postal Service returned a parcel to me, that I wanted to ship to Estonia 8 days ago. It never left Austria. Stay healthy, Heinz
  3. Servus, willkommen im Forum! So we have the same interests, just in different scales. LG, Heinz
  4. Pre-order period started on January, 3rd. I have ordered on 6th and my number is 10250. Seems there is a lot of interest in these kits. Got a mail today, they will do everything to get the second batch shipped as soon as possible. And the Skystreak is nearly sold out.
  5. Don´t wanna be too negative, but it will take much more time than a few weeks. Has anyone from the first batch already got a shipping information?
  6. Now all shipments are paused because of flight restrictions.
  7. Got an update today, progress is slow, but Jiri sent me a PDF with the instruction manuals. Here some pics and paint schemes.
  8. Has anyone ever seen aftermarket parts for HpH kits? 1.000 kits of the B-52 is not realistic. But they would only need 100 orders to produce the BUFF in 1/32. Price would be around €1.200,- Same with their 1/32 Dakota, my last one is number 63. I bought five of them.
  9. Two of my other 1/18 Luftwaffe planes. Ta-152H-1 and Arado Ar-234
  10. Of course these kits need some extra work, but they are a good starting point.
  11. The Fw-190 you can get for about €75,-, the Me-262 will cost me €83,-, that´s a good price compared to the CMK/Special Hobby one they offered me for €1.200,- at a model show. It´s a welcome addition to my 1/18 Luftwaffe collection.
  12. I´ve noticed it, so I have to wait until the situation is better for travelling and visit HpH in Kutna Hora.
  13. I will meet Jiri Hodan, the owner of HpH and Infinity Models, on April, 25th at a Moson Kit Show in Hungary. So I can ask him, if these kits will be injected or mixed media, scheduled release dates, etc.
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