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  1. Maybe I have a set of a lower quality series, I heard PJ is working to replace faulty parts.
  2. The decal sets are now on their website. If you order the PJ set, check the quality of the cast, especially the tanks and the rockets.
  3. Hi ModellerCH I had the battery Dremel for about three years, not really often used. I loved it, then it broke down. Repair was far too expensive, so I decided to change to Proxxon. I never had to regret. Check out this shop: http://www.suter-meggen.ch/zubehoer/proxxon/index.htm, he has more than fair prices (also for kits btw:-) I work with a Proxxon MM50 EF / 12 Volt (speed adjustable) and the NG2/E Trafo (also adjustable) with this you can use your tool on lower speeds for plastic and slightly higher speed for Resin. From Proxxon you have a wide ran
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