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  1. Interesting, I did the conversion some weeks ago. I had a 'spare' quickfix (the nickel plated one 123663, it was replaced by the chrome one on my Evolution). Two things you have to do if you want to have it perfect: - You screw out the needle stop from the new quick fix handle and reduce the length of the brass tube (which acts as the stop for the needle fixing nut) by 2 mm and carefully deburr inside and out - You take out the needle and cut it off at the rear rear end by 8 - 10 mm, deburr and if you want to be perfectly perfect, you cut the two grooves to identify the needle size Put it together and you're done. If you own an electrical tool (Proxxon, Dremel etc) and you have the minimal talent for manual work (which I assume as you're a modeller), it will be no problem for you to do it. To keep the Ultra as an alternative or backup AB (as I do, and I love the Ultra) or have it to spray 'rubbish' which you don't want to use your infinity for, I'd say the money and the time to invest are minimal.
  2. Very helpful mates, thanks a lot! Thomas
  3. I am currently building the Lightning of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in which he was shot down on July 31st 1944 close to Marseille, it is the F-5B 268223. As documentation i have a number of books, magazines and websites to choose from, but none of them can tell me what color the aircraft was painted that time. They differ between NMF, haze paint blue, haze paint dark blue, two red spinners, one red spinner, ... Does anybody of you has found a reliable information what color it really was? Thanks, any help is highly appreciated Thomas
  4. Hi modelholic. This year I ordered a decal sheet from trumpeter, the mail address I found on their website was joanna@trumpeter-china.com. Everything was handled via mail, they don‘t have a webform or so. A lot of patience was needed and frequently sent mails to ask about the status, I had to pay via a PP account with an interesting mail address, finally I got a tracking number and about 2 weeks later the decals arrived. hth Thomas
  5. Maybe I have a set of a lower quality series, I heard PJ is working to replace faulty parts.
  6. The decal sets are now on their website. If you order the PJ set, check the quality of the cast, especially the tanks and the rockets.
  7. Hi ModellerCH I had the battery Dremel for about three years, not really often used. I loved it, then it broke down. Repair was far too expensive, so I decided to change to Proxxon. I never had to regret. Check out this shop: http://www.suter-meggen.ch/zubehoer/proxxon/index.htm, he has more than fair prices (also for kits btw:-) I work with a Proxxon MM50 EF / 12 Volt (speed adjustable) and the NG2/E Trafo (also adjustable) with this you can use your tool on lower speeds for plastic and slightly higher speed for Resin. From Proxxon you have a wide range of tools, nevertheless you can use the Dremel tools as well. I even use my Proxxon with drills >= 0.6 mm, I never destroyed one until now. What Puente54 mentioned, the tool has to fit you. In my opinion the price should be second priority, you know the saying 'the one who buys cheap, buys twice'. Maybe you go to a Coop Baucenter to compare, they have both brands, there you can compare which one meets your need, your hand and maybe your future add-on plans. Hope i could help Cheers Thomas
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