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  1. Hi there I was looking to do a Legacy Hornet in RAAF colors only to know that those aircraft use SRAMM and now I wonder the weapon load of the Growler (I supposed to need an extra for a Mate sample) So the big question is where to get decals in 1/72 scale??? Best modeling Armando
  2. Wondergul kit, Well done!!!
  3. Mistercraft

    It look that the decals worth more than the kit
  4. Hi there Well tittle says its all but here something to motivate you Best you all Armando
  5. Hi there You have to look for Wings over Suez
  6. Well there used to be this and also you can use Mirage III 1200 lts fuel tanks for iDF versions Best day Armando
  7. Hi there Well I was thinking that if we follow the previous paragraph they received 8 Sabres But you still can count 5 at San Pedro Sula AFB and one at Chile Museum And not remember the source but 2 were lost and both pilots save their life because the ejection seat that way count still 8 Best day Armando
  8. Coroneles FAH Jose Israel Navarro y José San Martín junto al Mayor John Lamb y Capitán Blake Thomas de la USAF. (Colección, propiedad y cortesia del Coronel F.A.H ( R) José Alfredo San Martín).
  9. Hi Martin This is what I have Los Sabres Hondureños llegaron de diferentes partes, en 1976 ocho ex- Fuerza Aérea Yugoslavas Sabre Mk-4 (F-86E(M) fueron entregados a la FAH provenientes de Florida. Al año siguiente cuatro ex USAF F-86F (algunas fuentes hacen mención de cinco aviones) fueron entregados. Cabe mencionar que los Sabres Hondureños eran Canadair CL-13. FAH: 3001- 3010 En 1969 cuatro F-86K ex FAV fueron entregados pero al parecer solo dos estaban en condiciones de vuelo. En realidad Venezuela vendió 6 Fiat F-86K a Honduras a principios de los ’70, pero llegaron con varios componentes faltantes, incluyendo el radar y los sistemas de armamento. 2 de estos fueron puestos en condición de vuelo, convirtiendo en los primeros cazas jet en entrar en la FAH. De acuerdo con el ex Presidente Venezolano, Carlos Andrés Pérez, el Gobierno de los U.S. (alias la CIA) retiros los equipos antes mencionados en Trinidad y Tobago durante la parada que hiciera el barco que los transportaba. Actualmente 2 están como monumentos en las entradas de las Base Aéreas de San Pedro Sula y La Ceiba. Un ejemplar adicional estará en exhibición en el MUSEO DEL AIRE a ser inaugurado pronto en Tegucigalpa. FAH: 1100 -1103 The Honduran Sabers arrived from different parts, in 1976 eight former Yugoslav Sabre Mk-4 Air Force (F-86E (M) were delivered to the FAH from Florida. The following year four ex-USAF F-86F (some sources mention Of five aircraft) were delivered.It is worth mentioning that the Honduran Sabers were Canadair CL-13. FAH: 3001-3010 hg In 1969 four F-86K ex FAVs were delivered but apparently only two were in flight conditions. Venezuela actually sold 6 Fiat F-86Ks to Honduras in the early 1970s, but came with several missing components, including radar and weapon systems. 2 of these were put into flight condition, making them the first jet fighters to enter the FAH. According to former Venezuelan President Carlos Andrés Pérez, the U.S. Government (alias CIA) withdraws the aforementioned teams in Trinidad and Tobago during the stop made by the ship carrying them. Currently 2 are like monuments in the entrances of the Air Base of San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. An additional copy will be on display at the AIR MUSEUM to be opened soon in Tegucigalpa. FAH: 1100-1103 You can also look here Before I forget something I assume that ejection seat is a Martin Baker Mk4/6 because the same seat is used with the Super Mysteres, remember Sabres coming from Yugoslavia so its easier to check those aircrafts Best day Armando
  10. Hi there Please notice that the AZ model kits also have PF issue Best modeling Armando
  11. Hi there Well I'm confused about the Dutch and Belgian F-16 So please help me a bit Do all Dutch and Belgian F-16 has the extension on the tail (I know Dutch has the parachute and the Belgian the ECM equipment) That's because according to Hasegawa F-16A Dutch samples have the normal A tail and according Revell all have the parachute extension as some of the Belgians Best day Armando
  12. Hi Martin Well photos show a Martin Baker ejection seat so at the time they sold those planes to Honduras no original ejection seat available even last one flying was using a Martin Baker seat the same used at Mirages, Nesher, early Kfirs so you can also look for those used for Lightning/Hunter Best day Armando
  13. Hi there Well if interested on books look for these ones: AD Graphic IAF Aircraft Series 6 Super Mystere SM2 by Amos Dorr Docavia 13 AMD Ouragan Mystere et Super Mysteres and Ouest France Dassault Super Mystere but wait for Isradecal book only was announced but still pending Best day Armando
  14. Hi Martin Well if you can hold on a while I can took a AMD Ouragan photo walk-around for you as next weekend is the IPMS El Salvador convention and I'm on charge to the FAS Museum visit on next Sunday, also let me send some nice operational photos you can contact me at Best day Armando And please trash those no use at all
  15. Hi there Martin Let me say that you need some extra stuff to do a FAH Sambad to start with the ejection seat look for a Martin Baker Mk6, then try at L'Arsenal with the Mistere IVA fuel tanks as they are the same other source is to scoundrel them from Academy Super Etendard ( no they never got the big fuel tanks), then you going to need a couple of IAI Shafir II AIm Best day Armando