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  1. Help required looking for Mirage III BJ # 286

    Hi there Well you have to look for the Osprey book Aircraft of the Aces Israeli Mirages
  2. Actually a mutt breath between F-5/ F-16/ F/A-18 as no Rafale existed at the time frame of the actual conception
  3. Australian Hornet

    Hi there Well I just found this wonderful photo, so now I wonder to ask that is from what Squadron is this aircraft???? And of course it someone has more clear photos of the markings??? and of course if those markings exist on decal form in 1/72 scale??? Best modelling Armando
  4. Hi Martin Wondergul kit!!! Best modelling Armando
  5. Mig-29 9.12 IRIAF

    Hi there Can I ask what colors do you used?? Best modeling Armando
  6. Hi there Well I have same kit but if you wanted to do a SEA aircraft note that those camouflaged after they were upgrades most noticeable feature is a couple of additional air flow vents at each side of engine bay, but for other part kit perfect for a metal aluminum painted plane Best day Armando
  7. The best 1/72 kit for an Ecuadorian Mirage F.1?

    Hi there Well the thing with the Ecuadorian AF Mirages F-1Aj is that they have different configurations unique to them also are the weapons they use Look here Chaff and Flare just above the ventral fins both sides, also the weapons here with Python IV AIM but also Python III as well Best modeling Armando
  8. Regarding F-100 and F-105 during Vietnam War

    Hi there 1000 thanks for your answer, they all surely help me to make a decision as by most the main trouble is that most photos of the timeframe are done not for modellers but for aircraft tripulations, ground crews and others around right now I just checked Colors & Markings 14 F-100 Super Sabre Part 1 Colors & Markings 21 F-100 Super Sabre Part 2 Crowood Press North American F-100 Super Sabre Detail & Scale 8 Republic F-105 Thunderchief Detail & Scale 33 F-100 Super Sabre Osprey Air Combat North American F-100 Super Sabre Osprey Air Combat Republic F-105 Thunderchief Osprey Combat Aircraft 84 F-105 Thunderchief Units of the Vietnam War Osprey Combat Aircraft 89 F-100 Super Sabre Units of the Vietnam War Squadron Signal 1017 F-105 in Action Squadron Signal 1185 F-105 in Action (new edition) Squadron Signal 1190 F-100 Super Sabre In Action Squadron Signal 5004 F-105 Thunderchief Squadron Signal 5523 F-105 Thunderchief Walk Around Squadron Signal 6034 Air War over SE Asia 1 1962-1966 Squadron Signal 6036 Air War over SE Asia 2 1967-1970 Squadron Signal 6037 Air War over SE Asia 3 1971-1975 Squadron Signal 6060 Wild Weasel The SAM Suppression Story Warbird Tech 18 Republic F-105 Thunderchief Warpaint 4 NA F-100 Super Sabre Warpaint 38 Republic F-105 Thunderchief And still I don't feel that there is a general rule of thumb so many variations and not many photos of same aircraft all are diferents Best modeling Armando
  9. Hi there Well in our local club this quarter contest is about Vietnam War so my models to choose are F-100 and F-105 but got a bit of confused about the interior colors so please help me a bit Natural metal F-100 Cockpit interior, U/C, wheels, U/C Interior F-105 Cockpit interior, U/C, wheels, U/C Interior For trumpeter F-105 call to white u/c and interiors but in old Monogram kits said Interior Green the same than WWII??? SEA scheme same 10000 thanks Armando
  10. Loaded for Bear... or not?

    I'm agree with you I like to think on my models at the start of the mission!!! REady to GO Best modeling Armando
  11. hi there Well after hearing that I'll cast a resin master for Phantom F-4D so let set the record how many copies do you need my friends???? Only in wonderful 1/72 scale of course!!! Add name and location only to me get an idea Best modeling Armando
  12. Airfix Avro Vulcan scribing query

    What you really need is a long stainless rule
  13. Esci/Trumpeter F-100D - Viking Style

    Hi Martin Now I have some questions do all Danish F-100 used the F102 afterburner??? I didn't I need to replace the ejection seat so that noted and the other question is if slats are open and on the land the flaps will stay up??? one more thing about the wing fence???? So I have to remove it??? Best modeling Armando
  14. Why does Hasegawa not include weapons for most of their modern kits?

    Hi there BMs Well there is another run of complains, you got wonderful AIM-4 but you only had the chance to put them originaly to bad shaped F-102 and F-106, for other part the only source of rails for Phantoms came in older Hase kits. On the modern side you got a very nice parts to detail a F-14 Bombcat but you need to buy two different sets to have all the parts, A very nice Su-33 with weapons but then they release a set for Russian weapons with some not included on the kit, for the contrary the Eurofighter this one includes the whole weapons set of the Eoropean Aircraft weapons so ???????????? a big ??????? and sorry for my French I always wonder that those guys never are collectors only plastic builders Best day Armando
  15. My wife has left me...

    My kids were asking if I was truely their father and because the separation with my former wife I only had at that time, time with them every 2 weeks My answer was yes I truely your father and no need to DNA test or whatsoever as there are things that shows bood thicker than water You I say not only have the spark of magic and short nose those came from my family side, also the insects alergy that also came from my family side; the adventure and like to magic (plastic modeling is magic, too) but the smell of the foot that came from your mother family side So you have goods and bad traits from any family side but you have to empower your good family sides and work on the bad family sides (per sample to put power talk on your foots) 5 years after I only miss to see my kids every day that lady means to me like any other women other side of the world Meaning don't care what happen to her but not wish her any evil, still means nothing