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  1. Wonderful model its the actual proof no bad kit just good techniques and steady hand Well done Armando
  2. Hi there Nigel Well I notice that and it's really amazing how much I can say now about those models, so one it's going in a flight display the other one already have the wheels interior taken from an Airfix sample Wait there before been crucified I originally took those wheels interiors because one of the Airfix kits is supposed to be super detailed with the Neomega sets so before trashing those were intended to do some old fashioned kit bashing, by the way that one the Frog is going to be an all white early RN with a nuclear bomb taken from an Airfix TSR.2, and here with this kit I plan to use the Airfix U/C But let's return to the Matchbox Buccaneers, all main nose wheel lacks of the light and also one of the most noticeable exterior things other than scribing (and learning how to do it in complex, well round surfaces) is a small intake on the fuselage One of my inspirations came from a SAAF Buccaneer done by Pappy some months ago, so now I know lots can be done on those old Matchbox kits Best day Armando
  3. Hi there Well here come my own experience as I started the so called Buccaneer Midlife Modeling Crisis so right now I have manage to grab 3 Frog, 5 Matchbox and 4 Airfix samples, best improvement resin details are Neomega or maybe you could cut the cheese and go directly to CMR Right now my Frogs kits intended to RAN aircraft in all schemes but one S1 intakes conversion (so if happen someone has around an extra Frog mid fuselage underside as spare please contact me, also with some Airfix wing tanks Maybe the Matchbox kits are more interesting as they need lot of improvement scratchbuild cockpits, clear parts modified and polish and all for undersides, I used Airfix wings as patern to locate the position of the pylons and pylons scratched using Airfix as guide, also i did some resin cast in order to replace noses. Lots of wonderful schemes here Easier to build of all the Airfix kits Best modeling Armando PD what is the right color for U/C???
  4. Hi there Well I'm just returning to active modeling (before that only books and models collector) so let me say that Latin American Air Forces are more interesting than ever, also lots of books available and decals so if you need something specially in wonderful 1/72 scale contact me, so maybe I could help you a bit Best modeling Armando
  5. It look you really study for the test Mikkel, All thats right There was no patern scheme on any aircraft so that allow you some artistic creativity Best modeling Armando
  6. 10000 thanks you all!!!
  7. Hi there Well I'm about to start some Russian/Warsaw Pact models but there is some questions I had: Dielectric panels there are some green and dark gray so as I'm limited to mostly Model Master but also some MiG and Akan paints in hand or there is some Federal Standard Also the dark green used on wheels and or intake cones which one that I need to use? Some airplanes like modern Su-24 are gray and white, but not really sure if that one is simple flat white or is it off white??? Best day Armando
  8. Hi Andrew Well I can help a bit as I was looking for the 1/48 scale the other day you probably better look for the Italeri F-16B/D Viper kit even son that one already include the decals https://www.scalemates.com/kits/135998-italeri-848-f-16b-d-viper http://modelingmadness.com/review/mod/kolbrakeet.htm Cheers Armando PD if you still need the Hase F-16 tail in 1/72 I can help you also but need your postal address so send me an message
  9. Hi there I was looking to do a Legacy Hornet in RAAF colors only to know that those aircraft use SRAMM and now I wonder the weapon load of the Growler (I supposed to need an extra for a Mate sample) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASRAAM So the big question is where to get decals in 1/72 scale??? Best modeling Armando
  10. Wondergul kit, Well done!!!
  11. Mistercraft

    It look that the decals worth more than the kit
  12. Hi there Well tittle says its all but here something to motivate you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj7rUpwOkuk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMI-v8cny7w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA6fa7VOAUo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9Ky_aGJkgg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atfUwNT6xDQ Best you all Armando
  13. Hi there You have to look for Wings over Suez
  14. Well there used to be this https://www.scalemates.com/kits/810314-l-arsenal-aero-ac-72-25-mystere-iva-625l-drop-tanks and also you can use Mirage III 1200 lts fuel tanks for iDF versions Best day Armando
  15. Hi there Well I was thinking that if we follow the previous paragraph they received 8 Sabres But you still can count 5 at San Pedro Sula AFB and one at Chile Museum And not remember the source but 2 were lost and both pilots save their life because the ejection seat that way count still 8 Best day Armando