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  1. Loaded for Bear... or not?

    I'm agree with you I like to think on my models at the start of the mission!!! REady to GO Best modeling Armando
  2. hi there Well after hearing that I'll cast a resin master for Phantom F-4D so let set the record how many copies do you need my friends???? Only in wonderful 1/72 scale of course!!! Add name and location only to me get an idea Best modeling Armando
  3. Airfix Avro Vulcan scribing query

    What you really need is a long stainless rule
  4. Esci/Trumpeter F-100D - Viking Style

    Hi Martin Now I have some questions do all Danish F-100 used the F102 afterburner??? I didn't I need to replace the ejection seat so that noted and the other question is if slats are open and on the land the flaps will stay up??? one more thing about the wing fence???? So I have to remove it??? Best modeling Armando
  5. Why does Hasegawa not include weapons for most of their modern kits?

    Hi there BMs Well there is another run of complains, you got wonderful AIM-4 but you only had the chance to put them originaly to bad shaped F-102 and F-106, for other part the only source of rails for Phantoms came in older Hase kits. On the modern side you got a very nice parts to detail a F-14 Bombcat but you need to buy two different sets to have all the parts, A very nice Su-33 with weapons but then they release a set for Russian weapons with some not included on the kit, for the contrary the Eurofighter this one includes the whole weapons set of the Eoropean Aircraft weapons so ???????????? a big ??????? and sorry for my French I always wonder that those guys never are collectors only plastic builders Best day Armando
  6. My wife has left me...

    My kids were asking if I was truely their father and because the separation with my former wife I only had at that time, time with them every 2 weeks My answer was yes I truely your father and no need to DNA test or whatsoever as there are things that shows bood thicker than water You I say not only have the spark of magic and short nose those came from my family side, also the insects alergy that also came from my family side; the adventure and like to magic (plastic modeling is magic, too) but the smell of the foot that came from your mother family side So you have goods and bad traits from any family side but you have to empower your good family sides and work on the bad family sides (per sample to put power talk on your foots) 5 years after I only miss to see my kids every day that lady means to me like any other women other side of the world Meaning don't care what happen to her but not wish her any evil, still means nothing
  7. Why does Hasegawa not include weapons for most of their modern kits?

    Ahhhh man well let me say that I use the hase F-16 as official supplier for BL755 only place to find an accurate one, also the AIM-9P valid for so many European jet fighters, run of stock Italeri weapons tend to be real slim in most modern jet fighters specially the Jaguars and Mirage 2000
  8. Why does Hasegawa not include weapons for most of their modern kits?

    Hi there Well to me the Hasegawa weapons kits lacks of one simple mistake and that is basic math, some of them can be use on limited options, for example sets I to IV, are addressed for Vietnam Era; there are so many configurations for the Sidewinders AIM but only 4 Sparrows in the set that don't make sense Same happen with Modern Japanese weapons theren't enough Japanese Sparrow like missiles (it include only 6) for a F-15 + a Phantom (each one need 4 of them) and for Japanese AIM Sidewinder type even less again only 6 of the type and F-15 + Phantom and F-1 so you need 2 sets to do a barely colection of 3 modern japanese jets kits As for modern US Aircraft 2 different sets of missiles but only 4 Sidewiner AIM-9X so its really limited They push you to bought 2 sets of each one if yyou plan to so some lets say 10-15 aircrafts kits in wonderful 1/72 scale. Pitty but real so mayor trouble jumper is to interchange parts with other modellers Best day Armando
  9. 1/72nd Mirage iiiS plus iiiR

    Hi there Cillidraggon Well let me say that I believe I have a PJ conversion at the stash in 1/72 wonderful scale to trade if you interested as I not sure to use it (it became in a buggle of kits from a trade), so I can look at it but not sure where it is at the moment!!! For sure I have some decals to spare too Best modelling Armando
  10. 1/72 Tornado pylons

    Hi there Well after looking comments about the Tornado in 1/72 scale and just pilled up the stock of them, during the build up process I got into the trouble of the movable pylons and stop the construction to them, just after the dry fitting and the light of all previous assembled kits have trouble with wings because the pylons (specially after I forgot to put the washers inside the wings of a Revell sample) So Monogram, for this one I found one old decaless kit but a brieft look it seem that the pylons can be possitionable but not removable (only kit with twin bomb pylon but bombs not worthy of use) Italeri well let me say that lots of wonderful color schemes but the worst wing movable mechanism (same applied to their F-14, on my kids hand wing last only couple of times before one wing fall down) Hasegawa Tornado GR1 and F-2/3 no mayor support of the wing pylons, sugestions: 1st to glue them on fixed position, 2nd to put a plastic filling and a metal rod so it was a bit possionable and removable Revell not Monogram (because at Scalemates you can find that they also boxed some of this origin) very complex main u/c assembly better to glue before paining to got a very good fix (then masking is our ally) nice wing moving assembly but the wing pylons pins, as those are to skinny and after reading here that they are the weakest part of the kit, my plan is to do metal pins and fill all the wing point with CA glue. For the Airfix kit I have no comment as I only got an old kit and striped of the useful metal parts and trow the rest away long ago to remember something about it Well there I hope some of the later become useful to tome of you Armando
  11. Hawker Hunter Mk I Frog 1/72

    Wonderful model its the actual proof no bad kit just good techniques and steady hand Well done Armando
  12. 1/72 Buccaneer...what's out there

    Hi there Nigel Well I notice that and it's really amazing how much I can say now about those models, so one it's going in a flight display the other one already have the wheels interior taken from an Airfix sample Wait there before been crucified I originally took those wheels interiors because one of the Airfix kits is supposed to be super detailed with the Neomega sets so before trashing those were intended to do some old fashioned kit bashing, by the way that one the Frog is going to be an all white early RN with a nuclear bomb taken from an Airfix TSR.2, and here with this kit I plan to use the Airfix U/C But let's return to the Matchbox Buccaneers, all main nose wheel lacks of the light and also one of the most noticeable exterior things other than scribing (and learning how to do it in complex, well round surfaces) is a small intake on the fuselage One of my inspirations came from a SAAF Buccaneer done by Pappy some months ago, so now I know lots can be done on those old Matchbox kits Best day Armando
  13. 1/72 Buccaneer...what's out there

    Hi there Well here come my own experience as I started the so called Buccaneer Midlife Modeling Crisis so right now I have manage to grab 3 Frog, 5 Matchbox and 4 Airfix samples, best improvement resin details are Neomega or maybe you could cut the cheese and go directly to CMR Right now my Frogs kits intended to RAN aircraft in all schemes but one S1 intakes conversion (so if happen someone has around an extra Frog mid fuselage underside as spare please contact me, also with some Airfix wing tanks Maybe the Matchbox kits are more interesting as they need lot of improvement scratchbuild cockpits, clear parts modified and polish and all for undersides, I used Airfix wings as patern to locate the position of the pylons and pylons scratched using Airfix as guide, also i did some resin cast in order to replace noses. Lots of wonderful schemes here Easier to build of all the Airfix kits Best modeling Armando PD what is the right color for U/C???
  14. Salvador Corsair soccer War camo quesiton

    Hi there Well I'm just returning to active modeling (before that only books and models collector) so let me say that Latin American Air Forces are more interesting than ever, also lots of books available and decals so if you need something specially in wonderful 1/72 scale contact me, so maybe I could help you a bit Best modeling Armando
  15. Salvador Corsair soccer War camo quesiton

    It look you really study for the test Mikkel, All thats right There was no patern scheme on any aircraft so that allow you some artistic creativity Best modeling Armando