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  1. RDAF F-16 MLU Recce Pod (MRP)

    Hi Craig Look at L'Arsenal they have the pod in 1/72 scale Best modeling Armando
  2. SOAF strikemaster battle of mirbat 1972.

    Hi there Well indeed very old kits in my case the first I remember is the Matchbox Then goes the Airfix I just found the first one started but never finished but now after get all parts accounted intended to be finish but as Ecuatorian AF, tomorrow I'll be on the athic looking for the Airfix Best modeling Armando PS It look that those squadron can be use in the Oman AF Jaguar
  3. Ghost Scheme Polish AF Sukhoi Su-22 Fitter K

    Well Andy I'm just betting to use old Mastercraft Su-20 stencils no way some dude going to be able to read them in 1/72 scale Cheers Armando Btw I have this kit maybe also some of my planing is to steal some stencils from it
  4. BTW that look a old '22 for me the one for dove hunting
  5. One of the biggest cooking issues that happen here in forgotten by God modeling country of mine, located down the border in middle of Banana Republics is that we use this But not in kitchen but in the table Ok not into Rum everyday but let me say at least one for you all guys Armando PS I'm a 1/72 scale modeller and my in progress Buccaneer fleet is made for at least 6 Matchbox, 2 Frogs and 3 Airfixes Then goes RN one complete XDSG and one XDSG with white underside (that's the S1) another S1 full white Then one SAAF Then goes the RAF assembled and in paint process one at Norway, one at Red Flag, one mid 70 so 3 color scheme, one wrap around with se eagles, now one at Desert Storm but want more I'll try to post a photo of all them
  6. Hi there Well I'm just in a middle of my return to the active hobby modeling (meaning learning again how to do models) so I have what I called the Buccaneer Mid Life crisis, but in 1/72 scale as 9 want to do about 12 buccaneers including the elusive S1 In 1/72 scale we have this And that conversion include not only the intake but the jet exhaust, so I wonder if you also need something else Best modeling Armando
  7. Hi there I'm just wondering if some of you can help a bit more than the web Simple I'm considering to paint one like this one but no idea of what colors I need to use??? Other simple stuff what aircraft numbers used? where they are based? What unit? that kind of stuff Best modeling Armando
  8. Hi there Well I just really started a couple of old Airfix Canberra Mk6, my intention is to do one as Argentine AF and the other as Australian AF at Vietnam. I sorely miss the past subject themes at my local plastic modeling club so I really have a long confusion about some subjects Lets start with the air intakes: do they really have to go out the intake line and also whats the common color of the intake??? To tell you the true I still have some other Canberras on the production line but A PR9 and a Mk8 vut still with conflicting issues about the cammo schemme Other question is regarding the bomb bay, those Airfix kits include it but it also include a plastic beam so the kit bombs were attached on it, no able to see that beam on web photos and also there is a bomb Coming from CMK there is a detail set named PR9 bomb bay, is this one right also for a Mk6 But in this case no bomb beam included, also wondering if right I use british 1000 pounders coming from Hasegawa Harrier GT3 / Sea Harrier in 1/72 scale Btw old Airfix wheels still been annoying me Best day Armando PS Please I just asking for all advices
  9. Hi there Adrian If yo notice closely on the Israeli AF decals you have the right sharkmouth only in the latest issue, as the one on early issues the mouth and the tongle have colors inverted Best day Armando
  10. Hi Adrian


    Regarding the MD450 Ouragan can we trade the Indian AF decals


    Best regards



  11. Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    Well after readin your post I only can agree with that Ace kits have the tendency to be difficult to build anyway same pinion of Military wheels kits One more question do you really at Antartica???
  12. I supposed you still need the Phantom 1/72 D model chin pod I can cast that for you!!!! only if interested


    Best modelling




     you can contact me armandogiron@yahoo.com

  13. Help required looking for Mirage III BJ # 286

    Hi there Well you have to look for the Osprey book Aircraft of the Aces Israeli Mirages
  14. Actually a mutt breath between F-5/ F-16/ F/A-18 as no Rafale existed at the time frame of the actual conception
  15. Australian Hornet

    Hi there Well I just found this wonderful photo, so now I wonder to ask that is from what Squadron is this aircraft???? And of course it someone has more clear photos of the markings??? and of course if those markings exist on decal form in 1/72 scale??? Best modelling Armando