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  1. Hi Laurie Well Navy air Arm used Mk.82 normal tail and snakeye kind For AirForce Skyhawks they used mostly Explosivos Alaveses made in Spain so Expal BR-250 normal low drag and parachute retarded they look a lot like US Mk80 series of air bombs and then goes the big bombs for Canberra bombers Mk 17 and also some sort of hybrid bomb of 1000 pounds You have to look for Freightdogs Resins as they did some sets that complete the Argentine side air arm Happy modelling Armando
  2. Hi there Well I was talking with a fellow modeller friend and at some point we start to talk about the RAF Hercules C-130 during Falklands war and a brief search at Google produced this Hercules and VC.10 transports flew over 500 sorties to Ascension by the end of the war to bring in more than 5,000 people and 6,000 tons of freight. The Hercules, some the lengthened C.3's, but mostly C.1's, were from the pool of over fifty aircraft of 24, 30, 47 and 70 Sqdns of the Lyneham Transport Wing. The first two squadrons concentrated on the UK/Ascension air-bridge and the other two on missions south, and by the end of the war, six aircraft had been fitted for in-flight refueling to extend their range. But unable to identificate those actual aircraft used, so maybe here you can help us a bit Best modelling Armando
  3. I got one of those during the late 80s or 90s I think Best modelling Armando
  4. Well 757 flyer: Let me add, my part of the story, I remember to have contacted the guy who did those conversion but he never answer with a quote, so I ended to order some of the Eagle Designs stuff and forget about it Fujimi 1/72 kits in general are very rare and expensive Now I'm building some Skyhawks it was easier for me to get a couple of Esci kits (one at Ebay and one at Brookhurst hobbies in California) weird ArmyCast also made a IDF AF Skyhawk decal set and I wrote them suggesting about the jet pipe extension and they answer (very polite crew) and told me that They also have that project in mind for 1/72 and 1/48 I also have a Hasegawa 1/32 kit at the stash and had no trouble to got that conversion in the larger scale Best modeling Armando
  5. Well actually they are pretty much different the ones for Navy than Argentine AF Skyhawks
  6. Sorry I only see this just today Please look here http://www.avionesaescala.com.ar/2016/05/06/correcciones-al-a4bp-de-airfix-para-hacerlo-de-la-armada-argentina-a4-q/ Photos tell like 1000 words but they are the corrections you need to done to do an accurate Argentine Navy Skyhawk Cheers Armando
  7. So at end. in order to maintain the Special Hobby tradition no weapons!!!
  8. The real value of that kit is the decals as the kit is not that good by itself, nor the weapons from Italeri, in general talking sense BTW yesterday I was scrounging around my own stash and find this set Italeri USA/NATO Aircraft Arms 1/72 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-177-usa-nato-aircraft-arms--144405 The real value for this kit (for me at least) is that include rocket pods (so few btw) and the Nuclear Bombs But in any case what you really need is to replace the Sidewinders AIM-9 all variants you can find in this kit from Hasegawa Aircraft weapons sets from I to IV specially if you looking to finish Vietnam timeframe US aircraft https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-x72-1-aircraft-weapons-i--128606 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-x72-2-aircraft-weapons-ii--246764 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-x72-3-aircraft-weapons-iii--128605 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-x72-4-aircraft-weapons-iv--241370 Here my 0.02 cents Keep modelling Armando
  9. Well the Revell F-16 are good the main trouble that too many commemorative schemes and no operational ones
  10. Anyway that's the one on my stash too!!!
  11. Please notice this Daggers were stationed in BAM San Julian and BAM Rio Grande; the fuel tank fittings were French/Peruvian/Venezuelan fuel Tanks (Metric) in 1300 lts and on the Israeli fuel tanks (Imperial) on the 1700 lts and those were flown in secret flights from Buenos Aires - Tel Aviv Argentine Air Force Boeing B-707 (also included on second flight 3 overhauled Atar 9C engines, plus 5 tons of winter jackets) Those 1700 lts fuel tanks already made for IAI Daggers no fix needed or upgraded other than no use of it on central under fuselage pylon Argentine aircraft maintenance crew fixed all fuel tanks about mid April 1982 Cheers Armando
  12. Hey Beppe 


    I think I have the part

    Gun for F-111 in 1/72 scale


    If interested contact me directly armandogiron@yahoo.com


    Best day



  13. Well the 1700 L are a bit wider also a bit different on size, because of that not only weight issues during take off have to be consider the clearance with the ground on the middle fuselage pylonas main reason
  14. Hi there Well the other thing to have under consideration in relation to the fuel tanks is that on BAM San Julian they used the 1,300 lts and can be 2 or 3 depending on the mission, Daggers comming from BAM Rio Grande used the 1,700 lts tanks; but you have to be careful as there were at that time some movement between the aircraft aviable Sadly for lots of you guys, best references are available only in books written in Spanish You can look for them at Google using Serie Fuerza Aerea Jorge Nuñez Padin For the bombs look here https://aquellasarmasdeguerra.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/bombas-en-la-guerra-de-malvinas/ Please notice the width of the yellow line on those bombs Cheers Armando
  15. Hi there It happens that I been searching about the subject, so let me say that 2 bombs (parachute retarded) normally a load to attack a naval target and 4 bombs (normal tail) normally to attack surface (beach head and troops concentrations) there been two different types of tails and some difference on the fuse, right now not have my notes but the latter serves right enough as only can recommend Freightdog Expal bombs in 1/72 and 1/48 for the parachute retarded and normal Mk.82 for high speed tail Raton (Mice) Flight Fragmentary Order # 1198, composed by tree IAI Dagger A: Cap Guillermo Donadille (C-403 ) My Gustavo Piuma (C-404) and 1LT Jorge Senn (C-407): configuration 3 external 1,300 lts fuel tank and 2 Expal BRP250 parachute retarded; taking off from BAM San Julian at 14:05. And all whee shoot down by Sea Harrier CAP (Sharky Ward and Steve Thomas) about at 17:501Z (Please beware as I have trouble with the time frame as one is from Argentian sources and the other one on British sources) Cheers Armando
  16. Hi Neil


    Regarding the US Harrier AV-8B I only can offer you an extra AV-8B nose and ejection seat coming from Hasegawa kig but sadly no AV-8B+ nose in 1/72 scale


    Best regards



    1. neil5208


      Thank you for the offer but I'm going for the hasegawa kit, and build the airfix as gr7

  17. If interested on one contact me maybe I have one at the stash armandogiron@yahoo.com Cheers Armando
  18. I know that maybe will be a bit off, but I'm from El Salvador (in Central America, frequently mistaken by Salvador in Brasil) so that's down the border one of the Banana Republics, That's the truth I stopped ordering kit & things from US because EXTRA EXPENSIVE MAILING COST, so now I normally buy from Europe and my favorite Hannant's (yes, from England) and Jaddar Hobbies in Poland but also from Asia, a normal Airfix kit like the $10-14 but the shipping from US can be $35-45 so that outrageous that I stopped buying from USA, to put simpler to me a 1/72 kit have to cost around $ 20-25 Best day Armando
  19. Hi there I know about the Hataka paints but I wonder to ask before them, what was the paint to use for that brownish chocolate color??? Cheers Armando


    Deleted - no trading.
  21. Hi there Well there are some so called specific paints the Akan and they are a acrilic paint line So I wonder to ask what do you fellows think about them??? Btw I have some at the stash but only have use the cockpit color for MiG jet fighters of the 80-90 nd tha green for dielectric panels and wheel hubs Best day Armando
  22. 1000 thanks I must procced then to paint Cheers Armando
  23. Well Sarge you made me stop my own kit even if the option you mention leave with a whole usable sherman hul!!!
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