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  1. 128fiddler

    Zvezda 2018 catalogue

    Thanks for your explanation guys!
  2. 128fiddler

    Zvezda 2018 catalogue

    Hi Phantome, what issues do you have with the zvezda kit? Thought they were overall pretty accurate. I do think it's not such an easy built with the cockpit/nose construction. But they do seem to have the correct shape at the wing root through that. Another question, Ik have the Revell Ju-88 in my stash. But you all here seem to be waiting for zvezda's. Which I thought was something of the 80s 90s italeri like kits. How is it then? Then is that Su-24MR a dragon rebox or also new molds as there's a yellow box on the item number? Thanks!
  3. Where can i find the end result? Greetings and nice work!
  4. 128fiddler

    Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    Any updates? Looking good so far!
  5. 128fiddler

    Su-35S and Su-30MKI 1/48 builds

    What's that reference book your using?
  6. 128fiddler

    Italeri 1:72 Su-34 Fullback +++FINISHED+++

    Never mind great progress!
  7. 128fiddler

    HT's Trumpeter 1/72 SU-34 - Abandoned

    Nice to the Trumpy Su-34 is made between the several italeri's allready in progress!
  8. 128fiddler

    1/48 KH Su-35 Flanker

    Nice work! How do you accentuate the dials and knobs in the cockpit? They do come with decals but this looks much better imho.
  9. Indeed, I really hope i'm doing it justice... Not to speak of the complex engine metallic paintjob... It makes me doubt if i can make it really happen.
  10. Hi Muzz, For sure this was the most exotic Camo I saw in real life, however the Ukrainian splinter Camo on '30' last april came closely second. Never thought i'd see such colors myself. However on the intakes, looks i did it right, the hinge is at the back and when not deployed, the fences lay on the bottom of the intake. Although with 30MKI's. So I guess it's right for this one too... Greetings!
  11. 128fiddler

    Flanker reference thread

    Ok, i found that it's correct, although for a Su-30MKI, but i presume they are the same as older 27UB's?
  12. 128fiddler

    Flanker reference thread

    Hello, I don't have any reference to share but I hope requests for reference are allowed too. I'm building a Su-27UB 'in flight' and was trying to figure out how the FOD fences work inside the intakes. Am I right to assume they fold flat over the louvered intakes at the bottom of the intakes, with the back being the hinge and the front tilting upward to the top of the intake trunking? So, can I say my dryfit representation for an inflight FOD screen which I made here is correct or am I overseeing something? (the 3 holes behind it are to be filled yet) I hope Flankerman or any other Flankerophyl's can answer my question Thank you!
  13. Good evening fellow modellers, I thought i share some cellphone pictures of this project. Here it goes: the subject, which i photographed 2 days before it crashes. (I took a picture of the print to be quicker) the decals the box the spinning engines recreation the folded intake guards made to fit in flying position. Greetings!
  14. Hello, Once again I'll try to build a model. And how iconic would it be when they first model in years finished would be a Flanker. So off it goes. I cut out some parts from the intakes and started to adjust the engine fronts as it's going to be flying! Photoshopped some turning fans to go in the intakes as well. Photo's soon! Greetings! Typo edit
  15. 128fiddler

    Italeri 1/72 Su27D Sea Flanker - COMPLETED

    Hi, Nice progress and that cockpit looks good too. Did you use any aftermarket for it? The reference picture you say to finish it alike is from a Su-30MK, to be more exact, the brother or even 'the' ill-fated Paris Flanker in '99. Mind that these colors are never used on a naval Su-33. But offcourse you paint your model like you would like eh