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  1. Hello, I tried to look through all the info on this and the previous thread, but like 98% was about something else... so here it goes. I bought me a spitfire Mk.1b from AZ in 72nd. The kit being quite a challenge, but finding references as well, as big brother google isn't giving me much. Seems it was a version which saw limited production and equally limited action with only a few squadrons. When it comes to the wings, for what I seem to remember reading about Spit wings, is that from a certain point they were standardised with the letter behind a mark illustrated the weapon config. But was this allready in effect with the 1b? So as it comes to wing panels, could I use for example a 5b drawing to compare kit lines? If not, does anyone knows a good source to find acurate b-wing drawings suitable for a 1b? The kit's a bit crude in some places and I want to have it to have uniform panel lines. So some scribing is probably needed. That's why I would like some thrustworthy drawings to work this out. Thanks in advance!
  2. Nice work indeed Nigel, However, I'd like to point out that the CH-46E had armor plating around the engines and the KV-107s didn't. So you should sand away these... Hope I don't spoil your dinner... Greetings
  3. Is there by any chance a japanese aftermarket/rerelease on the market or close future? Has been long without any news since their initial release... the Cobra has such a variety of nice camo's... Thanks!
  4. Hi Milktrip, How is your build going on? Hope you had some building time and a succes of creating the blown cockpit windows. By the way, never mind my question above, I'm planning on building my KV once as a 107II-4 from the JGSDF in the old glossy olive paint with the giant markings. However, when I was researching for the kit, I came across a cool walkaround section on the Dutch IPMS site which holds pictures of both a CH-46 and a 107 from Columbia! Maybe you found them already but I thought I share them with you. Hope to see an update soon! Greetings
  5. Hello, I found this walkaround section, which holds pictures of both a CH-46 and a BV-107 from Columbia Helicopters. Looks a rather nice source of reference for a couple of builds here. on a funny sidenote, don't read the 'www' path as it would make ipms holland gets red cheeks... Have fun!
  6. Maybe an alternative to the vacforming: if you've cut out the new window layout, sand the outer surface thinner to accomodate the clear strip of plasticard. Then blend it in and rescribe. Finaly mask the windows and paint the fuselage. Don't know if it's of any help. Hope you're civil V-107 is working allong and seeing the coffee I hope it's only a matter of time we see it Good luck!
  7. Here's a picture of Luc Colin's famous CH-46 walkaround at primeportal. You can see a rotorhead with some of the plumbing visible, hope it's of any help!
  8. Nice references here, however, mostly if not only CH-46/CH-113 interiors. So my question is, to which should te interior of a KV-107 lean to? Was the 113 actually a 46 or more a 107? And how far is is a Hkp-4 in this? To me it looks like the 113 is closest related to it... or if anyone has a 107 interior, that would be awesome!
  9. Hi, A nice and cool project going on here. However, are you kitbashing both the Fujimi and Hobby Boss kit to get to this civil version? Now may I ask you a sneaky question? What are you going to do with those big sponsons if you aren't using them? I've won a Ebay Fujimi CH-46, and then the seller said it was a KV-107 boxing instead. He uploaded the wrong box photo but I thought they were the same so went on buying? Only realising lateron the KV-107 is rather different and I can't make a standard CH-46 out of it. Seeing your sponsons it would save me the effort for buying another KV kit if you might be willing to part with them? Not trying to push you here. If you'd like to keep them don't mind my post here, or even get it deleted, it's totaly up to you. However looking forward to the progress in your build. I'd like to say that some civilian skycrane 107s had a vertical wall just in front of the left out cargobay doors at the back. that reference link to japanese 107s in this GB's reference thread should lead you to some photo's of what I mean... Edit: This is what I mean: closed cargocabin with deleted cargoramp doors, it's a japanese example however... Greetings!
  10. 128fiddler


    Sorry to jump this topic from the past, but seems the MS is also slightly longer if you compare the aft cockpit line to the nose gear doors. However, i Came to this topic to see what should be done to get a Tu-95RT Bear-D. What's the type it was converted from? As a sidenote, Is it safe to say the glass nose tip is the same as a B-29? The fuselage direct aft of the tip i assume not, as it is said the main fuselage diameter was also the same as a B-29, wasn't it? I have some spares, and got carried away when looking at some pictures of intercepted RT's with their huge radomes. Thanks!
  11. Occa, I'm not 100% sure but I thought the engine changed to a newer uprated version and with it, the triple bladed props were introduced. So the nose profile was adapted to it. Correct me if i'm wrong though...
  12. For now the only known other Flanker in the pipeline is the Su-30SM, iirc
  13. Hi Gabor, I'm aware of the Moscow overtrees kit now right after I've read your post... However i'm carefully planning which MiG-21s I'm going to build, as at this pace I can't afford a whole production line . So I'm willing to do a DDR and a HuAF MF. For the first no problem as I just have to source the Eduard decals for it. The Hungarian one is the second candidate as if I understood you correctly, the Hungarian air Force also used the Gorkiy MFs. That's why I'm eager to find out which ones they were, so I don't have to change plans My particular aircraft of interest is the 9514 with the construction number 969514, is that a way to determine from which production plant they were delivered? Any help on that is realy great! I'm looking forward to the progress of your production line by the way keep it up!
  14. Hi, What an inspiring build you are showing here! However disappointment struck when reading about the Gorkiy/Moscow differences. As I had a couple spare decals I'd thought let's buy the overtrees kit a couple of times only to discover they're not the Moscow built ones... So I was thinking of building the Hungarian example 9514 provided by HAD on their sheet 72114 with the star roundels. Is this a possible candidate for the Gorkiy kit? Thanks for your answer!
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