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  1. Why so critical Serge? Do you compare all kits you buy to these criteria? I'd say huray for Modelsvit to change the moulds even though it surely didn't look harshly wrong from the first place. Most of the critique was for the rivets anyway... Greetings!
  2. Great build Patrick! Did you do any modification to the EVS system or the nose? I hear there are correction sets a vailable by modelcollect but how and where? There's an example of the first B-52G boxing like yours which i could buy rather economical and was wondering if I should. But the correction set I've seen nowhere yet...
  3. Indeed Ragnar, Your right about the width of the white being thinner then the black. I guess if i'd say 3mm for the black and 2mm for the white would be to obvious. So actually it should be aprox 2.5mm for the white, but not sure how I could solve that... Tamiya tape does only come in 2 and 3 mm iirc... maybe decalling the white?
  4. Hi Ragnar, That's a lovely build you have of VN489! Looks amazing and cool to see how well the mishaps are worked away unvissible. One of the better builds I've seen so far for this subject. However, when looking for references I only find 2 pictures regularly returning. Showing each side, but no clue for the wings. I'm planning on building the Special Hobby 1/72 kit but there is scale difference between the markings on the wing and fuselage. If I measure the white/black serial number, I should paint the white and black 4mm / 0.16in in width. However keeping that width on the wings I should have a band of 12 mm / 0.54in, but the width between the aileron inner tip and outer canon blister is only a mere 8 mm / 0.32in... so what width do you use in 1/48th? Maybe the ailerons are to long or the canons to far outward, I dunno, but if the bands are aplied equal on fuse and wings, something is wrong with my model Thanks in advance and sorry to hijack your great building thread! Greetings!
  5. I have Dharhan Annie on the to do list for 2020 so I'm going to give it a try together with you if that's ok
  6. @Flankerman , in meantime I've clicked the link on my home computer and there it's working, however on my smartphone it doesn't. That's what made all the fuss... Thanks for the addition of great reference pictures!
  7. Strange, Don't know about others, but directly below your shots of theT-10-10 with the Su-35S it ends. When I click the link it indeed starts at the top of the page... maybe it's me though, i dunno Greetings
  8. Hi all, @Aardvark, at scalemodels.ru there's a walkaround of the actual -10, with 59 detail and overal pictures, but good to see the -1 is equally documented. Then the 2 books you posted, are they solely in Russian/Cyrilic writing or bilangual with English? @Flankerman, when clicking the link, there's only your built report, but somehow I can't see your pictures from Lugansk, so hopefully... Also, what colours did you use as somehow the original colours seem to be a bit different to the pre-series Su-27 like in the small picture in Aardvark's post. The metalic nose piece seams also to have a yellowy tone, which I was thinking it could be a result of some sort of chromating or more Titanium? Also that trapezium shape just below the white antenna tip is a rather yellowish tone... looks like primer but on the other had it could like fiberglass dielectrical material. MSv says it's a grey iirc. So could you give your expertise on the colours you used please? Thanks y'all!
  9. Hi all, Sorry to revive this thread, however, I don't think anyone would mind regarding the subject. Anyhow, except for some very grainy pictures on a cyrillic forum and the walkaround of the very faded T-10-10 on scalemodels, I would like to find out if there are any other references available regarding the subject. I think some of the Aerofax books by Gordon could maybe be a source? Any sugestions? Thanks in advance! Oh, before I forget, Flankerman, you do always make them very nice, hope mine turns out nearly as good as yours! Greetings!
  10. Oh indeed, I misread it, thinking you were saying it only got them after hc.5 upgrade... my mistake. Sorry for that ☺
  11. Being very new to the F-35 kits, is there a kit that stands out between the various brands? I've seen that Italeri just now released a 'new mould' 35 as well. Looking at the sprues, this looks nice also, but maybe this Academy and theirs are the same? I didn't see the sprues side by side though, so this is an assumption as big as it can be
  12. I'm sorry Andy, I'm pretty sure they had the bigger sponsons from the start. "Here" 's a photo of HC.3 ZH903 in 2011, when the HC.4/5/6 Marks were still future. You can clearly see the bigger sides of the Chinook.
  13. As this is a HC.3 for the RAF, did they have been backdated with the small side fairings or am I right to say the British does need the surgery too as the Mark 3 version is equiped with the larger ones? Your review does give me the itch to grab one when I walk into it in the hobbystore though... Greetings and happy holidays!0
  14. On 1999.co.jp they mention an upcoming release of an academy AH-64DJP with 13 (which I think are all active JGSDF) Apache serial numbers. Photos in full japanese colors and some specific mods visible.
  15. Hello, I tried to look through all the info on this and the previous thread, but like 98% was about something else... so here it goes. I bought me a spitfire Mk.1b from AZ in 72nd. The kit being quite a challenge, but finding references as well, as big brother google isn't giving me much. Seems it was a version which saw limited production and equally limited action with only a few squadrons. When it comes to the wings, for what I seem to remember reading about Spit wings, is that from a certain point they were standardised with the letter behind a mark illustrated the weapon config. But was this allready in effect with the 1b? So as it comes to wing panels, could I use for example a 5b drawing to compare kit lines? If not, does anyone knows a good source to find acurate b-wing drawings suitable for a 1b? The kit's a bit crude in some places and I want to have it to have uniform panel lines. So some scribing is probably needed. That's why I would like some thrustworthy drawings to work this out. Thanks in advance!
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