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  1. On the outside only the bomb decals will come from Revell, still undecided what loadout though... it's going to be 4 irons or a double paveway load. A triple paveway load is reserved for one of the actually visual confirmed aircraft. I think "Helen" is the contender for these. And a Saudi for JP233 like Jabba's. Where do you want it or "Miss Behavin" are also sparkling my interest, however, don't know if 4 Granby Tornado's might be a bit of overkill regarding all the other topics still to be made... The decals I'm going to use are the model alliance sheet. Iirc the stencilling
  2. An update allmost of laughable difference, but hey we have two extra weeks time! Anyhow, focussed today on the cockpit again, particular more on the wso/nav instruments. The yellow safety thingy on the left hand was a bit of a mess, getting a shake in my hand which didn't go away... grrr... added a few decals, which makes me think these revell decals stick like a post-it in a sand storm... So....: Realy only a few small add-ons/touch-ups and I call my cockpit finished!
  3. Thanks! I must say all your nice comments keep me going regardless the few moments I get to build on it...
  4. You'd probably guessed, but had a small hour painting time, so some more detail painting on the cockpit parts. Then again time was soon up again and it looked like nearly nothing happened... Anyhow, some parts which got additional colours: Hopefully these can be soon constructed to the tub, which needs some small adjustments too... Good evening/night y'all!
  5. Indeed it looks like 1950s vintage transparencies... Im not sure wether to make a new hud with overhead projector transparent sheet and their respective black markers...
  6. The blue alarms were training rounds. The live rounds have at least a yellow stripe around it, probably brown as well. The stencilling on the revell sheet is rather colourfull for these rockets iirc
  7. Again a small update, life got in the way again a few days... After a few failures I think I got my gloves where I want them. I made them from a craft paper, which litteraly translated from Dutch is called parchment paper. You can emboss it a bit, however not too much, else it rips. The look of it so far: Still to finish it off but didn't want to glue it to my fingers with the CA... Greetings!
  8. A quick pair of pictures for the final intake work done. That's all folks... For now
  9. Even smaller then yesterday, I had hopes to get both intakes ready by now, however I had to apply an extra layer of surfacer to erase some leftover pits and excessive sanding... Tomorrow hopefully I'll be posting both intakes in place and some work on the wing gloves. The cones for on the diverter plates are the parts left to install to the intakes... here they are waiting for the surfacer to dry: Maybe @alhenderson can shed some light on that mysterious part which keeps us Revell 72nd Tonka builders busy these days
  10. So, that odd piece is the cone shape on the diverter plate? Where do you see that Al?
  11. Wasn't BBMF's PA474 painted like that a while ago, somewhere halfway the nillies?
  12. So, again a small update. I addressed the airbrakes. However still the aft seam to fix. Here a picture in the middle of the progress: Then I started to replicate this: Which is a nice picture, borrowed from the Tornado reference topic here on BM. Ok, it doesn't look anything alike now, but a start is a start, and I forgot to take pictures of it in a latter stage. I promiss it'll look better next time. So, more on this, hopefully tomorrow! Anyhow, just an unneeded picture of some sprue getting reshaped to a quarter circle, and I mean realy unneeded ☺
  13. Actually, there's a line in the bottom of the intake which could line up with the mystic part, but I've never seen such thing in a tornado intake...
  14. Yes those droptanks are a nasty chore to do indeed. I tried to sand them as much as I could to save the rised detail, however with mixed results. But as these were sometimes weary as wel with a couple of dents etc I didn't mind to have them perfectly... maybe a worn off tip with some metal, green or grey coming out underneath the pink. Yes those intakes are parts to fiddle with... they are not realy acurate in they way they fit together, and seemingly with the molds aging well, they get worse with all the massive flash on it... And the fact that they missed the cone shape on the d
  15. So again an update on a redicilously small progress... Anyhow, just to show yous what the idea is. I'm still working on the intakes. I glued one together, only to see afterwards I forgot to fill a hole for a tab I sanded away... still thinking what to do about that... the other side was filled before I glued it... I noticed the intakes won't sit flush with the top fuselage with the standard positioning holes, so I enlarged them. To see there was a small gap inbetween it and the wedge shape of the botom fuselage. So with some plasticard I filled it up and used some surf
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