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  1. Could you share the link? And what rivet decals were used? There are other rivet decals but they are general sheets, not specific for the C-130... That's why I ask
  2. Hi, Nice review and allmost looking for one to buy, probably with lots of opposition from my wife (as she always says build those 300 others first!) When reading about the length issue, I was trying to determine if it was a great deal or not, but my calculations came out something else. The length of 174mm must have been the width if you ask me, as if I downscale te span, it ends in 175,9m. The length, being 9,73m scales to 135,1mm. So the question is where is the mix-up then? Is the length effectily shorter or is the span 0.9mm to short each side? Thanks for your answers all! Tom
  3. A very nice looking Shackleton! I was following a WIP here on BM and because of that, I bought the kit "new" out of second hand. Allthough I didn't check it out in close detail. Lets have a look tomorrow if there are troubles with my box. Did you use the kit decals? As I had mixed to bad experience with Revell's decals, I must say yours look like they behaved nicely!
  4. Please let them have the Iwo Jima long range drop tanks, that's something very overlooked in 1/72 Mustangs!
  5. Hi, where could one order these? Do you have a website and do you maybe carry the rivet decals too? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi Jamie, I stumbled upon your build as I was researching HC-130H/Ps myself, but I must say what a cool diorama you made! Very cool with those electrics inside to make it like flying! I hope you don't mind asking a question. As I'm looking to identify the serial number of the HC-130P in the above two pictures. Do you maybe have a clue? Or where the pictures were taken? I love the fact that it has one engine still in the light grey paint scheme and hope to find some more info on it and hopefully on its camo pattern. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, Being a Belgian and having about 25 subjects available for building in this GB, I'd say I would like to give it a try! Greetings
  8. Hi, I'd like a place in this one too. I too have some different Japanese aircraft kits in my stash, going from A6Ms, a G4M to an OH-6, a couple of Phantoms and last but not least a US-1 Shinmeiwa There's a nice anecdote when driving through Japan next year 10 years ago. We were on a spotting/touristic trip throughout Japan. And one time when I was not driving I was most of the time sleeping for the time I had to drive. In once we got in a traffic jam somewhere in a small town and I woke up. As if it had to be, the first thing I see is a model shop. Park the car!!! So we went inside and after a lengthy choosing moment I got to the cashier with a Fujimi Phantom FG.1, a Fujimi Spitfire XIVe, a Hasegawa F-16 Eggplane and the by then quite new Tamiya A6M5, all 72nd. The very polite shop owner understood very little English. He peacefully registered all the boxes I was to buy, but as he took the last one, being the A6M, he said "no no" while nodding his head. I thought I couldn't buy that one, and I was a bit surprised by that. He took away the box and placed it back onto the shelves where I took it. I was confused as it was one I'd really liked to buy. He came back, dove underneath the table, and came back up holding another Tamiya Zero, However this time with the box top autographed by someone. In his best English, he said: "Autograph from Mister Tamiya. Special box for special customer" and he put the box on top of the kits I chose. Now I was even more surprised and answered that I was very honoured but as this box was probably very special for him, that he must keep it for himself. but he insisted As it's not quite polite to turn down such offer, I took it with me and each time I see the kit, I think about this memory. I hope I can do the kit justice, or I might better buy another and keep that one complete. I even have the shopping bag preserved in my stash. So I hope I can build one of the above during 2022!
  9. Don't they have a couple Bombardiers which are exiled from active duty soon? They flew from RAF Waddington and could be reconfigured? A thing the RAF has great expertise in, no?
  10. I see it like this: -First draw the window shape in some CAD or even paint... -Use the backing paper from one of those return postal stickers which are to be found plenty in web ordered parcels. -Rip of the label and apply some masking tape where your windows are to be printed. -Print them on scale -Then cut all the plastic away inbetween the windows. Be sure to make the gap on all sides 1 or 2 mms bigger. -Get some acrylic or see through sheet and measure how thick it is. -thin down the edges of the window gaps accordingly to the thickness of the "window" sheet. -Cut a strip from the sheet and glue it on the fuselage. -blend in the seems of the windows into the fuselage -cut out the printed window masks and apply them directly above a straight strip of tape to get them correctly lined up... just a thought, anyway you address the windows, it'll be nice to see it in your collection!
  11. Hi Alistair, Amazing cockpit detail and love the seatbelts, 1st try you say? nice! Looking forward to see it's evolution to yet again a stunner so it seems
  12. I know and thank you for the picture. My question actually was, did 5/330 flew out of Cambrai or Mont de Marsan? As the profiles say Cambrai but I think Mont de Marsan. Just a small detail offcourse
  13. Is it me, but EC 1/12 was based at Cambrai, but I thought 5/330 were the cote d'argent tigers being flown out of Mont de Marsan, or? Another possibility that the airframe was hired by 330 and after returning to Cambrai it still flew in these markings afterwards. Anyone who could shead a light on this?
  14. Any updates on this Ivan? I do have an AZ rendition of the Hart Fighter, but also fancy doing a (Belgian) Hardy. Which is a kit only available in resin by Kora afaik... Any plans for that type? Thanks!
  15. I would like to try too. Hopefully I'll have a fully operational hobby suite (read attic) by then so I finaly produce something with a clear coat by the end... I do have a couple of candidates in the stash...
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