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  1. Why were Ju-88 gunners so good?

    What are the figures ? Is there any assessment of the aircrafts downed by Ju-88s over Malta vs. the losses inflicted by other types on attacking fighters ? If the losses incurred by RAF aircrafts at the hands of Ju-88s are proven to have been higher, then the reasons could be many. Some of them may have to do with the defensive armament of the Ju-88s, others may have to do with shortcomings of the attacking fighters Regarding the effectiveness in general of the German rifle caliber MGs, these may have not been the most powerful guns available to the Luftwaffe but they were adequate enough to shoot down early war fighter designs like the Hurricane and the Spitfire. A lot of information on the effectiveness of aircraft armament during the war can be found in the many articles written by Anthony Williams, who has made a good number of these available over the years on his website: http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/miltech.htm
  2. Great Paul ! I've added you to the list Anyone else interested in this GB?
  3. Question about immediate postwar Jordan

    The few aircrafts used by the Arab Legion were communications and transport aircrafts, Tiger Moths, Dragon Rapides, Proctors and Austers. My sources mention as late 1955 as the date for the arrival of the first Jordanian Vampires, but RAF Vampires first used a couple of Jordanian bases as part of temporary deployments in 1950
  4. Sounds like a very interesting plan Robert ! I'm sure there was a good story behind the use of a German half-track by a British unit Will add you to the list !
  5. Airfix

    IMHO the Buccaneer was represented in pretty much the same way that most other British combat aircrafts of the same era were, no more and no less. Frog did a kit, Airfix did a kit (actually two if we include the old NA.39), Matchbox did a kit. Then someone, in this case Airfix, did a 1/48 kit. Finally Tan Model announced new kits in both scale to come in the next couple years. Lightning: Airfix did a kit, Hasegawa did a kit (later modified by Frog), Matchbox did a kit. Then Airfix did a 1/48 kit. And recently the Hornby era Airfix did a new 1/72 kit. Hunter: Frog did a kit, Airfix did a kit, Matchbox did a kit. Then Academy did a 1/48 one and Revell a modern 1/72 one, until the recent announcement of a new 1/48 kit by Airfix. Canberra: Airfix did a kit, Frog did a kit, Matchbox did a kit.. then Airfix did new 1/72 and 1/48 kits. And I could go on. Of course there have also been various vacforms, resin and short run kits of the same subjects (Aeroclub, HiPlanes, CMR, Classic Airframes...) but in terms of mainstream really the number of kits is pretty much the same. And it's not high.
  6. Matchbox Gallery

    Folland Gnat T.1 Red Arrows, PK-15 Scratchbuilt cockpit with Aeroclub seats Airfix and Revell decals with painted serials under the wings Build thread here:
  7. So, to conclude this build, did I really recapture the spirit of the days when I was a teen and was all excited about my hobby ? In those days I was sure less dedicated, building models was fun even if the final result wasn't that great. But did I have fun building this kit ? Ok, this is a simplified kit, I knew that before starting. It's also not too accurate in several areas, something I discovered while building. That this kit was for a long time the best in scale tells a lot about how bad the competition was. Today there's a way better kit on the market and I'd buy that one (and have a couple in the stash). I realised from early on that I could not simply build the model from the box. I would have done this when I was 12, but I'm not 12 anymore, a bench inside an empty cockpit is not for me anymore. Then I had to add panel lines, again I wouldn't have bothered when I was 15, now I do. The kit fought me quite a lot, fit was not great in several areas, maybe I would have not cared too much at 15, today I do. Of course today I'm more skilled and I know how to sort these things. I also have access to better fillers and tools, so no problem sorting everything. But did I have fun doing it ? Not really... Looking back at these last few weeks, I didn't have much fun building this kit at all ! My plan of recapturing the spirit of bygone days didn't really succeed. Thinking about it, it's not something that worries me ! Simply this build showed me that I'm not a teen anymore, I've grown up and my taste has changed. There are things I enjoyed back then that I don't enjoy anymore while at the same time there are things I didn't consider in those days that I really like today. And you know what ? I like this ! I like the fact that today I set the bar higher when it comes to judging a kit, I like having new skills, I like that I want more. More important, I like that I'm capable of looking at the past without drowning in nostalgia ! This model is done, roll on the next kit ! That fortunately will be a modern kit, with decent cockpit detail, recessed panel lines, decently accurate shapes and good fit. I'll always be thankful to Matchbox for introducing me into the hobby ! But give me a modern Hasegawa kit and today I'll be way happier
  8. Between yesterday evening and this morning I had planned to complete the model, as there were only a few bits left to be glued. As seems to have been all too common during this build, I've had a few problems here and there. Let's start from the canopy, that was glued after I added a couple of control sticks made from plastic rod. This for some reasons didn't fit well at all. I managed to improve things by sanding a bit at the rear but still it was practically impossible to get a good fit in the windscreen area. What would I have done back in the days of my youth ? I probably would have not even noticed... no, I'd have noticed ! I'd have noticed and I'd have tried to do something. I could have used some filler but this would have meant sanding an area that had already been painted. The easy solution was to use some white glue as filler, a trick I've used for a very long time. With the canopy sorted it was time to attach the pitot tube and while I prepared this, it broke. Brilliant ! As a replacement, I used some plastic rod to reproduce the attachment point on the fuselage and the tube itself was replaced by a length of Albion Alloys brass tube. Simple and effective. At that point I could attach the wheel wells doors and the two antennas. There is one antenna missing I believe, but I'm not going to bother adding this. Another thing I'm not going to bother with is the white sealant around the transparencies. I've added this on the windscreen using white paint, I should add it around the other clear parts but really it's going to be a nervewracking exercise and you know what ? I've pretty much had enough of this kit ! So let's call this completed ! Definitely not my best model but will do. Let's say that it's the kind of level I could have achieved many years ago when I was young and full of energy and I looked at every kit as if it was a masterpiece of plastic injection technology. Granted, today I could do better and I could have done better on this one with some more commitment. The plan however was to relive the joy of modelling when I was a teen, and this was achieved... or was it ?????
  9. Nordic Starfighter

    Thanks folks, glad you like it ! IMHO these are some of the best looking markings and scheme to have ever been used on the F-104, I've tried to find decals for a long time and finally managed to find a Vingtor sheet. At that point it was only a matter of finding the right time to build the model and this came with the F-104 STGB late last year
  10. The Zvezda PFM may be a better starting point but this kit has 2 problems: the accuracy of the front fuselage is not great and most important, it seems to be very hard to find Their bis is better, but to convert this into an FL there are a few more things that need changing. Off the top of my head the intake of the bis is wider and the fin needs modifications as the spine blends into this part. The FL had the wider chord fin so this does need replacing. Agree that there are likely a lot of other smaller differences...
  11. Airfix Folland Gnat T.1

    The single seaters are so different in their structural components that such a conversion would be almost a totally new kit. Fortunately a kit of these variants has been issued by Special Hobby and it's a very good kit https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/1/1/folland-gnat-f-mk-i-finnish-and-yugoslav-se.html?listtype=search&searchparam=gnat https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/1/1/folland-gnat-f-mk-i-british-single-seaters.html?listtype=search&searchparam=gnat https://www.specialhobby.eu/en/our-own-production/novelty/hal-ajeet-mk-i-indian-light-fighter-1-72.html?listtype=search&searchparam=ajeet I'd rather buy one of these than trying to convert the Airfix T.1
  12. And now some pictures to illustrate what I meant in the previous post. Let's start from the bottom The landing gear legs are well visible in this picture, as you can see the black painted areas are not really the best solution but what can I say, will do on this one Then let's see the top The white ejection seat triangles are quite small but they are visible on the real aircrafts so I had to add them on the model. Also noticeable is that I glued the seats in place. One of them fell on the carpet and the headrest broke, they are very brittle for some reason, don't know if the allow deteriorated over time or I got a bad pair. Some 2-component epoxy sorted everything and the seats are now firmly in place. Belts were very simply made from strips of masking tape. Yesterday evening I sprayed the wheels, hope they are good enough so that I can glue them today. Then it will be a matter of finishing the canopy and attaching the pitot tube.
  13. As built for the recent F-104 STGB, here's my Hasegawa 1/72 F-104G built in the colours and markings of 331 Sqn. of the Royal Norwegian Air Force. The kit was almost completely OOB with the exception of a Pavla resin seat, a Flightline resin exhaust and a Master brass pitot tube. Decals are from Vingtor and paints are mostly Vallejo's
  14. Thanks, masks worked ok, I'm now doing some experiments with a different masking material that promises to give even better results. Should this work I can see a lot of potential uses Thanks Dermot ! Quick update with no pictures: I've now added all decals but unfortunately this required robbing bits from another kit. The Airfix sheet includes two nice ejection seat markings but the Gnat had 4, one on each side of the fuselage for each seat. As these markings are in white only they are not a style commonly found on other schemes. Fortunately I have a few Red Arrows Hawk kits in the stash, with no intention of building a Red Arrows Hawk so all these were fair game. The Airfix sheet markings are too large for the Gnat and so are those of the old tool Revell/Italeri kit. The markings in the new tool Revell kit however are perfect for the Gnat so I used these. They adhered very well with no visible film but I noticed that the words are simply a row of white dots, not what I usually expect from Cartograf printed Revell decals. Strange. In any case I've sorted this detail. I'm now gluing the landing gear and oh dear... the legs are very toylike, with all various links moulded together with the spaces between them, not really realistic. I considered removing the extra plastic but in the end realised that I would have risked breaking them, so I just painted the spaces in black. The main gear legs also wobble in the holes where they are supposed to be glued in and getting the right alignment is not easy. Hopefully superglue will help
  15. Very nice model ! Love the colour scheme, particularly the contrast between all those coloured areas and the worn natural metal finish. Really a very interesting subject too