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  1. This looks like a C wing aircraft, the xvi box should include an E wing
  2. African countries sound interesting ! As said above, I'd love to see some of the lesser known markings displayed in such a GB Glad you find this interesting ! Name added Being a serial GB non finisher myself, I'm more tha happy to let you in Love the idea of seeing civil subjects too ! That's the spirit of a GB like this
  3. Added to the list ! Should the GB go through the voting I'll look forward to your choice of subject Good Morning Patrice, duly added ! Glad you feel so, hope more share our interest ! There's plenty of roundels to choose from, some with the same colours and some with the same roundels... I would allow Australian and New Zealand subjects of the period when these two countries used the standard UK marking. You Canadian Spit sounds very good to me ! Done ! Now at 8. Anyone else ?
  4. Added you to the list Tony ! Yes, the Czech Spitfires in my plan would be eligible since the day they started carrying proper Czech markings and operate under their air force. And of course would be eligible in their Israeli markings... as some were later sold to Burma there's actually the possibility of building the same aircrafts with 3 different foreign markings in addition to their wartime RAF ones (not for this GB though). Love your suggestions for 20's/30's subjects, I'd love a GB where some lesser known types are built. Regarding the Governor General, I'll make no mention of Commonwealth or else the next time I should meet him! Haven't been in Canberra in ages and he missed me when I was in Sydney last May though, to be honest I was really busy in those days, don't know if I'd have had the time for a chat
  5. Congratulations to Tomoshenko, PlaStix and TrickyRich, their models are brilliant and their prizes are fully deserved !
  6. Joona, I would agree that modellers interested in such a subject are just rightly fascinated by this being so incredibly weird ! Regarding the taste of Hitler for gigantic projects and his personality, sSometime I suspect that armament companies knew of this and used crazy ideas like the Ratte to get extra funding authorised from the Fuhrer himself... no surprise that a much more practical man like Speer canceled the project. What I also wonder is how something like the Ratte could have fitted in an army that made of mobility one of their dogmas !
  7. In my view it would depend on the status of the user as an independent country. Being part of the Commonwealth today really means very little as this organisation involves no commitment from one country toward the others. So say an Indian Hawk or Canberra would really be an example of foreign use of a British aircraft as there's no doubt that India is today an independent country and not part of the UK. The same would apply to say an Australian Hawk as while Australia has the Queen as Head of State, it today really is an independent country. The same India before 1948 however would be a different case as India back then was not independent but a colony, I would probably consider and Indian Air Force Hurricane in 1944 not really eligible. Of course we can discuss these cases and find a solution that would make all interesting modellers happy. Other subjects I would prefer not to include are those serving in "foreign" RAF Squadrons, be they from Commonwealth and Empire countries (those in the 4xx series) or those manned with foreign volunteers (like the many Polish and Free French units in the 3xx range). Regarding the actual place ofconstruction of the subject on the other hand I'd be quite relaxed so an Egyptian Vampire would be eligible even if these were license built in Italy. Boradly speaking, I'd be fine with license built British types, unless they are unique local variations that considerably differ from the original. For example I would esclude something like the Canadair Argus as while it's based on the Britannia it's really a different aircraft. Mind, I'm using aircrafts as examples here because these are those I know best, I'm sure others can provide similar examples for other subjects.
  8. Regarding being able to download files from Tamiya and printing them in the future, I wouldn't be so optimistic. Yes, all kind of electronic devices are now much cheaper than they used to be but these devices don't require the user to do much, Want to use an Ipod ? Connect to the web, download some music and you're ready. Much easier than buying several LPs, transferring the favourite songs on a tape and insert this into your tape reader as people had to do when I was a teenager. With a plastic kit we're talking downloading a set of 3d files, setting the printer, loading the material and printing. In today's world it's just order the kit from your favourite supplier and wait for it to arrive home. Where's the advantage of a 3d printer ? There's also a potential financial problem: I can buy kits for a tenner or less, how much would the same kit cost if I print this at home ? I'd have to buy the 3d files (although no doubt these would also be available from the usual Russian or Chinese sites where books in pdf format are easily available), use materials that are not the cheapest, consider that I may have a few aborted printing runs, keep in mind the excess materials that 3d printing require... would it actually be cheaper than buying a kit already made in its box with all the parts, decals and instructions included? There are also a number of technical issues: the polistyrene used in our kits is a great material for this hobby! It's durable, easy to work with, takes glue very well. The materials used by 3d printers are not always as durable and can be harder to glue. Reason why aftermarket companies use the printers to make the masters to cast the parts in resin and don't sell 3d printed parts directly I often compare the possible future use of 3d models with home printed decals: a well known artist has made available markings for home printing a while ago, yet how many actually printed these markings ? There was a brand of printers that could print white at a moderate cost, modellers bought so many of these that the company stopped production because they didn't make money... Today the only printers printing white are aimed at a totally different market and modellers still happily buy aftermarket sheets. Mind, I'm not saying that 3d printing is not going to change the hobby, it already has ! But will likely remain a tool for the manufacturers and a small number of enterprising individuals.
  9. I agree with Joseph's view, those two colours may be sorted but the Compass Greys can't be found in the Tamiya catalogue. To be brutally honest, very few FS tints are IMHO really available from Tamiya. If you can find them, I'd switch to the Gunze line of paints, they are very similar to the Tamiya paints but have a wider catalogue with a large number of FS (and some BS) matched paints. The quality of these paints is actually better than Tamiya's
  10. Their leader likely suffered from something of that kind considering how obsessed he was by everything big. Sure he would have loved the idea of a megatank crushing everything in its path.. Such a weird idea probably also gets along well with the distorted idea that the Nazis had of the Nietzschean concept of the Ubermensch, an impressive tank for impressive men. Not that the Nazi were the only ones thinking big, since someone in Britain thought of a 2.2 milion ton aircraft carrier made of reinforced ice... fortunately in democracies there's a system in place that helps stopping absurdities before they get too far in the design stage
  11. I've been thinking for a while at some potential all-inclusive GBs that would make all types of modellers happy but often had the feeling that whatever I may think of, a Best of British III would always get more votes... At that point I remembered the old adage "if you can't beat them, join them" and thought: why not a Best of British with a twist ? So my suggestion is: what about a GB dedicated to British made hardware in foreign hands ? This would include every kind of British built aircraft/tank/vehicle/ship/car/train/uniform or anything else in the service or possession of non British forces/authorities/companies/individuals. I don't know if we've had a similar GB before, we sure had one dedicated to Soviet subjects in foreign use a couple years ago and it was succesful. If the idea proposed here is new, it may be something with good potential as it would allow a large number of subjects, would let people build some of their favourites and at the same time would showcase a number of lesser known markings. A few examples: a Hunter in Dutch or Swiss markings, a Belgian Hurricane, an MEA Comet for aircraft builders. An Iranian Chieftain or an Israeli Centurion for tank enthusiasts A Romanian Type 22 or a Chilean Leander class Frigate for those interested in floating thingies A Mini used by a non British team (I'm sure there are several) or even just one with a foreign numberplate for those who build cars A post WW2 Greek soldier with British style uniform and webbing and an Enfield rifle for figures builders. And I'm sure that there are many, many more possibilities. Now I would not include what-ifs as I feel that there are enough subjects available (why build an Austrian Lightning when I can build a Kuwaiti one?), however if someone has suggestions that could help including Sci-Fi subjects they'd be very welcome. So, what do you all think ? Would such a GB be of interest ? Of course if the consensus is that this may end up as another Best of British in disguise, I'll happily retire the proposal and maybe push it for 2019. Interested for now: 1) Giorgio N 2) rob85 3) TonyTiger66 4) CliffB 5) TempestMkV 6) Wyverns4 7) Caerbannog 8) Basilisk 9) charlie_c67 10) Antoine 11) SleeperService 12) Grandboof
  12. It's a fantastic model, I should really use the word masterpiece here ! Great job, you sure are a very talented modeller, Hope you'll keep treating us to more of your fantastic works
  13. To me this sound not cynicism but good old realism ! All very good points that go to show how much work is involved in such ventures. I can think of at least another dozen issues that have not been mentioned, so I'd say that some sort of crowdfunding is not going to happen. Regarding who will ever do a Venom, I'm surprised that Special Hobby has not done one yet, this is the kind of subject that I'd have expected from them, more so as they seem to have covered many British types. As CMR issued a beautiful resin kit, someone must have already done some research on the type in that part of the world. In the meantime I may have sourced another Aeroclub kit, wonder if I should build both now or sell one
  14. The Falcon canopies for the 202 are beautiful ! Even if designed for the Hasegawa kit, they should fit the Italeri kit with little modification, the two kits have practically identical fuselages