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  1. Great stories guys, it’s nice to have so much info out of a simple query. I suppose the pods just got in the way and eventually got broken up. Keep the info flowing, putting mine into primer later this week.
  2. I’m going to build the two up I’ve got and see what they look like, there’s a few decals in the kit for them.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I thought it might be an interesting modelling topics. You’re right the internal kit was probably reused on other types. I had read the pod contained tech that the TSR2 was going to use hence the need to build one for the Phantoms. It must have had a really short service life. Only reason for asking was I decided to build up my Airfix FGR2 stores yesterday and I like the pod.
  4. Does anyone know the history and service timeline of these pods. My only recollection was in the old matchbox kit on a 41: squadron aircraft. I’m fascinated if they saw service life past this to the late 70s or early 80s. Were they ever carried by air defence grey units maybe in the Falklands conflict on Ascension. How many were they what happened to them etc. They look like really expensive pieces of kit.
  5. Love it! Had one years ago never finished it, you’ve done it justice.
  6. Got the airbrush out tonight and tried the paint colours suggested by hobby boss, 36320 for the top and 36375 for the bottom Which judging by all your comments never featured so I sort of new it would be wrong. Well 320 looks right I would say and 375 is lighter but no where near as light as it needs to be so never trust instructions I suppose. I tried it on plastikard very roughly but it was worth it. 320 has a blueish note to it but I won’t be able to buy the colours suggest for the bottom until next week. I think a light primer is going to be a must probably Tamiya it goes on really smooth.
  7. Thanks I won’t rule that one out. I had planned on using Mr Hobby acrylics as I seem to get on with those. I had been looking at some Upper Heyford videos on you tube and the jets don’t seem to have that blue hue to the grey but I suppose lighting and film type all play a part. Just been sanding the drop tanks tonight, wish I could get a Flickr account and I could post some pics.
  8. Wardog thanks for the offer but it’s the 1/48 scale hobby boss model - it’s quite a size!
  9. Thanks Andy, I thought this was going to be an easy one to get an answer! Many thanks for taking the effort to post the Model Decal information. I think I’ll try a few options and then take a look and decide. Interesting that the aircraft were surveyed closely at Upper Heyford.
  10. Thanks Jordi, looks like I need to get some Mr Hobby FS36495 and experiment lightening it up a little.
  11. Thanks guys, I think the advice to choose an aircraft and copy it as best as I can is what I will do. I’ll do some tests on plastikard and if it looks right it will be. Probably an Upper Heyford jet as I remember seeing them at the RAF Mildenhall airshows. It’s brilliant when you get your ideas half way across the world, thanks.
  12. Just bought the Hobby Boss 1/48 Spark Vark. Can anyone voice their opinion on the correct colours as from several photos the top half seems a blue grey and the lower half is almost white. The instruction suggest Mr Hobby colour references but they just look too dark, I have those paint. Also any resin or photo etch parts worth getting. Thanks in anticipation.
  13. Just about to start the same kit, yours looks stunning, great Spark. What paints did you use and what colours, I’m thinking of Mr Hobby.
  14. Nice to see this, I’m returning slowly too, things have changed a lot since I dumped the hobby, now I’m in love again with it!
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