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  1. Yeah a couple of lineys snorting liquid oxygen trying to get rid of that awful hangover from a heavy nights beer intake (probably armourers!)...Seriously a nice fuel tanker, the odd mini car, Land Rover etc....Come on Airfix.
  2. Totally agree with the C130 for RAF. Also Jaguar, VC10, Wessex, can’t think of anymore but I’m sure there is. Oh a nice ground equipment and vehicles set from the late 70s early 80s would be cool.
  3. Looks like a two stage release with the last 1982 version to follow similar to what happened with the Victor.
  4. I want to do them all.....lol don’t tell the wife..
  5. Thought so thanks for the advice, cheap too!
  6. I want to diorama an Fgr2 about to touch down does anyone know who supplies aftermarket landing gear in the extended or unloaded position.
  7. Agreed I think Wessex too, but there will defo be a Cold War aircraft, for me a Jaguar.
  8. RAF Hercules 1982 vintage 1/72 would do for me.
  9. I tried Mr Hobby EDSG on a test card and was amazed how dark it was, it just looked too clinical. I added 17 parts EDSG, 2 parts white and 1 part blue and the difference was huge, the classic what you think RN aircraft should look like that blue hint. The blotchier the better like you say getting battered by sea water doesn’t mix with paint.
  10. Was going to paint mine in Mr Hobby Extra Dark Sea Grey but it is really dark, anyone plan to lighten it up a bit?
  11. Agree about the Phantom comments they are over complicated. My buc is ready for painting by Friday great kit.
  12. Started building it and its a lot easier to put together than the phantom no fiddly joins etc. The panel lines are really good. Great kit can see me making a few.
  13. This is great stuff, I was starting to get a little confused looking at the kit but your details are making things very clear.
  14. Much better build than the Phantom, it’s quite fun. Still not sure what colour the undercarriage and bays is, instruction say humbrol 196 but I’ll rather use mr hobby or Tamiya.
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