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  1. delticfan

    F-111 in Vietnam

    Not saying perfect but they appeared out of nowhere hit the target, generally single shots with practice bombs, and disappeared again, straight and level about 250ft off to another range I suppose. It always stuck in my mind how efficient it was. The one elevens messed about for ages and generally weren’t as accurate, it was interesting to watch. Also A10’s on land targets destroying the scaffold frame banner type targets...awesome....happy days 1983 to 84. Had a few Jaguars too. I think a few times Binbrook Lightning’s would loiter outside the range to bounce aircraft leaving but that didn’t happen a lot. We spent some happy hours in the control tower watching all this happen photography banned of course!
  2. delticfan

    Phantom FGR.2 228 OCU 1970

    The colours look spot on, I’ve been experimenting with xtracrylixs and had some good results with 2 parts thinner to 1 part paint and a few drops of screenwash all onto a primed surface. Was the humbrol satin cote enamel or acrylic?
  3. delticfan

    F-111 in Vietnam

    Not sure about Vietnam ops but the F’s used the Pavetack laser designator pod to self illuminate targets.
  4. delticfan

    Phantom FGR.2 228 OCU 1970

    Lovely! What paints did you use.
  5. delticfan

    F-111 in Vietnam

    Used to watch the F111F”s at Cowden bombing range near Hornsea East Yorks, they didn’t use LGBs only 25kg bombs, they were awful had to do a dry pass most times and still couldn’t get close to the sea targets. Toss bombing same story but I think that simulated nukes so no need for accuracy there...so much for a smart aircraft. Tornado GR1 on the other hand appeared out of nowhere hit the target and disappeared, one chance one hit everytime.
  6. delticfan

    DC 3 / C47 - Best Kit 1/72

    Great pics and models. Airfix it is then, I wasn’t sure if the kit was a new tool but obviously it is. Thank you.
  7. delticfan

    DC 3 / C47 - Best Kit 1/72

    Any thoughts on the best DC3, I was considering the Airfix kit but thought I would check with you guys.
  8. delticfan

    Ruskin Air Services Decals in both 1:72 and 1:48

    Hi another long shot but do you have any Ruskin decals 1/72 left. Thanks Keith
  9. Looks scary, brilliant.
  10. Wow brilliant, I flew on one of these in 1997 from Newcastle to Toronto via Prestwick and back. Always thought it was an attractive livery. Well done stunning finish.
  11. delticfan

    Phantom FGR2 Airfix

  12. delticfan

    1/72 RAF Cold War 1980’s Ground Equipment

    Thanks for that my flight line will be Binbrook 1987 ish, I suppose a bowser is important with Lightnings! BW models did one but I’m having trouble tracking that down.
  13. I’m trying to do an airfield diorama but struggling to find ground equipment and vehicles. I found an Oxford diecast fire vehicle and a Houchin Generator plus some oxygen bottles but that’s about it. I really wanted a fuel bowser and other bits, does anyone have any thoughts or ideas. Thanks.
  14. Hi just tagged onto this old thread but have restarted airbrushing and have been experimenting the last week or so with Xtracrylix paints, looking for some advice on Tamiya gloss varnish. I think general tamiya paints are thinned 1:1 with paint using tamiya thinners and sprayed at 15psi, that’s worked for me. Keith