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  1. Welcome simply... it is a real pleasure to have you in this Forum ... that you will surely know how to enrich with your professionalism and competence ... despite age ciao Silvano
  2. Giampiero... you know I'm a fan of your planes ... what to say... another of your masterpieces ... ciao Silvano
  3. Conclusions (provisional as they may be): - I think it is safe to assume that, to preserve the detail on the FM parts, the less paint/wash/clear coats I put on before the final wash, the better - I don't think the casting of the Curio built parts is going to be very effective; if I go down the scratch building route, I'd better stick to the parts as they come out of the cutter. I will anyway do more test painting with both cut and cast parts to see where I can get, because I have the feeling that the stippling produces a somewhat more defined detail. That's it for the day, any thoughts and comments are highly appreciated ... hello Giorgio ... every now and then I appear again ... about these statements, some of my conclusions. try to build as "clean as possible" color on the primer but first, polish it as much as possible use colors with dedicated thinner up to 60% ... for Tamiyas I use 30% of X20 and 30% of leveling tinner ... it is a surfactant and the finish is always shiny, therefore less Clear / flat coat. I am attaching some photos of the Hobby Boss mil Mi-8 in 72 that I am completing ... there are about 10 coats of color and clear coats on the primer ... but the rivets I had made on the plastic are all clearly visible ... I hope I was helpful... ciao Silvano nude... with primer with color with AK washes and oils ... clear for the decals and clear satin finish details... as you can see... the level of detail remained ...
  4. Giorgio... interesting subject ... despite not being RAF I'm ready to follow you ... third star on the right and then straight until morning... ciao Silvano
  5. I Kriss... I will follow with interest if it helps, this is my build from some time ago ... good luck... ciao Silvano
  6. great subject ... I will follow very carefully ... ciao Silvano
  7. Hi Pigsty, thanks to @Shorty84 I have been taking and leaving the construction of this model for at least 2 years ... any information, I'm at your disposal ... in the wip, you will find almost everything ... unfortunately the trumpeter has many errors ... at the moment I have decide to modify the tail plans which are also wrong ... ciao Silvano
  8. thank you @Chewbacca you reminded me that I have not posted photos of the "almost" finished display... I have to wait for the safety nets, because the solutions so far tried ... have not satisfied me Ciao Silvano
  9. Hello Gengriz congratulations ... if I had not read that are painted with a brush, I would not have understood ... great finishing work ... ciao Silvano
  10. hold on Giorgio ... you are our fortress ... I am with you... ciao Silvano
  11. Thank you... it was not easy, but the base with the Royal Navy colors I find appropriate ... Thank you... Thank you... ... you always leave me speechless ... always thanks for the support Thank you... I am sure that with the safety nets completed and a minimum of wheathering, the result will be complete . ciao Silvano
  12. great job Giorgio ... you will have to use a color very close to tan ... in many RAF Airports the compuond used for concrete varied from beige to medium gray ... great... keep it up... ciao Silvano
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