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  1. A Phantom in high-viz! Whats not to like? Could you perhaps provide some info on the original for this one? and what decals did you use? The same question to Tengu warrior. \Dan
  2. wow excellent work and excellent documentation. I'm gonna use it for reference!
  3. Hello Adrian. I live in both Stockholm and Istanbul. Stockholm is usually a bit humid but Istanbul even more so. I always use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and I don't have this kind of problem, even when its 30+ degrees and 80% humidity. IPA is just a fancy name for 98% and above alcohol. I don't know where you could buy it in Malta but try pharmacy or chemist shop if you local hobby dealer don't have it. \\Dan
  4. Dinah is one of my favorite aircraft. Your build is looking good. Can't wait to see it finished. btw I'm gonna use your build as a reference for my airfix 1/72 \\Dan
  5. Finn beat me to it! I think F-105 was the only aircraft in USAF with both types of refueling receptors. Regarding F-104 Colors. AFAIK all F-104 wheelwells and undercarrige were in aluminum. They just look white in the pictures due to the lighting. I have tried to find a real source regarding airbrake colors but haven't found any other than checking pictures. Aluminum seems dominating, some green and a few even in zinkchromate yellow. Also I couldn't see any pattern as to which are which regarding type/build year/owner/camouflage etc. But generally they are aluminum.
  6. I have had an idea of making a 1/72 Connie for 20 years or so. Size is the largest factor for not starting :/ So it's fun to at least watch your build untill then. Good luck Raiderhall! \\Dan
  7. Very nice Alex. I realy like the livery. I have had a similar idea. Mine is to convert the awacs to a 737. But the model is in the bottom of my ever expanding stash in the closet. >.< \\Dan
  8. IMHO the Bronco don't get the attention it deserves. You do credit to this little plane! \\Dan
  9. Ughh... I remember that one. Well done thepureness! \\Dan
  10. Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. There isn't much more to say compared with 7 pages of praise. 5.5 years is long but the result speak for itself! Well done Andrew. I realy love the watermodelling. I wish I could see it in person. Now I'm gonna go and spend a couple of hours reading the WIP thread. \\Dan
  11. Nice idea. I will use this in my own future project. Also a good build! \\Dan
  12. I guess the kit makers are deliberately making baby-steps improvements, just like any manufacturer. I am waiting for a recessed panel line with rivets protruding. Your model looks excellent though. I myself have one in my closet waiting for a rainy day. \\Dan
  13. Remember the best model is a finished model! God knows I'm worse than you Well done on a clean build.
  14. The metallic shading looks real and I love the red tail. Excellent!
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