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  1. Jeffrey, your commitment is to be commended ! Hope you manage to sort the matter as soon as possible !
  2. Giorgio N

    Saintly Fiat

    Retaining a yellow cowling is a possibility that however I would object to for two reasons. The camouflage scheme is based on a base colour with a strong yellow component, how would this look on Ortho film ? Maybe not as dark as a proper yello but I'd expect an overall darker look. Mind, I'm not an expert on these things so I'll be happy to be corrected in case. Even with the addition of proper RAF roundels and fin flash, retaining the yellow cowl could have resulted in serious misidentification problems had the aircraft been flown as this colour was used on the cowling of several Ax
  3. This is one of those Italeri issues that makes me wonder... is this a good or a bad thing ? In a sense it's a bad thing, it would be nice to see Italeri doing more new aircraft kits. At the same time when I compare the quality of the Fujimi Sabre with other recent Italeri kits it's not such a bad thing afterall. This is a nice kit, well moulded and with good fit. Much better in this respect than many of Italeri's own production kits. Now the price is IMHO too high (same as the Fujimi Phantom FG.1 rebox for a smaller kit with less parts) but at least it will be easily available in every lo
  4. There is one more annoyind detail in the box: the wheel well covers should be bulged for the Vc but Airfix reproduced them as flat like in the earlier Vb
  5. Not necessarily: the EU scheme allows sellers of "low value goods" to not register and still sell in the EU. In such a case VAT will have to be paid by the customer on receipt of the goods. That may mean two things; the delivery company will pay the VAT and then charge the customer accordingly (plus maybe a fee for the hassle) or the postman will deliver the goods to the final address and get the money directly from the customer. It is very likely that in the end the customer will end up paying more regardless of the scheme but at least the option of non registering allows the kind of mic
  6. Giorgio N

    Saintly Fiat

    Not really, they seem to be common airport style buildings. There is a detail that may point at a long abandoned aircraft and it's the lack of wheel well doors. However it may just be that the aircraft was in maintenance when captured or they may have been removed for some reason. Regarding a date, should be after the introduction of the C roundel as this is what was applied on the fuselage, although the underwing roundel and fin flash seem to be based on the earlier style. Unless some other picture or documentation is found, the best chance to know more is probably to identify
  7. It's not really surprising when we consider that Italeri's main markets are outside Italy and Italy itself is not a particularly large market for the hobby. An AMX may sound a potentially popular subject but it's not enough to warrant the investment needed for a new mainstream mould.
  8. Giorgio N

    Saintly Fiat

    Both profiles are taken from the volume of the Ali e Colori series dedicated to the G.50. The aircraft with yellow sides is likely the same shown in the pictures I linked above as it's said to have been captured by a SAAF unit... and it's the one that I erroneusly attributed to 260 Sqn. The one captured by 260 Sqn is the aircraft in the other profile, with HS codes (that were the codes for this unit). This aircraft also carried the lizard scheme
  9. Giorgio N

    Saintly Fiat

    A picture of a G.50 captured by SAAF 1 Sqn. can be seen in this page, together with many other interesting pictures https://saafww2pilots3.yolasite.com/robbie-robinson-photographs.php This is not the same aircraft shown at the start of the thread and it's painted in a different scheme (the later "lizard" scheme with blobs of green over brown). Another aircraft was captured by 260 Sqn. and repainted in an unusual pattern. There are several profiles of this machine online
  10. So we'll know in February what kits from other manufacturers Italeri will offer us... that if they are good quality kits from the likes of Platz and Fujimi as they recently did is not necessarily a bad thing....
  11. Correct, 34087 was changed to 34088 in 1984 with Change.7 of FS.595A. Reason was that for a number of reasons the previous FS 34087 was a very different colour from 14087 and 24087. With Change 7 the previous 34087 became 34088 while the previous 14087 and 24087 were renamed 14084 and 24084
  12. Probably not relevant to the aircraft serving in the RAF, but IIRC the aircraft refurbished for Portugal all had the 6-stack exhausts
  13. Thanks mate ! Time to show some pictures of the kit... I bought this one very soon after it was first issued: the local chapter of a toy supermarket chain had a very good supply of Airfix kits at great prices and I spent quite some money there... Unfortunately they do not carry plastic kits anymore but I've still got many red boxes in the stash, including more than one Hawk, This is of course the original issue of the kit This kit was of the first issued under the then new Hornby ownership and this shows: pretty heavy trenches and little detail around.
  14. The exhaust cone was changed in the mid '70s as part of the J79 smoke reduction package so for an aircraft in 1985 you need to use the longer one. For decals I would check HaHen, they have a number of sheets for Luftwaffe Starfighters and also sheets with numbers and crosses in various sizes. Not cheap unfortunately
  15. As a frequent traveller (or better, a former frequent traveller...) I can see both sides of the the coin here. Clearly the sale of alcohol in airport bars is a potential source of problems and I've witnessed plenty of times people already pretty high by 11 AM. They may have been boys heading to a stag party, folks going on holiday for whom afterall the trip is already part of the holiday or sport supporters travelling for their team, I've seen them all. Were they a danger ? Probably 99% of them were not but things can escalate pretty quickly when people are in such state and it is scary to see
  16. If the Phantom is the Esci kit, then I will leave it on the shelves... I like the Esci F-4C and J but with the E they made a visible error in the nose area: they used the same side intakes of the C while the ones in the E have a very different shape and are blended into the nose sides. This is a C intake, mostly proud of the nearby surface https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-4/pages/afm_f-4c_02.shtml This is the intake shape on the E, that blends into the rear surfaces http://data4.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason5/f-4e_munich/images/f-4e_
  17. Giorgio N

    Saintly Fiat

    Very nice picture, thanks for sharing ! The original colour scheme seems to be the "striped" variant of the original 3-colour camouflage, as used on the G-50 Bis of the 5th production series. The fuselage fasces have been left in place for some reason and the individual number of the codes (5) is visible behind the fuselage band, in red. The Squadriglia number would have been on the white band, here overpainted. Have to say though that having the individual number so far at the rear was not common. Now the colours added by the captors are hard to tell.. the fuselage flash is IMH
  18. Based on their recent tracl record, the Airfix kit will sure have one big advantage: the decals ! Decals in Airfix kits of the last few years have been excellent, both in printing and film quality (Cartograf is a guarantee) and in the completeness of the sheets, with all stencils nicely reproduced. IMHO Airfix decal sheets today are among the very best, real top tier stuff Recent AZ/KP decals on the other hand are less than impressive, I bought a few kits from them in the last few months of last year and all had heavily pixelated colours, something that today is IMHO not acceptable. It is
  19. A few random thoughts on 1/72 kits of aircraft of this era... I share the view on others on the Harriers and Sea Harriers: personally I still prefer the Esci/Italeri kits to the Airfix ones. Now for the GR.1 and 3 the Airfix kits have a few advantages (better cockpit, opened auxiliary intakes, some details more accurate) but for the Sea Harriers the Airfix ones are very poor. Similarly for a Spey engined Phantom I still prefer the Fujmi ones although the Airfix kit seems to be more accurate. And yes, Hasegawa for a J(UK) but the Academy kit although designed as a simplified kit isn't
  20. There seems to be a difference, small but important: in the EU scheme coming into force soon, a seller of low value goods outside the EU can still sell into the Union without having to register for VAT in any of the member states. In such a case VAT will have to be paid by the final customer when the goods arrive. That is pretty much what already happens here in Italy when I buy from for example HLJ in Japan: the courier will give me the packet only after I pay him the VAT due. Now this may in the future attract a fee from the delivery company (at the moment this kind of sales here attrac
  21. Well, made my choice ! I'll join with a RAAF Hawk. It's a type I love and I've seen them flying and for this reason I have accumulated a few items to build a model over the years. Now it's a good time to build it !
  22. My entry for this GB will be the 1/72 Airfix Hawk 100, to be built as a RAAF Hawk Mk.127. Had the kit for a while and through the years I've purchased a couple of additions, including the CMK resin cockpit set and. most important, the Hawkeye decals for a 76 Sqn. aircraft. Pictures of kit, aftermarket parts and references will follow ! In the meantime here's a picture of one of these great little aircraft, taken with my compact camera in 2010 at Williamtown Thinking about it, I may actually build this very aircraft...
  23. The colours used on these aircraft were illustrated by Dana Bell on Hyperscale a few years ago: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/a10ajawsschemesdb_1.htm http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/a10ajawsschemesdb_2.htm http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/a10ajawsschemesdb_3.htm Since Dana also posts here, he may be able to add more information
  24. It is good for some and bad for others: in the same way as UK modellers will not buy from abroad, UK shops will lose revenues as their foreign customers will stop buying from them. The matter is already being discussed in discussion forums in my Country, many are now wondering if buying from say Hannants will still be worth doing. And many have decided to move from British shops to ones located in other parts of Europe. Now the reality is that big shops like Hannants will not suffer too much but the story is totally different for the smaller shops. What we don't often realise here is that
  25. There is one thing that does not seem to be right here: now Ebay collects the 20% VAT and that's fine. However in theory this should be imposed on a price that does not include the VAT equivalent of the country where the seller is registered. At least if the seller is a business, hence registered for VAT. I'm not sure however that Ebay provides this option, or at least I've never seen such option. Maybe it is available to Ebay shops ? Not having a shop I don't know but maybe someone here knows better. Different story if the seller is not a business but a fellow modeller, in this case howe
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