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  1. I really like your models and this one is no exception.
  2. Thank you for your kind words. I had the brengun kit in my stash before the Sabre kit had been introduced. I don't think the kit is bad, and the flaws are noticeable only to someone who really knows the plane. In any case, this model is a test bed for experiments and my main focus is on painting and weathering techniques. After so much time, they need a brush-up.
  3. And some nice reference photos regarding the complex splinter camo
  4. Some painting on the underside, creating highlights and shadows and trying to imitate the fabric surfaces. Unfortunately, these are not so well defined so it's going to be an approximation
  5. You fought your way till the end. I think it is an interesting build. And a good guide to all of us that own the fujimi kit on the stash.
  6. Continue with the painting of the cross of St. Andrew on the tail rudder, the wings and the fuselage. Masks were made from Tamiya tape, with the aid of the amazing tool of DSPIAE and after a first failed attempt, the result was finally worth it. The lower part of the wing and fuselage were preshaded, with black and white for higher contrast and now we are ready for some serious painting!
  7. Overall it's a very good effort. Small individual elements, such as the wash that could have been more thoroughly wiped, I think are magnified by the photos. I had started the same model 3 years ago with the prospect of becoming one of the abandoned ones at Khodynka airport, yet eventually ended up abandoned in the closet.
  8. I am not satisfied from the Brengun offering, but I am working on it. Probably, little or nothing can be done about the shape or the size of the model. At least the fit is good and everything seems to drop right in the proper place.
  9. Hello Roman, this is a great build. I really like the overall appearance of the model and the correct color shades. I am also building the Brengun offering, which has a lot of shortcomings but is buildable. Furthermore, I cannot compare both kits, and I am no expert on the subject, but I am pleased how the whole build is deploying. To be honest, I've been expecting more in terms of finish, but I will do my best. Ps The same photo that inspired you for building this model, Has tempted me to build the ancient Ar 96 from Encore (probably ex Heller)
  10. Anyone who tried to paint a tiny model like that with such a camo, and survived, has the right to tell the story.......... Your paintwork is awesome!
  11. Great build......... I've been struggling, many months with the respective MPM kit (SAAB-B5) but this one seems to be much finer than its predecessor.
  12. I am watching the build from the start, as I own the kit and is at my "immediate" plans. I was hoping the fit would be better. Regarding the clear parts VMS has a glue specifically designed for the clear parts. I think it's worth trying. Keep up the good job
  13. Progress in the model, as the cockpit was completed and glued to the fuselage, then the fuselage and the first part of the construction were closed. After some failed attempts to paint the details on the sides of the fuselage with a brush, each of the boxes was masked and painted with an airbrush. It was a laborious process, but it was dictated by the fact that the details were not well defined. The innerskeleton was accented with a lighter color and the shadows were done with oils. The aging was supplemented with AK pencils and pigments . More visible will be the seats and instrument panels where more attention was paid. Especially the operator's front panel that comes from the detailed Brengun aftermarket set. The fit of the two halves of the fuselage is very good, although there are no locator pins, which means that care is needed to achieve proper alignment. Small gaps that need a little putty are only located at the front, before the engine area.
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