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  1. sandros

    1/72 ICM Fw - 189

    Thank you my friend
  2. sandros

    1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2

    Very interesting project. I'm waiting for the paintjob!
  3. sandros

    1/72 ICM Fw - 189

    Hello Everybody and a happy new year to everyone with health and creativity. A little update, as the quality of the kit and the limited time doesn't allow quick progress. The bet in the model is the transparent portions, which were placed almost breathless and luckily most of them, fit well. The right engine remains to be placed, so the model can be sanded and rescribed, whee necessary. I hope that will be the last obstacle prior painting, in an extremely challenging construction. Although I would describe myself fairly experienced, however that kit had too many traps and was below expectations. I hope the end result is worth the effort and time spent.
  4. sandros

    AMK Kfir C7 1/72°

    Spotless work. How about AMK decals? Did you use them, or aftermarket?
  5. New kit on the bench after a long time, but with slow progress. This is the new and quite remarkable model of the FW 189A1 of the ICM in the 1/72 scale. First impressions are very positive. Two sprues in gray color with very thin pieces free from flash, and with excellent definition especially the main parts. The smallest have shallow definition, flashtraces, form imperfections (in the case of two halves) and somewhat undefined raised details. The transparent parts are thin and spotless. Instructions are well detailed with small flaws that will say then. I used the Eduard masks and a photo etched set and a CMK resin set for the engine, which is for MPM model and I hope to fit in without any problem. When purchased, cmk had not yet released the corresponding kit for this model. The construction starts from the cockpit, where the original seat was replaced by photo etched of Eduard showing more subtle and correct. several boxes at side consoles were removed and replaced by photoetched, while and leipane were added, based on the plans of Eduard and very informative books. Those who try to make the magazines of machine-gun from the photo etched pieces respectively, see the possibility to ' dress ' their respective kits, so the final score to hang more easily and be more stable. After the cockpit was mounted, was sprayed with black microfiller of AK, an excellent product. Then with very diluted white, airbrushed shadows and surfaced the raised details. The base color was the German Grey, while the highlights were made with very diluted XF-83, in the structural elements of the cockpit and the panel centers. The fabric surfaces were painted with Red Brown and the ammo magazines with Gun Metal. Additional highlights were made with 00 brush and Light Grey and all sealed with satine microscale. As I pointed out before, in stage 5, assembling the pieces that fit the B10 isn't the B3 and B9 but the B25 and B26 respectively. In addition to the 35 and 36 stages, when I glued the pieces B18 & B19 and the B14, & B15 caution against placing them at the bottom of the B10. Whatever you try, you'll create an ugly step either from one side or the other. Caution needs at that point, the plastic is extremely thin and soft and it breaks too easily. The gluing was reinforced with a thin plastic strip width of 1 mm. and 0.25 mm thickness. Also casual gluing will have an impact on proper alignment of the tail with that this implies. Generally, during the building process, is good to glue the tail rudder into tail booms forming first a «π» and then the whole adapted to the wings. The engine nacelles have shallow definition which disappears easily if sanding is overdone. Also, in my own kit there was some flash in those pieces, something that is not justified by the new molds. At this time, the build proceeds with normal pace and I hope in a few days the construction will be complete. What worries me is the fit of the large transparent parts, but let's be optimistic.
  6. sandros

    1/72 Buccaneer S.2D

    Very nice point of reference and great work too so far. I will be watching the thread since Buccaneer is a favorite subject but i do not dare to touch that old Airfix kit.
  7. Thank you Dazey. Correct guessing, the figures are from Zvezva and the drums and loads from value gear. The figures are painted with shades of Vallejo 70.816, for the uniform, khaki for the hats, dark grey for boots, oil paints for skin tones. The concrete is made from polusterine sheet.
  8. The Eduard Kit can be classified simply as honest. Distinguished by good fit, clean lines, subtle pieces, the lack of flash and facilities, such as masks for the transparent parts and photo etched parts. On the other hand, the definition is shallow, the fabric surfaces unclear, missing rivets from parts of the plane that was present, the transparent sections are thick – almost armored for scale – though very clean. Instructions are good and the decals are wellprinted with many options. A construction that causes for OOB without particular challenges or derogations. The cockpit was closed without many details. The seat, that is coarse and off scale, was simply painted, and hurdled, zones were placed inside, filling the gap. From the remaining, minimum will be visible, although it was an incremental effort to emerge, but the size and space constraints do not leave much room. Rivets added to air brakes and under the metal plates on either side of the engine, holes were opened in the vertical part of the tail and on the back of the fuselage behind the antenna, to put the areals, the mobile segment of the canopy was sanded thoroughly in order to fit correctly in place and also the rings at the front and rear of the engine disappeared, as it was completely off the scale. The fit is generally good, with the main problem located at the machine gun cover and the wing roots. For painting, masks were cut after the Eduard drawings plans were magnified, about 160% for the top and 110% sides to match the dimensions of the model. As I use masks, I find them more convenient than blue tack, while if you spray the color vertically, is leaving a very distinctive fade, almost ideal to scale. The colors used are the XF 23 for undersides, XF& 83 54 for the upper, lightened with white because intact was quite dark on the scale. The metal plates on the sides of the engine painted with Model Masters, Aluminium were sprayed with a mixture of smoke & clear red and "smoked" with black pigment. With regard to weathering, control surfaces were post shaded and after some failed experiments, I followed a different approach. Very diluted colors, in a range of blue – grey, Khaki, gray and smoke, were sprayed by way of striking effects with quick sharp moves in the direction of air flow, on the wing. Caution not to spill the paint from the Cup and not run the paint onto the surface. We want the greatest possible transparency. Some additional fadings on the dark gray and the model was sealed with Alclad Aqua gloss. The decals applied almost perfectly with the Daco and satine microscale sealed them onto the model.
  9. Extremely good looking model. I really like the stains above the engine. Very nice painting.
  10. In my opinion is a very well balanced model. I like the fatigue - dusty look, the minor scratches, the fluid leaks, exhaust stains etc.... Very nice job!
  11. Probably the model should be displayed on the underside. Very nice weathering. And the oli blending on th upper surfaces is superb. The Revell kit is a direct contender on the Hasegawa kit, i hope to draw from the stash sometime.
  12. sandros

    Bf110C - Italy 1942 1/72

    Excellent clean finish. One of my favorite Luftwaffe subjects and a great kit, i have to deal with it some time in the near future! Well done!!!
  13. sandros

    1/72 Mig-29 (digital Fulcrum)

    I think miles of Tamiya tape........ Well done. Really impressive!
  14. Exeptional build. Very clean work that completely transformed the HB kit. As a Hasegawa fan this kit never drew my attention. But i will certainly give it a try!