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  1. I have the same question. No mater how much i've searched, results were very poor.
  2. Are there any photos of this tractor towing jets? This would be very interesting as it would allow us to find out how the tow, was connected to the tractor and the amount of wear these machines had.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. I can recall what Verlinden wrote at one of his books, saying that "Applying Decals is an Art", which is not far from being true. I perfer to paint the major elments to avoid problems like silvering, or thick decals, but this is not always possible. I mainly use Daco products, which usually treat the majority of decals succesfully, but not all of them, like tamiya or hasegawa. Even after market decals, like print scale do not behave as expected. Anyway, you reply was extremely helpful and appreciated. Thums up once more for your gret build.
  4. I really like the Decals placement. It is stunnig how the decals followed the panel lines and each rivet. Any tip about applying decals so effectivelly would be much appreciated.
  5. This project is running smoothly. No particular fit issues, except for the wing roots, minimum filler and painting is finished over the weekend. Tamiya acrylics, XF-23 for the lower surfaces, XF 24 for the dark grey, XF-58 for the olive green and a mixture of XF-52 + XF-59 in 5:3 ratio completed the pallete. Gun barrels and pitot tube were replaced with 0.3 and 0.2 metal tube respectively. The model is already glossed ans is heading for the decals, which seems to be thin enough and good in registry! Thanks for watching and merry Christmas to all fellow modelers!
  6. I am experiencing problems uploading images from postimage. Direct link is not working properly. Any help please from administration?
  7. After a long time i can call this project done. It was a complicated build, because of fit issues and confusing instructions. The overall kit quality and detail was very good and the decals as well. The base is a gift from my good friend Kyriakos Gkogas with a few additions by me, like the snow, mud ammunition boxes and oil drums. Thank you for watching.
  8. All of them are Tamiya mixes? Very interesting! If i were you i would go for the midd tones and keep the rest for highlights and shadows.
  9. Apart from being a first class modelling is a great reference source. It is very hard to be so focused on W.I.P. since this is a rather boring occupation. I am confident you really love this subject - project and we all love your work.
  10. It has been a while since my last modelling attempt, so as the long hot greek summer is heading for the end, I think it is high time to warm up knives and brushes (and airbrushes of cource) I picked from the stash the beautiful Tamiya Iliushin Il-2 Shturmovik, which is actually a scale down version of its big brother in 48 scale. Most of you would be aware of what a great kit it is but for the rest, I will stress that is greatly moulded, very well and cleverly engineered, the fit is almost perfect and the detail outstanding for the scale. I supplied Eduard Brassin wheels, masks for the clear parts, and a photo etched set to add extra detail. On second thought, apart from the seat belts, instrument panels and one or two small bits is a matter of choice to spend a few extra euros to add detail buried inside the narrow cockpit. I thing, the kit more than adequate, so it can be built straight from the box. Although the instructions and bibliography suggest RLM 02 as basic color for the cockpit and wheel wells, the end result would be rather dark for such a small scale. So I lightened (very much) the original color with light grey, and tried to emphasized the detail with even lighter grey colors painted with 00 brush. Some very highly diluted black color sprayed in the cavities and corners to increase contrast. A wash with some Ammo Dark Brown color gave a more weathered appearance. The whole project sealed with Microscale flat varnish.
  11. Very nice so far. I think she deserves further weathering and a decent payload!
  12. I thing you should check this demarcation line You have a nice canvas for further weathering.
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