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  1. MIG-15 UTI HobbyBoss 1:72

    A tubby little feller, isn't it, with the twin cockpit? Very convincing build and finish! Kind regards, Joachim
  2. Falcon 1/48 Supermarine Swift

    Impressive display of 'real modelling' and a beautiful result! Kind regards, Joachim
  3. A background history makes any model that much more interesting, and especially if it includes personal details. Great finish and an eye opener livery! If there're any slightly distracting details, they concern the symmetry of construction. The main wheels seem to have some uncharacteristic negative camber, the nose gear looks skewed from the vertical and the raised canopy likewise – all seen from the straight ahead second photo, compared to the real thing: Otherwise, splendid and interesting modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  4. It Came from the Shelf of Doom II: KH F-94

    In a word – superb! Kind regards, Joachim
  5. Airfix 1/48th Hurricane Mk.I

    Beautiful handiwork! The weathering is tastefully understated, just enough to make the paintwork come alive. Impressed! Kind regards, Joachim
  6. 1/72 F-15E Seymour Johnson 333rd FS

    Great, sinister looking Eagle! I take it that it's not really your first, er… second model as such, though (possibly?) your first aircraft build? ;-) Good work. Kind regards, Joachim
  7. Matchbox F9F-4 Panther

    Thank you for that interesting tidbit! Obviously, I was completely clueless about this particular feature of the Panther. When I build mine (eventually…), I'll set both ailerons to 'up', just to bait potential know-it-alls! Kind regards, Joachim
  8. Matchbox F9F-4 Panther

    Beautiful model from a somewhat crude kit, detail-wise! My only question regards the ailerons that seem deflected down, both of them. Unless the Panther had some special aileron arrangement that I'm unaware of, ailerons always travel in opposite directions for lateral control – they're not like flaps. Good modelling over all! Kind regards, Joachim
  9. At first glance, that top photo made me doubt if I was looking at a model or the real thing. The out-of-focus nose gave the game away… ;-) Beautiful build and finish – and very convincing photography. Kind regards, Joachim
  10. Revell 1/72 F-89/J Scorpion

    The Scorpion is one of my all time faves, and you have certainly recreated her menacing, not-to-be-trifled-with character to the hilt. Good modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  11. Macchi 202 Tenente Solaroli

    Beautiful build of this elegant and racy-looking thoroughbred! As usual, I'm a bit skeptical to paint chipping on the prop blades of an otherwise virtually pristine airframe. Was the Italian prop paint really that prone to falling off? ;-) Magnificent modelling. Kind regards, Joachim
  12. Fouga Magister CM 170

    A very attractive build and an interesting scheme! Good work. Kind regards, Joachim
  13. Superb rendition of the Günter brother's radical design! Kind regards, Joachim
  14. Stunning piece of work, very convincing. The open engine compartment gives the illusion of a hollow metal enclosure full of machinery, as opposed to thick (relatively speaking) walls of styrene around nothing. Quite amazing, really. Congrats! Kind regards, Joachim
  15. Fujimi F7U-3m 1/72

    While the Cutlass may not have been very successful IRL, she's definitely a unique and attractive shape, well demonstrated by your neat build. I've been attracted by the Cutlass since a very tender age, when pictures appeared in a comic magazine of some sort. Now I have to make a loft excavation to find my unbuilt kit! Good job! Kind regards, Joachim