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  1. That's a beauty! The weathering is so subtle, yet convincingly portrays a well used and well maintained aircraft. The bare metal is noteworthy.
  2. Eagle eyes!! You're right- the aircraft was supposed to be build with wheels dry and the torpedo attached. So the shackles were already glued to the torpedo prior to painting. Unfortunately they got destroyed while cuttting them off. Of course, this is a grandiose excuse for not scratch building them. Thanks, Alex.
  3. Thanks for the link Andy! I'm going to try this on my next build for sure!
  4. That's a beauty! The riveting makes all the difference in the final outcome doesn't it!
  5. Hey all, Here's my rendition of the excellent Airfix 1/72nd Bristol Beaufighter TF.X Built OOB with added rivets to fill up the large panels. I initially planned it wheels down on an airfield. I changed plans midway to depict a moment over the Channel just after the torpedo was dropped. Unfortunately mods like a head turn on the pilot, and various pitches in the control surface and the tail wheel in landing config were too late to change as I had already built and painted the model by then. Also my resident elf 'Sloppy' decided he wanted the tail gunner's machine g
  6. Beautiful! Good choice on the dropped flaps. Contrasts nicely with the blue
  7. Thanks Alex- I've been an admirer of your airliner builds on this forum! You're right regarding the windscreen. I had to sand it down some to get a better profile. There is a spare decal in the kit, so I'll try cutting the decal into individual windows. Wish I'd thought of that earlier. Cheers, Alex
  8. Hey all! My first civilian airliner model! What better subject than the classic Indian Airlines black nose Boeing 737! I grew up near the Santa Cruz Airport in Bombay, India in the 80s. Many afternoons, I'd go running to the terrace to watch these noisy aircraft take off from Runway 32 towards the Arabian sea. That and the logo of the Indian Airlines will always stir up nostalgia. The registration VT-EGA is fictional (The GA being a reference to my homeland Goa) This was the first time I printed out my own decals (for the lettering and serial numbers) The tail l
  9. Jaw droppingly AWESOME! Those burner cans and weathering are perfect
  10. Ooh nice! I like those bare-metal panels. The weathering is also just right.
  11. Hey all! Wishing you a happy 2021. My first build of 2021. And what an absolute pleasure it was. Took around 10 hours over a week, and other than a minor issues of not following the instructions properly, it went together like LEGO. I ran into a few issues with a fogged up canopy due to fumes from the primer I'm guessing, and a matte coat that wouldn't cover a glossy part and then turned the whole paintjob white. Managed to salvage it in the end and was left quite happy with the results. I initially wasn't very excited about the overall olive drab scheme, but references online t
  12. Is the 1/72 a typo? You surely meant 1/32 right? That rigging is phenomenal.
  13. Wow, look at that subtle weathering! I'd imagine the aircraft to be a lot more glossier though. Any other aircraft other than the Blue Angels could be satin, but them Blue Angel boys keep their birds immaculate. Barring that- amazing job Love the photography too. What did you use on the stanchion on the main landing gear?
  14. So good! The landing gear especially look like they're a larger scale. The weathering is subtle, and the streaks on the upper fuselage are perfect, especially given the scale Couldn't help notice though- the streaks on the wing, shouldn't they be along the airflow as opposed to perpendicular to the panel line?
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