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  1. The only reason I asked if it was masked was because there was no way decals could conform so flawlessly. I don't think you have much further to go with that. You've nailed it.
  2. That is a valid point. I had completely overlooked that aspect. However, we need to take into consideration the scale of the colors as well. Something that is black close up, will shift towards grey as we move further away. For example the panel lines on a 1:32 and 1:44 will be colored with different shades as they are meant to represent the 1:1 aircraft seen from different distances. Lastly, the reason I personally feel the panel lines are too strong, is due to the general perception the viewer has of a Concorde- a sleek sophisticated beauty, with a smooth skin untarnished by panel
  3. Great work on the model! Was it masked paint or decal on the tail? My only critique (since it was requested) : In my opinion a light grey wash would've been more subtle than the black/dark gray one. Almost all the photos of the Concorde have close to invisible panel lines. I can only imagine the difficulty you've surmounted in masking that cockpit in 1/144!
  4. LOVE IT! Such a welcome break from the staple of subjects we normally build. The paint job is perfectly executed with just the right amount of weathering. It seems like such a raw almost untamed beast of power.
  5. That's a brilliant idea for checkered canopies! Glad I stumbled upon this build. Top notch stuff all around!
  6. Very nice The camo pattern and weathering are perfect. The fuel leakage on the center tank is lovely! Great photography too!
  7. That's some incredible detailing! Looking forward to the rest of the build! Cheers, Alex.
  8. Hey all, A quick post of these two lovely little models I had a lot of fun building Trumpeter's 1/144th F-14D and Revell's 1/144th F-18D. Trumpeter's 1/144th kits are an absolute blast to build- low part count, perfect fit, excellent level of detail for the scale, and stress free. The perfect antidote for taking a refreshing break from your other high maintanence builds. I used the lo-vis Tomcatters scheme from the F-14D kit on the F-18D, despite the VF-31 not having the Hornet (they currently have the F/A-18E). Also for the eagle-eyes, the wing-tip rails are not acc
  9. So good. Nice work. You get the weathering just right.
  10. Hey All, I'd like to present the 1/72nd Academy F-16C/J draped in the splinter camo of the 64th Squadron. The decals were from the Hobby-Boss boxing. I took some creative liberties in choosing the Arctic Splinter camo as opposed to the reference in the box as it looked cooler (no pun intended?) I left the aircraft unweathered (it being Airforce and all) but went to town on the fuel tanks which wouldn't receive as much love as the aircraft itself. Thanks for watching! Cheers, Alex.
  11. Hey All, This build was a spiritual successor to my Hobby-Boss F-14D which I also hugely enjoyed building. Both builds are on different continents now. The build was mostly OOB with the exception of basic riveting (to justify the weathering) and rotating of the Nose Landing Gear (probably not technically accurate for a parked aircraft but adds a dash of dynamism). The HARM missile was borrowed from the Academy F-16CJ kit, and the pilot from the Hasegawa F-18D kit. Missiles all carry the blue ribbon of non-lethality Painted using Vallejo Model Air and Alclad II. Weathered
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