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  1. I used 3 blocks of foam glued together then cut out the tunnel system then used a thick polyfilla as a plaster and covered the full thing. Then coated it with watered down pva to seal it. I sanded it smooth before pva and moulded any floor and wall textures too
  2. I've done a couple of vids on my YouTube showing how I do my figures if you want to take a look sometime. https://youtu.be/W7XxCgKFlvA
  3. The exact stuff I used. I sprinkled it on top of a layer of hair spray. Then snow, hairspray, snow and so on until you get the depth you want. Used masking g tape and paper to cover the areas I didnt want snow. You can also mix it in with a satin clear coat to form a paste and then dab it into nooks and crannies with an old brush to get snow build up.
  4. Hi, thanks for the compliment. I dont have a website yet but possibly thinking of a blog at some point but I do have a YouTube channel if you'd like to check it out. Not may videos on there atm as not long started but working on one now for a real old tamiya sea harrier which should be up soon. Also keep it up im still not close to some others out there. Link below https://youtu.be/W7XxCgKFlvA
  5. I'll add a link to my signature later on as per Greg's post. I dont want to spam people.
  6. Thanks Greg. That's exactly what I wanted to avoid. Thanks for the heads up. I'll add a link to my bio and on my build forms for videos related to that particular build if thats OK.
  7. Hi, is there an appropriate forum to add a link to my YouTube channel? Didnt want to spam anything. Its a how too guide of how I paint and do things which people might be interested in. Thanks Simon
  8. Thanks for the likes and feedback. I've just started a new YouTube channel if you want to see how I build stuff in future. I'll hopefully be doing the flame effect in the near future. Its very new. Only one video so far haha but feel free to subscribe.
  9. Very nice, Great attention to detail!! The telehpone lines are especially good
  10. My thoughts too, I was on twitter asking alot of people. I did however find a video from the Tank Museum which had a copmmander very proudly out of his turret whilst flaming so I went with it. I was secpitcal too. But i assume being in one of those things took balls of steel anyway so sticking out thast far wouldnt bother him haha
  11. Tamiya 1/48 Crocodile with scratch build base and flamethrower effects. Enjoyed the smaller scale and glad I chose it rather than the original 1/35 as the base would have been huge. Hope you enjoy it. And one #NOFLITER ie as the lighting looks under normal light. Check out my new how to video showing how I go about making my flame effects. Subscribe to the channel too as I cover things like figure painting and dio scenics and will be updating more content soon.
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