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  1. Very nice. Love the camo scheme. I was going to do the same with mine but went for the green option.
  2. You're very welcome. Also sorry for posting twice. I may have been a tad drunk haha
  3. Very nice. Love the sheet hanging. Excellent stuff. Very nice. Love the sheet hanging. Excellent stuff.
  4. Excellent work. The tracks really put me off this kit. Shame as wanted a firefly for a while but can't be bothered with the admin.
  5. Thanks. I was keeping the plinth for a bust but wanted a base that wouldn't take a) the focus from the plane b) would take time as I was trying to be quick. Turned out better than I expected.
  6. Thanks. Yeah but its more of a generic base tbh. I can take the tank off and add others on if I want a scene for photos.
  7. Painted on the panel weathering. Then usual panel lines. Then used weathering pencils and tamiya soot.
  8. Hi Andy, I use a light box. Basically a pop up white tent with black background and two lights either side. Then I just adjust it in a editing software. Take care not to adjust the model just the background
  9. Yes, i forgot to do that before i took the photo. I tore a chunk off to add some dust to this. The base for the matilda was a bit of a bodge job out of old bits and bobs just for something to sit on. I will probably use the matilda on a proper Dio at ssome point. The 251 was a sacrificial kit from way back too hence the OTT rust effects etc.
  10. The 251n was an OLD kit i had lying around in the garage that was a test bed for stuff (rust tests, washed, chipping etc) so just slung it in there. Wasnt taking this one too seriously as i can remomve the Matilda and add other IFVs for display so wanted just something generic. Also yes re the dust but again wanted a generic base to use for other stuff
  11. Tamiya Matilda MkII OOTB build hence the naff figures.
  12. Lovely job and a lovley kit. Did the same one myself just before lockdown.
  13. Thanks Andy, Lovley Airfix kit too BTW highly recomend it for £20. Got a Blenhiem to build sometime too. Helping me with the epic-ness of a Tamiya 1/32 F-14 that im ploughing through atm.
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