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  1. Thanks for the kind words as usual John
  2. Because its not a tank, its an assault gun.
  3. Yeah, i build to enjoy the painting process and not got into crazy detail over historical accuracy as frankly builds would look incredibly boring to me if i did. I, like alot of people apply artistic license. Theres one "shiny" edge tbh, everything else is just light hitting the surface. Also its painted and done now so additions like cables and stuff? The horse has already bolted on that front. Plus i built it out the box and only added a few extras. Theres ALOT more i could have done to get it more accurate but i had neither the time nor the inclination to do so.
  4. Finished......for now. Im going to add more environmental weathering, leaves soil etc when i get the diorama base sorted out. Part two up now.
  5. All post shaded ontop of a black undercoat. Building it up in mottled thin layers gradually getting lighter each layer.
  6. Yeah, and the wall and banner. Although i did get the russian on the wall totally wrong and had to re do it.
  7. The s hooks? Its a rust coat to then be painted over.
  8. Tamiya 1/35 WIP Heres part 1 of the build
  9. Tamiya 1/35 WIP UPDATE Stowage doen and tracks on. Dio base and figures up next but prob gonna sort out the youtube videos for the stug build first. Added some proper filth. The end dio will hopefully have a fella hosing it down so ive gone alittle harsher than i usually would to emphasise it.
  10. Nightshift? Never heard of him . Ill take a look at the group build for sure thanks.
  11. I used mig ammo protective green and 4BO and made a custom mix and lightened it with cockpit green and a little bit of yellow. Then used mig shaders to get darker tones. It was a tough one as i didnt want the dark green of a later T34 i wanted that light minty green
  12. Tamiya Kv1 1/35 KV1, scratch built base and building. Ive got like one figure to finish but had covid right at the end and havent got it in me to finish so gonna call it quits......for now.
  13. Some nicer photos of a the IL2 i made last year
  14. Dirt and dark green mainly. Little earth on the brown parts
  15. Built this for a commision. The welly was the one his great uncle flew in. Custom cut roundels and markings via a cricut. Really enjoyed it and used MIG shaders for the 1st time.
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