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  1. Yeah. I tend to stick to that scale. Although I could have said 144th and blown your mind haha.
  2. Yeah. It just looks like one. Either way its absolutely outstanding work.
  3. The little tool that looks like bolt cutters to me (a person that sells them) like a sealing tool to seal strapping you use on pallets etc.
  4. Amazing. Love the scale replica of the strapping sealer too.
  5. The rash was a little addition from me. Thought it was very 70s and fitted well haha.
  6. Nice one looks great....it also looks like something I would hate to build too haha. Top notch.
  7. Sweet! Excellent work look forward to seeing it finished.
  8. This is what I feel is the right thing. I've seen the confetti. I have some great film but cutting it that small and making it look well....not poo-poo is a challenge..
  9. Update. Gave my dad this one. As hes always shouted at folk "you can fit a bloody chieftain tank through there" when hes driving.....something I've gladly taken to saying too. He was over the moon with it.
  10. Hi Does anyone know a good way of giving the anti laser lens coating on a leopard 2 vision blocks. I've seen the afv club sheets but can only find them via poland so go only knows when they will arrive. I've tried painting in the past and they look rubbish. I really want these to look the biz. Tia
  11. Thanks. It really helps that the old cheaper tamiya kits have like 8 parts
  12. Thanks. I was the sum total of two. A few nights over the week. Just blasted through to see what I could get done and reinvigorate my desire to model. It seems to have worked. Made a start on a leopard 2. ThanksThe turret was built already in fairness from years back. So badly done too
  13. Thanks. They came with the kit. It was like £20 very basic and half was built when I was very new and very badly done haha. Hence the quick build. Throw it together as a bit of a challenge. Cut corners and details like vision blocks etc are poor but meh. I've got a 1/32 mustang and a leopard 2 a7 meng kit to put actual effort in to
  14. When this whole lockdown started i thought that one positive to come of it would be more free time to get on with some builds. In fact quite the opposite happened. My output fell to nigh on zero, I started a Tamiya Tiger 1 which would usually take a week or two and its sitting there unfinished after 6 weeks, So in an effort to try and bump start things I dug out a half built very basic tamiya kit and decided to set a little challenge and see what I could do over a few nights. I wanted to test out a few things so the kits not anywhere close to where id like but i feel it has definatley got me back in the game so to speak. STAY SAFE ALL!!
  15. Thanks andy. It's a cork heat proof pad from ikea
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