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  1. Yeah. It was my first go to be honest. It's quite hard to get decent effect brush painting. Needed to use a chrome airbrushed or something but thanks for the feedback.
  2. Welcome back to the hobby.
  3. Thanks. I wanted to capture chaos. The WTF feeling the guys must have felt getting out of the landing craft into that scene.
  4. Started the jagdpanther and though folk might want to see how they would look in situe. Not bothering with an armour WIP as my Flickr is getting full and I'm too cheap for pro.
  5. Thanks. I was really happy how he turned out for my first attempt. Gave him to my dad as he loved it.
  6. This was the first bust and larger than 35th scale I ever attempted. Really enjoyed the change of techniques and learned alot to take back to smaller scale. Hope you enjoy. Apologies for the cheesy watermark too. I had to do it for a time as some random russian was selling my images as his own
  7. Amazing detail. That would have been in the bin withing minutes if I tried. Always impressed when people can work so small scale.
  8. Thanks. I was a little unsure of what route to go down. I wondered if I should have been more sterile but felt that by ignoring some of the "gore" wouldn't do the event justice and would shy away from the sacrifice those guys made but I made sure not to over do it hopefully.
  9. Thanks I tried to make the tones more muted and "saving private ryan esq"
  10. Hi billy. I did a rather large resin pour. The used water effects (woodland scenics) and some synthetic stuffing for the waves and foam. I have a WIP in the relevant forum if you want to take a look. The resin very nearly destroyed the whole thing. Thanks for the comment too.
  11. Depends. If you want to see under the water at all then resin but it sets flat so there is more work involved to get wave crests etc but for 1/72 that may not be too hard. Otherwise if you want a real rolling sea I'd look at clay then add toilet tissue on top with pva then just paint it the relevant sea colours. I've done both recently and found each entertaining with different finishes. If you want more info feel free to ask.
  12. Thanks Clogged, enjoyed it until the resin nearly melted it to bits, i think im all figured out now though. My next few will have 2/3 resin figs in as they are much nicer to paint than the plastic figure kits.
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