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  1. Yeah mostly citadel gw range and various washed etc.
  2. Never again? It was something like 600 + parts in total. By the end it really sucked the joy and became more of a chore. However, I get halfway through a build and I'm thinking about the next one so I wouldn't let it put you off building it as it's a fantastic kit.
  3. Yeah i was gonna do that too but couldnt be bottomed going to get stuff so ebay'd it instead. haha
  4. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate and THIS DIORAMA.....Amazing, really gets the feel of the movie. In no way being critial as its honestly friggin so cool, maybe try and rig up some sort of steam somewhere? A e-cig or train engine smoke or something coming from a grill would be swish. Once again inredible work.
  5. Love the stowage. Great work
  6. Hi Clogged, I didnt have to alter the stalingrad figures, i used them on my river crossing dio too, the detail is fantastic and they are well worth it in comparison to tamiya and masterbox etc. In regards to the gloss they are pretty matt but the guy in the vest is glossed a little as he is washing his hair and face so wanted it looking wet. The boots are semi gloss too as its meant to be pretty early in the war when the germans were maybe a bit more cocky and had time to polish boots aand were cleaner fresher looking than perhpas later in the war. Also the photos arent the best as the off my mobile so the light is pretty shitty. I just bought an applicatior off ebay, think it was maybe £30 or something but it came with tonnes of grass. Ive used it for 2 years on all sorts and still not needed any more grass.
  7. Hi Badder, The figures are stalingrad with the exception of the crewman who is stock tamiya which is crap. Yes i used a static grass applicator, they are well worth the money. Ill try and take a few more pics soon. Thanks,
  8. I find the youtube channel incredibly helpful. Cant see much KV1 related but they do tonnes of different tanks and afvs both inside and out and its interesting too
  9. Meng Bradley with interior..........never again.
  10. Whipped up a little dio earlier in the year as i was bored. Not overly happy with some of the faces but it was more of a messaround than anything else.
  11. Excellent dio and the detail on the T60 is great.
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