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  1. Great work. Especially for a first time. Love the colour scheme. Did you use blue or green/grey? I've got a tamiya one to build which says blue but we all know its green/grey silly tamiya. Lol. Look forward to seeing more. Maybe a crusader. Thanks for sharing Simkn
  2. Great work. I've got the one with full interior and the sheer number of wheels is putting me off as itll be the most boring thing ever.
  3. Please note there are definatley no points for guessing as it should be plainlyt obvious. Going to try a decent resin pour on this one so sunken equipment and rocks etc can be seen. In total there are 38 figures to work with. I'm not going to use them all as its a landing scene and many of them are standing upright. The aim is to have those at the back standing with people running off the LCVP at the front and others already on the beach. This could all change however and I could also time/motivation dependant pivot and have the Higgins out at sea on the run up to the beach fully loaded. Either way its gonna be FIGURES.........which I hate. I dont know why I do this to myself.
  4. Right well for starters im stealling the rack idea for your sprues. haha. cool idea. Hope the build goes well, look forward to seeing updates.
  5. I had a thought then looked at the bridge and realised it would be a hellish sized scratch build so decided against it. Hope you can figure it out as I'd love to see someone attempt it.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know of any aftermarket bedspring armour kits for 1/35th T34/85? The only one i can see is the full accademy kit which isnt available anymore and only on ebay etc at hyper inflated prices which i begrudge paying. Something in PE or anyone got any experience of scratch building some? Thanks, Simon
  7. Also in fairness the 109 crash landed over Kent like a month after the spit was shot down so in reality the whole things a complete fantasy. Lol. I've tried in the past to do 100% accurate and nobody really noticed so I figured sod it. Do what I enjoy.
  8. Never bother with total accuracy tbh. I make them for the fun of it and how the scene looks in the end. If I enter it into any shows and it fails because it's not 110% accurate that's fair enough but thanks for mentioning it.
  9. Thanks. It's a been quite expensive to get to where I am now but enjoyed every build. Still tonnes more to learn.
  10. No problem, although reading the explanation back you'd hardly think english was my first language. Ha. I wrote it on my phone while trying to calm a 5 week old baby
  11. Nah not in the kit and I couldnt be bottomed buying a separate set. Shame really but the modern kits tend to avoid them.
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