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  1. Thank you Bertie ! I found a thread discussing about this here on BM if you want to know a little more:
  2. Very nice - This is beautifully painted and photographed !
  3. Thank you Calum. Indeed, the engine comes from the SH boxing. It might not be the perfect rendition because I think that more depth is expected between cylinders but it does the trick and fits perfectly well. I agree with the menacing part. To my eyes, the Mk II is one of the best looking fighter of WWII, along with the Ta-152. You can feel the power of the machine just by looking at it and this is emphasized here (at least I hope) by revealing the Centaurus engine beast.
  4. Hello, This my latest build, made from the SH and the Eduard boxings. Why 2 kits ? Simply because I screwed up part of the first build and, because I never give up and like the type, decided to carry on the build and bought another kit Pretty good kit, despite some minor inaccuracies with the engraving under the fuselage. I was not fond of the decals as colors are not always well aligned - especially for the stencils. I did peel off the varnish top layer on the decals to get that "painted on" look. This has to be done gently otherwise you might end up tearing off the paint as well. Color scheme is from the Pakistanese Air Force.
  5. Interesting. That's the part I like to procrastinate Very nice work on this Bronco
  6. I really like your build and the very subtle weathering. I am now also very tempted by the kit even if I am a 1/48 guy
  7. Love it with the worn out nose and the reflection on the wings. Great job !
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