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  1. Beautiful Saetta and excellent painting Kriss ! You don't have to ask for forgiveness for building a model the way you like
  2. Very nice ! Thanks, I want to build one now
  3. Another nicely done weasel ! I like how you painted the exhausts
  4. Very nice mirage Calum ! The ladder is actually a nice visual trick to distract the eye from the slightly oversized landing gear of the kit
  5. This is so beautifully built and painted, Andrew ! I find the weathering very well done and nicely adapted to the scale
  6. I like both of them and the attention to details for the two scenes.
  7. Beautiful !! How did you manage to keep the focus on the first picture from the nose to the tail, the a/c being rather long? Did you use Focus Stacking ?
  8. I am really not a big fan of the F-14 but I must admit that yours looks fantastic ! Your scene is also really cool: it's simple but yet the atmosphere of the carrier is here.
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