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  1. Very nice. Thumbs up for tackling the U/C as this is seldom seen !
  2. Impressive build, especially at this scale !
  3. toniosky

    Su-25M1 " PIXEL" Trumpeter 1:32

    Excellent paint work and weathering. Love it!
  4. The Postjager was a hell of a sexy aircraft. I am dreaming of a 1/48 kit Very nice work on this kit, looks like you spent quite some time on it.
  5. Flawless build ! How did you make the thin yellow lines on the front canopy? Decal strips maybe?
  6. toniosky

    De Havilland 112 Mk.1 Venom

    Thank you Miguel and Pete
  7. toniosky

    De Havilland 112 Mk.1 Venom

    Hi @WildeSau75, I don't have any MB's conversion left, sadly. Like you, I have the resin CA Vampire nose and I think it will suit the Venom kit quite well. Actually, during the build I hesitated on using either the MB or CA nose. I think that the fit of both noses is roughly equivalent in term of work, but I found the shape of the MB nose more convincing. I have a walk-around if you are interested: http://toniosky7.blogspot.com/2012/09/de-havilland-dh-112-venom-mk-i.html
  8. toniosky

    De Havilland 112 Mk.1 Venom

    Thank you everyone for your nice comments Thanks ! The kit is not too bad, well for a CA kit. The fit is generally good with maybe the exception of the cockpit tub that is a bit tricky to align correctly. There is also the ejection seat which is a tad too high and prevents the canopy from being closed. I noticed that too late when the seat was already trapped inside the tub and I had to trim the top. As with other short-run kits, a lot of detailing/re-building of thin parts is required - not nothing an average modeller can't tackle with a bit of time and motivation. Hi Michael, I dont have any WIP post unfortunately. However, I took one single picture that will give you an idea of the work that needs to be done, especially for the resin nose (Michel Bérard nose and FLUNT). Surgery of the nose is a bit scary at first sight, but once you cut along the panel line it only requires bit of trimming here and there. As for the colors, I used Tamiya XF-53 for the dark gray, but the green is completely empirical, anyway the colors on Swiss Venom were completely washed out and good reference pictures will be of great help. Antoine
  9. Hi, Who said that Swiss aircraft are always clean ?? Here is 1/48 Classic Airframes model to which I added the specific nose and auxiliary "FLUNT" tanks. Decals are from MC-one. The build was not too complicated but a lot of time and care was needed to make this model look okay. For those of you who noticed that the airbrakes and flaps are not down, I will just say that the aircraft just landed and the pilot likes to have things tidy Cheers, Antoine
  10. toniosky

    Su-35 Flanker E 1/48

    Gorgeous weathering !
  11. toniosky

    Junkers D.I

    Very nice ! I love the "mess" on engine. Can you please explain how you made the propeller? It looks to me like you used thin layers of wood for that. Antoine
  12. Geez,great buid. How on earth did you manage to paint free-hand like this with such fine demarcation lines ? Impressive
  13. toniosky

    1/32 Junkers Diorama

    Very refreshing and inspirational diorama
  14. toniosky

    Ki-61-Id Tei Tamiya 1/48

    Nice paint job - I love it !
  15. Excellent painting and photography as always. Just one thing to be aware: Airfix forgot the trim tab on the port side of the rudder, but not on starboard.