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  1. In my opinion, the Kiwi Euro scheme is the one that suits the A-4 the best and your model looks terrific ! Thanks also for sharing all that useful info on the subject on your blog - I got a feeling that it will be useful for the future
  2. Waoo, very nice painting ! You almost convinced me to build one
  3. I like the subject and weathering of your build.Very nice work Kurek and much to my liking.
  4. Great build and neat painting, especially considering that white painting is not easy !
  5. Very nice build and paint job ! I am not a 1/72 guy but here I am in awe !
  6. Great work. A hell of a sexy aircraft, if you ask me, and you did a very convincing job !
  7. Very nice ! Tell us more about the build please. Was it an okay build ?
  8. Gnat and aerobatic teams are usually not my cup of tea, let alone the mix of them both, but you convinced me ! Your work really looks good, and the contrast between the highly visible (and closed !) cockpit plus the red livery really makes your build quite interesting.
  9. I find the mottling well executed. That's a beautiful build !
  10. Thank you Pete ! The base color is the 4BO from Mig, to which I tried to add some variations with beige, yellow, dark green and even a bit of blue.
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