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  1. Hello everyone I would like to thank you all for the incredibly kind comments & insightful tips! I appreciated each & every one of them a lot. Regards
  2. ITALERY Ju 87 G-2 Stuka Kanonenvogel (1/48) + German Luftwaffe Pilots & Ground Personnel (1/48) 1944 - German Airfield What do you believe guys?? Thank you for the comments! Cockpit details! Engine details! Final Diorama!
  3. Amazing work!! Well done. The details are incredible.
  4. Hi Billy, I really like the painting details in the soldiers and in the airplane. The details in the Jeep and the crew are amazing. Really i love it. The only comment i have is that, i believe if you add weathering on your diorama will be perfect. Great Job.
  5. Hi Badder, Thank you for your tips. What do you suggest to use for plants or shrubs asides lichen? You are right, this building is from MiniArt and it was very difficult to put the to two parts together (a lot of gaps and different finishes details). To Be honest with you, the quality of the building and the details were very disappointing. Thank you for your tips on the building. I will keep them on my mind for the next building. Regarding the dead body, my diorama is on 1944 somewhere in France and I was thinking that a squad of US airborn dropped behind enemy lines and they tried to keep the point inside the church and the tiger blew up the whole building. Does make sense the dead body in the ruin now? Thank you for your comments & your tips.
  6. Hi Sairou - Yep you're right, he is pointing at a battle plan diagram. It was difficult in the beginning to create it because i tried to do that on the mud but you could not see it very clearly and then i decided to add a little bit black colour, so it will be more perceived. Hi Steve -Thank you for the nice comment.
  7. Amazing job. I like the combination of the colours and the details!
  8. Very interested job... I loved the way you ''burn the aircraft''
  9. ACADEMY Tiger 1 (1/35) + German Crew (1/35) 1944 - Somewhere in France What do you believe guys?? Thank you for the comments!
  10. This looks gorgeous mate and the detail painting is awesome! I would like to ask you what diameter wire did you use in the cockpit 0.5/0.8mm?? Thank you in advance and again amazing job. I am looking forward to seeing your next model.
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