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  1. The kit is probably this item which is a release by Revell/Monogram in the USA.
  2. I recall reading somewhere that US nuclear weapon training rounds were white while operational weapons were unpainted metal. There are photos of a variety of US weapons on this site
  3. Is this of any use? A quick scan of an old print of ZH555/CV at RIAT Fairford 2002
  4. Mike, These 2 images should show the physical differences between the IDS/GR.4 and the ADV/F.3 . Tornado GR.4 ZG756/BX 14 Squadron 15/07/2005 Tornado F.3 ZG753/HH 111 Squadron 15/07/2005 The F.3 has a longer rear fuselage - note the postions of the exhausts relative to the trailing edge of the fin & also the shape of the fillet at the base of the fin. As dolphin38 said there is a fuselage stretch on the F.3 behind the cockpit - note the position of the engine intake relative to the canopy and finally the radar nose of the F.3 is longer and a different shape to that of the GR.1/4 . Rod
  5. The F-14 and F/A-18a shown in Dolphins38's photos were all listed as being at the 1996 show.
  6. It looks like it was the 1996 show. There were 4 USN F-14's plus F/A-18s present that year according to the BARG report of the show. The flight lines contained 2 RNHF Swordfish and the Firefly plus a Skyvan , all of which are in the photo. I have sent you a PM regarding the show list
  7. The UK importer Pocketbond is quoting a UK price of £48.99 with the kit due in February/March
  8. If you are ordering from outside the UK I know that WM ask that the card used is signed up to the "Verified by Visa" or "Mastercard Securecode" schemes as appropriate. These schemes designed to protect both card holder and retailer from online fraud. Just do a google search for "verified by Visa + the name of your bank" and you will be able to find all the information you need and you should be able to sign your card up to the scheme online in a few minutes. If not contact your bank and ask them how to do this. If you go to the Help section of the WM website it is also explained there in the paragraph entitled "Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode"
  9. It is now due into the UK in about a week's time
  10. There is a thread in the current news section about the deleted Airfix kits Airfix to discontiue "some kits" The link to the Hannants list is
  11. That looks superb. One detail I particularly like is the overpainted sky fuselage band. How did you do that?
  12. or you can go to the Tamiya USA website and download copies of the relevent instructions for both kits
  13. Having done a bit more research it think the first image is a mock-up and the kit does not exist. Possibly the kit was planned but never released. Tamiya's own website only shows the FB.VI kit
  14. The clue to the difference is in the bottom right corner of the second image - the Export version only label. Tamiya often produce some of their kits in 2 versions, one for the home market and one for export. The latter usually have extra features - in ths case clear engine cowling parts and this is the version imported into the UK, The top image is probably the version for the Japanese market.
  15. Canadian F-104s were still in Europe until at least 1985 - there were 2 in the static display at IAT Fairford in July 1985, 104808 and 2-seater 104650.