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  1. Just checked mine. Got two C frames and no frame B's. So two sets of lower wing no top wings. Brilliant!
  2. I was on the No29 bus in Edinburgh heading into the city centre, looked out the window and there's a Vulcan flying low heading in the opposite direction. Did not expect to ever see the Vulcan again. Was a nice surprise.
  3. A couple of hours ago a Sea King from Prestwick over north Edinburgh and about 15mins ago all 10 Red Arrows.
  4. There was a parade from the castle to holyrood palace by a contingent from the Royal Navy, Scots Guards, Royal Air Force and the British Legion. A friend and former flat was among the navy group, they did well considering alot of them were hungover.
  5. Oh! well! I'll just have to use it on the kitchen floor then! Thanks for the warning, could've made costly error!
  6. Klear seems to have been re-branded as "Pledge multi surface wax" I've never used klear before so i'm hoping i've got the right stuff!
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