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  1. Can I build an F4J(uk) from the 1/72 Academy kit?

    Also, the slime lights from the F-4S were fitted, but is an easy fix.
  2. Oman Air Force Jaguar

    The shape of the HAS doors were different to what we see in Europe, they had a cut out for the fin, with the rest being lower down, sort of an inverted T.
  3. Oman Air Force Jaguar

    I have never seen Omani Jags carrying overwing rails, as when fitted, the rails would not fit through the HAS doors. I left Thumrait in 2006, and all that time they carried the same camo scheme, with a blue RAFO shield. Originally, the shields were coloured as for the 2 Squadrons (Blue and Red). I did not work on them so cannot comment on the cockpits, but they were Jaguar Internationals, although 226 was ex RAF.
  4. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Yes it does, see my current project.
  5. Thats a great site, thanks for adding it.
  6. Thanks for all your help and info, the early Phantoms are a nightmare to keep up with. Can't wait to see your book. Ted It is 1/48th, and designed specifically for the Academy kit.
  7. Progress on this one has been a bit slow due to other commitments but here as promised is the next instalment in the prototype Phantom (just in time for it's 60th anniversary). This shows the completed cockpit (minus seat) installed in the fuselage. The Academy parts were used for panels in the front, while I left the rear panel devoid of instrumentation. I've started assembling the fuselage here, with the internal details being added. Here I am putting thge fuselage upper half on, and attempting to mate the Brigade Models parts to the rest. The cut I made on the fuselage was not accurate, but is easily sorted. In this case it is probably easier to leave a gap to fill later, but I'm sure everone building the kit will have their own ideas. The Brigade Models arrestor hook is shown here. Later it was to drop off, and still needs refitting. Here is the Mcdonnell seat shown with a Martin Baker Mk 7 seat for comparison. The kit will include 2 seats for those wishing to do the prototype later in life, or a later airframe, though extra work will be needed for that option. This shot shows the seat installed, but I then took it out again to avoid damaging it. Here I have removed the lower pitot tube as it was not fitted until later in the program. Here I have painted the grey and white parts of the fuselage. One thing missing from the conversion is an additional fairing behind the arrestor hook. First is the standard look to the area, the rest of the shots show the fairing in whit milliput. Next is the undercarriage legs being added. Straightforward enough, exactly as per Academy standard. Thats as far as I have got so far. Ted
  8. The Airfix Phantom - a personal view

    Sounds like we're doing thesame thing. Which markings are you proposing?
  9. The prototypes and a few of the F-4A's had the McDonnell seat as included in the kit, then the MB 5 came in later. I'm not exactly sure which airframe was first fitted with the MB seat.
  10. Ben. the fairing is not included, though the nose probe is. The fairing should be easy to sort with milliput, I will be trying it out soon. As for price, I'm not sure but somehere around £35 is probable. You will need to speak to Kevin at Brigade models. He will also be offering an option with an Academy F-4B as well. I will be doing another update soon as well. I have the basic paint job done now. Ted
  11. The Airfix Phantom - a personal view

    Iain My first one ended in the bin, nothing seemed to fit. My second one had an FGR.2 sprue (now swapped with someone who wanted it), so that was put to one side. My third one was better, and is now in the paint shop. I found the top spine was very fiddly to get in right, but by gluing it bit by bit it went OK in the end. The belly strap was too thick and took a fair bit of sanding to get right, the same for the catapult hooks under the wings. One detail I could not find in the instructions, but that was me missing them, was the cutout for the Fletcher tanks. I did manage to sort that one OK. As you said, the top of the wings fit nicely, but the slats need careful placement. When I was painting, the nose leg broke in half, I think the way Airfix has done it makes it fragile. CMK does a replacement (for the Fujimi kit) which may fit, but I will just pin the leg for added strength. As you say, there is a lot of unused plastic, not sure what Airfix were thinking there. I like the wheels with the weights, but why 2 sets of gear doors? Most modellers would be capable of cutting a single part into 3 pieces. At least these will be more available than Fujimi. That's my twopennort so far. Ted
  12. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Ram Models has XV470 with the scroll markings as both CX of 228 OCU and AW of 43 Sqn. Dates I have are code CX in 02/87, to AW 07/88, then back to CX 01/89. This weekend I will do some trawling and try to find any other FGR.2's that served with 43 and 111 towards the end.
  13. Just got a soaking to photograph the French Navy Fregate Latouche Treville departing Portsmouth this morning. Unfortunately, ther weather was rubbish, so the pics aren't what I would like. She was carrying a Lynx onboard, but never got to see that apart from through the open hangar door. I hope you enjoy these. Ted
  14. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Got one on the go at the mkoment (planning on the 700P scheme for it, so I need the early fin. So I have a look at it and find this. Does anyone else have a short shot fincap? It's not a problem, as I am also planning some RWR versions as well, but I thought it wise to post it here. This will be from the Hannants sheet so David I will send you some shots when completed.
  15. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    That's available on at least 2 decal sheets. I built one ages ago.