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  1. Hello, to my knowledge LOROP in a generic acronym for "Long Range Oblique Photography", so different pods could use the same definition Regarding the RF-4C, the original HIAC-1 LOROP Pod seems quite different and bigger than the LOROP used by JASDF F-4EJ, so it might not be the same piece of equipment. Cheers. Marco
  2. Usually from the local distributor/agent, check here: Tamiya Europe Hope this helps. Regards
  3. I think he wants to build a Greek RF-4E in SEA camo... Regards Marco
  4. Hello Muzz, to my knowledge, I can confirm all Hasegawa RF-4 kits have "hard wings". Considering Hasegawa used the same wing parts as the other F-4 kits, you might swap the slatted wings of a "late" E kit with the one you have. At the end you can have a slatted RF-4E and an unslatted early F-4E. Hope this helps. Marco
  5. Hello, thanks everybody for the suggestions. I think I will keep searching for the kit decals, maybe someone built it in different markings or as a "what if"... Thanks again Marco
  6. Hello, thanks for the reply. The sheet is quite extensive but there are fewer stencils compared to the box sheet but it seems the only aftermarket decal available... Thanks. Marco
  7. Hello everybody, a water leakage in my basement destroyed the boxes, instructions and decals of about 15/20 kits. Thanks to some friends and customer service of some manufacturers I was able to locate most of them. However I still need some decals and one of these is for the Airfix 05123 Folland Gnat T.1 I contacted the Airfix customer service but they replied those decals are not availabe anymore... So, my question is, are there any good 1/48 aftermarket decals for the Gnat? I'd like the Silver/orange camo, like one of the box offering. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards. Marco
  8. Hello, I don't think the Monogram OA-4M was ever released with photoetched parts and the Hi-tech version was the A-4E boxing. You can use almost all the metal parts anyway, as per Robert directions... Regards. Marco
  9. Considering that in the incident 4 italian officers lost their life, I would have consider the decals already competete without any addition... This is my personal opinion. Regards. Marco
  10. Hi Tiger331, I supposed the instruction were not so essential for the set, that is very nice indeed... But I like to have a copy anyway, just to complete the item, in case one day I decide to seel/trade that I would like to have everything in order. Thanks. Marco
  11. Thanks woody37, I will try to get in touch with Neil. In the meantime, I received the A-26 instructions... Thanks again. Regards. Marco
  12. Hi all, Firstly, if this is the wrong forum, please delete or move the topic... Secondly, I need help finding the instruction of these resin sets: CUTTING EDGE 48039 A-26A (B-26K) Nimrod Conversion PARAGON DESIGN 48100 A-26 Invader Flaps I would like to find someone so kind to send me a scan of those papers, in order to complete those sets... Thanks a lot in advance. Marco
  13. Hello, I have some generic Microscale/Supersale decal sheet, what size should be the lettering? Bye. Marco
  14. Hi Werner, surely it won't be an easy build but the kit is generally correct and has very good decals too. Search on line, I remember there are nice articles in a couple of website, just use a translator because at least one is in Italian language. Bye. Marco
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