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  1. hi ALL , you reckon this AIRFIX Spitfire is wonky, buy a 1/72 GRAFIX Spitfire , the Wings are Back to Front ! So I built it anyway with a roolly good Paint Job 'n Deeecalin' all very nice. Then I took it to a Club Meetin' and asked an "Expert" "Wots wrong with this Spitfire " ? He did'nt pick it ! ! cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff
  2. HI all , MOTOR MUSEUM in Miniature " rodian-nnin@hotmail.co.uk " ( Ian KNOTT ) have produced a 1/24 Morris Minor 1000 65gbp P+P free ' ......... AND a FORD CORTINA Mk. I ! ( Standard and Rally versions ) They are made of Resin and are without Donks ..... not for the Kiddies ! cheery "Modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  3. hi Keith , I have long forgotten the Gauges of Wire. I would write...... just "Eyeball " it after referencin' Walk Around Photo's if possiable The smaller you get the more you can git away with ! btw : does anyone know where to source 1/144 Seagulls !..... NO joke ! I need some for a ex Naval Aircraft at an Air Museum. .......... I can do the "droppin's " cheery "stay safe'n' and Model " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  4. hi all , I use a very fine Armature Wire, and then flatten lengths with Bench Vice that was'nt completed durin' my Apprenticeship ( last Century !) The moveable smooth faced Jaw is free movin' in the guide . I stand it up, place 70mm lengths of this wire on the fixed also smooth Jawed and. drop the moveable about (6) times onto the wire . Bein' Copper with some shiny coatin', the Copper gets work hardened and stiff, so it's very easy to cut with scissors, .........and hope you have cut the right length ! I have predrilled #75 holes before assembly of the Kit and leave stubs of the wire protrudin' out to be removed when it comes around to riggin' the Model . cheery "stay safe 'n' model " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G.3156
  5. hi bmwh548 , I agree with those cleanin' methods but check the Paint Cup Duct as well. Ram a beheaded Cotton Bud Stem down the tube and give it a really good rogering ! ....... you may be suprised wot comes out ! Airbrushing is not Time Effecient hhhhhhrrr !........ but gits results . cheery "stay safe and..... model " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  6. hi Uncle Uncool I understand your fear In light of wot is bein' happenin 'in Honkers, that is a Town the Chinese Government want to wipeout ! Just wipe it down as you open your parcel ......easy ! then enjoy your purchase cheery "stay safe " mumbas ! Geoff
  7. hI Doggy , try an Industrial Acylic Thinner such as ACLAC 20, it is available from Auto Repair Supplies Shops. I also use a Product call GUNWASH to clean my Paasche Airbrush , don't muck around with the expensive "Modellin' Size " Products, go for (1) Litre size tins....... that goes for a General Purpose Thinner . Also check to see if the Nozzle is not split ! cheery "Modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  8. hi Stevej20, a young Fella stole a Fireman's Jacket from a Fire Station then had to be rescued by the Crew of the Fire Station when he fell thru through the roof when leavin ' g.g.m.s. ! cheery 'stay safe " mumbas ! Geoff Melbourne , AUSTRALIA 3156
  9. hi ALL , I noticed at my local Woollies today that the Deodrants were still well stocked. When I commented to a Staff Member She said "well we all won't be goin' out in Public for a while " ! mumbatatshunzzz Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  10. hi ALL , but when is some one gunna produce a '73 144S in 1/24 ? ......... It was the best lookin' Volvo Sedan in that Body style and nuthin' fancy please cheery "Volvo" mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G.3156
  11. hi ALL , OUR TIME HAS COME ! Time to indoctorate the "Lost " durin' the World Wide Self Isolation period . I am sure the "Green Box " Builders amongst us (A.F.V ) will lead the way. cheery "Modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G.3156
  12. hi ALL , considerin' to trick my B-25D up to a N.E.I.A.F. Mitchell N5 146 at Batchelor Creek 1942/43 but I don't have such Decals. and provin' difficult to source . Does anyone have the DUTCH DECAL #DD72090 or ESCI or FLEO. TALLY HO or AVI PRINT sheets that they are willing to part with for payment of course. btw: the EDUARD Mask Kit CX017 don't suit the AIRFIX Kit ,the Brassin Wheel Set are ok but the Tread coulda been deeper. Add to the Aftermarket stuff the MINI WORLD # A72 27b Browning 50 Cal Barrels ( 10 to the Pack ) cheery "Modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  13. hi ALL , self isolation means to me finishin' all those Models that I have'nt completed ! and boy ! oh boy ! the Model Tables will be strainin' with the weight of ALL those Models built durin' the Isolation when the Threat has passed , really glad that I have a Hobby that takes My interest (and possiably Newbees ) 24/7 ( always have ) cheery "Modellin' " mumbas !
  14. hi ALL , wots the Story : I look at U.S. Sites and the International Postage is ridiculus ! e.g. to send a MATCHBOX Toy to Australia $96 usd ! " Makin' 'Merica great agin ? " eh ! Are the Sellers pricing International Buyers out of the Sale ? so the Americans git a shot at their eBay Offer ? It's big World out there People lookin' at your Site (even if you have NO idea where the Buyers Country is ! ? cheery "Modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff Melbourne , AUSTRALIA 3156
  15. hi Tom R , I am an Aircraft Fitter from way back so I know about Aircraft Structure. ......... and of how to model to achieve the " look " of some Aircraft . Thats true Modellin' ! mumbatatshunzz ! Geoff
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