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  1. hi ALL , a 1/24 144 VOLVO Sedan please ! mumbatashunz ! Geoff
  2. hI ALL , comin' across from Vehicle Modellin'. There are times when I need 0.25 mm White Lettering Capitals on Black ( so I can see them to cut out and apply ! ) cheery "stay saf
  3. hi All , wots wrong with the Snow Flakes ? please explain ! I never have seen it Snowing down here in Melbourne , Victoria .....not likely to ! Was gunna travel to W.Yorkshire this year to experience "Snowing " and settled down in a warm,cosy Pub . ......... but the Chinapox fixed that intention cheery "stay safe ' n ' model " mumbas !
  4. hi ALL , even if Plastic Models were banned from bein' manufactured today there would be enuff Models/ After Market stuff in Stashes around the World to last (100) years. And durin' the Chinapox Isolatsunzs how many People are stayin' sane and "New " Modellers " comin' into the Hobby ? cheery "stay safe 'n' model " mumbas !
  5. hi , a 1/72 / 1/48 Piper Apache ? Generic Interiors for the AURORA Civil Aircraft Range .? Interiors for the DINKY 29C D/Deckers ? ..... Clear Windows Insert ? cheery "stay Safe 'n' model " mumbas !
  6. hi ALL , I make my own Sanding Sticks , By cutting a small strip of polythene or Styrene 7mm x 60mm with one end Chiselled , put the gooyist Double Sided Tape on both sides and apply a strip of Wet 'n' dry ....... usually 400 grit. I also peel off the worn out Abrasive on the Padded Sanding Sticks apply the Double Sided tape and put on a Wet'n'Dry grit of my choice and trim .
  7. hi Mikey , use the thin styrene glue repeatedly and tug at it Geoff
  8. hi all , pencil me in......... I have (2) 1/144 PLATZ F-106's that I put together while in Reahab nearly (2) years ago, and did'nt proceed any further since then,...... dunno why....... they are excellent 1/144 Model kits . The Staff were interested but if I pulled out the Paint and Thinners oooohhhh !
  9. Hang on Fella's , wot "Drumbum "..... was askin was ....wot do they use to do Canopy Frames ....... that looks neat, to scale and........and does'nt rub orff ! ( that's me ) mumbatatshunzz ! Geoff
  10. hi ALL , I built one of those AURORA KNIGHT Kits ( The Red Knight ) when I was about 12 years old. I have kept it all those years usually on display and gatherin' dust aka patina. Well I knock him off the shelf a coupla years ago and he shattered on the floor, so I packed him away and always thought I'll put him back together (1) day,,,,,,,,,, that day arrived yesterday ! Had a thought to repaint him ....... nupe ! .......... I did a pretty good job of paintin' him
  11. hi Tim , I 'gree the cost of the Model Kit is very much outweighed by the time spent buildin' that Model. ....sometimes years !........ when the cost is long forgotten . How long does a Pint last ! very pleasurable at the time but nuthin' to show for it ! ....... and YES ! ... .. I is a Drinker and don't regret it !
  12. hi Dan , don't sweat it ! I am in the same situation .... no big deal ! ....and carry on modellin' ! ...and then there is always MODELNERDS down the road 'n' 'round the Corner. Geoff
  13. hi ALL , you reckon this AIRFIX Spitfire is wonky, buy a 1/72 GRAFIX Spitfire , the Wings are Back to Front ! So I built it anyway with a roolly good Paint Job 'n Deeecalin' all very nice. Then I took it to a Club Meetin' and asked an "Expert" "Wots wrong with this Spitfire " ? He did'nt pick it ! !
  14. HI all , MOTOR MUSEUM in Miniature " rodian-nnin@hotmail.co.uk " ( Ian KNOTT ) have produced a 1/24 Morris Minor 1000 65gbp P+P free ' ......... AND a FORD CORTINA Mk. I ! ( Standard and Rally versions ) They are made of Resin and are without Donks ..... not for the Kiddies ! cheery "Modellin' " mumbas !
  15. hi Keith , I have long forgotten the Gauges of Wire. I would write...... just "Eyeball " it after referencin' Walk Around Photo's if possiable The smaller you get the more you can git away with ! btw : does anyone know where to source 1/144 Seagulls !..... NO joke ! I need some for a ex Naval Aircraft at an Air Museum. .......... I can do the "droppin's
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