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    Sticking Etch and small parts in place

    hi ALL, I also discovered that Theatre Beard,/Eye Brow Gum etc is suitable to hold Etch parts in place. Either permantley (Internal Parts ) or before applyin a CA Glue. Canopies ? ..... is water solible tho....... otherwise your'll never git that beard orff ! Thinkin' the Gum may also hold Styrene parts in place temporilly. Recently found it great to hold Wing struts in place on a surface when scratch assemblin' ....and STOPS where has that bit gorn now ! hhhhhhhhrrrrrr g.g.m.s. ! cheery "modellin' mumbas ! G
  2. hi All, have discovered after tryin' to get "Little Peoples " to stay in place in a 1/76 Bus Diecast Model. use for permanant/semi- positioning...... Fly Coil Ticky Tack Goo The goo is really tacky does'nt dry out, ........100% of Flys don't recommrnd it ! ...... bloody hard to wash orff ya fingers .even with soap ! Scale Modellers have ALL their products at their Fingertips nuk ! nuk ! nuk !
  3. hi ALL jezzzzz....just when I thought I would be buildin' a "simple " Civil A/C hhhhhhh ! Looks like trip over to Moorabbin to study Lord Casey's Aircraft ( yes, we DID have "Lords " in OZ ! ........ Abbott wants more g.g.m.s. ! ) cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff

    Meteor NF.11 / TT.20 pics. Part.2

    hi Pete ( fellow Folically challeged Bearded old Fart) that's exactly wot I asked for and more I am temporilly disabled at this point in time .....other wise I would motor over to Moorabbin ( 3/4 hour ) and crawl under their neglected F.8 & T.7 Meteors with my "New " Mobile' Telecomote' for Pics aaaaahhh Tecknologee ! cheery "Weekend Modellin'" mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G 3156

    Another Vintage Meteor: the Frog Mk.IV

    hI Meteorettes has anybody noticed that there IS a Panel Line on the L/E of the Wings of the early METEOR Mk's ? ....were the later Mk's have the L/E puttied in ? .......now that's a scribing challege hhhhhrrrr ! cheery "Meteor " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Another Vintage Meteor: the Frog Mk.IV

    hi ALL, I recently ordered a book from KAYRA on the Gloster METEORS. The Book ? DETAIL SCALE AIRCRAFT Meteor 1/72 scale drawin's This Publisher also print a Tome for 1/48 Scale Modellers ( bit more expensive tho ) btw : AIRCRAFT ARCHIVE F.8 Drawin's are not to 1/72 Scale ! ...... this I discovered when I cut orff the Nose of My Mk.4. only to discover it was the right length the 1st place ! hhhhhhrrrr ! ...... anyway removin' the nose allowed me to add * weights and add a Nosewheel Well .........Anybody got Pics of the Nose Wheelwell ? * Weight....... don't throw away your broken Reading Lamps, check to see wots in the Base for Ballast mine had metal stamping blanks 15mm x 4mm x 3mm thick ...just right for shuffin' up the Fuselage. cheery " modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Boeing F4B4 (Monogram 1/72)

    hi Mark, I have a TAMIYA Laquer Red LP-7 ( a rooly great ready to spray Lacquer ) .....will do a comparsion check. btw : this Red is very,very close to London Transport Livery red... nutha Hobby. cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Boeing F4B4 (Monogram 1/72)

    hi Kiwikitbasher, wot was the Red Paint Colour you used ? I want to do the version with Felix the Cat runnin' with a lit bomb. I have also built the Matchbox P-12E .....its a great little Kit very easy to assemble .......... unlike the MB Hawker Fury......... those Struts, bugger! bugger ! cheery "Fathers Day " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Another Vintage Meteor: the Frog Mk.IV

    hi ALL , I too dug out My ex Swapmeet NOVO F.4 Meteor, the diff between the FROG F.4 and F.8 are like Cheeze 'n;' Chalk in quality... the F.4 bein'the better...NO Sydney Harbour Bridge Rivets !` Thanks for the Headz up on the Nosewheel Bay Dims .( you did'nt supply Dims ) Did you not notice that the F.4 and lower Marks had Fabric Rudders ? ..... and Kit Fin/Rudder off a Sunderland ? scrap ,scrap , sand, sand ! hhhhhhhhrrrr ! The Main Wheels are awful.....lookin' for AEROCLUB Replacements. Ordered a nutha today (as if I did'nt have enuff Models to build ! ) Why ?.....coz I like this FROG/NOVO Kit > As for the Main Wheel Bay Aftermarket not fittin the A/M Parts '..... I just cut right thru to upper Surface, either use thin cutout or use Styrene Card replacements a lot easier ! ....gotta put on Your Modellin' "Brave Pants " ! ......a good Whisky at hand is essential ! Recently bought the AEROFAX Meteor Book ....great reference ....hence today the additional FROG/NOVO F.4 hhhhhhrrrr ! cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    1/144 F-4 Phantom?

    hi ALL, I ordered and recieved a "Limited Edition" "NEW ? " 1/144 F-4J by SOVA-M ( Ukraine ) from HOBBY SEARCH... I think ? Catograph a bit expensive and not a Twin Kit. Roolley good Instructione' and Artwork on Box (yeah ! yeah ! I know ), Decograph Deeecalz .., a bit ruff around the edges, but it's all there . cheery "Modellin' "mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Accidental Matchbox Provost.T/Mk1

    hi ALL , I think Uncle Les aka Les APPLEBEE produced a fine Vacform Canopy for this Kit ....... and NEVER put back an Offerin 'at a Swapmeet ! cheery mumbas ! Geoff F .T.G. 3156

    Accidental Matchbox Provost.T/Mk1

    hi ALL , I built one of these MATCHBOX Models , it one of the roolly good MB Model Kits I won a prize for it even after I reglued the Wheels back on inside out after transport to an Interstate Comp. ....... as per our CAC Winjeel. Great to recieve the 1/48 Provost T.I Model Kit recently cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156 t

    Boeing F4B4 (Monogram 1/72)

    hi Kiwikitbasher, thats just wot I wanted.....and it's in colour !` cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Boeing F4B4 (Monogram 1/72)

    hi all , I have searched 'n' searched and just cannot find a Cutaway Drawing of the Boeing P-12E/F4B-4 I too recently have commenced makin' this MONOGRAM Kit ........bin in my stash for (30) years ! and agree with all the Fixes..... the Starfighter F4B Brace Set are "silly " but now I have lots of Seatbelt Etch Material ! ....... anyway any leads on a Cutaway of this Aircraft would be appreciated. cheery "modellin " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    "Bar rigging" (is that the right term) 1930's biplanes

    hi ALL, I recently bought (2) sets of STARFIGHTER E Z RIGGING #PE-01 for a pair of P12E/F4B-4 Models that I am buildin' but I discovered when working on the MONOGRAM F4B-4 and attemptin' to Super Glue on the Upper Wing it was right where there were large Injection Pin marks of where I had filled with a big blob of Mr. Surfacer..... hhhhhhrrrrr! The MATCHBOX P12E ? NO PROBS Also that the Brace leans forward to the Location Point on the Fuselage not directly to the Fuselage as the Photo Etch Part is cut to be hhhhhhrrrr2 ! ....seems a bit wide and is not an Aerofoil Section Oh well ....... I have lots of "Seat Belt " Etch in stock now ! ....... goin' back Armature Wire as I had previosly planned. cheery "modellin' " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156