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    Hillson Praga E114B, KP kit, 1/72

    hi MOA , re your 1/72 Hubcaps....... and thought I was nuts when I made twice 1/24 scale Sunglasses and lost them both ! before I could stick them on the Charter Pilot Figure g.g.m.m.s. ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Hello Down under !! Some tips for my stepson ??

    Forget SYDNEY ....... stay in Melbin /Victoria ! The Beer/Wine Restuarants are heaps better ! Geoff F.T.G.

    1/72nd Proctor from Dora Wings kit.

    hi Paul J, I have photos I took of Australia's G.G. Lord Casey's Proctor at Moorabbin Air Musuem Vic. (I cannot beam the photo's to BM ! ) anyway the Interior of the Aircraft is quite swish The Doors and Interior Roof are upholstered in red, the front Seats are Green Pleated Leather upholstery with beige Storage Pockets on the back of them. while the back seat is pleated Green with Armrests no less ! A hinged Headrest/Storage Locker is provided above the Rear Seat. .....could'nt find the Mini Bar and Ashtrays........ Oh yes , the Dash is Black with a colour coded 6" strip runnin' around the lwr edge of the Dash ....... dunnoo where the Compass is . cheery "2019" mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    1/72nd Proctor from Dora Wings kit.

    hi ALL , may have bin written in already .....Oh WELL ! Here goes ! The DORA WINGS 1/72 & 1/48 Vega Gull/Proctor Kits have no Paint Colour Call ups Where can I source some reference ? cheery "2019" mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Airfix 1/48 Meteor short shot parts issues

    hi ALL , I recently built (2) ea of the PLATZ 1/144 F-106A Delta Dart and AV8A Harrier II Kits .......... absolutely perfect mouldin'. The Fin and Wing Tips on the Dart were so fine that they warped while handlin' hhhhhhhrrrrr ! and snapped one of the Outrigger Legs on the Harrier. One of the Engineerin' efforts I really liked on these Kits was that there are Tabs on the Canopies that hold the Part in place....no glooin',no mess, no cutting the part to display the Cockpit GO FIGURE Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    How do I post Pictures?

    hi ALL , oh yes BM have changed, there wasa symbol somewhere down the bottom for adding Pics to the Forum Writer's page, forget wot I did then but go back thru this Topic someone described the proceess very well I have given up....... sorry Steve. mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    How do I post Pictures?

    hi ALL , it useta be soo eazy to post Pics....... wot happened ?..... if it aint' broke....... and where is the Snow ? I loved playin' with it from a gentle sprikle to a ragin' storm cheery "Pre Christmas " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  8. hi ALL, I have a modellin' mate that is buildin' one of these Mega Models and insists on bringin' it to my house for Modelling Weekends , thats by Tram, Train then Bus and walkin'. He lost the windshield 1st time out......so He bought a nutha Kit ! I attempted to raise Italeri as to His plight....got no response. ....suggested he build a wotif Supersonic Concord II..... nupe...... not authentic . hhhhhhrrrr ! cheery "Pre Christmas " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156
  9. hi , simply, how did you post your Pics....... COZ it aint workin'for me ! Geoff F.T.G.3156

    How do I post Pictures?

    hi all , have bought a U.R.L , got the guff to tap into the bar for uploadin' My Photo's does'nt turn pink on me. now...just sits there, wots happenin ? btw: is the Google URL still active ? And wots a "Widget " ? applied to have the Google "Widget " installed ......... I can't find it anywhere on my screen, looks like it got lost on the way ! OR does a "Widget " have a different name outside the U.S. ? It roolly annoys me that Systems etc have different names and not found where told they are spozz to be located g.g.m.s. ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Hello all Steve here

    hi Steve , can't get a Sign Up with FLICKA Keeps tellin' me I have submitted the wrong Validatshun Number or timed out ! .....after (5) seconds jezzzzz! Apparently all my Defaults have bin wiped sometime with FireFox's UpDates hhhhhrrrrr " ....at least they have'nt effected my Bookmarks Ref Library.......that's BAD NEWS ! ....... if it aint't broke ! Geoff

    Hello all Steve here

    hi Steve , I have beamed photos of the EFE Daimler ORION CV6G ? It's adorned with Self Printed Ads of Local Businesses Hope you like Will be sendin the D/D to a Friend in MYTHOLROYD ( Hebdon Bridge ) next year She actually drinks at the Shoulder of Mutton....round the Corner up the Road STOPPRESSSTOPRESS: Steve, havin' troubles tryin' to beam pics of my HebdonBridge D/D to BM,............ it used to be easy for a mug like me to do ....not now ! g.g.m.s. ! .........not allowed to swap Email Adresses words is we ? Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Hello all Steve here

    hi ALL 'n' Steve , found on eBay a Seller " toyguy2213 " sellin' HUMBROL Railway Colours Paint. ...... and He/She is only over the North side of Melbourne from me .. I ordered the Colours I wanted and more "free" postage on some Items ! cheery "Weekend Modellin'" mumbaas ! Geoff F.TY. 3156

    Hello all Steve here

    hi all , I have seen that Revell Paint Conversion Chart. The HUMBROL Chart I am referencin' has (10 ) Conversions , including Wargamers Paints ..........would be about (10) years old at least. Have you gone to the Svedish ipsmstockholm.org/colorcharts/stuff Site ? ......... It's all there but dated by now ( Sept 2006) Had success with the Halifax /Glasgow Apple Green by mixing a base colour of Humbrol Fluoro Green with EXTRCOLOR X-11 RAF Trainer Yellow...... BINGO ! cheery "Pre Christmas " mumbas ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156

    Hello all Steve here

    hi Steve, thanks for your Reply, yep Aussie's do have that REVELL Acrylic Paint down here I already have HUMBROL's FERRARI RED, but havin' seen the real thing when I visited the U.K.in 2014 I think the HUMBROL #60 Scarlet is pretty close a match . Any suggestions for the HALIFAX / GLASGOW of the 60's 70's Apple Green ? Are HUMBROL RAIL COLOURS still in exsistence ? .....have had a lot of trouble tryin' to git that Colour right hhhhhhrrrr ! However I bought a tinlet of HUMBROL #208 Fluorescent Green, and with a dab of Grey just might do it Will be beamin' Photo's of My EFE HEBDON BRIDGE D/Decker adorned with Local Ads sometime soon. Real Busineses but never happened as far as I know mumbatatshunzz ! Geoff F.T.G. 3156