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  1. I got one set of the Hypersonic corrrection set and have had a play with it. As well as correcting the barely noticeable error, it goes together really well. I have taken some pics and I'll try and get them up shortly if the interest is there.
  2. If you are doing the F-4J pre delivery, they did not have the periscopes fitted.
  3. Rhino

    1/144 F-4 Phantom?

    There is one manufaturer doing 1/144th resin kits, can't remember who immediately. These look nice with etched detail parts. I can provide more details this weekend if needed.
  4. Many thanks for that, looking forward to seeing you there.
  5. Do you know if the F-4 Phantom SIG is booked in, if not, can we get booked in please.
  6. The Radar will be deleted on the FGR.2 version when it is released.
  7. My understanding was that it was FS34201 mis labelled. The UK and PACAF aircrafrt were either totally repainted, or in some cases touched up. I have seen a picture somewhere of a 48th TFW F-4D with the area behind the LN tailcode still in FS30219. There was an example of a US based test aircraft with this green but that was an experimental camouflage scheme. This debate has been going on for years and I suspect no resolution is forthcoming unfortunately.
  8. Every time I walk past 15 dock (and 14 dock, I now imagine Dreadnoughts in there. Though it is very different from then, the extension is still very much a part of the dock. Also, I showed your pics to some modern Navy guys and they were impressed too. Thank you for teaching me a bit more about the environment I work in.
  9. There is a Schiffer tail code book out there which has a good listing, and being an older book it will have the earlier tail codes.
  10. I have never seen a pic of a snow toom, nice idea. The ground attack RAFG sqdn's would be prime candidates for this. Hmm, I picked up a part built 1/48th Phantom at Perth that would be perfect for this. I think the grey ones would not have been white washed as the grey is fairly light in colour and would blend in OK.
  11. I ordered 4 despite the high postage (knowing Ali's work), and I got an email giving some of the postage back. That was a bonus.
  12. The 'ball thing' is the Sampson multi function radar (MFR), and the aerial things are lightning conductors.
  13. Also, the slime lights from the F-4S were fitted, but is an easy fix.
  14. The shape of the HAS doors were different to what we see in Europe, they had a cut out for the fin, with the rest being lower down, sort of an inverted T.
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