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  1. Rhino

    F-110A aka F-4C

    There were 2 aircraft marked up as F-110A 149405 and 149406. These were borrowed for trials and were F-4B's. There followed a batch of F-4B's on loan to the USAF which went to the training unit (4450th Wing rings a bell). When the F-4C's came off the line these were returned. The first F-4C actually arrived before the designation change and was the only USAF standard F-110A, the designation lasting only days. And the rest is history, as they say.
  2. He's not the only one, I'm over 200 as well.
  3. Unfortunately. I lost the approach clear part, but if I find it I will replace it. I only lightly tacked the glass part in place just in case. In the meantime, I am claiming they were doing approach trials with the windows in the supersonic position, as the Tornados did with their wings
  4. The tyres were painted silver on the real thing for heat resistance at Mach 3. Some pics show the tread as black after a few flights, but that is not what I was after.
  5. Hi All First, many thanks for looking and the kind comments, they are appreciated. As I didn't quite complete the model in the original shots, I thought I would add the following pictures, this time without the masking tape on the windows. Hopefully this will cure any cofusion. Thanks for looking. Ted
  6. Sorry about that, Iforgot to remove the masking and didn't notice until I'd put up the pictures.
  7. Hello All This is the Italeri repop of the AMT 1/72nd scale XB-70, probably the most beautiful aircraft that ever flew. Years ago, I saw a picture of one of these landing at Edwards with the nosewheel still in the air, and lots of bits deployed. I always wanted to build it and I finally managed it. The kit is well known, and not an easy build. Any part that fits is purely coincidental, with araldite being the adhesive of choice. I used the SAC undercarriage for added strength and some resin wheels, apart from that everything is from the box. I did enjoy the build even with all the difficulties. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Ted
  8. There were 2 books, they are Airdoc Ultimate F-4 Phantom collection Vol 4 and 5. Vol 4 ISBN 978-3-935687-84-3 Vol 5 ISBN 978-3-935687-85-0
  9. OK Thanks for looking. It was worth a try, as I'm working locally at the moment. Ted
  10. Hello all I have been suffering from a lack of mojo for a while now, and I needed to try and break it, so I decided to do something fairly simple and mostly out of the box. I decided to go for an old favourite, the KC-97, but the USAF SIG is doing a transport theme for Telford this year so I converted the excellent Academy 172nd scale KC-97G to the YC-97A. Another reason for this one is an interest in the Berlin airlift, and this is the only member of the C-97 family that took part, flying 27 round trips in May 1949. Hope you like this one. Ted
  11. I got one set of the Hypersonic corrrection set and have had a play with it. As well as correcting the barely noticeable error, it goes together really well. I have taken some pics and I'll try and get them up shortly if the interest is there.
  12. If you are doing the F-4J pre delivery, they did not have the periscopes fitted.
  13. Rhino

    1/144 F-4 Phantom?

    There is one manufaturer doing 1/144th resin kits, can't remember who immediately. These look nice with etched detail parts. I can provide more details this weekend if needed.
  14. The Radar will be deleted on the FGR.2 version when it is released.
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