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  1. JagRigger

    Sea King question.

    Could be
  2. JagRigger

    Sea King question.

    The new Airfix one built OK for me - did a bit of work to the cabin
  3. JagRigger

    Jaguar GR1 Drop Tank Decals

    Yes - get in touch and you can have some
  4. JagRigger

    Wessex HAS.3: Yellow and... blue?

    Was the radome on these blue too, or black ?
  5. Thanks again2mR57qP.jpg

    1. BritJet


      No problem, only took a few minutes to find the kit in the stash. Looks really good, you've done a great job on it.  I'll have to get round to building mine at some point!


      All the best



  6. JagRigger

    Gods of sky & thunder

    Oops - spotted and relocated the intakes - can't believe I missed the endplates ! They'll be coming off then
  7. JagRigger

    New shelf time ?

    No - they are all 1/72. The helicopter stash has various Huey, Hawks UH/SH60, CH54, 53, HH3, NH90s, few more MILs, Whirlwinds, more Pumas, various older ones like Dragonfly, 47, H4, H-43, Sycamore, Belvedere, lots of Lynx. Sure I've missed some there ! Would dearly love AW139, S92 & H175
  8. JagRigger

    New shelf time ?

    It's the office, in a hangar. There's a real egg beater about 15 feet away ( from the blade tip anyhow ) hence the theme !
  9. Having just taken a photo of a Wessex for another thread, thought I'd put one up of the current office display shelf. Just started on an H-21.....
  10. Dear Mr Airfix - I'm very cross at this latest release. Having spent considerable time and effort updating and correcting the previous Buccaneer, with much scratch building and home made decals, you do this to me, forcing me to immediately rush out, spend more cash, and consign the previous effort to some dusty shelf. Please don't do it again with my Wessex ( for at least 6 months.... )
  11. JagRigger

    Italeri Jaguar GR1

    Tidy effort that, but I'd query the role fit
  12. JagRigger

    Gods of sky & thunder

    Now just waiting for the decal paper to turn up so I can print a real sheet of the test they are sitting on. Then the odds and ends like antenna / exhausts And with the original boom
  13. JagRigger

    Gods of sky & thunder

    Update - with it's smaller cousin
  14. Rear of landing / taxy lights are black normally
  15. Always one of my favourite 'special' schemes, and not too shabby a build of it ( I'm hyper critical of any Jaguar ) - just one thing that I noticed - you've got the nose door lights on the wrong side of the door