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  1. Your dad's done a great job with a kit so bad I refuse to build one ( knowing Jaguar as well as I do...... )
  2. Looking on 'Britain from Above' at a photo just post war of Filton, there are a couple of Beaufighters on the airfield with large white square markings - any idea what these were for ? https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EAW003553 Bottom centre right
  3. Nice build and good finish. Just one note - you can't get both spoilers up together on a Jag ( unless you've disconnected them ! )
  4. Nice - actually didn't realise they had a more 'modern' scheme till I just looked up 615
  5. Nice job - I recall on TMT1 at Scampton being given an asbestos mitt and told 'when the aircraft starts it WILL catch fire' - to a Jag man that was more than a little disturbing !
  6. .... and they went from 3 legged to 4 legged in the 90's
  7. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10219227863594141&set=g.1011450909369059
  8. I've built many Jaguar models ( stangely enough ) but have always steered clear of the KH - it's just got too many issues for me
  9. That has got to be one of the best paint finishes I've seen in a long while. Very realistic and no over done panel lines. Great effort !
  10. Early 80's for Jaguar, so guessing the same
  11. Could do with some replacement decals for mine I reckon Airfix are missing a trick. They could double box a Tutor and Viking, offer them at cheap rate to RAFAC ( ATC as was ) Sqns. Would encourage newcomers into the hobby, and as you say they'd be snapped up. Maybe the VGS / UAS could take 'singles' too to sell on
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