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  1. I produce a replacement rear fuselage for the 1/72 Javelin.  It comprises fuselage plug, jet pipes with correct re-heat nozzles, Sapphire 7R turbine. Seamless intakes with compressor faces.  In addition, I also have extended flaps, extended airbrakes, detailed undercarriage legs and a few other parts.  I am looking to produce a better cockpit.  I have, ready to re-cast rear ends for the earlier marks of Javelin, it is presently too cold for me to produce them just now.

    For details look in the 3D printing section - 3D Makerspace.  

  2. I'll have a look when I get a chance as I was backdating an F6 to an F1 - if I've still got the belly......
  3. I like what you've done - very atmospheric, and very Predannack like. Only thing I would say is the tailplanes need to be trailing edge down, as that's the way they settle hyds ( or mechinacals.... ) off
  4. Said it before, and I'll say it again Grob Tutor & Viking, markings for the various AEF's / VGS. Discounted 'bundles' to Air Cadet Sqns. Get the youngsters interested Wouldn't mind a Phenom too though.....
  5. Remember thinking it looked odd when we had a pair at Abingdon ( same year the S-3 went off-road )
  6. Shouldn't be in completed forum ........... but for what it's worth Atlantic Models are working on a 1/350 Fearless. Works out 45cm long. https://www.atlanticmodels.net/kits/page-2.html
  7. Whilst your work is amazing, the u/c selector should be red. It was translucent with a bulb in it as a warning flasher
  8. Very good that, with may subtle things most wouldn't spot ( both spoilers sitting slightly up is one I like - allows one to dip as you roll )
  9. They've been spraying them here at Norwich - quite puts me off my lunch
  10. Still waiting for a 139
  11. Very nice, but you forgot to correct the rotation on the Wessex tail rotor.....
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