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  1. Nice finish - always preferred the wraparound scheme. One small point - T birds didn't carry ECM / Phimat
  2. Got one under completion myself after at least 12 years on the shelf of doom. Hope it ends up as good as yours
  3. Great work - but welding, in a hangar, next to an aircraft full of Avgas.....
  4. Hobbyboss ? Playing with various sprue numbers though closest I can get is 112 ( only one weapons sprue instead of 2 )
  5. Have you checked to other box arts / releases on scalemates ? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-0261-us-navy-a-1-skyraider--275516
  6. Or the old Air UK was rather nice https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=OCI5ZFbi&id=D7767C193BAE41563C9DC482BB348F9968408EF1&thid=OIP.OCI5ZFbiduLduf2F967gwwHaE7&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fupload.wikimedia.org%2fwikipedia%2fcommons%2f7%2f7f%2fAirUK_BAe_146-200_Volpati.jpg&exph=681&expw=1024&q=+Air+UK&simid=608018157393936420&ck=A1D485684B5D2F1E8D0CAD7F92C41F26&selectedIndex=1&ajaxhist=0
  7. Am I the only one thinking 'was it due a respray anyway' ? If so, no big deal on the fact it's coming out in a different scheme
  8. Been a bit busy to do much lately - added a few decals, These are a mix of ( mostly ) homemade and a small sheet I got of the internet
  9. Now all we need to do is have the CAA allow a ferry flight per cab...…..
  10. Nice one Centurion ( well someone had to say it )
  11. Bit more progress - masking off. Side windows didn't come out well so removed for polishing, and the port fwd was enlarged as realized it IS bigger
  12. Did one years ago - the only problem I had was the joint between fuselage and tail was a bit weak
  13. OK - yes I should have gone for a Whirlybird one, and that's still an option, but this was in the stash so...…………. I'm only an average modeller, so don't expect any masterclass ! Intend using the 'old' Airfix Sea King head so some bits of that cut into top. Rivets going as they are far too obvious and it'll sit in a row of smooth new Airfix Sea Kings anyway Bit of internal work - door will be open so.... Airfix-esque scribing Getting there
  14. An interesting build certainly - that's two Mach 2 helis done - this and the Huskie. Both are a bit 'clunky' but without going to the effort of a lot of scratchbuilding they are about good enough ….
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