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  1. Could always print your own https://rclibrary.co.uk/title_details.asp?ID=1755 This site is great for lots of things
  2. I built the Dynavector one back in the day - it should still be either in Norwich Air Museum or the RAF Coltishall one. Memories of fitting each vortex generator individually into a small hole I'd drilled
  3. I suppose if both fold you may get away with it. If only one............
  4. I remember this from trade training- 1985
  5. Re the pod on previous page - AN/ALE 38 or 41 ?
  6. Somewhere in the past I did read they were 4's
  7. 725 came back from the SAOEU and went to 54 as GU.
  8. Yes - when they went grey so did the inside of the intake box. The zinc chromate trunking used to get very dirty and stained due to hyd oil / fuel seepage If you look at Julian's pics in the walkaround section you'll see wht I mean !
  9. I'll give you that.........
  10. Question did say wraparound ..........
  11. Green to the back of the box ( just behind the back aux intake door where the box splits from the fuselage ) then zinc chromate to the engine
  12. Quite please with these - look at work in progress for an upcoming Rotodyne thread
  13. Late add to the gallery. This was actually my first Group Build so please forgive me Most of you will have seen my Special Hobby CH-37 Mojave, but here she is in the right place
  14. Saw title, thought I could help -then realised you didn't need a real one .....
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