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  1. Late add to the gallery. This was actually my first Group Build so please forgive me Most of you will have seen my Special Hobby CH-37 Mojave, but here she is in the right place
  2. Saw title, thought I could help -then realised you didn't need a real one .....
  3. Great picture ! Brings home the power ( also proves the SH tanks are way too long - may have to change them someday )
  4. Yep - there is a famous picture out there of one trying to lift an H-21 out of a swamp. I know they did a fair bit of recovery work before the newer turbine powered machines appeared
  5. To be fair it went together fairly well for a limited run kit. Only real trouble I had was with the transparancies, and the instructions are not always the easiest to follow. Finding one was the biggest challange. 1/48 - I'd need a bigger shelf ! This is not a small aircraft
  6. This has been over on the Heli Group build - calling it done now Special Hobby CH-37 Mojave. Added some cabin detail, but beyond that pretty much as it comes.
  7. I think that's about all folks Somewhere in the early days of Vietnam......
  8. Nearly there - should make the deadline
  9. Air-Graphics should have their (revised) 1/72 Wildcat conversion out shortly.
  10. Yeah - but that's only AV :-)
  11. Late to the party - was out yesterday ! Yep - normal 'at rest' would be flaps & slats down, airbrakes open, u/c doors open and tailplanes drooped trailing edge down a bit. On startup the pilot would select flaps up and as hyds came on they'd retract, and tailplanes would go to neutral. See-off crew would close the doors. Pilot would then go through his control checks ( liney dance anyone ? ) and during this put the flaps / slats to takeoff and close the airbrakes. You do realise I now feel the need to walk around the office waving my arms around ?
  12. Scariest sight ever watching one of those start up
  13. Latest update - messed the fuselage band up and had to print a replacement
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