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  1. Agree about Doyusha, and it says that Heller and Airfix tried and this form is from the same era. Are you sure it's not this one? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/243032-revell-dune-buggy Rich
  2. Revell issuing old Airfx kits? Something doesn't sound right there I'm affraid? Rich
  3. It's the same as the US kit in Germany boxing - just as you are looking for :), as will be the C7.R Rich
  4. try here; www.modelkars.uk Rich
  5. ??

    1. ptcruiser


      Hi Olivier, do you still need the measurements? As I said I was attending Scale Model World all weekend.




  6. been out for weeks, seen several built too - Car & Motorcycle SIG at Telford will have one Rich
  7. Hello Rich,


    I made measures on the drawing 2, reference drawing for accurate reproduction of the 806, and I would need you to make these measures on your model, so that we can compare. Could you do that, please?


    Very friendly



    1. ptcruiser


      Hi Oliver, presuming that you haven't received an answer from Hannes, I will measure for you when I return from Scale Model World.



      Olivier even, sorry

  8. Ref San Remo, possibly Luigi Villa in a T51 Bugatti. 1937. Raced #8. Rich
  9. Ref the advertisement colour picture, the steering wheel is on upside down? The same image is on the black and white instruction manual for the meal kit. Rich
  10. John is quite correct - Humbrol 220 - Italian Gloss Red (ironically) over a grey (metal) primer. The grey is sufficient to take some of the brightness out of the finish which is what I was trying to achieve. Being a gloss enamel it will also achieve the level of sheen required as opposed to the "wet look" that modern single or twin pack laquers achieve. Rich
  11. Olivier, my model is the original Protar white metal bodied kit, out of the box with no modifications. VT copied one of the tyres for his resin versions. loving this exchange Rich
  12. In the TV show show where the General was built, Cooter refers to it as engine orange. This has lead to the conclusion of Hemi orange. In terms of consistency, this illustrates your options: Rich
  13. Hi John. Go back to the pic I posted from the Locomobile levers, the knob is on the GAS lever. Maybe as you say it's associated with the ignition (?) lever? Rich
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