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  1. With all respect, for your kind information: http://soyuyo.main.jp/f4e/f-4e-1.html Of course, there is no perfect models...
  2. Some update on F-4E: https://m.facebook.com/finemolds.co.jp/ https://m.facebook.com/finemolds.co.jp/photos/pcb.3727635960684047/3727635574017419/?type=3&source=49
  3. Rumors on the Polish forum says the plastic sprue are from Revell.
  4. I like another one as well: Beautiful additions to you Tomcats collection. Great job, Tony!
  5. There are some rumors they are planning P-8 Poseidon in the future.
  6. They have stuffs in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale. Sorry, if it is not your cup of tea... Please, keep it going, we have been missing you...
  7. Hi, Tony. Very happy to see you back in the town Just in case, if you are interested in wheels with outstanding detailed rubber tires, check it: I am proud that this young company is born in my native city in Ukraine. I have bought all stuff available in 1/72, including F-14A early, A late & B and F-14D wheels Looks gorgeous. You can find their contact on "F"amous social network site.
  8. Hi, Tony, iI was just wondering on your F-14s for sale, but could not find them on "auction site". Would you drop me a link, please, if it is still valid. Regards,
  9. I sent you PM today, will you check it, please. Regards, Max
  10. Hi, Tony, Will you check PM, please.
  11. Generally it is superb kit, but for me, the shape of external fuel tanks is wrong. The mirrored "Goodrich" logo on the main landing gear wheels looks a little weird. By the way, the wheels are identical on the sprue for F-15 E,I,C, but are not appropriate for the first two version.
  12. I am happy to see you are back in the game, Tony!
  13. That clear plastic was nat possible to polish.
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