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  1. Magnificent in every way...!
  2. As always, stunning. interestingly stalky tailskid, I wonder how long they lasted in the real world.....
  3. Andy - thanks (and to others) for the correction. I look forward to seeing the book, and it would be great to see if Dad is in your pix (he wasn't aircrew however..). How can we do that? Curiouly, the very first image in the YouTube video was a TW coded 141 Sqdn Defiant after all that! cheers Paul
  4. Love the finish, and hate to be pedantic, but with the turret facing aft I think the coaming behind the turret should be retracted (so it lays flat). Love to see a Defiant. My Dad was on 141Sqdn in 1940/41 - never ever see 141 Sqdn aircraft modelled though....
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