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  1. Incidentally, "yes" is the answer to OP's question, but long after they were transferred to the RAF and with a fair bit of modifications. It is a bit like being in the US Marine Corp though I think; once an FAA Bucc, always an FAA Bucc?!
  2. You will need bits from both the S.2B and S.2C kits to do XT287 circa 1973 accurately. You need the flat bomb bay door and the pointy tail plane bullets from the S.2C kit and the spade antenna blade for the spine and wing pylons from the S.2B kit. Remember to remove the fifth from inboard vortex generator too. The light on the belly was moved to the rear location behind the bomb bay but it did not have the blade antenna ahead of the bomb bay so you will need bits from both kits to do that. The good thing is that you can still do an S.2A with the bulged bomb bay door with the other bits although you will need to sort out another spade antenna and the light and blade antenna on the belly. You could get away with just using the S.2C kit, scratching a spade antenna and build it with just slipper tanks and no pylons. If you are after accuracy though, be warned that the Xtradecal sheet has some issues. The OCU squadron emblem is missing the mortar board and the cutlasses should have white blades. The best replication of the OCU emblem can be found on Modeldecal Sheet No.27. Second after that is the old Xtradecal Buccaneer sheet - X022-72. The decals that came with the CMR kits had an odd shape to the cutlass blades. The new Xtradecal sheet was a letdown in a few ways sadly. Here is a picture of the scheme I think you are after. Notice the one white and one EDSG ailerons as SteveR pointed out: And here is a top view; I believe that the tops of the ailerons were all grey with no green: In case you haven't seen this, here is my explanation of the mods over the years:
  3. Late response here, but I think this was only done on the Granby aircraft upon deployment to the gulf and then retained as such thereafter.
  4. Thanks for that bit of info. I have not tried the Quinta stuff yet but surely will at some point; they look very convincing. Unfortunately I have my ZM F-4e build past the cockpit stage so its too late for that one. The kit decals actually make for an impressive display anyhow. I haven't done the seats though so I am still looking at options for the ejection seat handles. There is an idea for Quinta: do a sheet of a bunch of different sizes and styles of ejection handles. I bet they would sell a bunch of those! Cheers - Jack
  5. Super nice finish there Greg. I see you opted to replace the Eduard ejection handles - good call. I do think the Quinta example looks better. I am curious; are they colored on the bottom as well? Are they rounded as well or do they have a flat bottom? Thanks for helping me visualize these new fangled things. Brilliant model - congratulations! - Jack
  6. In re: winter camo on Buccaneers. There was one Buccaneer that received a winter camo paint job on one occasion of which I am aware: XV160 in early 77. The scheme was applied for an overseas deployment to Canada. This aircraft was one of the few that were painted in the desert camo scheme in July 77 for Red Flag, so the winter camo did not last long. Here are two well known photos of XV160 in winter camo that have been published several times: Now here is a recent discovery that I got excited about (yes my level of excitement about this does in fact mean that I should get out more, but never mind that): I found this on Facebook just the other day. Notice that the white distemper paint has been removed from the top of the fuselage in front of the windscreen. Obviously the glare from the white was unfavorable in the operational environment. This is something I had never seen before. So there you have it, a complete history of winter camo as applied to the Buccaneer. - Jack
  7. I hate that they only show computer generated pics and not the actual product itself. I have the Eduard set and they are fine for a modest improvement over the kit parts.
  8. This is something that varied over the years and in different contexts. There are photos of Buccs from the late 60s onward with open hatches, closed hatches or just the front one open. The FAA seemed to have the panels on more often than not which makes sense I suppose with the potential for corrosion. Both front and back panels are removed here.
  9. Here is my Buccing question: When will the slow boat from India - or whatever its origin - going to arrive in the US with the new Airfix 1/72 S.2B kits?!!?
  10. I see that this one comes with its own issues: I suppose there is no getting around the surgical requirements to get something that resembles the real thing!
  11. Thanks for your thoughts John. Is this one a reasonable option: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-05012-8-bac-canberra-b-i-6--207788 Or is it another case of putting one thing on the box and another thing altogether in the box?
  12. I found a couple of more black and white photos on Air Britain. A little different with the squadron emblem not appearing on the nose as in the photo above. It appears that these are B.6s according to AB's captions. Does this leave me with the old Airfix kit then? I see that S &M Models (careful googling that!) has a kit; how is it? What is the better option?
  13. I have seen pictures of 12 Sqn Canberras from the Suez campaign with the running fox emblem but this is the first I have seen of this scheme: This photo was published on the 12 Sqn twitter stream [ https://twitter.com/12sqn?lang=en ]. I find myself rather enamored with this livery. What are mark are these - B.2s or B.6s perhaps? What is the best route to a model in 1/72? Are there any decal options or am I left to cobble something together? Do you know of any other relevant photos that you can share or direct me to? Cheers - Jack
  14. Airfix's cracking 1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer. The RAF version is due soon and an FAA version is readily available.
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