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  1. I am reminded of a quote here, but don't recall to whom it should be credited. It went something along the lines of " A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind" to which the reply was "Then what does your empty desk say about you?"
  2. I am glad that I went ahead and got one from a UK based ebayer. I think it ended up being about $38 shipped which is only a couple of bucks more than I paid for the couple of Buccs I have on pre-order. - Jack (the perhaps not so clever as he seems to think he is wordsmith)
  3. The 809 squadron option from the new Airfix Buccaneer kit would be a perfect companion to sit next to this! Spectacular job with this one. - Jack
  4. I think you are right; only some got this update. It was determined to be a less than ideal position for a flare dispenser and a different design was ultimately selected. XV361 was a Pulsator Bucc. There are several things on this new kit that are faithful reproductions of XV361 as she exists now but not really accurate for the early 70s FAA Buccs depicted in the kit. These primarily involve raised panels that are easy to sort out with a sanding stick. The raised shapes for the flare dispenser are a great example. Not applicable for either scheme in the box. There are also two raised circle panels under the wings that I think cover holes that are left for the long chord Martel capable pylons. There are two long panels on either side of the fuselage just ahead of the airbrake that I have only seen on very late era Buccs (correction of earlier statement about preserved machines). They are definitely present on XV361 as she exists now. You can see them clearly in the many great walk-around photos that circulate. By the way, I think this is a fantastic kit. The engineering really is quite clever; just like the original!!
  5. That is a great guess, but this photo is from 1976 which is several years after the change to black serials. I think XT276 was handed over to the RAF after the switch to black serials.
  6. Following on from my post above about XV864/021. It is interesting to note the older style slipper tank and RWR but it has the ILS gear and is a Martel capable S.2D. I still haven't found the original to compare to the scan but I do feel that it is an accurate scan, I would like to refresh my recollection from the original though. The rectangular area with the over-painted nose code makes sense to me. The nose codes changed from cruise to cruise so it is plausible that they did a patch-work paint over job. Look at the below pic with the repainted area over the serial on XT276. They wouldn't have changed the serial, but there was clearly a patch-work paint job done whatever the reason for it was. This at least confirms that the practice existed. Lots of guess work on my part here.
  7. I am looking for a copy of that decal sheet too. I want to build XV344 circa 10/75 and that sheet does the trick although it had nose code 035 and the kit sheet has 034 (as it was coded in 1978. Royal Navy serials are tricky to mix and match from different decal sheets because the light blue varies so much from sheet to sheet. I do like the interpretation that the new kit's decal sheet has for that color.
  8. This is one of the more weathered examples I have seen: Notice some of the tonal shifts on the panel lines on the top of the engines, toward the back on the "coke bottle" hump and the fin right in front of the "Royal Navy". The intake appears to be a different shade. There is a box shape around the nose code too. One caveat: I scanned this photo from the original black and white print over 20 years ago to share with Damien Burke on his website. My scanning skills were never tip top so I am questioning if the rectangle around the nose cone is a result of a bad scan. I will look for the original to see if I can confirm that.
  9. You and I are in the same boat. I suspect that we will get our turn at the end of the month. There are some UK retailers offering kits on ebay that will ship to us but be prepared to pay anywhere from 50%-100% of the price of the kit to ship it by air. I have one being sent by surface mail from one of these retailers that should be here on 10/25 according to the tracking information. They only charged me $5 for shipping. I bet the pre-order delivery arrives about the same time. This is the first time I have ever pre-ordered any kind of model and my first order from Airfix USA or even paying full retail for an Airfix kit for that matter, but I wanted to throw Airfix a bone on this one; it is, after all, a Buccaneer!
  10. Yes indeed James! I forgot about that. I will add this to the list. This is a very obscure bit of Bucc history. In fact, it was news to me when CT Modeller posted his build of XW538. I had my doubts at the time, but found photos to confirm it. Thanks for reminding me of that. This is something of which I am aware but do not fully understand. I know there were changes to the recessed area and that the panel at the back was sometimes removed to accommodate the longer hook (as in the pics of XT270 above). I do not however know the what/when/where behind all of this, so I will dig into the references and see what I can come up with here. Thanks for your help and please continue to chime in with any thoughts you have to offer! Cheers - Jack
  11. Thanks - I dig it! Nice progress with the new kit! In case you missed it, I answered your questions in this post:
  12. Given the number of questions that have come up, I'll put this here for general reference. Feel free to chime in with corrections or anything I miss and I will edit this post accordingly. All of this is from memory so please correct me as needed. The variant designations - S.2, S.2A, S.2B, S.2C, & S.2D - denote Martel capability. The pre-Martel era Mk.2 Buccaneer, the S.2A and S.2C are not Martel capable and the S.2B and S.2D are. S.2As and S.2Bs were RAF aircraft and S.2Cs and S.2Ds were FAA aircraft. Before the RAF had Buccaneers, there was just the Mk.2 Buccaneer. The changes required for Martel involved longer, more widely spaced pylons, the control unit, tv display and the removal of the fifth from inboard vortex generator which was over the outboard pylon in its new location. Some pictures to illustrate: The black controller and arm rest on the right and screen in the middle of this picture of the Nav's office are for the Martel system. An illustration showing different pylon spacing. Long chord pylons for Martel And the pre-Martel short chord pylon. Now that about does it for the variant specific differences. The many other variations of equipment were associated with upgrades and modification programs over the years. Many of these differences apply to As, Bs, Cs, and Ds. Examples of each of these modifications can be seen on different aircraft at the same time. The OCU for example had S.2As in its inventory right up to the end. So there are no bright line rules and, as is the usually the case with these things, you should try to find some photos of the subject you wish to replicate. 1) The airbrake petals. The kit comes with pre-Mod 1503 air brakes. There is a substantial reinforcement plate on the outside. This would have been applicable to ex-FAA aircraft in the XN, XT and XV serial range. The XWs, XXs and XZs were post-Mod 1503. The XKs were converted S.1s and had a different type of stiffening panel. I don't think we will see new air brake petals in any future releases so I think we will likely be on our own here. This is a post-Mod 1503 air brake. And this illustration shows stiffening plate which is depicted in the kit. 2) Nose gear light. This is an easy one. The RAF adopted a head light for the nose gear. One is in the kit. 3) Tail fin bullets. RWR gear was installed in the mid 70s. This is the old style. The light is located on the point of the rear bullet. This is offered as an optional part in the kit but the bits for the later version are not included in this release. This is the RWR installed on the tail fin bullet. Note the light relocated to the rear of the cap above the bullet. I am not sure what the second bump is. And the front bullet with RWR. Also note here the base of the antenna that was installed on either side of the fin. 4) Aerial on either side of the fin. This was an early to mid 70s modification. This was a bolt on piece. Sometimes it was not installed but the base was visible (see picture above). 5) Intake fairing. Installed from the mid/late 60s on. Applicable to most RAF examples. Without fairing And with the fairing. 6) Antenna on spine. From the early/mid 70s onward the antennas were different. Before After 7) Anti-collision beacon. They were changed to a pointed style late in life. I think this started appearing sometime in the late 80s. 8 ) Wide band homer. These were attached to the wings but were removable and not always carried. This is the older round style. And this is the newer version which has a flattened oval cross section and stepped point. 9) Wing fold inspection panels. This is not so much a modification but just something that varied over the years and in different contexts. There are photos of Buccs from the late 60s onward with open hatches, closed hatches or just the front one open. The FAA seemed to have the panels on more often than not which makes sense I suppose with the potential for corrosion. Both front and back panels are removed here. It looks like the kit provides an option for this although the current release is silent on the subject. 10) Slipper tanks. I don't intend to address payloads in this post but the slipper tanks were carried so often that I tend to think of them more as part of the airplane than an external store. These were revised in the mid 70s. The new style had a sharper edge on the fairing on the top of the tank. The current release of the kit has parts for the older style. This Bucc has the older style tank as provided in the current release of the new Airfix kit. Another example of the old style tank. This is the newer version. 11) The seat. The older style is offered in the kit. The older seat had a D pull handle and the newer version had a B handle. Older version Newer version. The parachute pack was revised in addition to the different pull handle. Note also the splayed thigh guards. This is a rear seat; the front seat was not splayed. The splayed thigh guard was to allow some room for the Martel tv display between the navigator's legs. 12) Under water ejection system. This was deleted in the 70s. Buccs that had it fitted had a third red triangle on the port side. Not a great shot - it is a still from an old 8mm film - but it shows the shape to good effect. 13) Canopy MDC. This upgrade happened in the 70s. 13) Blade aerial/light on belly. A blade aerial was placed where the strobe ahead of the bomb bay was formerly located. The strobe was relocated to the electronics bay access door. This happened in the mid 70s. The electronics bay hatch is hanging open in this picture. You can see the relocated light well in this picture. The light is flashing in this picture. The aerial is visible just ahead of the bomb door. It is black with a white dot on the front. The profile is clear in these pictures. Another view of its position. In this picture the 2nd and 3rd Buccs have the new blade aerial and the 1st and 4th do not. Note also that the light has been relocated to the electronics bay door on all four examples. This picture is from mid 1973. The picture of XT270 above with the older style slipper tanks also has the relocated light but no blade aerial as of yet; that picture is from the same time period. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Please post corrections and additions if you think of any. - Jack
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