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  1. Pics posted in the gallery. As I explained there, I have to call this one done now as I will have no more time to work on it this weekend. No nav lights yet as my clear red was all dried up when I opened it up. I will also be making a stand that (hopefully) will resemble the roof at Brough per the picture at the begging of the thread. Here are a couple of more pics of the current state of things; sorry for the lousy quality, I won't have time to do any better before the whistle blows so these will have to do. Many thanks to our hosts and organizers! - Jack &
  2. Going to have to call this one finished as I will have no more time to work on it before the 8/16 deadline. That includes a lack of time to take decent pictures, so please accept my apologies for the lousy LED lit basement pictures! It really makes the grey look much more blue in these pics than in person. You will certainly notice the variation between the lighting in my spray booth and on top. Anyhow, it is the best I could pull off at 12:30 last night! I had hoped to put this on a base modeled to look like the roof at Brough per the photographic inspiration for this build, but I didn't find the time to pull that together. It is also sans nav lights because I found that my clear red was dried up when I opened it. I will post some sunlit pics in RFI once I get around to doing those things. Anyhow, enough excuses, here is what I have to offer the group together with my thanks for an enjoyable group build experience and lots of Buccing around! Cheers everyone - Jack &
  3. First a nice gloss coat. After years of spending a lot of time airbrushing Future, I learned that a nice broad brush works well and gives it a nice thick coat with no brush marks; it is a very forgiving medium. I used the kit sheet for the standard markings (roundels etc.). I also used the most visible stencil markings for the top side, but the white portions actually had some different color stencils - blue and red instead of the white and yellow found on overall EDSG Buccs. Also pictures on Air-britain of XN976 from the period indicate that it lacked stencil markings that later grey over white Buccs had so I decided to leave off the stencils for the white portions and will use this photos as my rationale! One thing that I did want to do that required some finagling was to do the under-wing serials in blue rather than black as the restored XN974 sports. The Kitsworld sheet (which is useless and a waste of money) has them in black as well; it also has the wrong size side serial, the Royal Navy lettering is too big, the squadron badge is not the right colors and the Rolls Royce badge (the main reason I got the sheet) is too big. Here is a picture of XN974 (circa 1971) that I think confirms that the serials were blue and not black: So, to get blue under-wing serials, I turned to the decal sheet from a CMR FAA kit. It has XN982 and XT276 in blue on it. I thought great I just need to make a 4 then .... I let that dry overnight and then - oh drat I got something terribly wrong didn't I ...... After sanding off the 8 I cut out the 7 and replaced it. Then it was down to making a 4. This proved to be a challenge. I used the only 4 on the sheet which was a light blue serial and pieced together bits cut from the leftover X and T to make it roundel blue. I used the CMR decals for the white serials on the side as well. Piecing together a 4 from bits of a 1 and a 7 was fun! I also cocked up the Royal Navy from the CMR sheet and ended up using one from Modeldecal No.57. I have to say, Modeldecal sheets are from a past era and a bit thick, but they are spot on accurate and the right color. At least as far as the Buccaneer sheets went; they really were well researched. Current Xtradecal and Kitsworld sheets are riddled with errors. I sure wish we could get nice thin modern decals accurately depicted as the esteemed Dick Ward managed decades ago! Here are a few shots of where I am now with it. Getting close to the finish line! Cheers - Jack
  4. Some things to update everyone on. First I neglected to explain how I did the canopy frames. First I masked the inside: After painting the inside frame color, I used an Eduard set to mask the windscreen and the off-white main canopy frames. Then I masked over the off-white frames and painted the remainder in Extra Dark Sea Grey. The rest of the paint work is described above. Now on to the decals. - Jack
  5. Up to your usual very high standards Bill! Congratulations on another superbly finished model. - Jack
  6. Yes sir, for as long as I can remember! Here I am at age 5:
  7. Ah yes I suppose you are right! . There will most certainly be some shiny twelve buccs built from this kit on my shelf but I thought for my first go with this kit that it would be fitting to build the first new build Mk.2 Buccaneer. Now that we have a truly nice kit of the airplane I think that I may end up with an example from every squadron that operated buccs. I don’t know, maybe I can find room for 211 builds - one of each airframe manufactured in real life! I don’t think I will be doing them in order though!
  8. Oh joy - I had not noticed that there was a two week extension! Yes indeed I should be able to finish this comfortably within the extended deadline!
  9. So, we are very nearly there with only some clear coats and decals to go. I could push this one through and finish it by Sunday, but I regret that I won't be able to. I am taking my two older sons fishing in Louisiana for the weekend. We will see this one finished soon though and I look forward to seeing everyone else's. It has been a fun group build to watch. Thank you all.
  10. So I have basically now finished painting this project. I sprayed the metal areas and fiberglass areas first. I had an odd issue with the primer peeling up on the nose like a rubbery film. I actually trimmed it with a #11 blade at the panel line and sanded it back pretty cleanly. Strange that it didn't happen anywhere else. I repainted the nose later in the process just wanting to get on with the white as it takes some extra time to dry thoroughly. After the white dried over a few days, I masked it to spray the grey. I used Gunze Aqueous for the grey and white. After the grey, I masked off the exhausts and nose painting. I painted the nose with a black/green color for the band and the an ochre color for the rest. And this is where I am now with it. There are some rough edges to touch up and smooth out, but I am reasonably happy with the paint job. - Jack
  11. Not sure of any answers and definitely don't know about the fairings but will leave these here for consideration: The top two are in service pics from the period. The bottom one is of a preserved example. Note the difference in the bottom pic showing the "internal" color (often noted as being light admiralty grey) and the inside of the bomb bay door which has a darker grey.
  12. Not much photo worthy progress made lately - mostly sand, scribe, polish chores. I sprayed a coat of Alclad Black primer which is new to me. It rubbed down nicely and highlighted some spots that need attention with the scriber. The primer polished up pretty smooth and hopefully will make for a nice gloss finish on top. - Jack
  13. Actually, for a Granby Bucc, no. Sorry, didn't think of that right away. In later service life the beacons were replaced with a more triangular shaped clear covering: Both of these options are on the clear sprue for the new Airfix kit. I am not sure how CMR dealt with it as I don't have the later service life boxings they did. - Jack
  14. By the way, you may have noticed that I cut off the sticky-up-thing in the nav's office. This was added later in the Bucc's service life. I think it was a map holder or some such. This is XN976 on board the USS Lexington in 1965 for reference: - Jack
  15. The seats in this kit are designed to ensure proper offset placement with large locating tabs. I wanted to keep this intact, but also address the thick features at the top of the seat. I came up with a hybrid solution using white metal parts from my stash. The white metal seats came in two pieces that allowed me to mix and match with some cutting and grinding. I can't remember the manufacturer, but they have some age on them I know and my best guess is that they are Aeroclub parts. I cut the corresponding parts off the kit seats keeping to locating tabs at the bottom. I also spent some time thinning down the upper sides of the seats for a better scale appearance. I left the bottom half alone to ensure a good fit. The bottom halves won't really be visible at all with crew in place anyhow. Here is what I ended up with: Test fitting with the figures in place looked good. I did have to cut off the control stick from the pilot's instrument panel as well as amputating his legs to get him to fit. By the way, the stick seems too big to me - just like the 1/48 kit coincidentally. And here we are after some paint. By the way, pictured in the background is yet another of the world's greatest things that also happens to have been created in the U.K.! And here we are with a wash and pull handles added. They look a bit rough at this magnification, but I am pleased with how they look in person. The pull handles came from the photo-etch fret included with the FAA release of the CMR kit. Some final plastic prep and masking to be done and we should be ready for paint. Cheers - Jack
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