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  1. The new sprue as featured in AMW: And if the last go around is anything to go by, this is the box art (which I like very much):
  2. First member from Collierville, TN perhaps - howdy neighbor!
  3. I posted this question to ARC too and got some help over there from GeneK who is, like me, also a member over here. I thought I would post his answer here too for posterity sake and for those who don't participate in both forums. Thanks again to Gene for the tremendously helpful reply below: ... for your planned configuration, the ailerons would be neutral (assuming no stick deflection). Note that ailerons do not ever go above the neutral position, only down - spoilers on the opposing wing would go up when stick is deflected (spoilers have less drag than an aileron, thus avertin
  4. What a lovely production this new Zoukei Mura kit is! When they first released their Phantom kits, I was disappointed that they didn't start with the early E, but now I am glad that they worked out some of the bugs on other models because this is the one for me! It appears to be designed to allow the model to be properly configured for an aircraft taking off with weight still on the main gear although it doesn’t specifically explain this in the instructions. Am I right about this? Going down the list of things to consider for this configuration: 1 - nose
  5. Gene - I think he was quoting the person being interviewed talking about his experience building the test shot which I suspect may be the 20 hour build referenced in the video. As in: Question: What aspect of this project are they most proud of? Answer: "The fact that they were able to create something easy and stress-free to build, yet very detailed and accurate. I had a chance to build the model 2 weeks ago, and the thing needed almost no filling what so ever. Just light sanding along the parting-lines, and it was good to go. No re-scribing needed either." - Jac
  6. Well yes indeed - off the chart cool factor! Why not post it right here? Thanks for the offer!
  7. Pics posted in the gallery. As I explained there, I have to call this one done now as I will have no more time to work on it this weekend. No nav lights yet as my clear red was all dried up when I opened it up. I will also be making a stand that (hopefully) will resemble the roof at Brough per the picture at the begging of the thread. Here are a couple of more pics of the current state of things; sorry for the lousy quality, I won't have time to do any better before the whistle blows so these will have to do. Many thanks to our hosts and organizers! - Jack
  8. Going to have to call this one finished as I will have no more time to work on it before the 8/16 deadline. That includes a lack of time to take decent pictures, so please accept my apologies for the lousy LED lit basement pictures! It really makes the grey look much more blue in these pics than in person. You will certainly notice the variation between the lighting in my spray booth and on top. Anyhow, it is the best I could pull off at 12:30 last night! I had hoped to put this on a base modeled to look like the roof at Brough per the photographic inspiration for this build,
  9. First a nice gloss coat. After years of spending a lot of time airbrushing Future, I learned that a nice broad brush works well and gives it a nice thick coat with no brush marks; it is a very forgiving medium. I used the kit sheet for the standard markings (roundels etc.). I also used the most visible stencil markings for the top side, but the white portions actually had some different color stencils - blue and red instead of the white and yellow found on overall EDSG Buccs. Also pictures on Air-britain of XN976 from the period indicate that it lacked stencil markings t
  10. Some things to update everyone on. First I neglected to explain how I did the canopy frames. First I masked the inside: After painting the inside frame color, I used an Eduard set to mask the windscreen and the off-white main canopy frames. Then I masked over the off-white frames and painted the remainder in Extra Dark Sea Grey. The rest of the paint work is described above. Now on to the decals. - Jack
  11. Up to your usual very high standards Bill! Congratulations on another superbly finished model. - Jack
  12. Yes sir, for as long as I can remember! Here I am at age 5:
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