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  1. Great job, well done !! Cheers, Jan
  2. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    I agree on this Fury being a great kit!! Love your clean build, well done Cheers, Jan
  3. Love your build and i like your job on the inside.. Very inspirational, i have this one in the stash as well and your pics makes me wanna built it Cheers, Jan
  4. Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Thanks for your compliment! I think you will love this kit, it isn't perfect but for this price you don't hear me complain!! I have a Hobbycraft built once and when you put these next to each other the difference is big in level of detail.. Cheers, Jan
  5. Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Next step were the seatbelts, my local hobbyshop had a set with three sets in them from Eduard and these are basically the same as the set special for the Airfix kit which has only one set in the bag!! Price difference was about 60p more for three instead of having one DSC_6498 DSC_6495 Now able to close the thing up with these belts in and the nose job had to be done ...there was a little need of filler but hey it is a nose job.. First I had the nose already put together and attached it to the ring that should be glued to the fuselage. I put it on but after a little bit of fondling with this attached I still wasn't happy about the fit, in all the nose consist of three rings and the third wasn't aligned properly!! So of it went and tried it again and at that moment still happy but then I looked again at a real Fury nose and saw that it was fairly snug fitted on that thing . My inner ring being the one with the bonnet as I call it was smaller in diameter that the forward and aft cowl ring and so of it went. And finally the third time is a charm, the problem was solved with a shim being inserted enlarging the diameter! DSC_6512 DSC_6511 DSC_6523 DSC_6529 DSC_6528 DSC_6533 DSC_6546 DSC_6538 DSC_6536 Next step where the nav lights on the wingtips.. These are being drilled out to and filled with the appropriate color to resemble the bulbs .. The first was spot on but the next was ruined by my own doing (and we all complain about the Airfix *****ups) So of I go with a clear sprue drilled it out as par procedure and glued it in place.. After the glue had hardened I was able to sand it in shape and polish it and voila a perfect nav light!! DSC_6525 DSC_6526 DSC_6530 DSC_6531 DSC_6527 Then after my paint experiment I came to the conclusion that a bottle of Vallejo Azure was cheaper than spending time on mixing .... But here a comparison of my brief experiment and shake and paint color from Vallejo (this isn't the air paint from them but hairy stick edition which airbrushes very well) The wheel wells had already a good primer in that being the Humbrol Azure blue, this is what am going to use as a primer on the whole model!! The lightest shade is the Vallejo Azure.. DSC_6494 DSC_6521 DSC_6514 The tail is also in shape by now!! DSC_6522 During my investigations on the web I discovered that Fury N57JB is in an American museum and still in a RAN color scheme it got when it was first restored after being bought in Iraqi stock condition.. It flew in the early eighties and then was sold to the U.S. to it's current owner albeit being in airworthy condition this aircraft is not flown for a long time now. The fun thing is with this aircraft that it is a original ISS aircraft and being number 23 of the first batch of aircraft, we don't know to which level the restoration was carried out but it still has Azure blue wheel wells! That being said is that I am more confident about that colour being used for my aircraft wheel wells which was ISS19.. Cheers, Jan
  6. Winter in Russia

    That looks super, nice detail job ..excelent!!
  7. I do not mind it at all, i would if you didn't shared it Love your build with that backdrop, it looks great ... Cheers, Jan
  8. What a great kit you've got! I really love your build Cheers, Jan
  9. 1/48 RAF FGR 2

    Nice job you are thoing there
  10. Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Small update as I did some sanding on the wing edges which needed almost no filler, no pics of that though.. There where a few ejector marks on the inside landing gear covers that are attached to the gear this took a very careful cleanup . On the outside of these covers there is a bulge on each side that isn't there on the ISS Fury and are sanded off as well. Also made the rudder extension which is drying at the moment for further treatment. Did some paint mixing as well as was trying to get the Azure a little more vibrant and lighter,just an experiment ... As a base I still used the humbrol 157 and threw some blue 25 and white in it.. Shown here are three pics that shows what lighting and compensation can do to color! The fun part of this experiment is that my color chip in no way compares to what I see when I hold it to the screen against these pictures!!! Cheers ,Jan
  11. Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    @ Perdu and Trevor, there was indeed a mix of these aircraft with a hook system and without hooks. The original newly ordered ones are without those hook system and had those flat tails and extended rudders and later on there was a batch delivered of ex navy aircraft and these where modified but only by deleting the hook itself! If you search carefully on the net you can find pics of these aircraft! In the end during 1979 24 of these aircraft where bought in Iraq to David Tallichet and Ed Jurist in the states. Most where restored to flying condition some of these recieved a R2800 engine and even R3350 engines and where fitted in this case with four bladed prop. If i am correct those flying or flew in this livery where original from that batch of 24 Iraqi aircraft.. Linky to an original http://www.fastaero.be/media-2/?album=1&gallery=7 This one was one of the original aircraft with the extended rudder and i am going to use an old Aeromaster decal set 48-712 which depicts an early one .. Thanks to you all for the positive reactions Cheers, Jan
  12. Bhagdad Fury, Airfix 1/48

    Like to see your rendition of the Cuban Fury Tim! Those decals from the kit are top notch Thanks Graham, it is probably almost the same as Airfix describes as far as i can make up from the pictures i have seen. The color pic i have seen from the the Pakistan Fury had the insides the same color as the underside! I have seen insides on a restored example which looks like the Azure color i am using... It wil be a can of worms to get it historically correct i think so hence the artistic touch to it(unless i make it factory fresh) Nice Chris, looking forward to yours as well. I hope i can distract the complaint department with this build and let see the positive side of this Fury.. Cheers, Jan
  13. Hi all, Just started the Airfix Sea Fury as with most kits started at the cockpit .. I must say the cockpit looks very nice and most instruments are a separate items to ease placement over the raised detail. These are small so be careful here !! I had a case of no plastic where it should be, this is the seat support and it misses the lower bar.. And this is how it should look It isn't a big problem as I still have the upper bar and hole where the seat is placed. And in this way it is still placed very solid, the lower one is not to be seen anyway in this cramped all black cockpit!! I am still waiting for a seat harnas that I ordered as the kit doesn't provide one. The construction is relatively easy but the instructions call for closing up the fuselage in order to construct the wing in good order.. But I am still in need for the harnas before I close it up so I decided to construct all sub assembly's like the engine and wings I also glued the cockpit tub in the fuselage and leaving the left frame of the tub loose in the frame during my test fittings. This is the wing strengthening construction. in the pic below it is in place..be carefull aligning the parts and test fit a lot before you glue it in place because so many loose parts can be fiddly.. On the plus side if you like to fondle your plastic a lot you will be in heaven Here I have the joints of the wings filled with thinned putty as those joints look out of place because on some places they are to deep or leave some gaps. I thin my putty with Tamiya extra thin glue in order to get the line more consistent. The wheel wells are painted in azure blue as I have seen this on Iraqi Fury's, Airfix calls for linen which is correct but Sea Fury's seem to have been painted in the underside colours as well!! The Humbrol 157 Azure has been a color that is often subject of discussion to be of a incorrect hue but I have seen a Pakistani color pic of a Fury that was painted in the same scheme and it looked the same to me as the 157 with only being it a tat lighter in real life! I allready did put a few drops of white in the Azure. Painted the spinner.. And again a testfit, I did a little sanding on the fuselage fillets and lower part of the wing wich mates up with fuselage in order to get a good fit/sit. As it looks for now I am not in need of filler with the upper wing and fuselage joint! The engine was already testfitted and fits perfectly well, albeit not shown in my pictures. The engine cowling needs a little love and care. Did sand away some detail in order to get a proper fit but no worry's here as they are going to reinstated.. This left side was a little deformed with some loss of detail on the aft cowling ring !! The right side was a lot better.. Frontal view of the cowling. So far it is a very lovely kit to built with some nice features and I am enjoing this build a lot, it already raised some eyebrows when I took it to the club this week in this state.. Cheers, Jan
  14. Airfix QC issues strike again. Defective Sea Fury kits.

    I didn't had a short shot on the regular issue that everyone reports, but mine is missing a lower support strut for the seat !!! I was surprised to mis that bar and it was definitely not broken off... On the good side i won't mis it as the seat still has three points to put it on and it won't be seen in the end when everything is closed up Nevertheless i think they have QC problems with these things happening.. I had certain issues with Airfix kits... A summary: 1. Cracks in my first four C47s windows at the sprue gates..all kits purchased after these four where A okay and i have 12 of these! 2. A crack in my Meteor F8 windshield and again at a sprue gate, this crack was repeated in a few other meteor kits at exactly the place and manner..i have seen pictures of this and warned these people to go back to the shop for a complaint as it was a repeated incident. 3. Heavy sinkholes in the upper area of the Shackleton of the aft fuselage, with the new AEW Shack wich is moulded in the UK they are stil there but less pronounced and some not there so this one is better in the end. 4.Heavy warped parts on my vertical stabilizer from my Walrus and heavily warped flaps on my Mustang. What i wrote here is something i noticed the last few years and this is not happening that often with other kits from different manufacturers. Nevertheless i will still buy Airfix kits as i think they are very nice in overall appearance and fit.. My Sea Fury fly's together and the parts fit very well, i do think the riveting is on the heavy side but it isn't a deal breaker for me .. The panel lines are a matter of opinion and i don't see a problem with these.. If you want some more finesse on lines and rivets just buy the AMG but remember everything has a price!! Cheers, Jan
  15. Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    Well about short shots, mine actually has one in the seat bulkhead!! The lower support of the seat isn't there!