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  1. Martin Mars JRM-3 Coulson 1/72

    Well the windows where the biggest surprice, it is a pity that there isn't a instruction in the manual how to best do the drilling as it only says drill out. What i found out is that a high speed works the best with a HSS drill, so still something learned!! Thanks for the support.. Cheers Jan
  2. What a lovely build this is, i certainly love the amount of detail that included in the kit.... Cheers, Jan
  3. Martin Mars JRM-3 Coulson 1/72

    Well Pat i am not going to give up as this is for me the ultimate firebomber and all the support and interest over here sure helps!! But as you allready said it is a heck of a lot of money for a kit with these kind of issues but that is also eminent with those short run kits. I once bought an overpriced Dekno DC2 and never finished it because of the amount of issues it had, i simply could not live with the end result as it definitly not resembled a DC2 (i must confess that i have a severe case of AMS ) Cheers, Jan (ams lead member)
  4. Martin Mars JRM-3 Coulson 1/72

    Well i was busy doing the windows but these are to big and i had them drilled out in order to let the windows fit....wich didn't go well.. The hull is resin enforced fiberglas and is not easy to clean up because when you drill a hole the fiberglasstrings need to be trimmed as they appear. I did find out that when you make the inside wet the fiberglas is removable with a needle file wich does keep it from being a dangerous glasfibre dust floating through my mancave... The other wrong thing in this kit are the clear round windows wich are oblique and the real ones are simply flat It is not an easy thing to get these things fixed but i have found a way by experimenting with clear epoxy on a other kit wich went well.. So this is to be repeated on the Mars... The best thing was to paint those round windows in the fuselage wich i didn't!! I also made some wingspars and had tho tinker about how i could attach the wings in a way that they won't crack when attached to the fuselage.. Next week i hope to get full steam ahead as i am at the moment quite busy doing some preperations for the ESM scale modelling event in Houten the Netherlands. Nevertheless i appreciate your interest in this build and i am hoping to post some new pics next week as do want to have it finished before or at the end of the group build. My best regards, Jan
  5. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Whoops now you have to sit around the table with your family and socialise....
  6. Boeing 738 LOT,Zvezda 1:144.

    Nice build Negan!! It has a mirror like finish i like it a LOT .... Cheers, Jan
  7. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Love your choices gents, couldn't be there ... But while i was driving back to the Netherlands from my holliday with three 1/72 Caribou's in the back (and they have more in France as i guess they don't like the old Bou) I only told my missus wat would be going on in Telford and what is going to be announced!!!!! And se thought that i was a little wierd But nevertheless i am going to the ESM in Houten (the Netherlands)next week wich is pretty big nowadays, that event is always in my calendar every year!! There is always a lot on the secondhandmarket ..... Have a very nice build with this magnificent Walrus! Cheers, Jan
  8. Well they still do silly pricing as i stated earlyer about the C27J spartan wich was 7 years ago when it came out 27,95 , nowadays in the Netherlands this kit is 49,95 and in France for instance i saw these kits for at least 59,95 (all in euro's) And this one doesn't contain 2 kits France seems to have higher prices then the Netherlands when i talked to a shop owner over there..he was surprised to see these so cheap!! Same for the KC135 series, in 1/72 they are the cheapest from Heller while the tooling comes from Italeri these days..... Nevertheless iff they are smart they reissue the RC135 with the CFM 56 engines.......so you could build a waddo one....
  9. The converion is available right now from Blackbirdsmodels website.. Mine is already shipped and should be here soon
  10. Telford Scale Model World 2017 (Lots of Pics)

    Lovely to see those pics, better than the topics about what wasn't there or what should be there!! Thank you for posting.. Cheers, Jan
  11. It has adequate riveting, i have seen it in the flesh .. Aileron details are way to heavy and wrong, the Airfix ones are more to the real thing!! The rudder detailing is doubtfull just like the ailerons, the wheels are of the typical chinese license built C47s The fuselage interior datailing inside is something that maybe resembles the chinese aircraft!! As for the shape of the cowlings i can say one thing they look like the 1/48 trumpeter ones so they need replacement!! There is also only one type of carbarateur intake and they are the long ones, if you like to change this to short ones it takes a fair amount of work.. So these are in my eyes the negatives and will buy for my money a Airfix one. It is a pity that they didn't do multiple versions as i do like the ease of construction and espacially with the cockpit section that is a one piece single glass with the uppersection instrument panel and escape hatch included. At my Lhs this kit cost you 42,50 in euro's and that is a lot of money for an aircraft that needs a lot of corrections!!! I have build the three differend Dakota's from Italeri, Esci, and Airfix... The Italeri ones are simply not a very accurate Dakota but do look okay when properly build and they are easy to built.. The Esci ones where in extra options the best but where underscaled and i experienced a lot of warped fuselages with those i bought.. The best in fuselage shape (shape around the cockpit section which one that isn't easely noticeable) are the Airfix ones and they built into a perfect Dakota shapewise and if you test fit enough they also need i minor amount of putty and are the best i have ever build. (They do miss some detaills like the escapehatch above the cockpit) In the Netherlands these can be bought for a 42,50 in Euro's wich is a steep price for it i think!! I hope this info helps!! Cheers, Jan
  12. You don't see these often build, very nice well done
  13. What have you purchased 9

    I bought myself 3 Hobbycraft1/72 Caribou's
  14. Is Trump a happy horse?

    The horse looks better..........
  15. Airfix 2018

    Maybe we get a 1/24 RC135W Airseeker or did i do the math wrong