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  1. Tnx. We'll manage. I've done the miniart tracks for the M4 and the tracks for the Tiger ( wich was a real pain ) so this will get sorted.
  2. Does the kit include the leopard A4? Good progress so far. I always respect builders that tackle 1:72 scale especially the ones who do so with Shiraz on the side
  3. Sometimes using a bit of extra thin on the parts previously glued helps the break the bond. Maybe on of the parts has a bit of excess sprue on it that you missed. Or some of the glue used on other parts seeped on to the polycaps. The fire extinguishers were painted in the same color as the tank. The only extinguishers that were red, as far as i know, were inside the tank. There are exeptions in colors but never ( civilian ) red. So far, great start. Looks like a decent kit.
  4. That figure looks stunning!!!! Walked away from the Braveheart set perhaps?
  5. I invested in an PE bending tool. Works great with bigger parts that need bending like the edges on those parts on your photo. Smaller parts often have bending lines and i mostly use a plyer with a flat head to bend those.
  6. Great work on the fenders. The PE is done excellent, on the photo's it looks clean. Those decals look great! The yellow skulls really pop on the grey hull.
  7. For me the trick with AK paints is the ratio of paint vs thinner. I'm using just a few drops like 1 in 5. I use about 1,5 bar with a 0,2 needle. Personally i like vallejo or Ammo better but this caunterscheme pack was cheap. The problem i have with the colors is that the portland stone color and the silvergrey color are too similar imo. There is almost no distinction between them. Maybe i'll redo the silvergrey adding a bit of grey or green to it to make it a tad bit darker.
  8. Done for today. I started with the tracks. That will be a long process. First of all, the tracks are very small. However, i can handle small so that not the issue here. There is a bigger problem. The contactpoints on the parts are too shallow. I have to work with normal tamiya glue because the extra thin doesn't work. The jig that comes with the kit doesn't work, the parts don't fit right in it. So everything has to be assembled on the cutting mat. It took me about an hour to get this far: I'll try to do segments, like link and length tracks. So i'll do a segment, let it set for a few minutes and the form it around the weels, drivesprocket and return rollers. In the meantime i can work on the paint of the tank. That's it guys. Cheers!
  9. Caunterscheme done..... lots of work to to to make this look a bit decent.
  10. I had some sparetime today so there is progress. The buildingstage of the tank is done. The interior is done and the whole tank is primed in black primer. Now for the colors. I'm going for the caunter scheme. I ordered a set from AK So tonight it will be basecolor time. Oh.... and the tracks still have to be assembled.
  11. All i know is that these extra fuel drums were only used on the desert version of the A10. So it could be that they used it on long patrols to refuel thus beeing selfsufficiant.
  12. The interior on your Sherman is much more complicated then my A10. My kit doesn't have an engine that needs to be built and painted. So apart from a lot of small fiddly bit's there is nothing too complex in the interior.
  13. Started with detailing the interior. Still have to do some work with enamels but the base is there.
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