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  1. Tnx for the comment. I know the welds on Russian tanks were very crude. It was all about function and not asteatics. That beeing said, i still have to learn to work with this technique because i want to apply ot in my next project, a Tiger 1.
  2. Last update for today. I finished the paint distressing on the tower and the upper hull. I also have put the decals on the tower and did some post shading. It looks rather harsh on the photo's but it will get toned down with the chipping and the oils. Have a great weekend!
  3. Today i started with the prime color on the roadweels and the turret. I managed to get some crude paintdestressing and for a first try i'm really happy. This is just the first of many layers. When completely dry i'll spray a coat of semy gloss to lock it in place. After that it's chipping. Anyway, i'm enjoying myself. Here are some pictures. baselayer and 2 coats of hairspray added. After that i did 3 layers with tonal variations of the same color sprayed in a irregular pattern. i left it for a few minutes and then started with a brush and some water. i'll keep you guys posted. cheers!
  4. Great build. The stowage makes the model pop as does the figure. Good job on this kit!
  5. Great build! The see through makes it really interesting to look at. All the small details are done really well and the overal color scheme looks good to me. Top work!!!
  6. Since i'm still waiting on the paint i ordered i decided i could use my time to try something new..... weldbeads. Using the Nightshift method with Tamiya epoxy putty i tried to apply some weldbeads on the turret. Needles to say my first attempt is very poor when completly dry i have to sand some excess putty back. i learned alot though. And that will come in handy in my future project. still have to do the hull so more practice ahead i also added some flame cut marks on the turret. They look nice and give the turret more texture. and yes, i know it's the wrong order of doing things. My next project will be more structured. I'll keep you guys posted. Cheers!
  7. This type of quality is so far above my skill level!!!! I'm going to lay in a corner for a while and cry It's looking stunning!!!! Great job!
  8. Beeing a former tank gunner myself..... i know all about track sag
  9. I enjoy this kit for what it is: nothing to complicated. Just good vallue for your money. Not too fancy but fairly good quality molding, descent details. I had no fitting issues what so ever. The lower hull and the turret went together without problems. The only issue i have with this kit ( not the brand ) are the tracks. No problems with assembly but i don't like link and length tracks in general for the lack of sag. I however don't want to spend an extra 30 to 50 euro's on aftermarket tracks. So i have to work around it without damaging the model.
  10. This is one great looking model. Knowing how much work you have put in to this one, it really pays of!!! All the details are on point and the paintjob with the subtle shading looks superb!
  11. It's decent. Like i said. The plastic feels similar to Italeri kits. The details are fairly good. No fitting issues what so ever. And it's bang for your buck. Those tracks tough.....
  12. Time for a workbench update. All the roadweels were cleaned and fitted. The link and length tracks came together quite nicely, no issues. There were enough spare track links to fill the gaps. Still no fan of this sort of tracks, still have to figure out a way to create some sagg. I'm thinking about glueing the roadweels to the tracks to make it one whole segment so i can prime and paint it as a whole before fitting them on the model. Toughts and tips are more then welcome. I closed the turret so my poor efford of scratchbuilding and weathering the interior is all hidden i got it's coat of AK black primer and is ready for the base layers as is the upper hull. still waiting on my order of Ammo Mig Russian green ww2 colors before i can go to town with the airbrush and chipping fluid i dryfitted the upper and lower hull, made the towing cables ( a bit too long ) and added some detail so i could check the look of the model. i ordered some russian figures wich will be delivered in the end of august. Gives me plenty of time to finish the model itself. I'm starting to feel the way i want to take this one. I'll keep you guys posted. Cheers!
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