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  1. Well the nose is the biggest problem and using the 707 nose from Heller is a start but the windows on that one aren’t correctly positioned either! It’s a pig of a kit to correct and I must confess that the Mach 2 kit looks fine shapewise! Seen one build in the Netherlands at the Mach 2 stand and it looked very nice Not perfect but better then the KMC one, so I would choose the Mach 2 one! Choose wisely cheers, Jan
  2. I saw several articles about these machines being given a SAR role!
  3. Shapewise it looks a heck of a lot better than the KMC kit I have! cheers, Jan
  4. Oh boy if the Mi24 had this detail it would be a bestseller! At least they listened and put some rivets on
  5. Pricing was simply ridiculous at minicraft and for shure that their toolings will be picked up by another producer…. Not surprised that they stop.. Stopped buying their kits long time ago.
  6. That is exactly what I thought I changed the title as it would make sense if Bronco would release it! Let’s see what happens! cheers, Jan
  7. I saw on Missing-lynx a preview of a late war Austin 4x2 heavy ambulance. http://www.missing-lynx.com/reviews/britain/gecko35gm0069previewbg_1.html But in one of the 3D renderings there was also a detailed rendering of a C47 on the background. So are they secretly working on one ? cheers, Jan
  8. janneman36

    Jan Polc.

    That is indeed sad.. Blue sky’s Jan!
  9. Lets see how this one comes to fruition Once bought an overly expensive KMC one and boy that was a bummer …so give it to us Mach 2 cheers, Jan
  10. Simply brilliant Jon , foiling can be horrendous but the result is mostly astonishing. cheers, Jan
  11. That’s a nice one Derek, great build cheers, Jan
  12. Hereby a linky to a site were you can put in the ral color (in this case ral7039) and get the FS equivalent and BS numbers. Just scrol down the list to see all paints. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/colour-alternatives.asp?cRange=RAL+Classic&cRef=RAL+7039&cDescription=Quartz+grey The shop of phantom decals and the instructions are gorgeous and a great reference. Those FS colors will be mostly not the same as RAL as it is still a different colors range. I invested in a colorset from Hataka and I didn’t regret it. good luck, Jan
  13. Yep you have lost touch with the current shipping prices! It’s getting expensive nowadays cheers, Jan
  14. Thank you all for the likes and compliments cheers, Jan
  15. Lovely set of pics you have. You must have enjoyed yourself. cheers, Jan
  16. A pity that they didn’t cooperate, still the full black version looks very nice Good save Fixer Must say that I like the Hawk/Testors U2 more then the AFV kit as the former though older are better in general outlines then the AFV kit! Also a lot of detail is wrong, though highly detailed. I have them all, the AFV U2C kit the Testors U2C and even the Hawk U2A version. Planning to merge some AFV parts of it in the Hawk kit in the near future ! Cheers, Jan
  17. They are normally in storage and get them out on these kind of events! cheers, Jan
  18. The NMM (the Dutch National Military Museum) had organised a small event for photographers as a kickoff for their summeroffensive event this weekend on saturday and sunday! It was an enjoyable little event with some familiar planes,but still worth it! These aircraft are on static display standards only! cheers, Jan
  19. And available for preorder at Aviationmegastore in Amsterdam! https://www.aviationmegastore.com/modelling/mitsubishi-g4m-1-betty-sword-sw72144-189890.html cheers, Jan
  20. Personally I don’t like the big windows that you see on certain DC-3’s but you did a pretty fine job in getting this right! Looks like the real thing Great modelling.. cheers, Jan
  21. “Hmm darling you’ve had a lot vouchers then that I did not recall you getting these” Sorry you have to get a better excuse Like I have to insulate the attic for the winter or something like that… Or the voices in my head kept telling me this was my last chance to buy it….
  22. Oh boy I missed the revealing of the finished behemoth… What an excellent build this is, do you have some room in the pond left for it? cheers, Jan
  23. This is some top notch detailing A great model and it equals the real thing! cheers, Jan
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