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  1. I am impressed by the extreme polished aluminium on that mule...it looks like alclad! Do you paint the fabric covered parts in simple aluminium paint instead of bare metal? cheers, Jan
  2. I certainly believe that these Huey’s are the best in the 1/72 range .... Love it to see one built again cheers, Jan
  3. The plane on the box is the C47 9Q-CUK/ N41CQ ( former Vallentuna Aviation Club aircraft)that has been sold last year to China to commemorate 70 years of the people’s republic of China Hence the 70 years logo on the decalsheet and the N41CQ registration as well. Difference with this boxing is that it probably has the C47 fuselage and C48 interior .. cheers, Jan
  4. Since today also available for preorder at the Aviationmegastore https://www.aviationmegastore.com/the-spitfire-story-two-kits-included-11143-eduard-8591437551217-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=170993 cheers, Jan
  5. Thank you all for the compliments gents this is much appreciated @alt-92 glad that those decals could help you , unfortunately they didn’t had these in 1/48 @rob Lyttle I love the Spit in bare metal it is a pity that you couldn’t see it in real, your compliment as metal master is highly appreciated! @Ray_W thank you for the appreciation of the T&P but I must confess that I learned a few things on this one as it was my second try at BMF .. Next time I will do kitchen foil again but with Permacoll size HA https://noris-blattgold.de/permacoll?lang=en This is a special formulated glue for Imitation leaf gold and works very nice with kitchen foil and has the same adherence as BMF new improved chrome (stronger adhesion than ultra bright chrome) In the end I did not had to fear tearing of the foil with tape after clearcoting it ...wel lessons learned and it is always easier talking about things in hind sight cheers, Jan
  6. Unbelievable that those kit parts are better then anything else available, you could have bought another spitfire for that money... cheers, Jan
  7. Those cockpits can be time consuming but at least it is closed up now! Great build so far Jeroen cheers, Jan
  8. The Silver Spitfire G-IRTY Eduard 1/48 cheers, Jan
  9. Finally some pictures of the end product.... Exhaust staking is a bit much but it is difficult to see in artificial light on polished metal and lets call it artistic expression! I did scuff it a little to let it come alive.. The metal framing on the cockpit is mostly foil but I had to divert to allclad for the sliding part and I do think it blends in nicely. There are alway spots where you loose some foil simply because you can’t get always a perfect cut or handling the thing damage the thin wing edges ! There is a simple solution for it , after the gloss clearcoat you simply spray allclad chrome on it and then it blends in perfectly All the antenna that the real thing has are there and it was a painstaking project and I am glad I did build after seeing this magnificent aircraft taking in December in Lelystad for it’s last stretch home .. It was a true hommage to British engineering ( not that you wanna buy a reliant but hey everybody makes mistakes) Did forgot to install the light on the underside and the real thing. ....pictures taken myself... Cheers, Jan
  10. Looking good for a classic and I do like the bronze green on it ... cheers, Jan
  11. @Corsairfoxfouruncle @Ray_Wthank you gents for the appreciation It is finished as I speak tomorrow I will take some piccies, first a beer to celebrate this build cheers, Jan
  12. Thank you i must confess I was almost loosing my sanity in the process as you are on the details and everything you mess up will show in the mind at least ten times bigger.. Thankfully the missus was impressed with how it looks on it’s feet...allready did a few things more cheers, Jan
  13. Finally I had the whole aircraft in a clearcoat and I used Microscale gloss as it evens well and has almost no effect on the foil!(brush painted). Did some decalling and even managed to get one decal distorted...the regi on the tail was the culprit.. I ended up making the last two letters from black stripe decal and though the regi is supposed to be black the black on the decal is lighter as it is dot printed so it doesn’t show as a full black. So I touched up the others as well with some black paint too make it more uniform(didn’t do that on the other side ) The carrier film does show at certain angles I have seen better carrier films wich don’t show up at all...enough is enough so i leave it as it is ! The culprit decal.... I wanted to print one myself but my Corel draw crashed a few days ago and didn’t work ever since despite the Corel help desk giving me solutions...they are still on it but if you consider buying the 2019 version please DON’T for your own sanity Bought it in February used it once ... cheers, Jan
  14. You got some painting to do.....did some some two hundred figures some years ago and my eyes are still sore... cheers, Jan
  15. Great subject Paul, I flew as well for the first time in a DC3 and that was also AMSV in the later color scheme in 85.. Sorry to hear about the fit problems on the Airfix as my experience is completely the opposite.. I construct the fairings to the fuselage and assemble the wings in one piece before I mate them with the fuselage ..that works for me and I don’t have any large gaps . Anyway I hope too see AMSV finished, I. cheers, Jan
  16. I am with white on that scheme for every part of the wing.. Hope this helps... Douglas DC-3 G-AMPO Newcastle Airport by emdjt42, on Flickr cheers, Jan
  17. Sorry to disagree on Lady Liberty as it never has been a A26A (this can be checked through the serial)this second control colum is also reinstalled on several civil aircraft as well. I do have a production list of all counter invaders and what happened to them . quote “N9682C, which is the current oldest Invader (built August 18, 1944) was declared surplus in 1958 and became a air tanker, then resold and immediately seized by the DEA for trafficing.” This info is from the site I linked here and contains one of the most complete Invader information on the web. http://napoleon130.tripod.com/id739.html Those vortex generators that you chiseled off Ced are for the A-26 Counter Invader version that Italeri did.. These were installed in real life too provide a better handling for the enlarged rudder it had in case of an engine failure ... By the way Ced I just came across your thread, great build so far cheers, Jan
  18. Don’t forget Hasegawa as they also have some several old tooling that can profit from being redone... cheers, Jan
  19. Assuming this is a wnw kit than they have a very correct model on their hands cheers, Jan
  20. Got one for two years and that does the job perfectly well cheers, Jan
  21. That is outstanding build and I love the freehand camo as well as the Iranian camo jobs on the real thing can be crude... cheers, Jan
  22. No I am sorry as I don’t have the kit myself...not my subject to build cheers, Jan
  23. And available at the Aviationmegastore https://www.aviationmegastore.com/vickers-valetta-t-mk3-delivered-72143-valom-vaclav-lomitzk-8594054291436-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=169796 https://www.aviationmegastore.com/vickers-valetta-c-mk1-delivered-72142-valom-vaclav-lomitzk-8594054291429-vliegtuig-modelbouw/product/?action=prodinfo&art=167493 cheers, Jan
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