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  1. Hard to say what it is but I can use water to dilute it ..other water based thinners work well but it is a course paint type.. cheers, Jan
  2. I have used these last year and they work but they strongly smell like wall paint….they are usable though but use a good primer to get adhesion Not all paints and I had 32 off them were consistent in color nor the same match as Humbrol . Contacted the producer and he told me that that was a thing he would work on.. cheers, Jan
  3. A lovely build that is, I like the lights as well.. A job well done and especially given the age of the kit! cheers, Jan
  4. If I am correct it was all about the fact that there is no complete and finished aircraft available for measurements……at the moment so this can change! This was recently asked at Airfix and this was their answer! cheers, Jan
  5. Very nicely done and I like the photoshop additions as well.. Did once a Matchbox 1/72 rendition of 2nd Patches and your build brings back memories..Yours is way better off course…. cheers, Jan
  6. You have steel nerves….. But well done! cheers, Jan
  7. Now this is a fitting tribute to him and i do believe he would be/is proud with the end result! Indeed blue skies… cheers, Jan
  8. It would be really spooky when those meters starting to move when you pass it… Anyhow this is a great looking panel, very well done cheers, Jan
  9. Here,I have a nice link of a French site about some zg2 aircraft and some very handy pictures wich conclude the use of the two colors… https://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=116428 cheers, Jan
  10. Wow what a rigging job, love those bicycle wheels and other small details as well..great build! cheers, Jan
  11. Give it to me baby aha aha, give It to me baby..and all the boy said TAKE MY MONY!!! This is a perfect subject and finally will put the Hobbycraft one into retirement…. Thank you Dorawings cheers, Jan
  12. That is a very nice build, well done cheers, Jan
  13. Looking lovely…what an enjoyable build this is cheers, Jan
  14. I do believe you are right as I see those demarcations as well..the pictures are underexposed as well.. cheers, Jan
  15. Simply love it and especially the wheathering and the black overspray….. cheers, Jan
  16. WOW an F-16…..didn’t saw that coming…..at least an MLU for the Dutch fans..and a very correct one I may hope Little bit disappointed by their newest technology they incorporated…Just some magnet’s, a club member allready did that to switch loadouts on his Thunderstreak. Nevertheless very interested how it builds and maybe that could be my first 1/48 F-16! cheers, Jan
  17. Again I love it Rob a job well done and I see that you rectified the name as well cheers, Jan
  18. I like it a lot Mike and espacially the wheathered look..great job cheers, Jan
  19. Seen it tonight and was back in my youth again…….I feel the need for speed….
  20. That looks great and I love it , the weathering is subtle… Great job on the camo. cheers, Jan
  21. Rob it does look very good, you did a fine job on it .. Put it with pride on your shelf cheers, Jan
  22. Great comeback and I like the whiffs…. cheers, Jan
  23. What a gem this is..very nice metallic as well! You can be a happy man with this on your shelf.. cheers, Jan
  24. Hello Rob, regardless what everyone says I would use the Dora triangle decals. That one picture which shows the undersides convinced me in the theory that this was an anomaly to what is written in the official paint regulations. The name is however misspelled and should be “Hermans” and not Hermann. cheers, Jan
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