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  1. Thx for your like Etienne, cheers mate
  2. It looks even better, cheers Angelo
  3. NIce job with interior, i like a lot the real look achieved, ,cheers Angelo
  4. Gorgueous job!!!!, i love really its real look, stunning in details, and a superb weathering, cheers Cesar
  5. Very nice vignette, good work with interior and weathering, i like a lot figures (I would like to do something moderately good ...) Cheers Kris
  6. Stunning detail and very good job with add-ons..., cheers Etienne
  7. Many thanks for your kind comments, cheers Phil
  8. Pretty job, i like me a lot, cheers Eric
  9. NIce little tank, well done..., cheers Eric
  10. Very interesting project, coming along nicely..., cheers mate
  11. Superb in details, very well weathered, looks soooo real..., i like see more photos please... Cheers Cesar
  12. Many thanks for your kind comments, the damage in the Zimm, as in this case were pieces of plastic "equal" to the sides of the vehicle, once stuck in place, with a cutter, in random places and more likely to appear chipping, "carving" some damage, and once painted, I have used gray primer (it is denser than paint, although I imagine it would also work), to paint them. Although I'm not 100% sure, I think the right color was that ... gray. It cost me a lot of work that the two parts, the barge and the hull, will be "fitted" as it should, but I think that in the end I got it ... Cheers David