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  1. M4A3E8 Sherman - Dragon 1/35

    Splendid winter camo / look, i love contrast between mud color and tank tone, maybe boxes, cans, and tarpaulins, would look great on top ... Cheers Kris
  2. Very nice vignette, plenty of details for everywhere, , cheers mate
  3. Ba-3 armored car

    A stunning painting job!!, very vell finished and weathered for my taste. Cheers Panzair
  4. Looks nice, and with the extra equpment, if it is well finished and placed correctly, it will become more real even ... Cheers Clive
  5. Su-85 from miniart 1/35

    Watcing with interest, nice progress for now..., cheers mate
  6. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    NIce result, very clean look , cheers Etienne.
  7. M1A2 Abrams Tusk II

    In spite of everything, your efforts have been worth it. I have to do one of these Abrams a day, although I like the older versions more. Cheers Reilly
  8. Champagne Today - A French M4A3 (76mm).

    Extremely accurate, very good job..., cheers John
  9. First To Deir ez Zor

    Nice little monster!, i´m watching with interest..., cheers Sarge
  10. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    These tracks honor their name "Create miracle" ... seem a step forward in the evolution of metal tracks (notes Friuls) ,,, are much more expensive than the Friuls?Nice progress , cheers Julian
  11. Krupp Raumer S

    Of course, yes, very explicit and clear, I have to work on this basis, I'm very close, but now I think I have it. Thank you so much for your time and kindness. Cheers Andy
  12. Thanks for your like JackG, cheers mate Thanks for your like GarryC, cheers mate Thanks for your like Reini78, cheers mate Thanks for your like Corsairfoxfoxuncle, cheers mate
  13. T-54A (MiniArt;1:35)

    Stunning job as usual Dmytro , cheers
  14. Krupp Raumer S

    Awesome beast!!, as usual a superb job, the only thing that could be timely, is some figure or drums for example, to give a sample of how big the vehicle really is. By ther way, I have seen (several times in time ...) your RIP of the wonderful Akatsiya, and I would like to know, if you are so kind, which camera you use for the photos, and especially the objective. I use a Nikon D300, with a lens of 18-50. I have a kit of photography almost the same as yours (the bulbs are a little more powerful, nothing more), and I can not take the photos of the model with all the parts focused, that is, if it is from front to back, or is focused the anterior part, or the posterior part. Maybe it's because of the objective that is not the right one? ... Cheers Andy
  15. Tamiya Stug IV

    Superb Zimm!, very good job for now,,,, cheers mate