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  1. Hi Pals, Trying to resume the construction of kits, here I show a WIP, but almost finished, since it is the last model I was making, and from which I did not make a backup of the photos I was taking when my computer crashed, so I lost a multitude of photos WIP...notice to navigators...Make copies of your photos!... This model is well known by many, it is quite simple, with some problems of origin, but that can be solved with some skill. I had read about it before, and since I thought I could fix it, I also bought it at a discount time. I remember that the structure of the hull, being asymmetrical and complex in shape, I had some problem fitting it into place, I think I had to "sculpt" some joint, although not what it was...sorry, in case it was useful. .. Another well-known thing is the "union" of the tracks, which although they are easy to finish, they have not measured the length they should have well, and there is a space of approximately one link that must be filled... I saw that other modelers cut a link in half, and it was just right... I tried to cut two, so that the loss of width would be less noticeable... As an improvement I tried making the grip straps for the tools out of masking tape. Another problem with the kit is that the decals, although beautiful, are extremely thick...and that even with the fixing liquids, it was impossible not to notice that they "protruded"...incredible for a brand like " TAKOM"... despite everything, several layers of product and varnish, did the job... The stars and the yellow band, I did try with a mask and tape, to airbrush them, because the quality was just as bad, but the surface was not smooth as with the numerals... I think that after several tests they turned out well... The idea was to make a used vehicle, but one that has not seen real combat, since the paint options offered by the kit are from training schools, except the Soviet one, but since I wanted an American vehicle that I have very few, hence the chose. I added a fiber antenna and ready for the RTI photos... There are some photos with his "little brother" an M3 Stuart, which he had already done before (and published in the forum in case someone is interested in seeing it, I add a link WIP and RTI), and that seemed appropriate, since they are from the same period and same user, for comparison... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235074828-recce-force-m3a1-stuart-135-italeri/ Thanks for watching as always. Cheers and TC Francis.
  2. Hi Kelscale, The result is great, in fact I think that if it is not explained, someone may confuse the authentic photos with those of the kit...lol, and that is that smartphones are becoming more "magical"... without a doubt it was the perfect solution without big problems to do it... I remember that on my first Panther, I did something similar... I took a couple of kit photos (in color), and applied a filter that included the smartphone I had at the time, making it look like a "vintage" photo... On the other hand, the color photos of the model confirm that it is a magnificent result. Cheers and TC Francis.
  3. HI Ed, A very unusual model, but terribly good, everything that you see is first class, as previously mentioned, the cigarette butts are very cool... are they scratch or do they already come in a set?... Cheers and TC Francis.
  4. Hi Kelscale, A superb Panther, with an impressive resemblance to its real counterpart, as other colleagues comment, I am looking forward to seeing the color photos....and if it were possible to do the opposite....also color the original photo... Cheers and TC Francis.
  5. Hi Cesar, Excellent couple, the "little one" is very cool and I love the impressive M107, which I still remember from when you published it, and it is a reference for me.... Cheers and TC Francis.
  6. Hi Tom, A superb job as usual, everything looks great, with all the elements very well combined with each other, and my good photography also to be able to appreciate it as it deserves. Cheers and TC Francis.
  7. Excellent big cat, nice camo and weathering. Cheers and TC Francis.
  8. Hi Roman, Great eight-wheeler. I made one of these at 1/35 but with AK desert color Cheers and TC Francis.
  9. Hi Maddoxx, Really "heavy", you have achieved a great aspect of mole with chains... I don't know what errors you are referring to, although I imagine that you have been able to avoid them, with a very cool final model. The figures are great, we will always see something better than what we do, but your first attempt, not to be an expert as you say, brings you very close to one already...!, I have tried repeatedly and I have never achieved anything as good as yours...without detracting from the AFV at all, I like the figures even more...lol. I imagine that the figures are from another brand than the one in the kit?...because they have a great level of detail. Looking forward to seeing the next model... Cheers and TC Francis.
  10. A pretty beast, she may not be a "showcase queen" but she looks really good, and her base adds a positive touch. Cheers and TC Francis.
  11. Great model, a high level of detail for how small it will be.... Very cool roller chains... Cheers and TC Francis.
  12. Hi Ian, a great job with a classic, I love the treatment you have achieved with the Gray, and the dusty effects. Personally, I like the last photos better, darker but with contrast... I don't know if they are more in line with the real color achieved... Cheers and TC Francis.
  13. Hi Milan, Nice little tank, Cheers and TC Francis.
  14. Hi Roman, Excellent painting and effects with the "tiny", and very good set of equipment. Cheers and TC Francis.
  15. Hi Roman, Great job on that little kit, nice internal detail. Cheers and TC Francis.
  16. Hi jenko, A nice vignette, with good details for how small it will be, as another colleague comments, matte varnish for the clothes would be appropriate. Those figures are not bad, they must be very small, myself with 1/35 it is very difficult for me to do something decent like yours....3 Cheers and TC Francis.
  17. Hi Matt, Nice Panther, with interesting splash effects. Cheers and TC Francis.
  18. Hi Bill, Welcome to the world of AFVs! Good progression with the models, it is true that the first two are camo, and the other solid colors, with their differences when treating them. As other colleagues comment, the layers of paint are better to be thin and subtle, so that you can appreciate lights and shadows, and the details of the kit. I thought you used brush instead of AB, personally I prefer AB, (now that I can afford a full kit with a compressor...lol...when I was a kid...), and that you also don't need a particularly good one to get good results, because they are also more delicate and "temperamental" to use.... I started with an AB300 (about €30 approx.), and I continue with that model (different unit, spare parts...). Another suggestion would be, try not to darken the model too much, you lose detail and effects already done, and also showiness. I don't know if you've tried doing detail washes (the Desert Panther is a perfect candidate, since it's a light color), you'll see how by "magic" details appear that didn't stand out before, making the model more interesting. .and it's easy to do too...lol. The figures do require more attention, and it is a different field, they are terribly difficult for me... my advice is to focus on the AFV you are doing until you get a good level of satisfaction, and then "attack" the figures... Cheers and TC Francis.
  19. Hi Milan, Nice vignette, like me a lot figures. Cheers and TC Francis.
  20. Hi Panzair, Terrific beast!, A superb representation of the vehicle, and all the equipment it carries... And the figures are great... Cheers and TC Francis.
  21. Hi Providence, Nice Desert Queen, with a caunter scheme, which must have been difficult to do on a small scale (even more so)... It is a tank that I have to do some day (1/35), but its price is very expensive for the "extras" it brings... Cheers and TC Francis.
  22. Hi Stuart, Terrific vignette!, despite not having a heavy in the scene, it is a great job, which tells a story, and there are many details to observe in the vehicles... Trees are great, I have the intention of doing something similar to that one day, but between the lack of adequate materials and starting a model, I am delaying it.... sigh... Good job Cheers and TC Francis.
  23. Hi providence, Nice monster, good job on turret shell damage, and good point on adding a base. I don't know if I will make one of these (1/35) one day, because it is a rare vehicle... Cheers and TC Francis.
  24. Hi Birdman, It looks great, I think you nailed the shade of green on the model's boxart...nice And the inside of the turret looks great, with those rounds of ammo... Certainly oil is a great tool when it comes to treating colors, which in expert hands produces magnificent results... Cheers and TC Francis.
  25. HI sardaukar, Excellent result with a small tank, good job. Cheers and TC Francis.
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