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  1. Very well done, I love the paintjob and weathering. So much variation within one colour. No one would expect this one to be a "between through" (we have a similar expression in Dutch). Old school modelling rocks, not having to worry about time and money consuming aftermarket keeps the focus and momentum going I suppose. Great model, Cheers, Ernst.
  2. Great paintjob and weathering and lovely presentation. Cheers, Ernst
  3. Great model, I like the cast texture you've applied. Cheers, Ernst.
  4. Hi Francis, I'll be very interested when you finish the Katyusha you mentioned Wednesday. The tamiya t34/76 that you spoke of earlier in the thread is one that I've build twice, it was the '42 version. An older kit with (I believe) some minor dimensional inaccuracies but fun to build (always with tamiya) but the vinyl tracks were a bit of a let down. For American tanks vinyl is ok but for t-34 you'd rather have indie links. The Eastern express t-34 is I believe a rebadged one of the brand Maquette. That brand had quite some aftermarket stuff such as wheels, engines, tracks, tu
  5. I'll keep you updated on the YT experience using brave which is one of my 3 browsers, thanks for the tip. I used to do some video editing with Vegas (owned by Sony back in the days) and steinberg Nuendo and they both act like linear audio/midi sequencers. Once you get the hang of it the process will speed up. There's probably a lot of freeware that can do the trick. I'll have to get myself reacquainted with what's out there for some upcoming timelapse projects. Concerning copyright, if I'm not mistaken it applies to audiotracks younger than 70 years but legislation might differ across countri
  6. Awesome work and stunning presentation. I've never seen this before. It does indeed take more than soldiers to win a war. Cool reference on the barrel. Tour YT channel has been bookmarked for later binge watching. Cheers, Ernst.
  7. Lovely little kit. Great painting, . Cheers, Ernst.
  8. Wow cool approach and great model. Last week I was binging through the "civilized beasts" thread on armorama and now I'm presented with one at home on BM. I like the colour too. Cheers, Ernst.
  9. Great model of an unusual vehicle in an interesting setting. Cheers, Ernst.
  10. Now that's an impressive entry in diorama building. Since I'm just lurking around in the diorama section I can't really advise you or give proper feedback on the content. I've only build some diorama's decades ago. Presentation wise, you might consider embedding more photo's like in the second post and comment on them individually or in small chunks for "digestibility". You sure have a lot of ideas, great work. Cheers, Ernst.
  11. Amazing diorama Stix, fantastic composition. Building a static diorama is difficult enough but adding so much convincing action to it. I like it a lot, Cheers, Ernst.
  12. Wow, this is highly original and very inspiring. Great work. Cheers, Ernst.
  13. You've build some lovely Panhards, nice to see some unusual subjects. These ICM kits are pretty crisp with good fit and fun to build. Maybe a bit offtopic but what's your opinion on AGAMA paints and do they have a set for pre ww2 czech afv camo? Cheers, Ernst.
  14. Wow Francis, it takes some cojonas to choose a model of (in your words) "inferior quality" and raise it to this level. I love the painting and weathering. Cheers, Ernst.
  15. Absolutely beautiful model, great to see the reference and some w.i.p. pics included. Cheers, Ernst.
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