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  1. Hi Francis, You're right. Things start to itch sooner or later when left unattended. I've never seen the movie but I remember the song as if it was yesterday. You've got me interested in "metallic". I'll be looking forward to it's completion, Cheers, Ernst.
  2. Francis, this is amazing. When I watched your m47 I noticed you painted and weathered the bottom of the tank, something I 'm too lazy for. You did it again. There's a lesson in that for me. The tracks look awesome, the colour contrast with the open hatches, the subtle wear and tear the list goes on. Cheers , Ernst.
  3. This whole thread reads like a tutorial. That spare track is gold. I can imagine it's very rewarding to really personalize a kit. Ernst.
  4. The IR box is attached to the turret and by coincidence I found a thinner cable that seems more scale correct. One of the benefits of being a bit of a hoarder, I just can't throw away stuff. I wish I had more room but that's a rare commodity in Amsterdam. I'll have to do some touch ups here and there but the end is in sight. Wheels and tracks are next
  5. This looks crisp, nice details. Cheers, Ernst
  6. Beautiful vibrant style. Thank you for posting the video. Cheers, Ernst.
  7. You did it again Wayne, awesome job. I wouldn't say the weathering is heavy since it's done with precision and the end result is very very convincing. Great to see some different British camo schemes. Cheers, Ernst.
  8. I like the way you've broken up the paint. Great details, tools, exhaust, lovely model. Cheers, Ernst.
  9. Great camo job, I like the subtle speckling and weathering. Very well done. Cheers, Ernst.
  10. I like your style, vehicle larger than vignette base. The composition makes sense regardless of turret direction. What you said about output vs free time, I think there's an inverse relation as a result of diminished urgency but I speak for myself on that. Great model of an awesome vehicle, Cheers, Ernst.
  11. As said before, these fuel lines look the part. Especially in 1:48. What was your consideration to use nickel silver wire? Just curious, I once built the esci t55 and I didn't even attempt to upgrade it but I keep seeing these modifications. Cheers, Ernst.
  12. It's been a long time since I've build any diorama's so any advice is probably outdated. Diorama's used to be quite big in relation to what's actually happening in the scene. These vignettes I see here on britmodeler are often compact and have a focused composition to them. It is on the back of my mind but I decided for myself to learn figure painting first, partly because I keep struggling with canvas gun mantlet covers but also to add a human touch to a model. Cheers, Ernst
  13. Hi Francis, I didn't know that but it makes sense. These older tanks have a lot of character, like they were searching and finding things out. But it looks awesome nevertheless. Cheers, Ernst.
  14. Great progress, good to see tamiya supplied some proper DAK decals. No political affiliation here obviously. Is it just me or are modelers shifting a gear up? I can't advise you on PE, but this looks pretty neat. All I know from painting them is to avoid paint bubbles between the holes, I've had that with grilles and I pinched them. Cheers, Ernst.
  15. Thank you for your kind words, in all honesty I'm basically messing about trying new stuff and see if it works. A few times I thought oh no, what have I done. Thank you, I just want to understand this so next time I won't have to think about it. Good you mention the field study, back in the isu 122 thread we talked about hairspray technique with Wayne, Pete and Gaz. I've promised to look into it and here are the results of the experiment on cd covers. As expected it became more difficult to chip away the paint especially after 24 hours and this effect was the most pronounced with tamiya paint diluted with isopropyl. With Vallejo I found out that 15 minutes was to early as next picture will show. I had water spillage. Even after 24 hours vallejo (with both dilutions) was fairly easy to remove, especially on a glossy surface. Just moistening the surface peeled away the paint.There was a funny thing with the flow improver, it made the paint act as an almost infinite 'workable' paint. On a glossy surface it dries up in an interesting texture, maybe interesting for mud effects. All in all, the Type 74 became more heavily weathered then expected so I'll keep the lvtp7 very clean. Well, it's amphibious so it receives an occasional splash. Thank you both for taking an interest in this thread, Cheers, Ernst
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