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  1. You've nailed it Kris, I've desaturated one of your images and it looks as monochrome as the pictures of the era. Very well done, great model, Cheers, Ernst.
  2. Much respect for your speed of progress and the end result doesn't seem rushed at all. You've broken up the monochrome very well and I must say, those spare tracks on the turret really look the part.. Another great model, Cheers, Ernst.
  3. Thank you Pete, highly appreciated. Thank you Stef, this was a fun project to do. Thank you John for taking a look. Cheers, Ernst.
  4. Great Model, I really like the way you've broken up the monochrome. Cheers, Ernst.
  5. Good to hear you've defeated covid Wayne. Now that's a razor sharp camo and the barrel really stands out. Great work. Cheers, Ernst.
  6. Thank you Francis. I decided to do only mild weathering. The a7v's were repainted (a couple of times if I'm correct) in their short life span so not much chipping would occur I guess. I have no idea if the colours are even remotely correct but I liked the gray for added variety. Their top speed was low so I guess not much mud would be flying around except for incoming artillery rounds. The Brittish had the Vickers A1E1 Independent, the Soviets the t-28 and the t-35 and Germany had 5 of these. It was a bit of a dead and in tank development. The reichswehr camo was applied over the primer,
  7. Thank you for taking an interest in brick on tracks, Cheers, Ernst.
  8. Hello, I've just finished the a7v from Tauro. It's a 40years old kit with a (fragile) workable suspension and individual links which was pretty advanced for the time. The molding is questionable here and there but I've only paid about 12 pounds for it and at that price I would highly recommend it. Little information is given by Tauro which exact tank is meant so I took inspiration from the 540 which is wrong because it's a different model of a7v with only one hatch on the front. There are different interpretations of the model in terms of patters and colours, espe
  9. Wow, beautiful paint-job and weathering. Lovely model, Cheers, Ernst.
  10. Stunning progress Dan, looking forward to those figures, Cheers, Ernst.
  11. Excellent solution and I like the result. I have this baking soda for ages with this intention in mind but I never got to it. Cheers, Ernst.
  12. Cool tank Andy, I really like it. Is this the Tunisian one? I've build one years ago and it really put a smile on my face. The Grilles really add up and those intake pipes are very convincing. Lovely model, Cheers, Ernst.
  13. Nice clean model of an interesting vehicle. It somehow looks more modern than the other vehicles of the day. Cheers, Ernst.
  14. But this way your collection is telling a story of afv development which is always interesting. I often have to restrain my hoarding tendencies when I buy for instance a panzer I. In the back of my mind I'd think: how about a II and a III and a IV (ausf A,B,C....)? Years ago I've build the Italeri Elefant which was pretty good except for the tracks. Since I didn't have a compressor at the time I connected my airbrush to a bicycle pump. The end result would have made Jackson Pollock blush so I bought a compressor a few months after that. I like the odd shape of the vehicle, it's quit
  15. Interesting to see them side by side, that atak zimm looks great. Cheers, Ernst.
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