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  1. Cheers Wyatt, yes I hope they hurry up. I need 3 more to do what I want. AFV Scimitar is getting scarce also. Ive two in my stash and need another 2.
  2. Thank you very much Pete, would love to do another one. Hopefully I can get around to it sometime
  3. Thats a fine job of a brilliant subject. Tigers I & King are still so appealing. Love it
  4. Cheers Paolo, Fair play, its an even better job so. I have the Dragon kit. I must have it around 6-8 years or even more.
  5. Sorry John, as a matter of interest, Maybe you could kindly ask your nephew about the vehicle called "Wallace" and if he knows anything about it and indeed any photos?
  6. Cheers John, I was thinking that would have been the case. I have Tankograds books on both the FV432 Variants & FV510 Warrior TES(H). The photos taken of the FV432 must have been very early in the deployment as other than dirt and a few dents in the bar armour the vehicles are in good order. This was the option i went for with just some sun fade. Now the FV510 is a totally different issue. The photo show the paint blistered and peeling off in great chunks and not only were the troops would climb or stand. I have the Meng Warrior started and that will be these are the images I will be using
  7. Thank you Ivan, I really enjoyed doing these two Cheers Viper, Meng Warrior next and then another Scimitar in Iraq scheme
  8. Cheers Stef, yes same here. The Tankograd books are brilliant for reference photos
  9. Thank you Andrew, I actually didnt know about the netting until I got the Tankograd book
  10. Thank you very much Nenad, I’m into 1/35 Modern British Armour, 1/35 WWII German Armour and 1/48 Military aircraft of any era
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