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  1. Have to agree with Ernst! The Jeep and trailer are excellent (crate of gold in the trailer under tarp?), but the dio is over the top! Such great work on the bricks, grass, subtle effects, so good, well done.
  2. Really like the track work and mud/dirt on lower portion of tank Francis, superbly done as usual! Nice to see an SPG subject too. All the best, R.
  3. Francis you've put up many great builds, this may be the best. The subtle dustings around the rivets, the slight rust forming in certain locations, some worn, exposed metal which hasn't rusted yet, faded paint, the tow cable is really well done. I could go on but you have the point, very nice presentation and build quality. Thanks for posting and all the great photos. Gives us mere mortal average builders something to strive for Look forward to the next project, sooner rather than later please Take care and all the best, R.
  4. Another superb build, weathering and diorama execution Francis! Makes me wonder what that crew and vehicle has been through to be in that condition. No doubt they are a weary bunch! Looking forward to the next build. All the best, R.
  5. Thanks for the great review Mike. So pleased to see Airfix making quality kits again. Their video on the production is enjoyable. Airfix were some of the first kits I purchased many years ago as a young lad. Fought many battles with the 1/72 figures, such fond memories. Watched the Hellcat fly recently at SkyFair, beautiful plane. Was eyeballing at the hobby shop on Saturday; thinking it's a definite buy now. All the best, R.
  6. Thank you for the review Mike. Quite enjoy the 1/32 fighters of WWII. Regarding the shrinkage and distorted look of the double clear parts, could you elaborate a bit please? Would you say it seriously detracts from the finished appearance? Recently completed a Mig which isn't my usual era but was a gift from my son. Canopy fit on one side was quite poor which I didn't notice until too late. All the best, Robert
  7. Really like the base Francis, amazing! The grasses and shading of them adds fantastic realism. Fuel cans and shells are great too. Overall a great build and display. Thanks for posting, all the best, R.
  8. Absolutely beautiful work Francis. Thank you for sharing all the great photos and detail. The accessories, binos, helmet, mp40 all very nice, antennas amazing, particularly like the shell hole in side armour. Overall just a fantastic piece. All the best, R.
  9. Anil, Kev and Silenoz, very much appreciate the replies and in depth answers to my query. The positive and informative input/feedback is one of the reasons why I enjoy Britmodeller so much. Three years ago re-entered the hobby after being off for many, many years. Now being able to afford equipment and products has really upped the enjoyment factor. Went backed and looked at the 1/35 Panther that was first painted with the Neo. Not as much overspray, although, the camo pattern wasn't as tight. The Bf 109 also didn't seem to have the issue while applying camo. Thinking older acrylic paint, air pressure may be the main culprits, combined with the tighter freehand camo pattern lead to the frustration. The Neo has been used quite a bit over the past three years but can't imagine the needle has worn. Most of the other paint jobs have been one colour sprays. Many good "take aways" from your input. Do have an air tank acquired at the local sway meet which could be put into use. Also the idea of having a higher quality air brush with proven track record is appealing. Will keep at it, the building time is almost like meditation, just the odd frustration like this last camo job. Finished several nice kits last year, 2019 the Panzer Ausf J is pretty well done already. Santa via son has brought a Mig,21, that will be different. After that, thinking another 109 or perhaps that nice Typhoon kit. Again, thank you all very much for your help and input. All the best, Robert
  10. Currently attempting soft edge camo with the Iwata Neo on 1/35 Panzer IV. The issue is overspray to adjacent colour. Do not seem to be able to have fine enough spray pattern, where the two colours overlap, to look scale correct. Have tried several different pressures, mix ratios, proximity to subject; becoming a little disheartened and frustrated. Paint is Tamiya Acrylic thinned with Tamiya Acrylic thinner. Attempting this freehand in hopes of realistic appearance, no masks used. Have read many posts regarding air pressure, paint thinning, proximity of nozzle to work surface,the brush itself and thinning mediums. Some people say 1 mm line is achievable, which should be fine, others say no, use a better brush. Should I be able to obtain a fine enough line to look scale correct with this air brush and .35 needle? Do I need more practice, better mix, better brush, different thinning medium? Much appreciate input and advice on this issue. Currently have a bush fix going, carefully dry brushing the worst overspray, a slow and tedious job. All the best, Robert
  11. Another fantastic build Cesar, well done! Munich museum is on my list too, looks wonderful. All the best, R.
  12. Looking forward to the next masterpiece Cesar! All the best, R.
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