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  1. Just the way I like it. 😀
  2. Thanks Wooksta. I brush-paint aircraft with enamels so have always thought primer unnecessary, except when painting yellow, because the first coat normally highlights seams and not-sanded-enough filler. I used to prime models with a rattlecan when I used acrylics on 1/35 German AFVs (once managing to melt a Tamiya Horch by using lacquer rather than acrylic primer) so I'm no stranger to overspray. I used to have an old fridge in my garden that had the outlines of Tigers, Panthers and a Bf109 on it. Sadly, that fridge has gone to the dump and where I now live spray-painting is frowned on due to my ability to miss an entire Guardian and leave soft-edged lines on items of garden furniture.
  3. The new British Sea Power and Robyn Hitchcock albums.
  4. It's obvious now. Thank you.
  5. Thank you Jan. One further question, will anything be done about the 'empty' wheelwells?
  6. I'm familiar with Halfords grey primer (although terms of my parole don't allow me to use spray cans) but 'PSR' is beyond me.
  7. Now one tells me... Some of what looks like cleaning up on leading edge is actually the tape that's masking the underside and some of what looks like it needs cleaning up does need cleaning up (probably more filler) They're not bad, most of the problems I'm experiencing are self-inflicted, but they ain't as straightforward as the Sword VCs/ Seafires! although I have to admit that this kit is sapping what's left of my, already low, will to live.
  8. The use of 'Sand and Spinach' may say something about British cookery in the 1940's. 😁
  9. The Airfix Spitfire 22 is a lovely kit and your one looks excellent.
  10. Five KP (AZ) Spitfire VBs.
  11. All my own fault Ced, I should've attached the cowlings to their respective fuselage halves before joining the fuselage up.
  12. Ced, Before you seal the figures in for ever, have you had a look at Preiser figures? They do loads of different figures. These, for example: This company do loads of their sets:
  13. Thanks Rob. The Typhoon has had all the paint removed... I'd done it as Invasion stripes rather than the Identification stripes Typhoons had. It has armour behind the pilot's seat. I've been applying copious amounts of filler to the Spitfire, in an attempt to blend one if the upper cowling into the fuselage. As you can see, I've been partially sucessful: A bit if masking then a coat of Ocean Grey and we'll see how it looks.
  14. It's a sunny day so, having felt a bit under-the-weather the last few days, I'm sitting in the garden and drinking beer (Timothy Taylor's Landlord, since you ask) but have taken the opportunity to spray-paint the underside of my car-door Typhoon. Next-up will be the black stripes. All this will be good practice for the D-Day mega-build I have planned for late-May to early-July.
  15. That's a very good idea.