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  1. Benedikt, Us Brits are far too reserved and polite to correct anyones' English, the worst you'll get is a semi-audible 'tut'. Just to to create further thread-drift. My local newsagent recently became a British citizen after passing the exam. What he doesn't know about British history probably isn't worth knowing and would ask in depth questions about the British political system or the order of succession when I popped in to buy my morning paper.
  2. Frog Hawker Tempest.

    It's good to see a Newchurch-based aircraft. A friend of mine lives there and I knew a bloke who used to sell eggs to the airmen.
  3. That's an interesting book (and I must resist the temptation to buy it). One small point, your review states that the Panzer IV initially had a 37mm gun; as far a I know it, always had a 75mm as it was designed to deal with strongpoints (the Panzer III was for dealing with other tanks).
  4. What have you purchased / been gifted

    A couple of Airfix Spitfire XIXs, a recent stock-take revealed I haven't got sufficient kits to use the Freightdog MkXI conversions i have and do the XIXs I have in mind.
  5. I hope it's a moulding fault because this bloke is supposed to deal with any mice: Funny you should say that...
  6. A Beaufort, please let it be a Beaufort.
  7. Good luck with the seatbelts... too small for my fat fingers and old eyes.
  8. @Kenny Stevens, that sounds like far too much trouble; I like to take the easy (or easier) option. Anyway, I've given the MkVBs a rub-down with Micromesh and will give them a gloss coat later. Discovered a problem with the Mk24 though: hopefully, some glue and filler will fix it: Later today I'm going to start an Airfix XIX and make an order from Sovereign Hobbies (hopefully they'll still have Light Slate Grey in stock). Thanks for looking.
  9. Thank you for confirming that my memory isn't failing. I don't have an AZ XIV so had read it somewhere (probably on here).
  10. A bit of work today. The MkVBs have had a second coat of grey: and the 24 is taking shape:
  11. Having had a think about it, I think the AZ XIV (low-back) and XVIII (18) kits contain the same plastic and are okay for an 18.
  12. Thank you. I have an AZ XVIII (18) in the stash and I've heard that it ain't quite right, something to do with the tail but it can't remember exactly what. I look forward to seeing your one though.
  13. They are, later this year. I'm working overtime to ensure I can afford a few (and when I say a few, I mean around 20).