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  1. It would but it'll never happen, at least not before he's made me a semi-solid (Fender) Jaguar clone.
  2. He did although it never sailed again and now lives in a display case in his kitchen. On an related matter, he and I have plans (albeit drunken plans) of making a 1/72 escort carrier. Actually, he'd be doing the making, I'd just be supervising and offering moral support.
  3. I'll be following Stew, if I may, as my interest in ships is somewhat more than passing and I've always fancied the kit of the Flower class corvette. A friend of mine made one of these and put RC gear in it. On it's maiden voyage, it sank, after being rammed by another friend's U-boat. Our friend claimed it wasn't deliberate... I suspect otherwise.
  4. I'm just glad they are of use. Can we expect a build from you soon then? I hope so.
  5. Your friend has clearly gone through a tough time. Hopefully, with your support (and, possibly, your blood) she'll come through the other side. On a modelling note, I'm glad the Spitfire parts arrived and that you've put them to good use. Bill, I hope you are well and hope to see anothet of your builds soon.
  6. All the extra equipment I took was a bottle of Merrydown.
  7. Apology accepted. BTW. Would one your passengers fit? Whenever I've been gliding I didn't wear a Mae West.
  8. Some beer, for drinking at the barbeque we're having this evening. Edit: I meant to invite you all but forgot. There are five sausages left...
  9. I was hoping you'd do a Spitfire next but this is something a little out-of-the -ordinary so I'm not too disappointed.
  10. All you need now, for the best best diorama ever, are a Revell U-boat, a Sunderland (or Liberator or Wellington or Fortress) and a large pond.
  11. A double espresso. I wanted some Humbrol Metalcote Aluminium and Steel but my LMS were out of stock.
  12. I hope it'll come back PC, because I always enjoy your builds, but we'll be here waiting.
  13. Thanks Steve. You can also refer back to this build for a lesson in how not to do it. Thank you.
  14. Thanks Ced. The big nose certainly adds to the look. Thanks Simon. The sunshine is glorious, made all the better with beer and Soundgarden. Thanks Cookie. It would certainly be intimidating to Luftwaffe pilots.
  15. Superunknown by Soundgarden. Correction: I'm listening to Badmotorfinger.