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  1. Enjoy your flight Ced, I'm extremely jealous. If my syndicate had won last Friday's Euromillions jackpot, I was going to buy one. If we win this Friday's jackpot I will buy one: http://www.platinumfighters.com/spitfire I live in hope.
  2. Thanks for the warning, Keith, although I'm unlikely to be starting this one anytime soon, I've looked in the box and didn't like the look of the resin canopy so I bought a vacform replacement (I can't remember who made it but I know it ain't Aeroclub and is, alledgedly, designed for the kit). No need to apologise and thank you.
  3. Thanks, I'll try (although I'm unlikely to see Concorde, you lucky blighter).
  4. Thank you gentlemen. Jaime, I paint with a brush (that's my dinning table it's sitting on) and haven't done a very good job of it, the port wing looks okayish but the paint on the starboard wing has gone glossy. I'll give the whole thing a light sand (to remove brush-marks) and give it another coat.
  5. Thank you gentlemen. I've been busy making land-nased Spitfires (as detailed elsewhere on BM) but I have given this one a couple of coats of Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey. It'll get a rub-down with some Micromesh, then at least one more of each. Thanks for looking.
  6. Right, here's where I've got to pre-day off. The MkVb has it's canopy installed and I think the spinner and propeller is better than the one in the kit. I'll paint the canopy and give it a gloss coat in the next couple of days. The MkVII needs it's wingtips then it and the MkIX can be painted. All three... Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my day-off and my wife is going out, so I'm planning on doing some music but I'll probably start painting the MkVII and MkIX (I might also make a start on an Airfix MkI (in Turkish marking) or an AZ MkVI (in 91 squadron markings)). Thanks for looking.
  7. Nothing a smidgeon of filler won't cure...
  8. Thank you, I did wonder what was wrong with me. Is there any cure?
  9. If you're interested in Malta, get Tony O'Toole's book 'Malta - No Place For Begineers'. It's a good read and has some excellent profiles.
  10. I have an Xtradecals Malta sheet so, you never know, there may be one later.
  11. I have no suggestion as to how to paint the splodges. Enjoy your holiday... free admission to a model show and selling paint (and other bits and bobs) sounds good to me.
  12. The Special Hobby 'Red Stars' boxing of the MPM kit is available, although appropriate decals will need to be sourced.
  13. Damn. Much as I like to be indoors, two Spitfires is two too many to miss. I do have a friend who can repair things. I'm going to text him, if the screen doesn't fall apart.
  14. Bad day... it's the second time I've broken the screen in as many months. I was so busy playing guitar and making plastic Spitfires that I missed it! Was it the MkIX that flies back-and-forth?