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Another 2008 Storybook,

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I managed to finish 15 models this year; not bad considering! Here's a selection, in no particular order:

Academy Hunter converted to GA.11 using Aeroclub and PJ parts:


Matchbox Buccaneer, completed for the CBK/UK display at Telford:


Airfix Canberra B(I).8:


Airfix F-84F, OOB with the kit decals...... :who-let-rip:


Airfix 1/72 Hawk in 19 Sqn markings:


Italeri 1/48 Chinook:


Revell 1/72 Hunter with PJ T.7 conversion set:


Revell 1/144 Hunter:


Airfix Nimrod:


And finally, the Hawk/Testors 1/72 Swift:


Edited by Paul Bradley
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Nice work - I particularly like the first Hunter and the Canberra. :thumbsup:

Re the 19 Squadron Hawk - I know the current 19 Squadron has Hawks but is that the real livery or just an homage to the 19 Squadron Spitfires?

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Cheers, everyone! I enjoyed all the builds; the fast, the slow and the tall (Buccaneer...)!

Timbo, 19 Squadron repainted this Hawk for this year to commemorate the introduction of the Spitfire back in 1938. There's a thread around here somewhere with pictures of the real thing.

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Yep, I'm a big fan of that GA.11 as well :wub:

They're all excellent though, a good years work there :thumbsup:

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GA.11 and the Nimrod are my fave's but a superb years work there Paul, brilliant.


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Hang seen most of these builds live and in person I will say that the Chinook and the Airfix Cranberry are stunners!! The Nimblob is superb as well!!

Well done Paul!!

Another prolific 2009 ahead??

:blush: Cheers, Mike!

2009? It'll be busy, that's for sure! Prolific? We'll see!

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