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  1. Thanks chaps - really useful information - I’ll have to look up Eau-de-Nil paints but, as Graham suggests I might get away with some RAF Sky with a bit of extra Green in...? This only for the inside of the Radio cabin and it’s going to be largely closed up as if in transit. Also need to get my thinking cap on about the Studebaker Truck! A US Navy version would be unusual - as to mixing (US/UK), I’m not sure what Pete Bowyer’s display criteria are for the nationals - whether it will be a complete diorama or just a variety of models that could have been on a Mulberry on display.....?
  2. Hi All, I haven't been on here for a while and my normal genre is 1/48 Aircraft but I've got roped in to making some 1/35 scale trucks for the Mulberry Harbour SIG for Telford so I'm a bit out of my comfort zone! First on my list is the IBG Models Bedford QLR Radio Truck, which I'm going to do in the 'Mickey Mouse' Scheme, which I gather is SCC.14 Black over SCC.15 Olive Drab. The Kit colour callouts are for Vallejo paints, which I don't use and the Interior Colour is rather unhelpfully quoted as 'Light Green'. Is this 'Light Green G5' or a different colour altogether? If different, anyone able to push me in the right direction using Mr Hobby, MRP or Hataka Orange Line? Next up are a couple of US Trucks: an ICM Studebaker 6x6 and the Tamiya 2 1/2 Ton 6x6. These are presumably overall Olve Drab - is FS34087 the right colour? I know that the paints used by the US Army weren't the same as those used by the USAAC...? Cheers!
  3. Hi Dana,

    you are the undisputed expert on WW11 US aircraft colours so I have a (hopefully) simple question relating to a TBM-3 I'm building - what colour were the fire extinguishers?

    1. Dana Bell

      Dana Bell

      Hi Tim,


      I have to admit that I'm not really sure - there were a number of standard color changes during the war, some because there had been no standard, some because the Army and Navy needed to coordinate.  I've never found the files on fire extinguishers (or, for that matter, oxygen bottles!)   From what I've seen, many of the early extinguishers were brass or unpainted aluminum color, with the embossed manufacturer's name plate in black or some other contrasting color.  By midwar, red seems to have been approved, though there could have been other colors used too.


      Wish I had more to offer - I still have plans to spend a day tracking down the answers, but there's already so much else to do! 






  4. I'm doing the same Airfix Hurricane (note to self - need some aftermarket decals now...) and have just bought a set of Vallejo Air, which I love the finish of when dry - just ever so slightly satin and silky smooth. Reading through this thread I was getting a bit worried - I have Xtracylix, but find it hard to get a good finish (it doesn't respond well if over-thinned...) and Lifecolor acrylics, as wellas the Humbrol Acrylics, but I don't like airbrushing these. I was definitely getting very confused but your conclusion seems to be that the Model Air colours are OK? I may have to do some back to back tests before I commit to my model!
  5. Apart from the ones stated, where the only game in town is Revell/Monogram, except the Tamiya Lancaster (and even the 'new tool' wasn't - it still has raised panel lines...) Massive omissions in the 1/48 range already that I'd buy: Blenheim (I have the Classic Airframes Mk.I and IV but don't feel up to even starting them!), Beaufort (only available as a rather poor Vac form) Hampden (only available in Vac Form) Sunderland (only available as a massively heavy Resin/Vac Form), Botha (Not available at all AFAIK).....
  6. timbo33

    WWII VVS Colours

    Hadn't noticed that - yes looks pretty much like Faded AMT-7. Thanks
  7. timbo33

    WWII VVS Colours

    Many thanks to all those of you who've replied in so short a time!! I was aware of the lack of reliable evidence about WWII VVS colours and there is certainly a huge variety of colours seen on models of wartime aircraft. I certainly subscribe to the 'The Germans will be here in 30 minutes what does it matter what colour we paint it as long as it flies' theory in relation to the autumn of 1941 but I think that by the Spring of 1942 when they'd relocated the factories East of the Urals that there would probably have been a degree of standardisation so I tend to agree with the quote in Troy's post. I'm also acutely aware that there were differences in paint colours between US Manufacturers where there wern't any bombers disrupting manufacture or supply so it's perfectly reasonable that there would be local variations in War-torn USSR. However, we've got to start somewhere and I think the bit of LaGG wing in Troy's post is the best bit of evidence I've seen. I must admit that the green depicted there is a lot errmmm...greener than the colour used in most VVS profiles, which are almost Pea Green or pale Olive Green. as it is I've signed up for an account on The Armory so I'll be getting my supply of Arkan paints in a couple of weeks hopefully!!! PS - What about the underside Blue???
  8. timbo33

    WWII VVS Colours

    Hi all, I'm building an ICM LaGG-3 for our club's 'Winter' theme for SMW and I'm struggling with paint sources. The Paint call-outs are for Modelmaster paints, which I thought MDC are now importing but I couldn't fiund anything on their website - only Gunze Sangyo. I need to match 'Field Green' which is called out as MM 1712 I prefer to use acrylics and the only Russian VVS Colours I know of specifically are WEM enamels. Any clues anyone?
  9. Really Nice - I have one of these to do too so watching your build closely!! How are you going to display it btw? I've got the 5A with wheels - do you get the landing trolleys in this kit or are you going to mount it 'in the drink'?
  10. Blimey! With all that Accurate Armour stuff and the amount of resin aftermarket you'll be spending my entire year's modelling budget!!!
  11. Nice work. I use the same technique of enlarging the Kit painting instructions and cutting them out as masks which I find works really well and gives a more accurate finish imo. I think the engines's turned out fine - I'm not entirely convinced that resin parts are any better than well moulded injection items anyway - the latter are certainly more robust and easier to work with.
  12. Very nice - what paints/colours did you use? Russian Colours are very tricky to source correctly - I did my iL-2 in too dark colours - now thinking of re-spraying having seen yours which looks excellent.
  13. Very nice work - do you have abuild thread? It would be great to see some pictures of the conversion as there must be a great deal of work converting the Tamiya Lanc?
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