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  1. That's a little beauty.It's a great little kit isn't it? I've got one finished on the shelf and one i've modified to a MkIIa which i'm ready to start painting.
  2. Superb.The only aircraft i have actually had control of was a Royal Navy Chipmunk at RNAS Culdrose,so this brings back happy memories.
  3. That is a beauty.I've got mine ready for painting.Seeing yours finished is an inspiration to get it finished.I have found it is a pig of a kit and whilst it does look Vixenish enough to please me,i can see why it is considered inaccurate.It will do me though,and having completed the Scimitar earlier this year i look forward to this one joining it.
  4. That is a beauty.One of my fave aircraft.
  5. Hampshire Air Ambulance,and a Chinook.
  6. 2 superb builds.Love the freehand camo.
  7. That is superb.Looking forward to seeing the Phantom with it.
  8. That is a beauty.I love the Phantom especially in FAA colours.
  9. Superb. More pics of the finished article would be nice.
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